Friday, April 30, 2021

Biden Is Using the Pandemic as an Excuse for Permanent Expansions of Government Power

In last night's address to a joint Congress, Biden made clear that he wants to extend some these policies, turning COVID-era emergency measures into permanent expansions of federal power, using the virus as an excuse.

For Biden, the pandemic has become a catchall justification for a wide array of big-government programs that he and the Democratic Party already wanted to pursue.

Last night, Biden announced that he wants to extend the subsidy boost indefinitely, which would cost an estimated $200 billion.

Biden is using this playbook to extend and expand other programs as well.

Even as COVID fades away, Biden is pursuing massive expansions of federal power premised on crisis response.

Biden is pursuing a historically unprecedented expansion of government spending and power for its own sake.

Biden's presidency is barely three months old, but it's already fallen into a predictable pattern: Point to the pandemic. 

Project Veritas Pulled Some Stunning Admissions Out of the New York Times

These admissions show that the NYT did not conduct an investigation, but instead deferred to the Election Integrity Partnership.

The Election Integrity Partnership is a coalition of research entities focused on supporting real-time information exchange between the research community, election officials, government agencies, civil society organizations, and social media platforms.

This would explain why the NYT did not disclose its reliance on the Election Integrity Partnership in its motion to dismiss Project Veritas's lawsuit, holding out until it had no choice but to reveal its backchannel.

Using Chairs of Journalism bought by the Knight Foundation for left-wing political operatives at Stanford and other universities, the Election Integrity Partnership is laundering the reputation of Stanford to help pass off opinion blog posts funded by billionaire tech titan Craig Newman(Craigslist) and dark moneyed interests in the NYT as reliable sources to help "Fortify" the 2020 election results.

The division of labor and propaganda supply chain were orchestrated by groups such as the Election Integrity Partnership.

The Election Integrity Partnership and similar groups introduced themselves four months before the 2020 election, meaning their incorporation and staffing occurred at least seven months before the election, their financing and conception at least twelve months before the election.

How did these organizations know that voter fraud would be a serious issue and take a side an entire year before the election? For the first time, the public is getting a look at what the infamous Time Magazine article called "The Shadow Campaign That Saved the 2020 Election." 

Biden on Immigration: Weaker Borders and Less Enforcement

Immigration was largely absent from the 2020 campaign, so millions of Americans voted for Joe Biden in November without really knowing what his immigration policies would entail.

With April 30 marking President Biden's one hundredth day in office, the Center for Immigration Studies has prepared a comprehensive review of the Biden administration's immigration actions.

The Biden administration's policies are enticing parents-few of whom are actually eligible for asylum-to sell off their possessions and take out loans to pay smugglers to get them to the U.S. border.

As the border situation continues to worsen, the Biden administration is more focused on semantics than solutions-is it a "Challenge" or a "Crisis"? Border czar Roberta Jacobson resigned unexpectedly and co-border czar Vice President Kamala Harris has yet to even hold a press conference about the border crisis, much less offer up any plan to solve it.

While a federal district judge issued a nationwide injunction blocking Biden's one-hundred-day deportation freeze, the ruling does not mean anyone will get deported; that's because the acting ICE director issued new priority enforcement guidelines which exempted virtually all illegal aliens from enforcement.

On the legal immigration front, the Biden administration is pursuing policies likely to stifle the economic recovery and burden taxpayers.

The Biden administration is refusing to adhere to the welfare-use regulation issued under the Trump administration that would have ensured legal immigrants are self-sufficient. 

Biden Nominee Recommended Unprecedented Firing of Labor Arbiter

A major Biden nominee admitted to lawmakers on Thursday that she urged the president to take the unprecedented step of firing the nation's top federal labor prosecutor, creating the vacancy that she now hopes to fill.

Jennifer Abruzzo, nominee for general counsel of the National Labor Relations Board, told senators she was part of a team that recommended general counsel Peter Robb be removed before his term was set to end.

Biden fired Robb immediately upon taking office after the Trump appointee refused to resign.

The firing has sparked legal challenges from workers arguing that the unprecedented firing was an attempt by Biden to shield union allies.

"Just as we view the abrupt firing of an FBI director as shocking and unprecedented, we should also view the firing of the general counsel with a similar concern," Burr said.

The NLRB consists of five appointees and is empowered to adjudicate conflicts between labor union management, workers, and companies.

If passed, the act will significantly empower labor unions and overturn right to work laws in more than half of the states in the country. 

Biden Picks Soros BDS Activist as Asst Secretary for Human Rights

Her idea of human rights is cheering the destruction of Israel.

The leftist extremist was heading up the Human Rights Watch office in Washington D.C. HRW has defended BDS and recently issued a report falsely accusing Israel of apartheid.

Margon was active on social media "Urging companies to pull out of the Israeli Settlements", but her hatred for the Jewish State goes beyond an economic war of BDS in all its forms.

That's Biden's Assistant Secretary for Human Rights supporting the destruction of Israel.

Sarah Michelle Margon is one of a number of anti-Israel activists Biden picked including Maher Bitar, who was pictured dancing in a keffiyah in front of a banner reading, "Divest from Israel Apartheid" and is now Biden's Senior Director for Intelligence on the National Security Council, and Hady Amr, who described being "Inspired by the Palestinian intifada" and is now Biden's point man on the conflict between Israel and the terrorists fighting to destroy the Jewish State.

While Margon may not be up there with Duss, whom she's praised and promoted, her attacks on Israel and opposition to Jewish civil rights was consistent.

Included in the tweet was Omar Shakir, an HRW BDS activist, on whose behalf Margon had campaigned when Israel told him to leave. 

Like All Robbers, They Wore Masks

"We can afford it," Joe Biden assured his audience.

"That's where it was when George W. was president," Biden insists.

Biden says all this pays for "Investments," a euphemism that actually means bureaucracy and wealth transfers and big-government programs and not what millions of Americans voluntarily give to private-sector entities in hopes of a financial return - a return that generally arrives in a Madoffian manner on government "Investments." Hunter Biden, a master at this type of investing, surely profits here as he did in Ukraine and China.

A disconnect exists between Biden's boasts and his promises.

Then he says we need "The largest jobs plan since World War II." Why does a nation with a rapidly falling unemployment rate now at six percent require a $2.3 trillion American Jobs Plan from a man who never created one and who last worked in a private-sector job before the completion of the 20-years-gone World Trade Center? Joe Biden convinces listeners that they do not need his plan even as he tries to convince them that they do.

Biden spoke of "a real chance to root out systemic racism that plagues America." He did not also declare war on Rougarou, the Jersey Devil, and Slender Man.

A squinty-eyed Joe Biden mercifully finished reading words that others wrote for him after an hour and six minutes. 

Simon and Schuster Petition's Woke Contradictions

A few days ago, 216 employees of Simon and Schuster, along with several thousand people from outside the trade publishing house, sent a petition to top executives of the company demanding that they stop publishing anyone who had anything to do with the Trump administration.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the letter insists that Simon and Schuster not treat "The Trump administration as a 'normal' chapter in American history."

It's useless to express outrage at the Simon and Schuster petition, yet another woke attempt to stifle expression in the form of someone's work; futile to point out, for the umpteenth time, the illiberal peril of trying to silence speech you don't agree with.

Perhaps scrutinizing the notion of the Trump administration as an all-purpose exception would be more useful than trying to construct a rational response to the Simon and Schuster petitioners' Thermidorian demands.

No doubt their intellectual unpreparedness explains why the liberal commentating class at first desperately cast about for an historical analogy to Trump.

Even as Trump went about the normal business of governing, he was, by means of some pathological character traits that manifested themselves in his rhetoric, legitimizing the abnormal response of the liberal establishment.

No wonder the Simon and Schuster petitioners put the word "Normal" in inverted commas. 

"Crisis is opportunity" for Marxist marching orders

"Crisis is opportunity," repeated by Joe Biden in his speech before a fraction of the members of Congress, is a reiteration of Rham Emanuel's "Never let a crisis go to waste." Nor are the administration and the democrats doing so.

Making a list of the accomplishments of his administration, Biden seemed to take credit or say he will implement what Trump already did.

In truth, Biden's greatest achievement, if it can be called that, is signing 62 executive orders in his first 100 days occupying the Oval Office.

The big picture verbiage that Biden used to try and capture the hearts of Americans - those who actually watched the speech - must be questioned for its veracity.

Biden feigned compassion in saying that Americans suffered all the health and economic trauma through "No fault of their own." He neglected to name the villain that inflicted the devastating harm - China and its communist party.

After expounding on how beneficial the American Jobs Plan is for rebounding blue collar employment that doesn't require college education, Biden reversed his own theory by later touting his American Families Plan that would sponsor free college.

Of real interest is how, after sitting behind President Biden for an hour and listening to all the disparaging remarks about America that revolved around the unfairness of wealth, health and education opportunities available to hard working minorities and how the culture of discrimination is being fought so hard on their behalf, Kamala Harris said this a day later,: "I don't think America is a racist country". 

The Ugly Reaction to Tim Scott's Speech Is Telling

South Carolina Senator Tim Scott gave a competent Republican response to Joe Biden's mendacious speech to congress this week.

Take MSNBC's Nicolle Wallace, who argued that Scott's speech, in which the senator dared praise the Trump administration for its work on vaccines, was "Delivered from a planet where facts don't matter." It's almost perfunctory at this point to make such claims, whether there is evidence or not.

Scott's most controversial statement, allegedly, was to contend that, "America is not a racist country." All the usual suspects took to social media to mock the senator for simultaneously contending that the nation wasn't racist and pointing out that he had personally experienced bigotry.

Scott never alleged that racism was nonexistent in America.

Scott wrote a police-reform bill that Democrats such as Harris, Chuck Schumer and Dick Durbin had shut down using the filibuster, which they now call a "Relic of Jim Crow.".

In any event, at CNN, political analyst Van Jones maintained that Scott's message "Was nonsense" and that the senator had lost African Americans "By the tens of millions" by denying what everyone knew was true about the United States.

Is Harris spinning "Nonsense" as well? Is Harris losing "Tens of millions" of black voters for saying the obvious? If not, why not? Or are liberals simply trying to smear Scott as a quisling because they're worried about his appeal? 

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Giuliani says FBI agents declined to take Hunter Biden's hard drives

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani during an interview on Thursday said that FBI agents who searched his home this week declined to take Hunter Biden's hard drives.

Giuliani said that seven FBI agents showed up early Wednesday morning with a warrant for electronics.

He said when he asked them if they wanted to take Hunter Biden's hard drives, they declined.

"Hunter Biden's hard drives fall within the scope of the subpoena. The subpoena required them to take all electronics, but they decided to leave that behind. And they also were completely content to rely on my word that these were Hunter Biden's hard drives," the former mayor told conservative commentator Tucker Carlson during an interview on the Fox News Channel.

Giuliani described the warrant as "Completely illegal," saying that the only way authorities can obtain a search warrant is if they can demonstrate that the individual will destroy or abscond with the evidence.

Giuliani said that he has "Never, ever represented a foreign national." "The search warrant is purportedly based on one single failure to file for representing a Ukrainian national or official that I never represented," he said.

Giuliani stated that he "Never represented a Ukrainian national or official before the United States government. I've declined it several times. I've had contracts in countries like Ukraine. In the contract is a clause that says I will not engage in lobbying or foreign representation. I don't do it because I felt it would be too compromising," he said.