Friday, August 31, 2018

Forget Who Takes The Mid-Terms; Here's How To Personally Repeal Obamacare

If the US government doesn't act quickly, Americans may be stuck with years more of deteriorating healthcare and skyrocketing medical bills.

Back in 2010, Congress and President Obama completely overhauled the US healthcare system with the "Affordable" Care Act.

You just have to look outside the US. As countries like the US, Canada and the UK suffer under bloated healthcare bureaucracies, more of their citizens are venturing beyond their countries' borders for medical treatment at a fraction of the costs - so-called medical tourism.

Still, patients receive safe and first-class care from English-speaking doctors, many trained at top medical schools around the world.

The package includes the surgeon and anesthesiologist's fees, operating room charges, routine lab tests, X-rays, medications, medical supplies, pacemaker and seven nights' accommodation, including two in the post-surgical Coronary Care Unit.

Medical tourism offers you the chance to skip long medical lines, receive top care that may be unavailable in your home country and potentially save thousands of dollars.

For medical tourism, your arbitrage opportunity takes advantage not only of the price difference, but also of the quality of care you'd receive. 

Govt.-Funded News Outlet Finds Most School Shootings in Fed Report Didn't Occur

In an amusing story, a government-funded media outlet notorious for its liberal slant found that the overwhelming majority of school shootings listed in a federal report never occurred.

The embarrassing blunder involves Department of Education figures stating that schools around the U.S. reported an alarming 235 shootings in one year.

The figures focus on the 2015-2016 school year and reveal that "Nearly 240 schoolsreported at least 1 incident involving a school-related shooting."

The article points out that the confusion comes at a time when the need for clear data on school violence has never been more pressing.

Dozens of school safety measures have been enacted nationwide on the heels of high-profile school shootings in Texas and Florida and public districts are allocating large sums to boost campus security.

In the report with the skewed stats, schools were asked: "Has there been at least one incident at your school that involved a shooting?" The DOE should have known better than to blindly publish the information.

For the same school year that the DOE listed 235 shootings, the group had only 29.

Elizabeth Warren wants to make America great again – yes really

Once upon a time, America was a great place and we need to turn back the clock.

Warren unleashed her latest round of class warfare rhetoric.

Now, we could spend the rest of our lives fighting about the numbers Warren is offering.

How many times have we heard that the phrase "Make America Great Again" is a paean to white supremacy? The very idea that we should want to return to any societal, political, or, yes, economic norms is constantly derided by the left.

Senator Warren, why do you want to return to a time of discriminatory hiring practices and segregated workforces?

Senator Warren, why are you praising a time when women's abilities were ignored, and their employed husbands kept them barefoot and pregnant in their kitchens?

Senator Warren, do you really want to go back to the days of child labor?

Steele told DOJ official Russia thought it had 'Trump over a barrel'

Department of Justice official Bruce Ohr reportedly told lawmakers during a private interview this week that former British intelligence agent Christopher Steele told him that Russian intelligence officials believed "They had [President] Trump over a barrel."

The AP noted that it's unclear if Steele had received the statement on Trump directly from Russian officials, or from his contacts.

Steele is the former British spy who compiled the controversial dossier that alleged ties between Trump and Russia.

Ohr also reportedly told lawmakers that Steele told him former Trump campaign aide Carter Page had met with higher-ranking Russian officials than he has previously stated.

Page, in a text to The Hill, pointed to a tweet he wrote about the report, in which he slammed the DOJ as "Corrupt" and charged it with being a co-conspirator with the Democratic National Committee and Fusion GPS, the opposition research firm that funded the dossier compiled by Steele.

The DOJ official also reportedly said during the interview that he did not inform his superiors in the department about the meeting because he considered Steele's information to be raw source material.

House Republicans departing the private interview with Ohr on Tuesday told reporters the DOJ official's statements suggested the FBI knew more information than was included on the FISA warrant application.

Dem Lawmaker Warns Immigration Officials Won't Be Safe From 'Future Punishment' Over 'Illegal' Deportations

A Democratic lawmaker on Thursday issued a disturbing warning to federal immigration officials who carry out "Illegal" deportations, saying they "Will not be safe" from future punishment once President Trump is out of office.

"When the worm turns you will not be safe because you were just following orders. You do not have to take part in illegal acts ordered by this President's administration."

You do not have to take part in illegal acts ordered by this President's administration.

The lawmaker's tweet was in response to a Washington Post report about how the government has denied passports to Hispanics who have U.S. citizenship but whose birth certificates are in question for possibly being fraudulent-a practice which took place under the previous two administrations.

A] State Department spokesman blasted the Washington Post report, saying passport denials in these cases have actually declined under this administration.

"The facts don't back up the Washington Post's reporting. This is an irresponsible attempt to create division and stoke fear among American citizens while attempting to inflame tensions over immigration," State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert told Fox News.

"Under the Trump Administration, domestic passport denials for so called 'midwife cases' are at a 6-year low. The reporting is a political cheap shot."

Here's What You Need To Know About Trump's Trade Deal With Mexico

U.S. stock markets surged Monday after President Trump announced the United States and Mexico have reached a preliminary trade agreement, which is part of the Trump administration's effort to rewrite the North America Free Trade Agreement.

President Trump has called NAFTA the "Worst" trade deal in history, but an analysis of key provisions finds limited improvements, some compromises, and quite a few flaws in this new agreement.

Canada and Mexico rejected that idea because they believe "Companies needed greater certainty about the deal remaining in place to make the sort of long-term investments that drive trade." So in this new U.S.-Mexico trade pact, the sunset clause stipulates that the new trade agreement is good for 16 years with a provision for review after six years.

So why did stock markets surge Monday despite an imperfect deal? President Trump's tough trade talk, threats of trade wars, and rounds of tariffs against friends and foes alike have created a great deal of uncertainty in stock markets.

The announcement of a preliminary trade deal between the U.S. and Mexico assures investors that a trade war is not imminent and the Trump administration is willing to settle for new trade deals.

If it wants to sign a new NAFTA deal before the new Mexican president is sworn in on December 1, the Trump administration must send Congress the new trade deal by September 1.

Some Republican lawmakers already warned that a new trade deal must include Canada. 

Ten Inconvenient FactsThe American Spectator

For eight years, the idol worship of Barack Obama gave liberals confidence that they could remediate society and reeducate the citizens.

Liberals are now committed to the elimination of sexual difference.

This is an inconvenient fact in that liberals wish to remove any implication of abnormality from non-heterosexual individuals.

The more liberals refuse to consider other causes of achievement gaps such as single-parentage and cultural differences between races, the more obtuse and ideological they sound.

In 2016, more women went to law school than men, and one year later women surpassed men going to medical school.

In nursing school, too, they still outnumber men nearly ten to one.

At the doctoral level, women have earned more PhDs than men for many years now, and there are 135 of them for every 100 men in graduate programs.

U.S., Canada Cast Doubt on Reaching a Nafta Deal by Friday

U.S. and Canadian officials cast doubt about their ability to complete a deal on a revised North American Free Trade Agreement by a Friday deadline set by the Trump administration, with Canada's chief negotiator saying the sides "Are not there yet."

"Following a roughly two-hour Friday morning meeting with U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer, Canadian Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland said the country was determined to"stand up" for its national interests.

"We are looking for a good deal, not just any deal.

This Arms Treaty Is a Pathetic Waste of US Cash. We Should Pull Out.

An increasing number of treaty nations don't pay it the money they owe, or submit the reports they promised to.

Some read paragraph 23 as endorsing the idea of having a list of documents on how to implement the treaty.

The more plausible interpretation is that it allows someone-someone who is not identified-to rewrite those documents, and thereby to re-interpret the treaty at will.

Next year in Geneva, unless we get out of the treaty in the interim, it will be the same.

The Europeans wanted the money controlled by the treaty's secretariat in Geneva; others, led by the Mexicans, wanted the fellowships to stay with the United Nations Development Programme, where they have a bit more pull.

Some of the treaty's more naïve or guilt-ridden member nations contribute a pile of cash to help the developing nations implement the treaty.

If the Arms Trade Treaty has any effect, it will be in places like the U.S. It is not going to make the incompetent competent, or soften the heart of the Iranians.

Radicalized Democrats: Destroying the Country and Their Own Party

Radicalized Democrats welcome the intentional confusion and sexualization of our children through concepts like gender fluidity, pre-teen sexual experimentation, gender-neutral bathrooms and locker rooms, mandatory pornographic sex education, abortions on demand, and more.

Radicalized Democrats welcome the complete and utter degradation of law and order as documented abuses of power and rampant corruption go unpunished because the FBI agents are "With her." Just last week, Nancy Pelosi had the temerity to suggest that Democrats - the Party that failed to demand answers for even a single Hillary Clinton corruption scandal - are the party responsible for rooting out corruption.

Radicalized Democrats welcome the erosion of trust in the media and fan the flames of fake news-promulgators like CNN, the New York Times, and the Washington Post.

While political shape-shifters like Obama, Schumer, Pelosi and Clinton opined about the need for strong border policy as recently as 2009, radicalized Democrats now welcome the voluntary abrogation of our national sovereignty and security through unabashed open borders and amnesty-centric immigration policy that, according to data from the Government Accountability Office, equates to 438 "Homicide arrests of criminal [illegal] aliens" each and every year since 1955 - more than 25,000 in total.

As opposed to retooling their party platform and political agenda to better appeal to a black community no longer inclined to vote by rote for Democrat, radicalized Democrats have instead continued to encourage the genocide of the black community through the ritualistic annual disbursement of more than 500 million taxpayer dollars to the nation's largest abortion mill, Planned Parenthood.

Despite the left's laughable narrative on Russia, the only obvious subversion of our republic stems from radicalized Democrats' own network of shadowy multi-billionaire donors like George Soros and Tom Steyer, among others, who seek to undermine and exploit our nation's electoral process for their own gain.

Radicalized Democrats believe that the same government that is demonstrably incapable of delivering quality health care to America's approximately 20 million veterans should be responsible for providing health care for nearly 330 million Americans through a "Medicare for All" program - a decision that would lead to care rationing and British-style death panels, to be sure.

NBC Execs Tried To Block Ronan Farrow's Weinstein Investigation

NBC tried to block Ronan Farrow's investigation into Harvey Weinstein, according to a former producer with the network's investigative unit.

Former producer Rich McHugh told The New York Times that the attempt to stop Farrow's reporting came from "The very highest levels of NBC.".

His reporting on Weinstein was eventually published in The New Yorker, and Farrow later alleged that NBC had passed on the explosive report.

Now, McHugh is alleging that NBC was effectively "Killing the Harvey Weinstein story" by ordering him and Farrow to stop the investigation.

Multiple sources told The Daily Beast that NBC News General Counsel Susan Weiner called Farrow on several occasions and threatened to smear him if he didn't kill his investigation.

NBC called those allegations false, stating, "There is no chance, in no version of the world, that Susan Weiner would tell Ronan Farrow what he could or could not report on."

"Their common first instinct is to protect the talent, no matter what the complaint, and then turn the victim into the problem," a former NBC producer said.

Michigan candidate shows new face of GOP

The good news is that prospects have turned positive for Republicans to win Senate seats currently held by Democrats in Florida, New Jersey and Wisconsin.

Probability assessments from various sources give Republicans a 25 percent to 50 percent chance of keeping control of the House.

So despite pockets of good news, on balance there's a lot of pessimism about Republican prospects in the midterms.

Democrats are pouring in funds, feverishly targeting key Republican districts.

Which brings me to a remarkable young man, John James, who, with the endorsement of President Trump, won the Republican primary for the Senate in Michigan.

A Republican governor and a focus on prudent fiscal management have turned things around.

James, with his conservative appeal and sterling credentials, is an exciting new face of the Republican Party and could be one of the great surprises and upsets of 2018.