Saturday, July 31, 2021

Rep. Malliotakis to Newsmax: Biden 'Irresponsibly' Ships Migrants Across US

New York Rep. Nicole Malliotakis wants the Biden administration to disclose information regarding the shipping of migrants into U.S. cities after they have entered the country illegally.

Appearing Friday on Newsmax's ''The Chris Salcedo Show,'' Malliotakis, a Republican, declared: ''What I've been fighting [for] is to get the [Biden] administration to disclose who's coming in through our border. Where are they being sent? So we can notify those governors, those municipalities, and work with them to try to stop it.''

Rep. Lauren Boebert, R-Colo., falsely claimed in a tweet that the Biden administration spent $86 million in the dates leading up to March on lodging for migrants.

According to a new report from USA Today, however, migrants are being shipped out of the U.S. under what is described as an ''expedited removal process.'' The report mentions that migrants are being shipped back to their home country, but it is not under the guise of Title 42, which states that migrants entering the United States who are suspected of being sick can be turned away. 

The Roots of the Elite Left's Attack on Freedom

"The CRT debate is just the latest squall in a tempest brewing and building for five years or so," wrote Andrew Sullivan earlier this month in "What Happened to You: The radicalization of the American elite against liberalism." Sullivan is correct that the left has turned sharply against freedom in recent years.

Student authoritarians - the same should be said of faculty and administration authoritarians - of this generation are the spiritual descendants of the student rebels of the 1960s.

Students' importuning universities to curb campus freedom today may seem like the opposite of students a half-century earlier who rebelled against university-imposed restrictions on freedom of expression, not least student attire.

Today's students, sustained by a campus culture in which that progressive sensibility prevails, wish to impose it on everybody - in part, by stifling free speech.

In line with Rousseau's thinking, his intellectual and political minions through the centuries have believed that imposing on people what they ought to want reflects the highest expression of freedom and the purest form of democracy.

In "If you hate the culture wars, blame liberals" - a short, perceptive essay to which Andrew Sullivan refers in his analysis of the left's intensifying illiberalism - progressive Kevin Drum provides evidence that his colleagues on the left would do well to take Rousseau's stern insistence to heart.

He is right that tempering its positions while exercising "Empathy and tact" would go a long way to enabling the left to reach out "To the vast middle of the country." But he fails to appreciate that the casual disdain for those who depart from the progressive party line has been assiduously cultivated by elite institutions since at least the late 1960s. 

Democrats Pass Bill to Allow Illegal Immigrants to Be Hired as Congressional Staffers

A new Democratic push to reward illegal immigrants has begun.

This week, House Democrats passed a huge legislative branch budget that changes the rules to allow participants in the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program to work for Congress, according to Fox News.

Democratic Rep. Tim Ryan of Ohio praised the effort to have illegal immigrants work in the halls of power.

Do you think illegal immigrants should be able to serve as congressional staffers?

After lawsuits claiming that, in essence, the executive branch could not unilaterally set immigration policy without the legislative branch's approval, a federal judge ruled earlier this month that DACA is illegal.

Democrats are hoping to use their existing House and Senate majorities to cement for all time their desire to allow illegal immigrants a path to citizenship.

Because the legislative tactic Democrats are using to pass the spending legislation effectively bypasses all 50 GOP senators, Democrats only need to have approval from the Senate parliamentarian that such a proposal can be attached to a spending bill. 

Biden DOJ sues to stop Texas border crackdown

The federal Justice Department filed a lawsuit Friday to block Texas Gov. Greg Abbott's latest attempt to fill gaps in border security with a policy that allows state troopers to stop and turn back vehicles carrying illegal immigrants away from the boundary region.

Border Patrol officials acknowledged the chaos on the border in affidavits the Justice Department filed with its lawsuit.

Brain S. Hastings, the Border Patrol's chief patrol agent in the Rio Grande Valley region, said agents in his sector alone caught and released 9,000 illegal immigrants last week, and have released 100,700 migrants this fiscal year.

Russell Hott, assistant director of custody management at ICE, said in another filing that the deportation agency would have to deploy more people to the border if contractors can't be used to shuttle illegal immigrants.

Homeland Security itself has already taken ICE officers off their interior duties and sent them to the border, and new Biden administration rules have deeply cut into the number of arrests ICE is making in the interior anyway.

His order doesn't apply to federal law enforcement officers, so Border Patrol agents and ICE officers could still shuttle migrants.

Contractors could be stopped if they are believed to be driving migrants deeper into the state beyond the border area. 

The Consistent Inconsistencies Of The Vaccination Discussion

From new indoor mask mandates to actions like those taken in Australia, to the latest CDC "Maskerade," we are seeing the return of the obsessive-compulsive behavior of the empowered professional caring class.

The article, titled "Four Reasons Why I'm Wearing a Mask Again," was standard playbook narcissism, couched in the language of caring for the community, at its most typical.

The vaccinated author re-donned her mask because no vaccine is perfect; because the research into whether the vaccinated can somehow still spread the virus is in its infancy; and she doesn't want to get COVID. It should be noted that, unless COVID magically disappears from the face of the Earth, these arguments in favor of mask wearing will remain absolutely valid for an eternity, meaning that the author should be open to wearing a mask until the day she dies - almost certainly from something else.

That's because, for her fourth argument, the author states that wearing a mask "Doesn't feel like a huge cost to me."

While fear, isolation, financial uncertainty, and myriad other factors have played a role in that decline, wearing masks has also contributed a surprising amount.

We unconsciously dehumanize others, leading us to consider others as less than human - hence the current predicament.

Wearing masks in an actual emergency - last spring and summer, for example - does not, conversely, create such problems as the brain is able to internally justify the situation and, most importantly, knows that at some point the masks will come off and the normal visual cues and signals will resume. 

Wisconsin Assembly Speaker names special counsel to expand probe of 2020 election

Wisconsin Assembly Speaker Robin Vos on Friday appointed a retired Supreme Court justice as special counsel to oversee an expanding investigation into the November 2020 elections in that battleground state.

Vos said former Justice Michael Gableman would have the resources and authority to conduct a "Top-to-bottom investigation" after retired law enforcement officials who were hired part-time said they did not have enough resources to do the job.

"Many questions have been raised about the November election that expose weaknesses and faults in our current election system," Voss said.

"... To restore full integrity and trust in elections, we have decided to change direction, giving more authority and independence to Justice Gableman." Vos said the probe should be wrapped up in the fall and its goal was to "Ensure there is confidence that every vote will be counted, and laws concerning future elections will be faithfully and uniformly followed." Final certified results declared Joe Biden defeated President Trump by about 20,600 votes, but since then Wisconsin's Supreme Court ruled tens of thousands of absentee ballots may not have been lawfully cast because state officials improperly exempted the voters from ID requirements. 

Cybersecurity? Democratic election officials claim that audited machines must be retired

Democratic election officials in multiple U.S. jurisdictions have claimed that election equipment audited in the wake of the 2020 election must be discarded, a response that is underscoring the bitter and contentious audit processes that have played out across the country.

Those audits have been undertaken by Republican legislators and officials out of concerns that the U.S. election system may be vulnerable to security failures, particularly after the widespread imposition of largely untested new voting procedures, such as mass-mail-in voting, during last year's presidential election.

In a letter explaining the decision, Degraffenreid claimed that the third-party vendor conducting the audit -Philadelphia-based Wake TSI - had "No knowledge or expertise in election technology" and that the audit itself had been performed "In a manner that was not transparent or bipartisan." While claiming that Fulton's election system "Has been compromised," DeGraffenreid did not explain specifically how the system's integrity had been violated.

Still, she said, nobody from Dominion or from the Pennsylvania Secretary of State's office was capable of verifying that the systems were "Safe to use in future elections." In Arizona's Maricopa County a bitter election audit spearheaded by the state's Republican-led Senate has led to a similar decertification of machines, with county officials also refusing to hand over additional subpoenaed equipment due to what they claim would be the need for further decommissioning of expensive equipment.

The county said in a statement in July that it was required to obtain "385 new precinct tabulators and 9 new central counters as well as the election management hardware required to run them," a move that would cost "From $6.1 million to $9.0 million." Maricopa has also for months been refusing to hand over a set of county routers used in part to handle election data.

County spokesman Fields Moseley this week told Just the News that the county would also deem it necessary to replace the routers if they were handed over to auditors.

County Board of Commissioners Chairman Stuart Ulsh called the move "a partisan attack from the Department of State on a local Republican government," while state Rep. Doug Mastriano claimed that DeGraffenreid was "Trying to threaten and bully and other counties" throughout the state. 

Biden's DOJ Sets Stage to Permanently Destroy Election Integrity, Ensure GOP Never Wins Again

The Biden administration is pulling out all the stops to recreate the conditions that led to Joe Biden being declared the winner of the contentious Nov. 3 presidential election.

The key component of the Democrats' strategy is to set itself up to defend the continued use of mass mail-in voting - a dubious process that led to weeks of "Vote counting" long past Election Day and raised concerns about missing chain-of-custody documents for multiple batches of ballots.

"There are no chain of custody documents for 355,918, or 59.3 percent, of the estimated 600,000 absentee vote by mail ballots deposited in drop boxes" in Georgia for the 2020 presidential election.

To ensure that the conditions for the 2022 midterm elections mirror those of the November 2020 election, Biden's Department of Justice is reserving the right to take legal action against states that revert to pre-pandemic election regulations.

"The guidances issued today describe certain federal laws that help ensure free, fair, and secure elections. Where violations of such laws occur, the Justice Department will not hesitate to act," he warned.

The Biden administration appears to be exploring ways to exercise more control over how elections are run.

"Since the 2020 election, some States have responded by permanently adopting their COVID-19 modifications; by contrast, other States have barred continued use of those practices or have imposed additional restrictions on voting by mail or early voting," the DOJ said in a 13-page guidance manual. 

Congress Shouldn't Allow Mass Amnesty into Infrastructure Bill

Democrats hope to use the massive $3.5 trillion "Infrastructure" bill as a vehicle to pass mass amnesty for a significant portion of the nation's illegal alien population - without having to debate this controversial amnesty measure on its own merits.

Throwing mass amnesty spending into the infrastructure mix - without allowing a transparent discussion on the Senate floor and without input from the American people - is an enormous mistake that will endanger public safety and national security.

The Biden Administration and Senate Democrats are sending a clear message that illegal aliens can freely violate our nation's immigration laws and be rewarded with coveted American citizenship.

Illegal immigration is already costing U.S. taxpayers at least $116 billion annually, and the tab will only increase with the passage of amnesty.

Many of the 7,000 illegal aliens are creating public safety issues for towns and communities across the country with crimes including assault, homicide, sexual offenses, domestic violence, property damage, etc.

If our elected leaders in Washington truly have the conviction to support amnesty for illegal aliens, they should have the courage to publicly fight for it.

Ossoff and Warnock, believe spending tax dollars in amnesty for illegal aliens is a measure worthy of their support, they should stop hiding the effort from public view, strip the budget item out of a national infrastructure bill, and have an open, honest debate regarding this highly controversial issue. 

Manchin Booed by Democrats over Concerns of 'Infrastructure' Expense

Sen. Joe Manchin was reportedly booed Thursday by Democrat Senators for raising concerns about the expense of the $3.5 trillion "Infrastructure" price tag.

"Tensions are torquing up among Democrats over the reconciliation bill - or, more precisely, over its proposed $3.5 trillion price tag."

"Manchin views the growing national debt as a heavy burden that will drag down the economy, threaten national security and impose a heavy burden on future generations - fairly typical budget-hawk beliefs," Playbook continued.

"Does Manchin's position - and that he was bringing it up at a meeting of his fellow Senate Dems - mean that we're in store for even more haggling over the price tag of the reconciliation bill? Stay tuned."

On July 23, a top pollster of President Joe Biden's war chest alerted the White House that "Voters are really experiencing" inflation.

The Producer Price Index rose 7.3 percent in June from 12 months earlier, the largest demand since 12-month data was first introduced in 2010.

On average during the pre-pandemic Trump administration, the index rose by around 0.2 percent per month.