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The Real Fake News List

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LIST: Ron Paul reveals sourced list of fake news journalists and websites

Former Congressman Ron Paul's Liberty Report website has published a sourced curated list of fake news websites and journalists:
We've seen the make-shift "fake news" list created by a leftist feminist professor. Well, another fake news list has been revealed and this one holds a lot more water.

This list contains the culprits who told us that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction and lied us into multiple bogus wars. 
These are the news sources that told us "if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor." They told us that Hillary Clinton had a 98% of winning the election. They tell us in a never-ending loop that "The economy is in great shape!"

This is the real Fake News List (and it's sourced):
LIST: Ron Paul reveals sourced list of fake news journalists and websites

Saturday, November 19, 2016


“Liberals claim to want to give a hearing to other views, but then are shocked and offended to discover that there are other views.”

William F. Buckley Jr.

Fight against climate change runs into cold hard reality

A growing body of evidence suggests that the power plants, buildings, cars, trucks, ships and planes in use today are likely to emit enough CO2 over their lifetime for the world to miss that target. Coal plants alone could blow the carbon budget for 1.5 degrees C of warming, the lower threshold also mentioned in the agreement, unless they are shut down early.
“For 1.5 degrees we would have to start retiring things like crazy and we wouldn’t be able to build anything new,” says University of California, Irvine, scientist Steven Davis. “Two degrees is starting to look equally bleak.”
That hasn’t quite sunk in amid the fanfare surrounding the Paris Agreement, which entered into force with record pace.
Temperatures have already risen by about 1 degree C since the industrial revolution, when countries started burning fossil fuels for energy.
In 2010 Davis and others estimated that the world’s existing energy infrastructure had locked in 496 billion tons of CO2 emissions if left to operate for their expected lifetime. By 2013, as hundreds of additional power plants had come online in Asia, the number rose to 729 billion tons.
“By my latest calculations, we’re close to 800 billion tons now,” Davis says.


More Items Worth Reading

The fa├žade of Obamacare is rapidly collapsing.  In a recent interview with Obamacare architect Dr. Ezekiel Immanuel  Fox News host Tucker Carlson challenged the disingenuous drivel Immanuel used to defend Obamacare.  The session got testy. You can see for yourself at the link.  The piece concludes with this advice: "... if you ever need a reminder that there are thousands of bureaucrats diligently working to micromanage your life and your options with your own money, you need only look at this clip and remember that just two short years from now is another election, another opportunity for angry Democrats to run your lives yet again."    http://conservativetribune.com/carlson-obamacare-architect/

This failed president cannot be gone soon enough.  His lasting legacy will be his list of his biggest failures, their massive costs, their destructive consequences and mountain of lies.   http://www.americanpatriotdaily.com/latest/obama-just-told-a-gigantic-lie-about-the-election/ 

This item deals with socialism and its role in the downfall of the Clinton family.   http://eaglerising.com/38129/socialism-created-the-corrupt-clintons/   This item tells the truth.  Here is its title: "Stay Classy, Liberals: Clinton Supporters Now Harassing Trump Electors."    They could not win the election fair and square so they are now trying to get the Electoral College to overturn the election.  Sore losers.   http://townhall.com/tipsheet/mattvespa/2016/11/16/stay-classy-clinton-supporters-now-harassing-trump-electors-after-obtaining-private-information-n2246590?

Not only that, Hillary cannot accept the fact that her failure to win was HER fault.  As usual, she blames others for her mountain of dishonesty/failures/missteps/lies.  She is a really, really sad case.  http://eaglerising.com/38408/internal-email-hillary-campaign-blames-fbi-director-for-election-loss/   Read this and you will be glad Hillary lost the election.  It proves she does not have the temperament for the job.  http://www.wnd.com/2016/11/report-hillary-physically-violent-after-losing/ 

A thoughtful piece regarding progressives/leftist and their embrace of Black Lives Matter.   http://www.theamericanconservative.com/dreher/moral-blindness-of-identity-politics/   Hopefully this lawsuit against black lives matters and its supporters will reverse this ugly example of racial hatred.    http://conservativetribune.com/father-cop-hits-black-lives-matter/?

How so many people idolize Hollywood personalities and media leftist icons is beyond me.  What they believe or at least say in public is often an egotistical diatribe, disgusting drivvle, irresponsible, untrue, flat out wrong or worse. It is time they be demoted in the minds of responsible people.  It has also long been time to rid the public airwaves of the insanely stupid TV media magazines that fawn over these egotistical life forms.  They are part of the reason our nation has been dumbed down to the point that voters do not even understand or know anything about public policy, civics, right and wrong, ethics, history and so much else. On the other hand the dumbed down among us sure know the filthy words of rap tunes and can quote lines from meaningless movies as well as the names and life history of their favorite singer or movie actor.  Yet many of those same people cannot name their elected representative or intelligently discuss national policy issues or other matters of national and civic importance.  This item provides an example.  http://takimag.com/article/celebrity_meltdowns_gavin_mcinnes/print 

The role Hollywood plays in our society is not what it could or should be because of their propagandistic tendencies.  Hollywood is a bastion of liberalism and associated propaganda productions. The hypocrisy they exude is palpable.  This item provides insight.  http://townhall.com/columnists/autryjpruitt/2016/10/13/hollywood-potentates-vs-donald-trump-n2231466?   Not only does Hollywood promote rank sexuality which propagandizes sexual promiscuity through their movies and television productions, they behave the same way themselves.  They promote liberal propaganda sometimes subtle and sometimes blatant. They engage in a war on religion.  They praise themselves through endless awards to themselves for what they do.  It is an incestuous relationship. Numerous news reports and insider revelations suggest rank pedophilia is a pastime.  Few marriages last for long. They denigrate family values.  Drug and alcohol abuse is rampant. They produce far too much mindless nonsense and call it entertainment.  It is almost as if they intentionally seek to dumb down and misguide viewers. Some of their productions have an undercurrent of racism, sometimes blatantly so. They mistreat women routinely and too many of them, wealthy beyond reason for what they do, spout venom against healthy societal norms as well as Republican or conservative political personalities and policies.  It is as if they believe they have superior understanding of average Americans, politics, history, morality and everything else.  They apparently think they have a corner on wisdom. Reality suggests the opposite is true more than not.  How can they think otherwise?  They appear endlessly on television daytime and nighttime TV talk shows giving them an outlet to preen, spout their views on anything and everything.  Hosts listen with baited breath. They are the stars of senseless gossip, entertainment and late night comedy/news shows. It is truly unfortunate that far too many Americans idolize Hollywood personalities, treating them as royalty.  Can anyone challenge the notion that Hollywood has an outsized and largely negative influence on our nation's societal norms and culture which spills over to Washington, DC insiders/power brokers, and worst of all average Americans?

An excellent analysis of Hollywood hypocrisy. Quote: "Here's the truth: Trump isn't a Republican in anything other than name. His politics are statist, and he donated more money to Democrats than Republicans between 1980 and 2010. He's a Hollywood insider, a man who appeared at the Emmy Awards alongside Megan Mullally of "Will & Grace." He's a media member, too -- NBC paid him for years. All of these groups knew what Trump was for decades. But they'll punish him because he's a Republican. That's how social standards work for the left: If you have the right politics, you can get away with anything. If you have the wrong ones, it'll ignore its own hypocrisy to nail you to the wall."    http://www.dailywire.com/news/9905/astounding-hypocrisy-hollywood-media-and-democrats-ben-shapiro? 

This is indoctrination pure and simple and has no place on television or anywhere else.  Keep your eyes open and help avoid your family and especially your children avoid this unethical nonsense.  Quote: "My son quickly went from relaxed to confused. His brow furrowed as a series of puppets including Elmo, Abby, Cookie Monster and Grover got into an argument over how boys and girls could play dress-up. The narrative, a dress-up club on Sesame Street, was quickly lost amidst the puppets talking over one another about how boys and girls should play dress-up. One puppet kept screaming that girls needed to be princesses while boys needed to be superheroes. Grover and Elmo suddenly wanted to play tea party and then, Cookie Monster burst onto the scene in a tutu declaring himself to be a ballerina."   https://pjmedia.com/parenting/2016/10/24/sesame-street-preaches-trans-politics-to-parents/   Promoting sexual deviancy is not the job of the entertainment industry.  This unethical nonsense is totally disgusting. 

This is a prime example of the biases, dishonesty and rank hypocrisy inherent in purveyors of the radical political left.  Truth is not important them, propaganda and their agenda is.  This is an excellent piece by Armstrong Williams.  Quote: "This month marks two historic occasions: the 25th anniversary of the appointment of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, and the inauguration of the National Museum of African American History and Culture on the National Mall in Washington. Ideally the two historic moments should converge in a celebration of the journey of progress of African Americans from the condition of slavery to a place among the pantheon of American life and culture. But it’s obvious that is not the case."    

This is a short discussion of the death grip progressives have on our nation.  Quote: "So, that man in “Freedom of Speech,” the famous Norman Rockwell painting of an America exercising one of the liberals’ least favorite rights, stands up in 2016 to say his peace and … it will not end well. You see, to liberals, what our guy has to say isn’t important – what’s important to liberals is to shut him up. It’s to punch down upon him with cheap mockery so he’s beaten into submission. It’s to use shame to silence him and every other irredeemable deplorable in order to consolidate their progressive death grip upon America’s throat.  This will not end well.    http://townhall.com/columnists/kurtschlichter/2016/10/06/liberal-attempts-to-silent-dissenters-will-not-end-well-n2227926?

This is a total indictment of CNN and by extension their co-conspirators of national mainstream media outlets.  Their behavior is despicable, their reporting extremely biased at best and pure propaganda at worst, and their loyalty to unethical and/or criminal political personalities and movements is likewise unethical if not criminal.  The big media enterprises are completely controlled by six billionaires who promote liberal/socialistic/Democrat policies destructive to our nation's history, culture and political systems in their endless pursuit of power to control and their ultimate evil that is their "love of money".    http://www.thesleuthjournal.com/exposed-cnn-damage-control-response-damning-videos/ 

The ACLU has no sense of decency or respect for law and order.  They are socialistic ideologues who routinely support violators of the law and go after those with differing views to their radical socialistic ideology.  Here they go bananas because this high school honored the police and first responders. Quote: "The ACLU wrote that, although the ceremony’s purpose was ostensibly to honor police, military and first responders, “the event is being used to intimidate and ostracize people who express their views about systemic racism and social justice.”  Jasmine Crenshaw, an organizer from the ACLU-NJ, declared the ceremony sent a “frightening message” that law enforcement will not allow people to voice their opinions on America’s “history of unequal treatment and systematic oppression.”    Say What???    http://www.wnd.com/2016/10/aclu-goes-ballistic-over-free-speech-for-cops/
George Burns

Items Worth Reading

Please people.  Get the facts and reject propaganda.  Quote: "Every year, there is some report of the blissful ignorance of American history demonstrated by the supposedly best and brightest at elite American universities. Suffice it to say the collected writings of David Horowitz on the American Left, which constitute part of a solid foundation for understanding the last half century of American politics, are nowhere to be found on any college or high school reading list." And, "Silencing the critic or the dissident or limiting his visibility has been a long time weapon of the Left.  So far, Horowitz keeps writing, and America is free enough that the Left, though it clearly wants to, cannot ban his books.  George Soros and his family have another $20 billion to spend on changing America. The Alinsky acolytes have their mission laid out to make use of the funds and create an America where the smart bureaucrats can organize society and distribute its wealth, so results are all equal. And we can all sing along with the Pete Seeger songs as we turn away from any role overseas (where of course we have primarily been an agent of evil) and disinvest in defense every year."   http://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2016/10/the_left_in_power_clinton_to_obama.html   BTW Alinsky tactics include violence when "deemed necessary" for the cause.  Sound familiar???

The media needs to learn an important lesson from the just completed election cycle.  Their job is "unbiased" reporting; not propagandizing for liberals and liberal causes. The same goes for biased conservative journalists. We can hope they learn but I doubt they will. As a class they are far too committed to their respective ideologies.  This journalist, however, recognizes the problem and tells his fellow journalists what they need to do. Quote: "At CBS News, Will Rahn sees clearly what must be done: Our theme now should be humility. We must become more impartial, not less so. We have to abandon our easy culture of tantrums and recrimination. We have to stop writing these know-it-all, 140-character sermons on social media and admit that, as a class, journalists have a shamefully limited understanding of the country we cover."    http://www.conservativefreepress.com/opinion/media-must-hear-wake-call-trumps-election/    Facts and figures of the public's view of the mainstream media.  http://eaglerising.com/38477/majority-view-news-media-as-pro-hillary-and-dishonest/

The media continues to foment hatred towards Trump.  Obama encourages rioters to continue "expressing' their dissatisfaction with the election outcome.  Hillary is mum on the subject.  Now evil left operatives are issuing death threats to Electoral College electors if they do not change their Trump votes to Clinton when they convene on 19 December.  Quote: "One of Michigan’s 16 electors who will be called upon to cast a vote validating the election of Donald Trump in the Electoral College has testified on video that he and others in the state are receiving “dozens and dozens of death threats” from Hillary Clinton supporters urging them to switch their votes to Clinton.  On Dec. 19 the Electoral College will convene to cast their votes for either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, with each state’s electors pledged to vote for the candidate elected on Nov. 8 in their state."   http://www.wnd.com/2016/11/electoral-college-voters-deluged-with-death-threats/   Anyone who remains a loyal Democrat is willingly agreeing to this horrific behavior on the part of the leaders of the party and party operatives with evil threats if not intention to act on those threats.  This just adds more to the mountain of evidence piling up to affirm that the party is a threat to this country and its citizens.  And this is the party that claims to be tolerant???  WikiLeaks and other revelations over the past months document countless evidence of rank corruption at the core of the party.    

The arrogance of the hard left New York Times is beyond breath taking.  Quote: "The New York Times likes to think that it sets the agenda for the country. But it sets the agenda for the media. The media was reputed to take its lead from the Times on matters of national politics and local culture both. Here are the recollections of a former Timesian."  Be sure to click on the link at the end of the cited sentence.  It is revealing.   https://www.frontpagemag.com/point/264861/new-york-times-we-set-agenda-country-daniel-greenfield 

Although the election is over this item is well worth the read because it deals with the decades long encroachment of socialism into the fabric of the entire western world.  Quote: "The advance of socialism in Western countries over the last few decades has led to an explosion in public and private debt. Central banks have both enabled and encouraged this mountain of debt through the scandalous suppression of interest rates over the last ten years.  Western countries are now in the final stage of a debt supernova. It is only a matter of time before that supernova collapses upon itself into a financial black hole. The financial Ponzi scheme of the Western socialist welfare state will be revealed as a utopian dream when it becomes a dystopian nightmare. The dark financial clouds on the horizon in the West are being accompanied by a popular revolt against the corruption of a greedy and reckless political class in America. This rebellion against the political status quo will only gain traction as further information about the Clintons comes to light." http://eaglerising.com/38129/socialism-created-the-corrupt-clintons/  

It is clear that Hillary followers did not get the memo that our elections are "peaceful" transitions of power.  When the Democrats were certain Hillary was going to win they lambasted Trump for his reluctance to embrace the results of an election he felt was rigged.  Well, although they tried, the election was not rigged but now the losers are acting like the real losers they are.  As the history of the socialistic/progressive left movements proves, if they do not get what they want they resort to violence.  The Democrat party is in a very bad place right now. To the best of my knowledge neither Obama or Hillary have come forward demanding the miscreants rioting in the streets stop their violence. The election is over.  As Obama said upon his last victory, get over it, I won. http://www.redstate.com/jaycaruso/2016/11/13/hillary-clinton-supporters-worst-kind-sore-losers/?  Such a show of lack of leadership on the part of both Obama and Hillary proves the right choice was made.  Note this item regarding the ongoing riots.   http://www.activistpost.com/2016/11/obama-clinton-sanders-stop-riots-just-watch.html?  Note too that one of the three is an avowed socialist.  The other two are closet socialists.  That is obvious by their policies and actions all the while hiding behind the Democrat party name.  So, they are Democrats in name only.  It needs to be said that many Democrats and even some Republicans are also closet socialists.  This is Obama's latest ridiculous comment on the destructive rioting.  He is OK with them. No different than his calling police racists and supporting Black Lives Matter riots, and other leftist and Soros funding disruptions that have occurred during his presidency.  He wants to destroy our democracy and replace it with his preferred manner of governance -socialism. That is who he is and why he as systematically attempted to dismantle law and order and promoted cultural decay.   https://thehornnews.com/obama-urges-angry-protests/    

This is a piece that clarifies the history of who promotes violence.  Quote: "Conservatives have never marched or rioted when they have lost an election.  Never.  But the left can be counted on to do so when offended by anything they can define as a grievance against their "group," such as the votes of others with which they disagree.  These protests are not spontaneous, as anyone who read the Podesta emails and watched the O'Keefe videos knows.  They are planned and paid for, by Soros, ANSWER, etc. – far-left trolls like those in Ferguson, who, with Soros dollars, launched the thuggish Black Lives Matter group, so affectionately embraced by Hillary Clinton.  Since the 1920s, it has always been leftists who fomented and promoted violence as a means to their endgame.  But our media for months gleefully warned that Trump supporters would riot in the streets if he lost. That never would have happened and they know it.  These tactics are wholly the province of the left.  Anarchy is and has always been a strategy of the progressives to make civilized people fear them.  Trump voters finally had enough and voted for a new direction, and we are seeing riots in the streets organized by radical, anti-democratic groups.  One can assume they want to make people regret their votes for Trump, but they are only making them more certain they made the right choice."     http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2016/11/about_those_rioters.html

This is what the progressives, Democrats and a large percentage of the political liberal left has wrought and they SHOULD NOT be proud.  http://eaglerising.com/38374/shock-video-high-school-girl-viciously-beaten-for-saying-she-supported-trump/ , http://eaglerising.com/38377/muslim-student-attacked-and-robbed-by-trump-supporters-actually-never-mind-victim-made-up-the-story/ ,  http://eaglerising.com/38386/child-abuse-mother-yells-curses-and-kicks-out-her-little-boy-for-voting-for-trump-at-school/ , http://eaglerising.com/38384/university-guide-avoid-harmful-phrases-like-ladies-and-gentlemen-and-your-mom-and-dad/ , http://townhall.com/columnists/michaelbrown/2016/11/12/the-coddled-generation-that-wasnt-taught-to-grow-up-n2244704 , https://www.yahoo.com/news/protesters-set-gather-again-u-cities-oppose-trump-140018757.html , http://nypost.com/2016/11/11/scenes-from-the-liberal-meltdown/ , http://patriotpowerednews.com/it-begins-crowds-mass-in-major-cities-dc-la-nyc-philly-portland-more-95-chance-of-widespread-violence/ , http://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/portland-oregon-anti-trump-protest-1-shot-after-confrontation-n682896 , http://theresurgent.com/raping-the-first-lady/  and much, much, much more.  This behavior is totally unacceptable and has no place in our country.  Really liberals, are you proud of your fellow liberals irresponsible and illegal behavior???     http://eaglerising.com/38462/mob-of-hostile-angry-liberals-surround-cops-who-arrested-rioters-video/   It gets worse.  The majority of leftist rioters did not even vote.   http://www.breitbart.com/texas/2016/11/14/report-majority-arrested-portland-anti-trump-protests-didnt-vote/   You have to ask yourself if they did not even vote why are they creating chaos and destroying property?  It has nothing, nothing, nothing at all to do with Hillary's loss.  They are uninformed/misguided people who are easily provoked to action by socialist billionaire George Soros' funded professional agitators.  When asked why they are engaged in such behavior these misbehaving miscreants issue forth uninformed and incoherent nonsense.  And take a look at this nonsense.  A 15 year old boy gets beat up for supporting Trump.  That is the results of visceral and emotional behavior void of real facts ignored by the media who present falsehoods to stir up trouble for mere political reasons.  It is a disgrace what is being condoned by leftist leadership from Obama and Hillary on down.   http://eaglerising.com/38511/15-year-old-beat-up-by-four-others-for-supporting-trump/  It takes this sheriff to tell Obama and Hillary what they already should have done and continue to do.   http://eaglerising.com/38530/sheriff-david-clarke-lambasts-obama-for-not-calling-out-anti-trump-rioters-video/

Really now leftist should accept the election results and stop the mindless destruction being orchestrated by professional agitators paid by socialist billionaire and Democrat supporter George Soros.  http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2016/11/17/top-10-violent-actions-trump-supporters/?

This is proof that most Americans embrace the peaceful transition of power that is our long tradition.  The rioters need to go home and stop their destructive madness.   http://townhall.com/tipsheet/mattvespa/2016/11/12/gallup-84-percent-of-americans-accept-trump-as-president-including-threefourths-of-clinton-supporters-n2244952?    This offers proof that Obama supports all the ongoing anti-Trump criminal activities.  As of this writing he refuses to call off the dogs.  He is a true anti-American, anti-law and order reprobate.   http://thehill.com/homenews/administration/306617-obama-wont-call-off-anti-trump-protesters 

Even Obama sanctioned illegal immigrant voters could not carry the day for Hillary.  Quote: "After being emboldened by President Obama himself, a ridiculous number of illegal aliens cast votes on election day, certainly most of them going toward Hillary Clinton.  Democrats the nation over have been working tirelessly to downplay the threat of voter fraud and the effect that it could potentially have on sovereign elections in the U.S.  Combine that with President Obama’s insistence that illegal aliens who chose to vote would not be facing criminal charges, and what we have is a perfect storm of fraudulent results."    http://patriotupdate.com/illegal-immigrants-cast-ridiculous-number-votes/   If the Democrats want to have any credibility in convincing the public that their governing philosophy warrants support they must cease supporting lawlessness and stop behaving as if they and their policies are the only ones to implement. And, they need to realize that they are not above the law and stop propounding the falsehood that they and their policies ARE the law.  This next item is only part of what I mean.  This is horrific example of unethical and even illegal elite leftist sponsored behavior.  No sane person of the left can sanction such behavior, unless of course they agree with it which proves they are not sane after all.    http://patriotupdate.com/video-paid-protests-outed-fox-news-liberals-furious/   

This item discusses the falling away of the elitist's control over our nation.  People are waking up.  Quote: "Brimming with hubris and self-importance, the ruling Elite and mainstream media cannot believe they have lost the consent of the governed.  Every ruling Elite needs the consent of the governed: even autocracies, dictatorships and corporatocracies ultimately rule with the consent, however grudging, of the governed.  The American ruling Elite has lost the consent of the governed. This reality is being masked by the mainstream media, mouthpiece of the ruling class, which is ceaselessly promoting two false narratives: 1. The "great divide" in American politics is between left and right, Democrat/Republican  2. The ruling Elite has delivered "prosperity" not just to the privileged few but to the unprivileged many they govern. Both of these assertions are false. The Great Divide in America is between the ruling Elite and the governed that the Elite has stripmined. The ruling Elite is privileged and protected, the governed are unprivileged and unprotected. That's the divide that counts and the divide that is finally becoming visible to the marginalized, unprivileged class of debt-serfs."     http://www.oftwominds.com/blogoct16/consent-of-governed10-16.html

The Popular Vote vs. the Electoral College

In every presidential election, only one question matters: which candidate will get the 270 votes needed to win the Electoral College?
Our Founders so deeply feared a tyranny of the majority that they rejected the idea of a direct vote for President. That's why they created the Electoral College. For more than two centuries it has encouraged coalition building, given a voice to both big and small states, and discouraged voter fraud.
Unfortunately, there is now a well-financed, below-the-radar effort to do away with the Electoral College. It is called National Popular Vote or NPV, and it wants to do exactly what the Founders rejected: award the job of President to the person who gets the most votes nationally.
Even if you agree with this goal, it's hard to agree with their method. Rather than amend the Constitution, which they have no chance of doing, NPV plans an end run around it.
Here's what NPV does: it asks states to sign a contract to give their presidential electors to the winner of the national popular vote instead of the winner of the state's popular vote.
What does that mean in practice? It means that if NPV had been in place in 2004, for example, when George W. Bush won the national vote, California's electoral votes would have gone to Bush, even though John Kerry won that state by 1.2 million votes!
Can you imagine strongly Democratic California calmly awarding its electors to a Republican?
Another problem with NPV's plan is that it robs states of their sovereignty. A key benefit of the Electoral College system is that it decentralizes control over the election. Currently, a presidential election is really 51 separate elections: one in each state and one in D.C.
These 51 separate processes exist, side-by-side, in harmony. They do not -- and cannot -- interfere with each other.
California's election code applies only to California and determines that state's electors. So a vote cast in Texas can never change the identity of a California elector.
NPV would disrupt this careful balance. It would force all voters into one national election pool. Thus, a vote cast in Texas will always affect the outcome in California. And the existence of a different election code in Texas always has the potential to unfairly affect a voter in California.
Because state election codes can differ drastically. States have different rules about early voting, registering to vote, and qualifying for the ballot. They have different policies regarding felon voting. They have different triggers for recounts.
Each and every one of these differences is an opportunity for someone, somewhere to file a lawsuit claiming unfair treatment.
Why should a voter in New York get more or less time to early vote than a voter in Florida? Why should a hanging chad count in Florida, but not in Ohio? The list of possible complaints is endless.
And think of the opportunities for voter fraud if NPV is passed! Currently, an attempt to steal a presidential election requires phony ballots to appear or real ballots to disappear in the right state or combination of states, something that is very hard to anticipate. But with NPV, voter fraud anywhere can change the election results -- no need to figure out which states you must swing; just add or subtract the votes you need -- or don't want -- wherever you can most easily get away with it.
And finally, if NPV is adopted, and winning is only about getting the most votes, a candidate might concentrate all of his efforts in the biggest cities, or the biggest states. We could see the end of presidential candidates who care about the needs and concerns of people in smaller states or outside of big cities.
Here's why all of this is of so much concern: NPV is more than halfway to its goal.
NPV's contract will go into effect when states with a combined 270 electoral votes have signed. To date, NPV already has the support of 10 states plus D.C. Together, that's 165 electoral votes, leaving only 105 votes to go.
It is time to stop this attempt to undo the way American presidents are elected, which will in turn undo America. The people behind NPV think they are wiser than every generation of Americans that preceded them.
They aren't.

Tara Ross for Prager University.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Celebs who said they’d leave country if Trump won

Let's see if this really happens.

Dozens of celebrities vowed to leave the country if Donald Trump won the White House, saying they’d flee to everywhere from Canada to Jupiter.

The threat is a common one after any election outcome: Canada’s immigration website crashed from heavy traffic as it looked increasingly likely that Trump would win.
But after the real estate mogul clinched the presidency in a stunning victory early Wednesday morning, some of those stars will face questions about making good on their promise.
Here is a list of some of the celebs who claimed they would move out of the U.S. under a Trump administration.


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Obama 'encourages illegals to vote'

Did Barack Obama just encourage illegal aliens to vote on Election Day, promising no repercussions if they do?
A videotaped interview with the president has some saying yes, sparking outrage among at least one major media figure and commenters on Twitter.
In an interview with the Latin-oriented YouTube channel mitu, millennial actress Gina Rodriguez asked Obama:
“Many of the millennials, Dreamers, undocumented citizens – and I call them citizens because the contribute to this country – are fearful of voting. So if I vote, will Immigration know where I live? Will they come for my family and deport us?”


Clinton Foundation Is The ‘Largest Unprosecuted Charity Fraud Ever’

Wall Street investment analyst Charles Ortel called the Clinton Foundation “the largest unprosecuted charity fraud ever attempted” before all the newly-exposed emails from campaign chairman John Podesta’s account were released from WikiLeaks.
The leaks have fortified his findings. The Wall Street investment analyst, who retired at 46 and prides himself on researching complex problems like General Electric and the credit crisis, has been fly-specking the Clinton Foundation since the spring of 2015.
Ortel explains why he believes the Clinton Foundation is a “crooked charity cooking the books” with over $2 billion dollars in revenue, in this exclusive video interview for The Daily Caller News Foundation.

If she wins, she’ll pick up where her predecessor left off.

Like Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, Illinois’s Big Muddy River carries its detritus downstream. It picks up about seven other tributaries, including the Arkansas and White Rivers that brought us Bill Clinton to form the wide Mississippi.
If you think in those terms and consider how wide and powerful the Mississippi is, you may be able to see how wide, deep, and powerful Hillary Clinton’s river of corruption can be.
Tomorrow, Americans go to the polls to choose the 45th president of the United States. That decision will determine whether the record of corruption and impeachable offenses begun by Obama will be widened, deepened, and accelerated by the constant flow of political and personal corruption that will comprise the Second Coming of Hillary, Bill, and their hangers-on.
But wait, many will say. There haven’t been any Obama scandals. There weren’t any bimbo eruptions or clear examples of bribery.
So what? But Obama’s scandals are far more important and damaging to America than were the occasions Bill was having oral sex with an intern while in the Oval Office.
The Obama scandals weren’t always indictable, but they are the most serious of impeachable offenses because they are offenses against the Constitution itself.
Describing only a few proves the point.


This is the behavior of our Mainstream Media and Certain High Profile Elites

The mainstream media ignore NEWS they don't like, give it passing reference or minimize it the best they can.    http://townhall.com/columnists/brentbozell/2016/11/04/media-blackout-exposes-corrupt-media-n2241331?   They have no regard whatever for what is important for the public to know.  They are the propaganda gate keepers.  They are utterly disgusting, dishonest and totally unethical propagandists.  If you take their word regarding anything important to them and their leftist friends you are a victim of massive deception. 

This so called journalist is in reality a Hillary propaganda agent.  Quote: "For the second time in less than a month Politico chief political correspondent Glenn Thrush has been caught sending stories to Hillary Clinton staffers for approval."       http://dailycaller.com/2016/11/03/politico-reporter-gets-caught-again-sending-a-story-to-a-clinton-staffer-for-approval/?

CNN is routinely dubbed the Clinton News Network. Plenty of evidence proves it is a proper moniker.  Quote: "Remember the cold truth as you watch a CNN anchor flounder in her attempts to defend her network and pretend that their coverage has been respectable or impartial in the last decade.  Ultimately, though, the CNN bias is just a symptom of the current political climate. The only way to try and rationally endorse a candidate like Hillary Clinton is by throwing away reason and giving in to the rhetoric. Katie Hopkins says it well, so watch the video to hear her stance."   http://patrioticviralnews.com/articles/cnnclinton-news-network/

Break/Break.  This is the absolute truth.  No one’s pretending that Donald Trump is a paragon of virtue. Every single one of his supporters is fully aware of his flaws. But he represents our best chance – perhaps our only chance – to take back this great republic before corrupt Democrats and Republicans drive it off the cliff.  Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, isn’t just another typical amoral politician; she’s the living embodiment of everything Trump (and Sanders) warned us about. She’s not just corrupt; SHE IS CORRUPTION PERSONIFIED. A vote for her is a vote for dirty politics.. The elitist guys and gals in D.C. know better than us mere citizens rubes.  They will keep on doing what they are doing fully expecting us to fall in line like good little sheep.  But if you vote for her, don’t complain about corruption ever again. You’ll get exactly what you asked for.

Hillary's ridiculously reckless handling of classified information. Quote: "In between making the beds and dusting the antiques, Marina Santos, Hillary’s housekeeper in her Washington, DC mansion, printed up state secrets for her boss. And she had access to the secure room where top secret docuemnts were housed. Hillary Clinton had such contempt for national security rules that Paul Sperry, a well respected writer for the New York Post, sourcing unnamed “e-mails and FBI memos,” writes that the Filipina immigrant maid: …was called on so frequently to receive e-mails that she may hold the secrets to E-mailgate — if only the FBI and Congress would subpoena her and the equipment she used."    http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2016/11/report_hillarys_maid_had_access_to_topsecret_documents.html

Unbelievably the FBI yet again frees Hillary.  After reading the previous item, a clear and intentional violation of law, can anyone believe anything Comey now says?  http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3911032/FBI-announces-not-change-decision-regarding-Hillary-Clinton-s-emails.html?   And can you believe this?  Our criminal president Obama tells illegals to vote, and of course for Hillary.  That is a case of a crook telling non-American lawbreakers to vote anyway for another crook.  He will protect them from any repercussions for violating the law.  http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2016/11/criminal-president-obama-encourages-illegal-aliens-vote-promises-no-repercussions-video/  What a guy!!!

Huma Abedin, Hillary's closest associate, is apparently spilling the beans to the FBI on Hillary's (and others) corruption.  Quote: "Obama used an alias to communicate with Clinton on her private accounts, according to the story by Fox News. The link had been set up by his team and was approved.  Obama’s Blackberry was an ultra-secure device, set up to accept only certain addresses. Abedin told the FBI that she had to notify the White House every time Clinton changed her address so that the links could be reconfigured. This is another admission that Obama knew and approved of Clinton’s private server and use of private email for classified and highly sensitive government business. Clearly, the president has some skin in the game, much more so than has ever been disclosed.  Exactly what and how much Huma is telling the Feds remains to be seen, but it appears she is determined not to be thrown to the wolves in this scandal — and that she make take others down with her."   http://conservativetribune.com/huma-exposes-obama-massive-lie/?   Seems to have made no difference to Comey.  A revolt of professional FBI agents will likely follow.

This is how Democrats intend to win.  Quote: "Earlier today, after a two week silence, Guccifer 2.0 reemerged, with a post on his blog, in which he alleges that he has information from inside the Federal Election Commission, according to which “democrats may rig the elections.” He then adds “this may be possible because of the software installed in the FEC networks by the large IT companies.”    https://www.lewrockwell.com/2016/11/tyler-durden/guccifer-2-0-dems-will-rig-elections/  Did you ever wonder why during the debates Hillary had a ready, obviously prepared response?  Because she cheated.  She was provided the questions in advance.    http://patrioticviralnews.com/articles/why-isnt-hillary-getting-blamed-for-cheating-at-debate/ 

This item discusses the close relationship between Hillary and socialist, corrupt, unethical billionaire George Soros.  Quote: Speaking of Soros, "Fighting in the streets and smashing businesses, targeting police for assassination, dividing the country through stirring up class and race conflicts, flag-burning and capitalism hatred: none of it is the American way. But this is the Soros way. In 1995 when he was a great friend to White House occupiers Bill and Hillary, Soros told a PBS interviewer: “I do now have great access in the (Clinton) administration. “There is no question about this. We actually work together as a team.”   http://townhall.com/columnists/joyoverbeck/2016/11/05/the-worst-thing-about-criminal-hillary-is-criminal-globalist-pal-george-soros-n2241763?   Hillary and Soros are a danger to our country.

Podesta's, Hillary's campaign manager, good friend in the FBI and head of the second Hillary investigation is corrupt.    http://www.redstate.com/streiff/2016/11/02/justice-official-leading-hillary-clinton-probe-leaked-information-clinton-campaign/

This item discusses her 15 years as a practicing attorney.  Both Hillary and Bill avoid discussing it.  It is as if it never happened.  http://patriotpowerednews.com/hillary-clinton-the-corporate-lawyer-that-put-the-little-people-down-for-15-years-straight/  

Not so good news for Hillary.  Quote: "The New York Police Department’s investigation into Anthony Weiner’s perverted practice of photographing his private parts and “sexting” the photos to underage girls seems to be what kicked off this new conflagration that threatens to consume the Hillary Clinton campaign. FBI Director James Comey pulled the cover off the fire, giving it oxygen and sending Clinton’s poll numbers tumbling. But the match was struck when NYPD investigators – doing what the FBI and Department of (In)Justice would not do – subpoenaed electronic devices, including a laptop, from the Weiner/Huma Abedin home.  It appears the crime may be much deeper than just Hillary Clinton’s casual (or criminal) mishandling of classified material, and even sicker than just Weiner sexting pictures of his weiner. NYPD sources say the emails link the witch from Chappaqua and her serial sexual predator husband to child exploitation and sex crimes with children along with money laundering, perjury, pay-to-play through the Clinton Foundation, obstruction of justice and other felonies."   http://personalliberty.com/hot-dog-anthonys-weiner-may-be-what-screws-the-clintons/

This quote deserves our consideration:  "Past performance is the best predictor of future performance."  This list of 25 of  Hillary's past performance demands consideration of what to expect from her in the future.  http://www.wnd.com/2016/07/above-the-law-hillarys-huge-scandal-list-explodes-to-25/

Ask yourself if you can support someone so self-centered, so hard-hearted and who casually discards supporters/aides when they are no longer useful to her.   http://patrioticviralnews.com/articles/hillary-begins-distancing-herself-from-huma-abedin/  This is the latest victim of her dismissive treatment of people she uses and then discards. This victim was her long time closest aide.   http://patrioticviralnews.com/articles/who-is-huma-abedin/

Break/Break.  New subject:  If Hillary is elected this is what will happen.    http://townhall.com/columnists/patbuchanan/2016/11/04/hillarys-high-crimes--misdemeanors-n2241339?     Do we as a nation deserve such abuse by the most corrupt person ever to seek the highest office in the land????   Proof that she has no morals, character or concern for the nation is her refusal to withdraw for the sake of the country.  What is important to her is all that matters.  It truly is ALL ABOUT HER.

George Burns

The Empire Files: Abby Martin Exposes John Podesta teleSUR English

With the Wikileaks release of thousands of emails belonging to John Podesta, very little is known in US society about Podesta himself. While he’s maintained a low profile, John Podesta is actually considered one of Washington’s biggest players, and one of the most powerful corporate lobbyists in the world.

In this episode of The Empire Files, Abby Martin explores John Podesta’s political rise, his vast network of corporate connections and his think tank "Center for American Progress." Learn why the Podestas and the Clintons are a match made in ruling class heaven.


Sunday, November 6, 2016

Clinton Underground Child Sex Scandal (Part1)

The Clinton investigation is now connected to a massive child trafficking and pedophile sex ring operating within Washington, D.C. Over the next few days, and this November 5th, we will be referencing evidence and exposing the Clinton foundations for multiple incidences of child trafficking and sex scandals.
Hillary Clinton is being investigated by the FBI for involvement in an elite Washington pedophile ring, according to veteran State Department official Steve Pieczenik.

Billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, his relationship with Bill Clinton, Alan Dershowitz, Prince Andrew and other famous names, and their connection to a high-level sex scandal is exposed by Conchita and Cristina Sarnoff.
Anthony Weiner Talking to FBI about underage Sex Island (Lolita)
The FBI wants to know everything about the Lolita Island that Jeffrey Epstein owns. Lucky for them Anthony Weiner knows a lot about the Underage sex Island that Bill Clinton would visit and Weiner is ready to Talk.


Prominent Black Americans, Including Progressives, Loathe Clinton

President Obama arrived here on Thursday to encourage black Americans to go vote for Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton, but many black Americans — including progressives and prominent voices in Jacksonville — are not buying. Even among black Obama supporters, enthusiasm for Clinton is low to non-existent. And despite the false and potentially racist image painted by the establishment media of a collectivist “black vote” that belongs to Democrats by right, black leaders from across the political spectrum tell The New American that black Americans, like all Americans, are waking up to “crooked Hillary.” One progressive black leader even described Clinton as a psychopathic anti-Christian criminal who represents a mortal danger to blacks. Many black leaders want Clinton jailed. And the feeling is apparently widespread.   

Clinton, Obama, and the Democrat Party all understand how crucial black voters are to their radical agenda and their hold power. A leaked 2007 memo from now-disgraced Clinton campaign boss John Podesta to a group of far-left billionaires, for example, describes blacks as the “most reliable bloc in the Democratic camp,” and urges continued reliance and exploitation of “minority” groups and “demographic trends.” Sounding the alarm as he visited North Carolina and Florida to try to get black voters out to the polls to pull the lever for Clinton, Obama warned that the “black vote,” as if there were just one collective mass of blacks who all belong to Democrats, “is not as solid as it needs to be” for Clinton to win. Bill Clinton has expressed similar sentiments. And the hysterically pro-Clinton establishment media appears to be in a panic.   


Two more Clinton classified emails discovered in FBI documents

The State Department this week deemed two more of former Secretary Hillary Clinton’s emails to contain classified information, releasing redacted versions Friday, just days before Election Day.
The messages appear to contain U.S. government policy memos toward Afghanistan and the United Arab Emirates, preparing Mrs. Clinton for phone calls with leaders of those two nations. Information gleaned from foreign governments, as well as U.S. information about other governments, is supposed to be considered classified from the start.
In these instances, like nearly every other of the more than 2,500 messages now deemed classified, there were no markings at the time — a factor Mrs. Clinton’s defenders say excuse her from liability for having sent them over her secret, but unprotected account.
Both of the new messages were not part of the set Mrs. Clinton belatedly returned to the department. Instead they were recovered by the FBI in its investigation into Mrs. Clinton’s mishandling of classified material.
The messages were sent on Nov. 26, 2010, by Mrs. Clinton’s top personal aide, Huma Abedin, whose own emailing practices have come under scrutiny. Ms. Abedin was one of the few people who had access to an account on Mrs. Clinton’s secret server.


Memo To The Next President: We Can Grow A Lot Faster

The 2016 presidential battle between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will go down as one of the bitterest in modern history, and polls show it's still too close to call. But regardless who wins, the next president faces a slow-growing economy with a host of problems.

The U.S. is doomed to be a mature, sluggish economy, creating little growth and few new jobs, some experts say. Can a new president restore the U.S.' once-powerful economic growth of 3% or more?

History and logic suggest the answer is yes. Repeatedly in the past, we've heard that the U.S. has hit a permanent plateau in growth — a limit — that would keep it from expanding faster. We heard it immediately after World War II, again in the early 1960s, the 1970s, the early 1980s, and in the 1990s. And each time, with the right market-friendly policies in place, a powerful surge of new growth ensued. This time is no different.

Since 2008, the U.S. has experienced what could be called the Great Slowdown — the downshifting of the U.S. economy from the 3.4% annual pace of GDP growth from 1949 to 2008, to just 1.8% since 2008. If that doesn't strike you as a big difference, think of it a different way: At 3.4%, the size of the U.S. economy doubles in about 21 years; at 1.8%, it takes 40 years — nearly twice as long.



It’s a struggle taking place at the highest levels of power. Coups, counter-coups and a civil war between the elites. And at the center of it all is one of the America’s most experienced intelligence operatives.
Yes, there is  a nonviolent civil war within Washington, according to Steve Pieczenik, deputy assistant secretary of state under men such as Henry Kissinger and James Baker.

Pieczenik served in the State Department for 20 years. He battled terrorism in the 1970s and, using his training as a psychiatrist, created pioneering tactics and strategies used in hostage situations. He contributed to the success of the Camp David Accords in 1978 by building psychological profiles of the key negotiators.

Since leaving government, he’s been a strategic consultant for groups such as the RAND Corporation and the United States Institute of Peace. Most famously, he formed a partnership with author Tom Clancy to co-create the “Op-Center” and “Net-Force” books and eventually authored several books of his own, including the thriller “State of Emergency,” which posits a second civil war.

And now, this consummate insider, one of the most experienced policy makers and crisis managers alive, says a nonviolent civil war is raging within Washington.


You Know The IRS Should Be Investigating The Clinton Foundation

Prior to Halloween, The Wall Street Journal asked a very good question: why isn’t the IRS investigating the Clinton Foundation? Leaving out the obvious political stains from their scandal, in which they targeted conservative organizations seeking tax-exempt status, it’s a legitimate inquiry. Wikileaks was able to shed light on what top Bill Clinton aide Doug Band, who helped start the Clinton Foundation and went on to co-found his own consulting firm, Teneo, called Bill Clinton, Inc. The 13-page memo described how money could be obtained to go to both the Clinton Foundation and to the Clintons personally. That strategy centered on using the Foundation’s top tier donor base (Dow Chemical, Coca-Cola, etc.) to also forge paid speaking engagements and consulting deals. The amount that Bill could personally reap with this strategy could be as much as $66 million if everything remained in place.


How far will Dems go to steal Election 2016?

America seems headed for a real life ‘Ruby Tuesday’ on November 8.

The events of Friday and Saturday should be sending chills down the spines of average citizens IF, as U.S. Intelligence is warning, al Qaeda strikes with terrorist attacks in three states tomorrow and ISIS follows through on its threats to slaughters voters going to the polls on Tuesday.

Last night, Austyn Daniel Crites, 33, of Reno, Nevada self-identified as a member of ‘Republicans Against Trump’ in an incident that saw Secret Service agents hustling the ‘Make America Great Again’ candidate off the stage, in what many see as a dry-run for his assassination.

On Friday, President Barack Hussein Obama seemed to use a Republican veteran plant to go after Donald J. Trump as the wrong president to have his finger on America’s nuclear button.

If these Hillary Clinton suspected stunts are happening two days before Election 2016, and the Democrats playing the role of the Great Pretenders, who knows what is coming next?

My prescient colleague Doug Hagmann is right on target saying, “There is something very odd about the Reno incident, and something equally odd about the man at the center of the attention”.


Lying about Trump while hiding the fact Democrats accepted Klan support.

She looked the American people straight in the television eye and lied.

I know, I know, she does it all the time. But this time the lie was as bold as it was false.

Appearing in Greenville, North Carolina the other day, Hillary Clinton played the Democratic Party standard — the race card. Said she:

“Just a few days ago, and I want you to hear this because this has never happened to a major, to a nominee of a major party. Just a few days ago Donald Trump was endorsed by the official newspaper of the Ku Klux Klan.”
Catch that line:…“I want you to hear this because this has never happened to a major, to a nominee of a major party.”

Short of saying the sun rises in the West, a political lie doesn’t come much bolder than that.

First of all, the Trump campaign instantly rejected the endorsement in the strongest of terms. Said the Trump campaign statement: “Mr. Trump and the campaign denounces hate in any form. This publication is repulsive and their views do not represent the tens of millions of Americans who are uniting behind our campaign.”

Ahhh. The kind of words spoken about the Klan that America has yet to hear from Democrats apologizing for their tighter-than-ticks relationship with the Klan.

Examples? There are plenty.


Hillary Clinton: High Priestess of Western Infanticide

Hillary Clinton stands out as the prime purveyor of the practice of infanticide in Western society.  She sells it as a merchant sells his wares and never misses an opportunity to declare a "woman's right to choose" as if the key "choice" involved appears at that juncture instead of at the moment a woman "chooses" to use her body as an amusement park for pleasure any time she is swarmed with desire, with no regard for the meaning and outcome of sexual abandonment.

To Hillary, the inconvenient individual with inimitable DNA who has had the bad manners to appear at an uninvited moment has no right to exist unless the mother is agreeable and so must be swept away into the trash.  No mercy, no compassion, for thee.

The universal icon upon which Christians gaze in prayer and for invocation of mercy is the Crucifix.  The power of the Crucifix emblazons on our spirits the sacredness of the single embodied Son of God.  He is alone in his peril, raised high on a hill for all to witness.  One Person.  This imbues us with deep compassion as we contemplate His agony and abandonment.

Christ created a drama for us to take into our hearts throughout life when He took upon His body our misdeeds in order to display the destruction of evil.  The Cross cries out, "This is what you do to Me!  This is what you do to you" when we act against God, ourselves, and others.


Saturday, November 5, 2016

The Clinton Campaign at Obama Justice

The most obnoxious spin of the 2016 campaign came this week, as Democrats, their media allies and even President Obama accused the FBI of stacking the election. It’s an extraordinary claim, coming as it does from the same crew that has—we now know—been stacking the election all along in the corridors of the Justice Department.
This is the true November surprise. For four months, FBI Director James Comey has been the public face of the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email server. He played that role so well, putting the FBI so front and center, that the country forgot about Mr. Comey’s bosses. Revelations this week build the case that President Obama’s politicized Justice Department has been pulling strings and flacking for Mrs. Clinton all along.
One piece of evidence comes from WikiLeaks, in a hacked email between the chairman of the Clinton campaign, John Podesta, and Assistant Attorney General Peter Kadzik. It was sent in May of 2015 via a private Gmail account, which has become the favored way for Obama employees to hide communications from the public. “Heads up,” Mr. Kadzik warned, informing the campaign about a coming hearing and a recent legal filing about Mrs. Clinton’s emails.


Clinton Sent Classified Document to Daughter That State Department Has Identified as “Foreign Relations Activities… Including Confidential Sources”

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton made the following statement regarding the State Department’s release of 74 additional emails recovered by the FBI in its investigation of former Secretary of State Clinton’s use of a non-state.gov email system. Included in the new documents was an email in which Clinton forwarded classified information to her daughter, Chelsea, at the unsecure email address dreynolds@clintonemail.com. Before releasing the heavily redacted email to Judicial Watch, the State Department marked it “B1.4(b)” and “B1.4(d),” indicating that it contained “Foreign Government Information’ and “Foreign relations or foreign activities of the US including confidential sources.” The State Department also misleadingly labeled the email with the term “near duplicate.”

No wonder Hillary Clinton deleted this email. Her sharing classified information with her daughter shows criminal disregard for national security.

The State Department has been producing documents in accordance with a September 23, 2016, court order issued by Judge Boasberg, who ordered the Department of State to begin processing at least 1,050 pages of Hillary Clinton emails recovered by the FBI and provide Judicial Watch all non-exempt documents before November 4.  State Department confirmed in September that the FBI had discovered nearly 15,000 new Clinton emails as a result of Judicial Watch’s litigation seeking all of Clinton’s work-related emails (Judicial Watch, Inc. v. U.S. Department of State (No. 1:15-cv-00687)).

Hillary Clinton has repeatedly stated that she believes that the 55,000 pages of documents she turned over to the State Department in December 2014 included all of her work-related emails.  In response to a court order in other Judicial Watch litigation, she declared under penalty of perjury that she had “directed that all my emails on clintonemail.com in my custody that were or are potentially federal records be provided to the Department of State, and on information and belief, this has been done.”  This new email find is also at odds with her official campaign statement suggesting all “work or potentially work-related emails” were provided to the State Department.

A hearing will be held Monday, November 7, 2016, regarding Judicial Watch’s Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit seeking emails sent or received by Clinton in her official capacity during her tenure as Secretary of State. The timeframe for this request is February 2, 2009, to January 31, 2013.


Like Watergate, the Cover-up Will Take Down the Obama-Clinton-Abedin Crime Team

Abedin Accuses Assange of Cyber-Crime When She and Clinton are the Criminals Who Set Up the Unlawful Server and Email

SOTN Editor’s Note:
The real irony presented in the following RT article is that it is the Obama-Hillary Clinton-Huma Abedin tag team that committed serious crimes in the establishment of a home-based server and private email address to conduct official government business at State. The primary reason why Wikileaks was able to hack Secretary of State Clinton’s email was because of how unsecured and utterly exposed it was.

And yet, Abedin is calling Julian Assange a criminal for doing what whistleblowers do—calling out government officials for their serial misconduct and serious crimes perpetrated against the people and the country.  As for Secretary Clinton’s central role in this unrivalled debacle, she is now legally barred from holding public office in the United States Government. Nevertheless, she still runs for POTUS even though as a trained lawyer she knows the law quite well in this regard.


The Stupidity of Hillary

Few serious people doubt the dishonesty of Hillary and Bill Clinton.  Both lie all the time about almost everything, the petty as well as the important.  Few serious people doubt the shameless self-promotion, the naked avarice, the depthless lust for power and privilege of these two crooks.  There is, however, one fundamental difference between William Jefferson Clinton and Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton.  Bill was smart, and Hillary is stupid.

References to this fact have popped up again and again in emails and related correspondence within Hillary's inner circle.  She often seems confused, her close aides tell each other.  She often forgets things.  While she can do well in rehearsed performances by parroting the same line over and over again, the same is not true when Hillary is required to think independently and make decisions that are not dull dogmatic repetitions of political cant.

The contrast with her husband is stark.  Bill had an almost photographic memory for names and could call up clever rhetoric off the top of his head.  Bill won a Rhodes Scholarship, something pretty hard for a poor boy from a small Arkansas town.  He was able to persuade voters in Arkansas that he was a decent governor and Americans that he was a successful president – things not true, but Bill made do with a slipperiness that earned him the nickname of "Slick Willie."


Whom to Trust: Why We Persistently Get It Wrong

Assessing the trustworthiness of others is a ubiquitous and fundamental process. If these trustworthiness assessments translate into trusting behaviour, understanding how ‘trust beliefs’ are formed is consequential. The current US presidential election may hinge on voter assessments of the trustworthiness of candidates. The victims of the US investment fraudster Bernie Madoff are reminders of the potentially severe financial consequences of misallocated trust.

Kenneth Arrow (1972) famously asserted that trust is a prerequisite for most economic activity. A large and lively body of research in economics focuses on trust and its aggregate economic consequences, documenting strong relationships between general levels of trust between nations and everything from GDP growth to cross-country trade patterns (Knack and Zak 2001, Knack and Keefer 1996, Guiso et al. 2004, Tabellini 2008, Algan and Cahuc 2010, Guiso et al. 2009).

Despite the economic importance of trust, surprisingly little is known about what causes us to trust others. Although previous research suggests that both pecuniary and non-pecuniary factors (‘betrayal’ or ‘control’) play a role, it is not clear which non-pecuniary factors are particularly important or persistent, or precisely how these factors affect trust (Bohnet and Zeckhauser 2004, Cox 2004, Ashraf et al. 2006, Bohnet et al. 2008, Butler and Miller 2015, Bolton et al. 2016).


Hillary Is a Cheater

Not too long ago, Democrats were the ones claiming elections were stolen.

While serving as Ohio Secretary of State, I saw wild accusations and ridiculous lawsuits from Democrats and left-wing advocacy groups in an attempt to delegitimize election results.

The conspiracy theories of Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., the late Gore Vidal, and liberal blogs grew into something widely promoted by prominent elected Democrats.

Liberal Rep. John Conyers (D-MI), who is now running for his 27th term in Congress, held outrageous hearings and even produced a taxpayer-funded, 142-page report detailing these tin-foil-hat accusations. By fairly enforcing state election laws during a year with record-breaking turnout, local election officials and I were accused by Conyers of suppressing votes through “intentional misconduct and illegal behavior.”