Now, I ask you why have both President Obama and Secretary of State Kerry embraced the Muslim Brotherhood led Egyptian government?  Kerry recently promised them $250 million to help them control/run their country.  Not only that we send them military aid every year and have done so ever since such aid was authorized by President Carter.  No matter that our economy is in the tank, sending money to countries that permit the slaughter and severe discrimination of Christians is good for international relations.  Really?  What about the needs of our own country?  The homeless, the jobless, the increasing level of poverty?  Also, what about the increasing Muslim population in our country?  Recent events should cause everyone concern.  Clearly current administration policy is that individual American citizens's interests are secondary to what "they" think our "national" interests are.  Yet it is individual taxpayer money "they" spend to prop up evil governments.  If they can't collect enough from taxpayers they just borrow it from whoever will loan it to them..."our" children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren and onward will "gladly" fork over the taxes necessary to pay back the principle and sustain the loan by paying an ever increasing amount of owed interest.  To check out the current loan amount to be repaid with interest click this link  Did you notice the size of the debt and the speed at which it grows?  And, you thought the government was looking out for your interests?  Think again!!!  The below link prompted this note.   

George Burns