Wednesday, June 26, 2019

New 'March For Life' Ad Shows How Out Of Touch Democratic Candidates Are On Abortion

Ahead of the first Democratic candidate debate - scheduled to kick off Wednesday night in Miami - the pro-life organization March For Life has released a new ad that will air on MSNBC before the debate broadcast.

In a release announcing the ad, March For Life noted that "The American pro-life consensus, and even the pro-life consensus among Democrats, contrasts sharply with the official position of every Democratic candidate involved in the debate, as well as the party platform, which calls for no restrictions on abortion and advocates for its public funding."

Vox reported Saturday that the overwhelming majority of Democratic candidates support repealing the Hyde Amendment - which keeps federally funded programs like Medicaid from paying for abortions - and codifying Roe v. Wade into federal law so abortion "Rights" would still exist if Roe is revisited by the Supreme Court and overturned, a situation that appears increasingly likely thanks to restrictive abortion laws coming out of the South.

Jeanne Mancini, March For Life president, said in a release Wednesday that the blind support of abortion by Democratic leaders shows that the party has become wildly out of touch with most Americans on the right to life issue.

"Over a decade of research demonstrates how out of touch the Democratic Party establishment has become with Democratic voters when it comes to abortion," Mancini said.

"While 2020 Democratic candidates are taking more radical stances on abortion by the day, the polling numbers are clear: 60% of Democrats want abortion limited to - at most - the first three months of pregnancy. A majority of Americans also oppose any tax-payer funding for abortion. The Democratic establishment would do well to listen to the American people - or even just their base - instead of caving into the pressure of the abortion lobby."

March For Life, which has the distinction of holding the largest gathering of pro-life supporters every year in Washington, DC, maintains that Roe v. Wade "Invalidated 50 state laws and made abortion legal and available on demand throughout the United States."

4 Takeaways From a New Report on the National Debt

The national debt continues to grow at an unsustainable rate.

Over the next decade, debt will grow by another 14 percentage points of GDP, and within 15 years, the national debt will be larger than the economy.

The main drivers of the national debt continue to be Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid spending.

In just 22 years, entitlement spending combined with interest on the national debt will consume all federal revenues.

There's no doubt that entitlement reform is the key to shrinking the national debt and creating a healthy, sustainable budget.

In its alternative fiscal scenario, the Congressional Budget Office estimates that if Social Security benefit payments were limited to the amount of revenue that the trust funds receive each year, the national debt would be 38% of GDP lower than the baseline projections in 2049.

Once the debt stabilizes, the amount of the budget dedicated to interest payments on the debt would decline as well.

Justice DEMOCRAT AOC Denying Immigrant Children Their Beds

It's a story starring a hardbitten and heartless AOC:.Hardbitten and Heartless AOC. "Wayfair, a company that sells furniture online, recently sold a number of beds to the United States government, which will use them in the detention centers along the border that are housing illegal immigrants - including children."

Tl;dr - Wayfair sold beds to furnish border camps; 547 employees signed a petition to ask that we cease all business with border camps; CEO said no ->employees are walking out tmrw at 1:30pm.

Wayfair workers couldn't stomach they were making beds to cage children.

Won't someone ask AOC what's "Brave" about trying to stop the delivery of beds for the use of innocent, little immigrant children?

"Will any social media ban AOC for her outrageous lie that"Wayfair workers couldn't stomach they were making beds to cage children?

"To cage children?! Few children are treated better than immigrant children whose parents see to it that they will have to be housed in border camps when taken over the U.S. border. When are the mainstream and social media going to step up and admit that the"cages" the New York Rep. keeps talking about do not exist?

Because they are selling beds for children in these camps - the very children they are so upset about being mistreated in said camps - the employees are walking out.

Make Election Day a federal holiday

Presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren is out with yet another plan that we're told is "Transformational." Taking House Democrats' election bill a step further, the senator from Massachusetts would have the federal government effectively take over national elections and mandate automatic and same-day voter registration.

Like the House plan, it would also make Election Day a federal holiday, a proposal that would be dead on arrival in a Republican Senate.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell could always offer a deal: make Election Day a federal holiday and move it to the day after Tax Day.

Unless you serve in the military, obtain federal benefits or healthcare, or violate federal law, the most common contact Americans have with the federal government is through the payment of federal income taxes.

The voters paying the greatest burden of federal income taxes are the ones who would benefit the most from making Election Day a federal holiday.

Making Election Day a federal holiday might change that.

By reminding voters of the impact of their choices in coupling Tax Day with Election Day and enabling wealthier voters to have a higher turnout, perhaps we could have with wiser choices in who controls the federal government and taxpayer money.

The Call For Reparations Isn't About Justice, It's About Power

Responding to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's comment that reparations are not a good idea because no one responsible for slavery is alive today, Coates reeled off a list of racial injustices that were perpetrated in McConnell's lifetime.

His 2014 Atlantic cover story on reparations is not so much an argument for reparations as an argument against America.

Advocates for reparations claim that the victims of this plunder are no less figures of the past than are the perpetrators, which is why the debate swirling around reparations has less to do with our troubled history than assigning guilt in the present day.

Assigning guilt is of course a means of seizing and wielding power, which is the true object of reparations.

Reparations is like any other issue that animates the American left these days.

Where you stand on reparations is like where you stand on immigration.

Cashin, the law professor, tries to shoehorn reparations into nothing more than increased taxpayer spending on "Richly resourced schools and community centers, public transit, opportunity fellowships, housing choice vouchers, and mandatory inclusive housing elsewhere." Nothing more than balancing out public spending in the face of "Opportunity-hoarding among affluent whites."

TSA sending 650 airport screeners to U.S.-Mexico border

  1. The Transportation Security Administration plans to send more than 650 airport screeners and federal air marshals to beef up protection along the U.S.-Mexico border.
  2. 6, 2010, file photo, a TSA employee being trained in behavioral pattern recognition watches passengers in line at a security checkpoint at Logan International Airport in Boston.
  3. House Oversight Committee Chairman Elijah Cummings says TSA tells his committee it has dispatched nearly 200 screeners and supervisors and 172 air marshals to the border already and plans to send another 294.

Bernie Sanders' Loan Bailout Would Benefit Colleges, Not Students

On Monday, Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., and Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., introduced legislation to wipe out every dollar of student loan debt in the United States, eliminating it for roughly 45 million Americans.

The proposal would make public colleges and community colleges tuition-free.

Loan forgiveness will not be a bailout for the middle class, but rather for colleges and universities.

The reason schools keep raising their tuition is that students have easy access to federal student loans, and the government has a near-monopoly on the sector.

Colleges know they can keep raising tuition without fear of losing students because federal loans serve as a guaranteed subsidy.

Contrary to the plan introduced by Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., which would forgive up to $50,000 of student loan debt based on one's income, Sanders' proposal would eliminate all student debt regardless of one's level of need.

At a time when Americans are more frustrated than ever with the education colleges are providing for the price, policymakers should be discussing ways to hold colleges accountable, rather than rewarding them with a blank check.

De Blasio quietly dumping NYC's homeless on other cities

So much for "Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses" as far as New Yok Mayor Bill de Blasio is concerned.

He is willing to put a year's rent to be rid of homeless people currently inhabiting New York City.

In a bombshell port from Real Clear Investigations, Max Diamond exposes the dumping strategy of the erstwhile champion of the poor.

New York City has a distinctive way of dealing with the homeless: pay for them to live pretty much anywhere in the country.

Since 2014, Mayor Bill de Blasio's administration has used a program called Special One-Time Assistance to relocate nearly 10,000 homeless people to over 300 cities.

The program - which directly pays landlords a year of rent upfront, free to the beneficiary - is a significant departure from past city homeless relocation efforts because it does not require participants to have strong community ties to the new destination.

Under the program, which comes as homelessness is rising not just in New York but in other major cities, NYC's homeless have moved as far away as Orlando, Los Angeles, Fort Lauderdale, Fla., and Birmingham, Ala. Get thee to Orlando.

Mueller's 'Black Cash' Ledger

More evidence of the deceitful and arguably illegal actions by former Special Counsel Robert Mueller has popped up, this time regarding Paul Manafort's "Black cash ledger" allegedly documenting criminal financial moves on his part and it parallels the criminality of the use of the Steele Dossier by the FBI to lie to the FISA court to authorize the surveillance of Team Trump and help launch Mueller's failed Russia collusion probe.

Robert Mueller has not been honest with the American people either about the alleged Manafort ledger, mentioned in his final report, and used to justify military-style pre-dawn raid on Manafort's home and offices with more force than was used at Benghazi.

The Hill's John Solomon reports that Mueller knew the ledger was a fake yet after its existence was leaked to the media used those media reports to justify his actions;.

Mueller lied about the aforementioned Konstantin Kiliminik, citing him as being a Russian operative in his report while he was actually a State Department informant.

In a key finding of the Mueller report, Ukrainian businessman Konstantin Kilimnik, who worked for Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort , is tied to Russian intelligence.

Robert Mueller appears to have edited a voicemail transcript of a conversation between Trump attorney John Dowd and Michael Flynn attorney Robert Kelner to make it look as if Trump was trying to interfere with the Mueller witch hunt.

As for Robert Mueller, follow the black cash and lock him up.

American Politicians Silent about China's Authoritarianism

We are in the midst of a trade war with China.

Countless conservatives, particularly of the new nationalist bent, want to take a hard line with China because they make widgets at a lower price than us or because they rip off Hollywood.

Rhetorically, President Trump has been far harsher on Canada and Mexico than he has been on China.

China is also more integrated into the global economy than the USSR ever was, and that brings important considerations as well.

The ongoing confrontation with China highlights the moral blind spot of economic nationalism - on the right and the left.

The Trump administration as well as Democratic supporters of a tough trade policy with China have made it clear that all we expect of Beijing is more cooperation on trade, intellectual-property, and currency policies.

Trump hailed the veterans of D-Day who "Threw open the gates of Nazi concentration camps to liberate Jews." Meanwhile, today's nationalists are happy to demonize a China that bootlegs Mickey Mouse but are silent about the very same China that rounds up internal enemies and puts them in concentration camps.

Bernie Sanders Student Loan Debt Plan: Unworkable

The Democratic presidential aspirants are having a cash-giveaway arms race, coming up with creative ways to shovel public funds into the pockets of likely primary voters, and Senator Sanders's plan is to forgive all college debt, some $1.6 trillion of it.

Sanders's plan would write off all of the student-loan debt on the federal government's books - because what's $1.6 trillion these days? - but not all of the student debt is government held.

The median amount of student-loan debt is less than $10,000 - about 100 months' worth of the average cable bill - and most borrowers pay 5 percent or less of their monthly income in loan payments.

A third of all student debt is held by those in the highest income quartile, whereas those in the lowest quartile hold only 12 percent.

Worse, Sanders's plan creates permanent perverse incentives for young Americans to take on even more debt.

Which means that if the Sanders plan were passed, then the most likely result would be that we would see record student debt just a few years down the road. America's colleges are run by reasonably clever people.

The Sanders plan would mean paying $25 to the federal government every time you traded $5,000 worth of stock - or five times what you'd pay the typical online brokerage in fees.

From Kavanaugh to Kashuv, the haters are always looking for another surrogate for their Trump hatred.

Former Central Park 5 prosecutors have lost their jobs three decades after the case because of a Netflix movie released two weeks ago called When They See Us. And by the time you read this, the Left will likely have bullied another small business for breaking their rules on gender and cake.

I came to understand that bullies are frustrated by their own lack of power, and, unable to do anything to the real target, find someone weaker to torment.

Trying out for football at my high school meant being bullied by the varsity.

The bullies who attacked him claimed his decision to represent someone accused of abusing women disqualified him from "Serving in a role of support and mentorship to students." Except Sullivan really was fired as a surrogate for Weinstein who is a surrogate for Trump, the guy who managed to get himself elected after bragging about pussy grabbing.

Was the most extreme example of bullying by the Left.

On social media is a national pastime, where, frustrated by Trump's instinctive skill for the medium, bullies use their malleable Terms of Service to deplatform.

In 2019, the bullies gild themselves as striking blows against racism or sexism, as if those societal problems can be solved by kicking a gun-loving Florida kid to the curb.