Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Fox News Cuts Trump Border Visit Feed After He Starts Talking About Election

Fox News cut off its live coverage of former President Donald Trump's remarks at the nation's southern border on Wednesday after he began discussing his allegations of fraud in the 2020 election.

Despite heavy promotion of the event, the network abruptly returned to studio coverage after Trump claimed he had won the 2020 presidential election.

"We better get our elections straightened out because you're going to have a runaway country, you're going to have a banana republic, you're going to have a third world country here pretty soon because our elections are a mess," Trump continued.

Abbott posted a video Tuesday ahead of Trump's visit to the nation's southern border announcing a security briefing that would be streamed live on Facebook, despite Trump's ban from the platform.

TOMORROW President Trump will join me and law enforcement officials for a border security briefing in Weslaco.

The Facebook livestream was considered somewhat controversial, as the social media giant banned Trump following the events of Jan. 6 at the U.S. Capitol building.

Trump also published an Op-Ed on Wednesday blaming President Joe Biden for the "Humanitarian catastrophe" he has caused with his immigration policies. 

Soros Hires Former Smartmatic Prez as CEO and Former Podesta CEO as Head of US Operations

In late December far-left billionaire globalist George Soros announced new leadership at his Open Society Foundation.

Former Obama official Patrick Gaspard was stepping down as president of the Open Society Foundation.

Lord Mark Malloch Brown, the former UN deputy secretary‐general and UK minister and president of Smartmatic voting systems, replaced Patrick Gaspard at the helm.

Mark Malloch-Brown will be Open Society's new president.

Tom Perriello is currently executive director of Open Society-U.S. and is the former CEO of John Podesta's Center for American Progress.

Now Patrick Gaspard, a far-left operative linked to Barack Obama, will take the reins at Center for American Progress after leaving the Open Society in December.

A former Obama administration official, Gaspard led the George Soros-run Open Society Foundations for three years before stepping down at the end of 2020. 

These Republican Governors Are Doing What Biden Won't Do

Several Republican governors across the country are sending state law enforcement officials to the border to assist Customs and Border Protection in handling the rapid influx of migrants attempting to enter the United States legally and illegally.

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem recently joined a number of other GOP governors in deploying National Guard troops to the southern border.

Former U.S. Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Gil Kerlikowske told CNN:. I think immigration is the sole purview of the federal government.

Typically, border issues fall under the federal government's purview.

Kerlikowske did acknowledge that the Texas Department of Public Safety, as well as National Guard troops, have been used to assist CBP. A spokesperson for the agency told CNN that it "Continues to leverage our longstanding relationships with state and local law enforcement, including deconflicting operations in the border region and responding to callouts from other law enforcement agencies," and further explained that it "Defers to the State of Texas to speak to any steps they are taking to increase their enforcement posture."

The bottom line is that the Biden administration has not bothered to step up to the plate when it comes to managing the influx of migrants to the border.

The president reversed most of former President Donald Trump's immigration policies, which not only served as an invitation to people living south of the border but also made it nearly impossible for federal agencies to effectively deal with the problem. 

China Ordered the NIH to Delete Gene Data on COVID?

We have reports that a top-level Chinese intelligence official defected, who not only has information about the origins of COVID but China's bioweapons program and spy network here.

Chinese researchers directed the U.S. National Institutes of Health to delete gene sequences of early Covid-19 cases from a key scientific database, raising concerns that scientists studying the origin of the pandemic may lack access to key pieces of information.

The NIH confirmed that it deleted the sequences after receiving a request from a Chinese researcher who had submitted them three months earlier.

"Submitting investigators hold the rights to their data and can request withdrawal of the data," the NIH said in a statement.

The paper, which hasn't been peer reviewed, says the missing data include sequences from virus samples collected in the Chinese city of Wuhan in January and February of 2020 from patients hospitalized with or suspected of having Covid-19.

Some of the deleted information is still available in a paper that was published in a specialized journal, but scientists typically look for gene sequences in major databases like the one the NIH maintains, Dr. Bloom said.

Dr. Bloom said he was able to find the deleted data after searching for it elsewhere online. 

Robin DiAngelo Cashes In On Her Audience’s White Guilt, Calls Them All Racist Again In New Book

That's what professional race hustler Robin DiAngelo learned after she published "White Fragility," an infamous New York Times Bestseller that catapulted her, and her libelous claim that white people are inherently racist, to national prominence.

"Nice Racism: How Progressive White People Perpetuate Racial Harm" is all about how anti-racist white people are still racist.

She's well-prepared to cash in on the guilt of white progressives who iwill almost certainly line up, wallet in hand, as the high priestess of anti-racism teaches her servile laypeople how to root out their "nice racism.

Apparently, the guilt complex of woke white progressives is so intense that many of them will pay to read DiAngelo, a far-left white person, malign the whiteness of far-left white white people in a 224-page audit of the internalized white supremacy that allegedly resides in the collective psyches of woke white progressives.

Such a future is unlikely with data confirming the observation that white liberals are actively self hating, as the only cross-section of racial and political identity that has a negative rather than positive in-group bias.

DiAngelo disputes the contention that she pushes and profits from white guilt, remarking in her interview with CNN that "I think people who say that I am seeking to invoke guilt are willfully misreading my work.

The psychological disposition of white progressives also makes it all too easy for grifters like DiAngelo to profit off pushing the most radically anti-white aspects of critical race theory, such as the claim that racism is the unique defining quality of white people, always confident that such sentiments will find a home among the white progressives who are desperate to assert just how anti-racist they are. 

At Least 5 Justices Seem To Think the CDC's Eviction Moratorium Is Illegal. SCOTUS Left It in Place Anyway.

On May 5, Dabney Friedrich, a federal judge in Washington, D.C., ruled that the moratorium, which applies to tenants who claim financial hardship, is not authorized by the Public Health Service Act, the statute that the CDC cited as the basis for its order.

"Because the plain language of the Public Health Service Actunambiguously forecloses the nationwide eviction moratorium," Friedrich wrote, "The Court must set aside the CDC Order, consistent with the Administrative Procedure Actand D.C. Circuit precedent."

Four justices-Clarence Thomas, Samuel Alito, Neil Gorsuch, and Amy Coney Barrett-thought the stay should be lifted, meaning that Friedrich's decision against the CDC would take effect immediately.

"Because the CDC plans to end the moratorium in only a few weeks, on July 31, and because those few weeks will allow for additional and more orderly distribution of the congressionally appropriated rental assistance funds, I vote at this time to deny the application to vacate the District Court's stay of its order.In my view, clear and specific congressional authorization would be necessary for the CDC to extend the moratorium past July 31.".

Since the CDC says it does not plan to further extend the moratorium, it is not clear whether the order's legality will ever be definitively resolved.

The D.C. Circuit differed with Friedrich, saying "The CDC's eviction moratorium falls within the plain text" of the Public Health Service Act.

Another federal judge ruled that even Congress does not have the authority to impose a moratorium like the CDC's, because forcing landlords to continue housing tenants who fail to pay their rent exceeds the federal government's power to regulate interstate commerce. 

PA Democrat Governor Vetoes Election Reform Bill that Mandated Voter ID

Pennsylvania's democratic governor vetoed a voting bill Thursday that would have required voter identification in all elections and several other measures to ensure honesty and integrity.

"I think voter suppression is absolutely the wrong thing to do," Wolf said, adding that he would support a different bill that would give counties more time to start counting ballots and provide more funding to run elections, per WTAE News.

The vetoed bill would have changed registration deadlines from 15 to 30 days before an election, and mail-in voters would have had an earlier deadline to request ballots.

"It's really a shame for the counties and those who are looking to improve our election laws that the governor vetoes a bill that he refused to be engaged with even for one minute of his time," House Republican spokesperson Jason Gottesman said.

Wolf said the bill was "Incurably riddled with unacceptable barriers to voting."

"This bill is ultimately not about improving access to voting or election security, but about restricting the freedom to vote," he said in a veto message.

"HB1300 expands voting access & makes our elections more secure. Voter ID enjoys broad bipartisan support in PA.". 

Democrats Are Using The FEC As A Partisan Weapon

The FEC's Democrats are regularly refusing to dismiss complaints and notify respondents that they are in the clear when the commission has voted not to prosecute.

Since the FEC can't explain or defend its decision, the court issues a default judgment against the commission.

The Democratic commissioners are effectively committing a fraud on the courts, making it appear that the FEC has not acted when it has.

As a former FEC commissioner, I know how frustrating it sometimes is to be on the losing end of a vote.

Americans appearing before the FEC deserve to be treated fairly - which at least ought to mean being notified when they are no longer under investigation - and federal judges deserve honest representation about the commission's decisions.

Democrats in Congress are trying to pass H.R. 1/S. 1, which would reconstitute the FEC as five-member commission, with a majority appointed by President Biden.

If this is how Democrats act on a bipartisan commission, imagine the abuses of power that would come from a partisan FEC majority. 

BET Founder And Billionaire Robert Johnson Wants $14 Trillion For Reparations For Slavery

Robert Johnson, the founder of Black Entertainment Television and believes that in the name of reducing racial inequality, the U.S. government should hand out $14 trillion for reparations for slavery.

Johnson, the first black billionaire in America, made his comments during an interview on CNBC. "Now is the time to go big." BET founder Robert Johnson calls for "Full and complete" reparations for descendants of slaves.

Johnson said on "Squawk Box," "Now is the time to go big wealth transfer is what's needed."

Johnson sold BET to Viacom in 2001, making the 74-year-old America's first black billionaire.

"I'm talking about cash," Johnson insisted.

BET founder Robert Johnson calls for $14 trillion of reparations for slavery https://t.

Merck Chairman and CEO Ken Frazier, who is black, followed Johnson on CNBC and openly doubted possible reparations. 

BLM Rioter Who Smashed Car Window in a Toddler's Face Avoids Jail After Lawyer Says it Was an "Emotional Time"

A Black Lives Matter rioter who smashed a car window in a 1-year-old child's face has avoided prison after his lawyer argued that it was a "Very emotional time" for the culprit.

A video from the incident, which occurred in Fredericksburg VA during last year's George Floyd riots, shows a BLM mob surrounding the vehicle before Victor Miles II smashes the glass which shatters all over the child in the back seat.

The clip appears to show Miles deliberately targeting the toddler.

Victor Miles II, a #BLM rioter who smashed in car's window, shattering glass on a 1 year old during last year's riots in Fredericksburg VA, received a 90-day suspended sentence last month.

Defense attorney Eugene Frost justified the pathetic sentence by arguing that Miles was angry because, "It was a very emotional time all the way around."

Miles was originally facing a 5 year prison sentence on felony charges of unlawful wounding, but now he is free to walk the streets and attack anyone else who doesn't bow to the BLM mob.

"Though Capitol protesters are being tortured in jail and held in indefinite detention for"trespassing" into the people's house, last year's Black Lives Matter rioters are being treated with kid gloves after citing their lived experiences and emotional trauma," writes Chris Menahan. 

Park Commissioner Cancels the Event After 45th President Was Invited as Guest Speaker

A speech by President Trump at the USS Alabama Battleship Memorial Park was nixed on Tuesday after park commissioners said no partisan events are allowed in the park.

They asked Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall his opinion on the event over a month ago.

Marshall wrote his response on June 16th. The letter to Marshall from the commission was not received by him until June 14th. The USS Alabama Battleship Memorial Park Commission Chairman is Bill Tunnell who said he nixed the event when Trump was invited to be the guest speaker.

NBC 15 News has learned an event featuring former President Donald Trump as the keynote speaker that was being planned for this Saturday at the USS Alabama Battleship Memorial Park was nixed after park commissioners became wary.

"After the request was made, then there was contact with the Republican Party, they contacted us and then it became apparent that it was going to be a partisan political event, rather than just a patriotic event planned for that evening," commission chairman Bill Tunnell.

Tunnell says commissioners sought an opinion from the attorney general's office in late May. NBC 15 News obtained Attorney General Steve Marshall's June 16th response, which notes their letter was dated May 26th , postmarked June 11th and received June 14th. "Due to the imminence of the date of the proposed event, my Opinions Division is unable to timely respond with an official position," Marshall wrote.

The state park has been used for political events previously.