And they tell you anytime they can that the evil Republicans and Conservatives are in the pocket of big business.  This has been going on for a very long time all the while lying through their teeth about their own culpability.

You know all about the irrational proclamations Nancy Pelosi makes.  How she gets elected to office is a real puzzle.  Take note of her recent hypocritical rants.   This is Nancy at her best. 

You are aware that the IRS has targeted conservative organizations on numerous occasions.  That is now a matter of record no matter the ranting's of the left that Republicans are on a witch hunt.  Congressional Democrats and the media are attempting to deflect the public's attention away from learning of their despicable political tactics.  Emails now prove Lois Lerner's political biases and strengthen the case that she has been lying about her role in the ongoing scandal.  No wonder she pled the 5th when appearing before congress.

You may not know her and my guess is after reading this you will not want to know her. 

About the distasteful and reprehensible behavior of the Vice President.

This is where things are headed thanks to progressives and their secular humanistic religion that embraces as anything goes morality.  Anyone with two brain cells knew this was coming after the LBGT crowd was sanctioned by our government and progressive acolytes.  Casting aside our long held Christian principles set the stage for the destruction of our culture which is well under way.  History tells us where this will end up.  It will not be pretty.  

This is a great example of how out of touch with reality the political left really is.  "The Washington Examiner reports that 81% of Americans believe the border crisis, including unaccompanied children crossing the border illegally, is serious. This is despite recent claims by Democrat Senator Harry Reid that the border is secure."  And "A whopping 77% say that illegals should be returned to their home countries. While the Left likes to portray those who believe these illegals, regardless of age, should be sent home as heartless, 66% expressed sympathy for whatever situation led them to journey illegally across the U.S border." 
Planned Parenthood is an organization doing evil things sanctioned by our leftist/progressive government.  Quote:  "Planned Parenthood presents a moral problem by its very existence. It also exemplifies a moral problem that is endemic in every institution that still functions in our once great nation. The detestable lack of honesty or decency brazenly displayed by Planned Parenthood is what you can pretty much expect from the Jack-Knife Barber. The fact that it reminds us all of so many other organizations taking massive amounts of money from our various governments is even more disturbing. I’m only seeing two differences between Planned Parenthood and Government Motors. Government Motors doesn’t mean to kill people and Planned Parenthood doesn’t get very many recalls."

George Burns