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Collapsing A Nation

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A Nation In Decline

Christianity provided the founding principles that established this country.  You may not believe that but it is without question true.  Christianity gave us divinely provided standards of morality which for the first 200 years proved to be well founded as the country flourished.  These moral principles guided our nation throughout the colonization period, our founding period and through the Civil War but started to wane in the late 1800s. The founders warned us that sustaining national morality based on Biblical principles was a must if the country was to survive.  If you do not believe me check the founder's original documents and recorded dialogue and you will learn that to be the case.  We have lost track of the Founder's and their considerable efforts to estaablish a nation unlike any earlier one.  Our Constitutional Republic was a first.  Sadly, for at least the past one hundred years our national morality has slowly eroded.  Over the past 50 years or so it has accelerated and today is moving rapidly.  The liberal/progressive left comprised of politicians, judicial advocates, academicians, all manner of self appointed know it all's, and other secular elitists have slowly replaced the foundation of Christian morality/principles with their own versions of secular humanism.  That is to say the adhere to moral relativism, or human established morality, based on transient human feelings.  That is not a set of standards.  Instead it encourages and permits advocates for any cause to declare or demand a new morality no matter how specious.  To the secular humanist long standing tried and true historic standards are old fashioned and no longer apply.  They know better and as today's elitists they have relegated to the past what works and replaced it with clearly failing so called truths of their own making. They have replaced Christian morality with changeable feel good solutions and far too often the government is complicit by mindlessly sanctioning the latest fad.  Modern day elitists advocating shiftless morality and ethics not rooted in the past think they know best what is right and wrong.  They believe their superior thinking trumps our nation's founding principles and Biblically rock solid God given standards that long stood the test of time.  Just do a quick review of how low our cultural and moral standards have fallen.  The evidence is all around us.  Any truly honest assessment will establish that we are well along the road to perdition.  Here are some examples of the evidence of our decline.  Repentance and restoration of tried and true Christian principles are our only way out of this flawed man made mess we are in. Please read as many as you can of the below items.  They tell the story and are proof positive that serious problems loom if we do not return to the principles that created this country. 

Peruse these statistics captured by a recent poll dealing with the nation's morality.

Things once rejected by civil society are now being normalized.  Quote: "Former Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan,  writing in his 1993 article “Defining Deviancy Down” posits  “…over the past generation, the amount of deviant behavior in American society has increased beyond the levels the community can ‘afford to recognize’ and that, accordingly, we have been redefining deviancy so as to exempt much conduct previously stigmatized, and also quietly raising the ‘normal’ level in categories where behavior is now abnormal by any earlier standard.” Moynihan was right.  The predicted disaster to our culture is unfolding before our very eyes.

This item is about a liberal author who writes in her book regarding how left leaning liberals are destroying the country but, according to this piece, she still does not see the forest for the trees.  It is however a very good assessment of the valid points Kirsten Powers makes in her book.  Quote: "Kirsten Powers’ new book, The Silencing: How the Left is Killing Free Speech provides a thorough account of the hypocrisy, intolerance, and just plain nastiness of what she terms the “illiberal left.” It is indeed refreshing to read a self-proclaimed “lifelong liberal” call out the abuses of her co-progressives, even if she breaks no new ground in doing so: informed conservatives are already well aware of what regularly goes on in academia, Hollywood, traditional media, and other environments dominated by the left."

This is where we are and it is a dangerous place.  Quote: "For the last few decades, our culture has warmly embraced moral relativism, where right and wrong are determined based on our feelings, and so there is nothing absolute. Morality is entirely relative, which means that you can have your morality and I can have mine. Today, we have moved from moral relativism to reality relativism, where not only morality but everything is determined by how I feel, so you can have your reality and I can have mine.
This is not a matter of a dangerous descent down a slippery slope. This is a matter of falling off the cliff entirely."

This is a sad commentary of the lack of interest a huge swath of our population has for reading.  It is likely than many have such poor reading skills that it is not something they want to do.  A major drawback is that it limits their ability to be really informed on topics important to them, their families, their communities and our country. Many, maybe even most, fall into the category of uninformed voters - it is well established that these are voters specifically targeted by huge Democrat campaigns. This is a travesty visited upon us by progressive policies and far too many failing schools.   Quote: "Going from bad to worse, there are entire segments of the American population to whom books, in any form, are alien creatures. We have entire cities where the art of reading is as dead as the Dodo Bird, and this disease of the intellect is growing, not declining. The number of people who do not read books has tripled since 1978 (taken from our reluctant PEW people’s report – and this even includes audio books). The problem is exasperated by the fact that the fastest growing segments of our population, i.e. Middle Eastern immigrants and African Americans are at the bottom of the reading for pleasure (or reading for anything) scale. We are rapidly creating a new class of Americans who have no interest in the written word, other than being able to sign their names on their welfare checks. Inner city schools put little or no emphasis on reading for pleasure, and the results are obvious. is the Mecca for reading in this country. Its top 100 best-sellers for 2014 were composed almost equally of men and women, but not one of them was written by an African American. That statement silently shouts our dilemma."

Thoughtful, insightful and on target.  Quote: "A civilized society's first line of defense is not the law, police and courts but customs, traditions, rules of etiquette and moral values. These behavioral norms -- mostly transmitted by example, word of mouth and religious teachings "  The author argues that it was the Greatest Generation that failed to pass along those timeless attributes to the next generation.  To make his point he asks us to consider "What are the massive government spending programs that threaten to bankrupt our nation in the future? The answer would have to be Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. Over 50 percent of today's federal budget is spent on these programs. Around the time when many in the so-called Greatest Generation were born (1920), there were no such programs, and federal spending was $53 billion. In 2014, federal spending was $3.5 trillion."

The elitist in our culture do not listen to what children of same sex marriages have to say.  The New York Time did a piece that ignored those children that want a mom and dad.  Quote: "I wish the voices of Katy Faust and Heather Barwick would have been included in that New York Times piece. For all of the Times’ concern about the benefits of redefining marriage on children of same-sex couples, there’s little concern about the suffering inflicted on children raised in such relationships. A relentless focus on only one side of this debate has left us astonishingly deaf to their cries."

The ACLU is intent on promoting things that destroy long standing cultural norms.  This item lists and briefly discusses only five of their many priorities.  People with a conscience will not like any one of them.

This item expresses an opinion regarding TV coverage of and exploitation of unfortunate people all the while calling it news.  It is confirmation that so much of the media is an instrument of America's cultural decline.  This is the view of many, including me.    Miley Cyrus is emblematic of the current day cultural decline.  See what she has to say in this piece.  Should she be a role model for our children?   And this item provides a summary of the consequences of the permissiveness and moral relativism of our modern day progressive led society and academic institutions.   And consider this discussion of the impact of liberal/progressive ideology on our culture.  

This is a tragedy that must be reversed.  Far too many children grow up without a father in the home.  The negative consequences are clear for all to see.  Regarding the recent incident with "...why Rachel Dolezal—a 37-year-old adult Caucasian woman—pretended to be black for the past 20 years."  The author blames "... her father, Larry Dolezal. I blame him in order to make a bold point: we must stop blaming the police, sexism, racism or even our own children every time our children go wild. Instead, we need to develop, hold accountable and appreciate great fathers.  Research shows that a girl’s father—more than her mother and certainly more than the local police department—shapes how confident and mentally secure she becomes later in life."   Many experts lament that this is also a major problem leading to the decay in moral and civil behavior in boys, regardless of race.

This synopsizes the voter condition we are in and how the problem got started and how it is continuing.  Quote: "At the precise moment in history when the United States abandoned any attempt to transmit American values to its own citizens, never mind immigrants, the 1965 immigration act began dumping the poorest of the poor from around the world on our country."

A new term has been introduced by the left apparently designed to further advance their PC control over civil debate.  Quote: "The concept of "micro-aggression" is just one of many tactics used to stifle differences of opinion by declaring some opinions to be "hate speech," instead of debating those differences in a marketplace of ideas. To accuse people of aggression for not walking in lockstep with political correctness is to set the stage for real aggression against them."    And, "In a sense, the political left's attempts to silence ideas they cannot, or will not, debate are a confession of intellectual bankruptcy."   High profile comedians are starting to rail against political correctness...GOOD FOR THEM.  Maybe they will even help beat back the harm PC is doing to our society and civil discourse.

Is illegal immigration the same thing as cultural genocide?  This item discusses that question.

Total PC insanity in the Oregon school system.  "Harvey Scott K-8 School, a public school in Portland, Oregon, has become a nationwide controversy–after the school’s principal, Verenice Gutierrez, declared the childhood favorite “racist.”
Her logic? Peanut butter and jelly is racist–because some immigrant groups don’t eat them." 

Why is it that so many on the left decry Christian morality?  Reverend Franklin Graham made a proposal that Christians avoid spending money in businesses that support things they consider immoral.  Many on the left came unglued.  Why?  Is it that they prefer/accept immorality rather than embrace morality?  One can only conclude so.  Quote: "The idea is simply this: if you can help it, don’t spend your money at businesses that don’t support your moral beliefs. Liberals do this all of the time with companies like Chick Fil A and Hobby Lobby (among many others), so we could probably afford to do the same when we shop."   Another good discussion of Reverend Graham's position.

Anyone who thinks this decadence is acceptable is dead wrong.  But, it is but just one marker that illustrates the erosion of sexual morality.  But raising up deviance the way the media does invites this kind of consequence.    The worst continues to unfold.  Cartoons for preschoolers now promote homosexuality.  Quote: "Hulu is broadcasting a cartoon meant for children about a boy who rescues a prince and a princess but then chooses to marry the prince. Yes, the prince, the BEARDED GUY in the photo below.  This effort to teach children not only the joys of gay marriage but also borderline pedophilia is simply reprehensible. It's especially obscene to start in on this topic with preschoolers." 

And get this, "One of the largest school districts in the country is going to start teaching children that there’s no such thing as boys or girls.  Fairfax County Public Schools, just outside of Washington, D.C. in the Northern Virginia suburbs, has more than 180,000 students. It’s the tenth largest school district in the country.  Now, kids as young as seventh grade–just twelve years old–will be learning all about liberal “gender identity” in their sex ed classes. And tenth graders will learn that the concept of sexuality is a broad spectrum–essentially."  The liberals are on the warpath against normal human sexuality.  This is insanity!  Another quote: "The big lesson, according to Fox News’s Todd Starnes, is “the idea that there’s no such thing as 100 percent boys or 100 percent girls.”  

Use of psychiatric drugs is a common theme when confronted with mass murders like the recent one in Charleston, SC.  They more than guns seems to me to be a major part of the problem.  Yes guns deliver the bullets that kill or injure but mind altering drugs used by the perpetrators are known to cause violent thoughts.   More here.    

This item examines a piece by the writer for Salon.  It begs the question does the entire Salon meet the definition of the left's self identified personification of what it means to be "tolerant"?   It is clear to me that neither the editors of Salon or their contributors have an ounce of tolerance for anyone who does not agree with their bigoted ideology.  Quote: "In the end, however, Tayler's motives are beside the point, which is that he feels not only free to unleash this kind of slander against the belief system of the majority of Americans but also that there is no risk that he will be considered, much less called, a bigot or intolerant for doing so. That's because in the leftist-dominated media culture, you can, with limitless vile, insult individuals and groups outside those protected by political correctness with impunity and often with confidence that you'll be praised."    

People who cannot tell fake news from the real thing expose their limited intelligence, willingness to show it and demonstrate their intolerance of people who counter the fake news with facts.  That they have it all wrong matters not so any intelligent conversation is impossible.  Here is a good example.

Behavior of this type is indicative of a nation that has lost its soul.  Quote: "In recent days, the nation has been shocked by the story coming out of Texas: a 14-year-old girl was raped, her baby forcibly aborted through pills and a lengthy, brutal beating, and then, the stillborn baby was burned on a grill and later disposed of.  While this story couldn’t be more horrific, America needs to realize that forced abortions are not uncommon. Abortion giant Planned Parenthood has been accused of forcing women to end the lives of their own children."

The differences between poor and rich have a number of causes.  This provides a brief discussion of some of them. 

Bill Maher, a far left atheist, feels quite free to spew his hatred for Christians.  He is unquestionably a hate monger who does not deserve even the tiniest bit of the acclaim he receives.  His senseless and unconscionable rants in no small part are part of the problem we have in this nation.  Anyone with only a modicum of conscience should agree.  And his antics actually highlight the very fact that is the liberal left are the intolerant rather than Christians and conservatives. It does nothing to promote anything good.  Rather it is destructive to civil discourse.  

Not the same thing as the above item but related is how the left has a propensity to shut down debate with those having different opinions.  Here is a piece that addresses that very point.

This illustrates the intolerance and frankly the total disregard the liberal left has for free speech and the simple human right to have an opinion different from someone else.  Clint Eastwood should be a beacon for all of us to follow instead of the politically correct Hollywood elites this article addresses.

What does one think of the US government's "gesture" to Islam by moving traditional July 4th celebrations to June 4th.  Yielding to Islam just gives them more incentive to further intrude into US interests and our culture.  This is not an act of being nice.  It is a cowardly act that emboldens Islamists to continue forcing their culture on others.   When was the last time you heard of any yielding to the interests of others by any Islamic state or group?

An example of government over-reach.  Put yourself in these parents place and see if you think it is okay for the government to do what they did to them.  

Ever since President Obama took office he has intruded into the military in such a way as to undermine its historic tradition of "honor, duty, country".   Here is just one example.   

This is a true but sad commentary.  Wish it wasn't so.

Contrast this view of art with that prohibited by Islamists at the cost of deathly outrage.  Yet our government, so called sophisticated academics and elitists of all stripes try to convince us these are people we should embrace.  Study what is happening around the globe and tell me exactly what evidence is there that we should dispense with Christianity and embrace Islam.

This Walmart greeter always has nice things to say.  But at least someone was "offended".  When society reaches this point it is really sad. 

This is now a socially accepted sexual classification despite significant evidence it is, instead, an emotional problem.  Here is a bit more insight.

It is now normal to claim those with whom you disagree should be punished, even put in jail for simply having a difference of opinion.

George Burns

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Federal Court Reopening Lawsuit Seeking Information on Top Clinton Aide Huma Abedin

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton made the following statement regarding today’s decision by U.S. District Court Judge Emmet G. Sullivan to reopen a Judicial Watch Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit that sought records about Huma Abedin, the former Deputy Chief of Staff to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (Judicial Watch v. U.S. Department of State (No. 1:13-cv-01363)).
Hillary Clinton’s massive email cover-up is unraveling. We welcome Judge Sullivan’s decision to reopen this lawsuit. Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration concealed records and lied to obstruct federal courts and Judicial Watch from finding out about the secret emails.
The court battle to get to the truth about Huma Abedin’s “special government employee” (SGE) privileges at State is underway. The reopening of this case brings Judicial Watch one step closer to forcing the State Department to ensure that the government records in Hillary Clinton’s “secret” email system are properly preserved, protected and recovered as federal law requires.  Ms. Abedin is part of the Clinton cash raising operation and was even involved in the Benghazi scandal, so this lawsuit could not be more timely.
This is the second Judicial Watch FOIA lawsuit that has been reopened because of Hillary Clinton’s hidden email records.  Judicial Watch is aware of no prior instances of Freedom of Information lawsuits being reopened by federal courts. 

Our National Debt: Headed Toward A Fiscal Disaster

You often hear politicians, pundits and concerned Americans declare that Washington is "digging a hole" that future generations will never be able to escape.
But just how deep is this hole?
The Congressional Budget Office gave us a glimpse on Tuesday.
The non-partisan government agency released its annual "Long-Term Budget Outlook," crunching the numbers to figure out what current government spending will cost us 25 years down the road. Its findings are, in a word, terrifying.
The CBO estimates that the federal government will continue to spend significantly more money than it brings in through taxes — hundreds of billions every year, to be precise.
As a result, America's national debt, already at more than $18 trillion, is going to grow faster and faster.
Over the next 10 years, the CBO projects that Washington's wasteful spending will add an additional $7.4 trillion to the debt.
By 2040, America's national debt could rise to well over $54 trillion — more than triple what it is today.

How Government Stifled Reason's Free Speech

For the past two weeks, Reason, a magazine dedicated to "Free Minds and Free Markets," has been barred by an order from the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York from speaking publicly about a grand jury subpoena that court sent to

The subpoena demanded the records of six people who left hyperbolic comments at the website about the federal judge who oversaw the controversial conviction of Silk Road founder Ross Ulbricht. Shortly after the subpoena was issued, the government issued a gag order prohibiting Reason not only from discussing the matter but even acknowledging the existence of the subpoena or the gag order itself. As a wide variety of media outlets have noted, such actions on the part of the government are not only fundamentally misguided and misdirected, they have a tangible chilling effect on free expression by commenters and publications alike.

Yesterday, after preparing an extensive legal brief, Reason asked the US Attorney's Office to join with it in asking that the gag order - now moot and clearly an unconstitutional prior restraint - be lifted. This morning, the US Attorney's Office asked the Court to vacate the order, which it did. We are free to tell the story for the first time.

Public Safety Was the Last Thing on Their Minds

Everyone has a story: The time an unlicensed driver rear-ended me. The time an unlicensed driver ran a red light and killed a co-worker’s dog as her husband was walking the dog in a crosswalk. It seems as if there are so many unlicensed drivers in California that authorities are not capable of deterring the unlicensed from getting behind the wheel.

In fact, according to a report by the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights of the San Francisco Bay Area, 17 percent of licensed California drivers have suspended driver’s licenses — not for dangerous driving but for failing to pay off citations for minor traffic offenses. In March, the U.S. Department of Justice faulted authorities in Ferguson, Missouri, for engaging in a toxic pattern of burying African-American residents in fines and penalties for minor offenses with the goal of serving “revenue rather than public safety needs.” It turns out California has been dishing out the same dirty treatment to its diverse commuting class.

“We literally stumbled onto this issue,” one of the report’s authors, Mike Herald of the Western Center on Law and Poverty, told me. “No one was keeping track of all these things we were loading onto the court system, and no one was keeping track of the number of suspensions.”


There is no Crisis in U.S.Trade

Nobody on the conservative side can understand what is going on with the TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) trade bill. It is astounding (a) that the text of it is being kept more secret than a Clinton Foundation contribution and (b) that Congressional Republicans are pressing for fast track status to give the president a free hand in negotiations, presumably because of his demonstrated good faith on immigration, the Iranian Bomb, backing Israel, Affordable Care, and supporting the Muslim Brotherhood.

This legislation will see the light of day when it is passed, so what benefit is there to secrecy before it is passed? If it is to protect negotiating gambits, that is very minor compared to giving domestic constituencies the time and ability to evaluate it.

And there is a critical point here. There is no crisis in U.S. trade. The chart below shows this. It tells a very important story, so stick with me for a few minutes on it.

Homeland Security… What Is it Good For?

By Dr. Ron Paul

Late Friday night, Congress passed legislation funding the Department of Homeland Security for one week. This vote followed weeks of debate over efforts to attach to the Homeland Security funding bill a prohibition on funding President Obama's executive order granting amnesty to certain illegal immigrants.

Despite the heated rhetoric from both sides, no one seriously believes that Congress will allow Homeland Security funding to lapse. Most in Congress believe that without the Department of Homeland Security, Americans would be left unprotected from terrorists and natural disasters. As with most areas of bipartisan agreement, the truth is the exact opposite of the D.C. consensus. The American people would be much better off if Congress transferred the few constitutional functions performed by Homeland Security to other parts of the government and then shut down the rest of the department.

Many Americans associate Homeland Security with the color-coded terrorist warning system and the "if you see something, say something" public-relations campaign. These programs were designed to inspire public confidence in the department, but instead they inspired public ridicule.

Ironically, the best case for shutting down this department is its most well-known component – the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). More terrorist attacks have been thwarted by airline passengers than by the TSA! The TSA may be ineffective at stopping terrorists, but it is very effective at harassing innocent Americans like Lucy Forck. Three-year-old Lucy, who uses a wheelchair, not only had to endure an intrusive screening from TSA agents, but the agents also took away her beloved stuffed animal.

When not abusing children who use wheelchairs, TSA subjects airline passengers to rules that seem designed to make air travel as unpleasant as possible. For example, TSA recently forced a Campaign for Liberty staffer to throw away a jar of Nutella she had in her carry-on luggage. I am sure all airline passengers feel safe knowing that TSA is protecting them from sandwich spreads.

Ending the TSA would return responsibility for airline security to airports and airlines. Private businesses have a greater incentive than a government bureaucracy to ensure their customers' safety. Those conservatives who think this is a radical idea should try to think of one area where they trust government bureaucrats to do a better job than private-business owners.

Another agency within Homeland Security that the American people could do without is the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Having spent 15 years in Congress representing a coastal area subject to hurricanes and floods, I have seen firsthand how FEMA places adherence to bureaucratic rules ahead of aiding victims of a natural disaster. As a result, it is not uncommon for disaster victims to wait months, or even years, for assistance.

FEMA not only fails to provide effective relief to disaster victims, it also impedes private disaster-relief efforts. FEMA even hinders disaster victims' efforts to help themselves. While in Congress, I heard stories of individuals being threatened with fines, or even jail time, if they returned to their property without FEMA's permission. One individual in my district was threatened with arrest if he removed a tarp that FEMA put on his house – even though FEMA was supposed to have put it on his neighbor's house!

Thirteen years after the creation of the Department of Homeland Security, it is clear that this department has failed to protect our security, but has infringed on liberty. If Congress really wanted to enhance our security and our liberty, it would shut down this unnecessary, unconstitutional department.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

The U.S. Economy Is 'Fundamentally Unsound'

By Dr. Ron Paul

Last week, we learned that the key to a strong economy is not increased production, lower unemployment, or a sound monetary unit. Rather, economic prosperity depends on the type of language used by the central bank in its monetary policy statements.

All it took was one word in the Federal Reserve Bank's press release – that the Fed would be "patient" in raising interest rates to normal levels – and stock markets went wild. The S&P 500 and the Dow Jones Industrial Average had their best gains in years, with the Dow gaining nearly 800 points from Wednesday to Friday and the S&P gaining almost 100 points to close within a few points of its all-time high.

Just think of how many trillions of dollars of financial activity occurred solely because of that one new phrase in the Fed's statement. That so much in our economy hangs on one word uttered by one institution demonstrates not only that far too much power is given to the Federal Reserve, but also how unbalanced the American economy really is.

While the real economy continues to sputter, financial markets reach record highs, thanks in no small part to the Fed's easy-money policies. After six years of zero interest rates, Wall Street has become addicted to easy money. Even the slightest mention of tightening monetary policy and Wall Street reacts like a heroin addict forced to sober up cold turkey.

While much of the media paid attention to how long interest rates would remain at zero, what they largely ignored is that the Fed is, "maintaining its existing policy of reinvesting principal payments from its holdings of agency debt and agency mortgage-backed securities in agency mortgage-backed securities." Look at the Fed's balance sheet and you'll see that it has purchased $25 billion in mortgage-backed securities since the end of QE3. Annualized, that is $200 billion a year. That may not be as large as QE2 or QE3, but quantitative easing, or as the Fed likes to say, "accommodative monetary policy," is far from over.

What gets lost in all the reporting about stock market numbers, unemployment-rate figures, and other economic data is the understanding that real wealth results from production of real goods, not from the creation of money out of thin air. The Fed can rig the numbers for a while by turning the monetary spigot on full blast, but the reality is that this is only papering over severe economic problems. Six years after the crisis of 2008, the economy still has not fully recovered, and in many respects is not much better than it was at the turn of the century.

An economy that holds its breath every six weeks, looking to parse every single word coming out of Fed Chairman Janet Yellen's mouth for indications of whether to buy or sell, is an economy that is fundamentally unsound. The Fed needs to stop creating trillions of dollars out of thin air, let Wall Street take its medicine, and allow the corrections that should have taken place in 2001 and 2008 to liquidate the bad debts and malinvestments that permeate the economy. Only then will we see a real economic recovery.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Democrats and GOP Rebels Save The Day On Obamatrade

After the Republican-controlled Senate foolishly passed the so-called "Obamatrade" bill, the House leadership (John Boehner, Steve Scalise, Paul Ryan, et al.) worked their tails off to pass the bill. But a majority of Democrats and liberty-minded Republicans (small in number) rallied in opposition to the bill and voted it down. HOORAY! In this case, it was mostly Democrats that saved the day!

I have been saying for years that people who think the Republican establishment is a friend to liberty are extremely naïve. On issues regarding so-called "free trade" (it's NOT free trade; it's globalism masquerading as free trade), the Warfare State, deficit spending, globalism, and civil liberties, the Republican Party in Washington, D.C., is FAR WORSE than the Democrat Party. In general terms, the Democrat Party is worse on issues that deal with gun control, welfare, abortion, gay marriage, and extremist environmentalist policies. As one should easily be able to see, there is no "lesser of two evils" between these two parties. Each party is a greater evil, depending on the issue. And taken as a whole, both parties in Washington, D.C., are selling our liberties down the river.

But this so-called Obamatrade bill is a nightmare. If you thought NAFTA and GATT are bad (and they are), Obamatrade (TPP) is far worse. Even worse is that congressional leaders will not allow the public to know what's in the bill. Heck, most of the congressmen and senators who are voting on the bill don't know what's in it. 

The Looming travesty known as the Trans Pacitic Partnership (TPP)

The Trans Pacific Partnership efforts have been much in the news lately.  Unfortunately too few citizens seem to have interest in what it is about.  And fewer still have attempted to contact their elected representatives to voice their opinions on what is on its face a very bad deal for all Americans..  To get a sense of what our government leaders of both parties have been trying to do to us please read these three items.  They are the best explanations I have seen and if you read and understand the content and understand the implications it should really concern you. 

And below is the full text of the second item which was overridden by a re-vote (third item) this afternoon in the House of Representatives   So the matter is back in the Senate hands.

Contact your senators if you do not agree with this bill which, I think, is an absolute travesty.  

George Burns

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

John Pilger - The War On Terror - Truth & Lies

John Pilger dissects the truth and lies behind the 'War on Terror', investigating the discrepancies between American and British justification for 'war' and the facts on the ground in Afghanistan and Washington DC. 

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