Saturday, March 31, 2018

Here are the internal Facebook posts of employees discussing today's leaked memo

An internal post reacting to the memo found employees angry and heartbroken that their teammates were sharing internal company discussions with the media.

Nearly 3,000 employees had reacted to Bosworth's memo when The Verge viewed it, responding with a mixture of likes, "sad," and and "angry" reactions.

Several employees suggested Facebook attempt to screen employees for a high degree of "integrity" during the hiring process.

" Another theory floated by multiple employees is that Facebook has been targeted by spies or state-level actors hoping to embarrass the company.

"It's interesting to note that this discussion is about leaks pushing us to be more cognizant of our sharing decisions. The result is that we are incentivized toward stricter audience management and awareness of how our past internal posts may look when re-surfaced today. We blame a few ill-intentioned employees for this change."The non-employee Facebook user base is also experiencing a similar shift: the move toward ephemeral and direct sharing results from realizing that social media posts that were shared broadly and are searchable forever can become a huge liability today.

A key difference between the outside discussion and the internal discussion is that the outside blames the Facebook product for nudging people to make those broad sharing decisions years ago, whereas internally the focus is entirely on employees.

For his part, Bosworth promised employees he would continue sharing candid thoughts about Facebook, but said he would likely post less. 

Can Huber Investigate His Boss Rosenstein?

"James Comey's been fired; Deputy Director Andrew Mccabe has been fired; Jim Baker, former chief counsel of the FBI, has been demoted and reassigned; Peter Strzok, former deputy head of counterintelligence, has been demoted and reassigned; and Lisa Page, former FBI counsel, has been demoted and reassigned. If those aren't extraordinary circumstances warranting a second special counsel, I don't know what the heck is."

"Everyone in town knows we need a second special counsel to get to the bottom of this. How can Mr. Huber - he's probably a great lawyer, I don't know much about Mr. Huber from Utah - but how can he investigate his boss, Rod Rosenstein? That's who he reports to."

Oh, what tangled webs Rosenstein and the FBI have woven.

Rosenstein is satisfied with Mueller, and why shouldn't he be? The two go back a long way and cooperated in the cover-up of an FBI investigation into Russia's use of bribes, kickbacks, and money-laundering to grab U.S. uranium supplies and real collusion with Hillary Clinton, only to resurface years later to chase phantom collusion between Team Trump and Russia.

From today's report we find out that the investigation was supervised by then-U.S. Attorney Rod Rosenstein, who is now President Trump's Deputy Attorney General, and then-Assistant FBI Director Andrew McCabe, who is now the deputy FBI director under Trump.

While it is reassuring to note that A.G. Jeff Sessions has climbed down from the back side of the milk carton, where his missing visage had been hiding, long enough to appoint Utah U.S. attorney Peter Huber to independently investigate claims of FBI abuses in surveilling the Trump campaign and other matters, one question remains.

Can he investigate the commission of his boss, Rod Rosenstein's, of a fraud upon the FISA court by signing a FISA warrant application that relied on a fake British-Russian dossier financed by Team Hillary and the DNC? It is about time we had someone who can convene a jury and subpoena witnesses, but can he and will he present the case mounting against his boss to that grand jury and present his boss with a subpoena?

McCabe Lied Four Times To DOJ and FBI

Rew McCabe lied four times to the Department of Justice and the FBI - including two times while under oath with Inspector General Michael Horowitz, according to Rep. Jim Jordan appearing on Fox News.

JORDAN: "McCabe didn't lie just once, he lied four times. He lied to James Comey. He lied to the Office of Professional Responsibility and he lied twice under oath to the Inspector General. Remember, this is Andrew McCabe, Deputy Director of the FBI. This is Andrew McCabe, the text messages between Peter Strzok and Lisa Page talking about Andy's office, the meeting where they talk about the insurance policy in case Donald Trump is actually President of the United States Four times he lied about leaking information to the Wall Street Journal."

Specifically, McCabe authorized an F.B.I. spokesman and attorney to tell Devlin Barrett of the Wall St. Journal, just days before the 2016 election, that the FBI had not put the brakes on a separate investigation into the Clinton Foundation - at a time in which McCabe was coming under fire for his wife taking a $467,500 campaign contribution from Clinton proxy pal, Terry McAuliffe.

Others involved disagreed sharply, defending FBI bosses and saying Mr. McCabe in particular was caught between an increasingly acrimonious fight for control between the Justice Department and FBI agents pursuing the Clinton Foundation case.

So McCabe leaked information to the WSJ in order to combat rumors that Clinton had indirectly bribed him to back off the Clinton Foundation investigation, and then lied about it four times to the DOJ and FBI, including twice under oath.

President Trump noted in a March 16 tweet that Comey "Made McCabe look like a choirboy," despite the former FBI Director knowing "All about the lies and corruption going on at the highest levels."

Which ended when McCabe lied four times about leaking to the press in order to appear unbiased after his wife took nearly half-a-million dollars from a Clinton crony.

Friday, March 30, 2018

How the U.N. Helps Hamas, Hezbollah Wage War Against Israel

The U.N. is now demanding that Jerusalem pay compensation for damage that Israel's military did to seven U.N. facilities in the Gaza Strip during the 2014 war between Hamas and Israel.

A third Lebanon War between Israel and Hezbollah is simmering and could explode in the foreseeable future, given current trends in the Middle East.

Hezbollah, like Hamas, knows it cannot defeat Israel on the battlefield, so it similarly embeds its forces and weapons throughout civilian areas to force the IDF to kill innocents.

Hezbollah used human shields during its 2006 war with Israel and, according to reports, plans to do so in a future fight.

Israel will do what it can to avoid civilian causalities, but Hezbollah will do what it can to put Lebanese innocents in harm's way, only then to use the media to portray Israel as the murderous party.

Given its history, the U.N. will condemn Israel disproportionally for its actions in a third Lebanon war, regardless of the facts.

As a matter of deterrence and smart public relations, Israel and other Western countries must "Preempt" Hezbollah's smear campaign by explaining to the world what the group does to endanger civilians, how Israel will need to use decisive force if conflict begins, and how disastrous such a war would be for Hezbollah. 

Palestinian Government Still Paying Terrorists With U.S. Taxpayer Funds, Defying U.S. Law

The Palestinian Authority is continuing to pay out salaries to convicted terrorists using funds provided by the American taxpayer, a policy that defies a recent U.S. law mandating the PA stop these subsidies or face a cutoff in U.S. aid dollars, according to U.S. and Israeli lawmakers who spoke to the Washington Free Beacon.

Palestinian officials in recent days have rejected a new U.S. law, known as the Taylor Force Act, or TFA, that bans the PA government from providing salaries to terrorists and their families, a longstanding policy that had become the center of controversy after it was found U.S. taxpayer aid dollars to the Palestinians had been used to subsidize this practice.

While the Taylor Force Act-named after an American who was killed by a Palestinian terror attack in 2016-mandates the PA cease these payments or face a cutoff in U.S. aid, Palestinian officials have made clear in recent days they have no intention of ending this practice of funneling U.S aid dollars to the Palestinian Authority Martyr's Fund.

Palestinian leaders have continued to praise the so-called "Pay-to-slay" policy since the TFA's passage, prompting outrage and concerns from Israeli and U.S. lawmakers who spoke to the Free Beacon about the situation.

If the State Department cannot provide assurances, the United States must withhold a large portion of its yearly aid to the Palestinian government.

It remains unclear how willing the Palestinian government is to go along with the United States' and Israel's demands.

E.J. Kimball, director of the Israel Victory Project, told the Free Beacon that the pro-Israel community will not let the issue fade following the passage of the TFA. "Passage of the Taylor Force Act shows that Congress is confronting Palestinian rejectionism in a bipartisan manner," said Kimball, who helped galvanize U.S. lawmakers behind the legislation.

McCabe Lied Four Times About Leaking to the Media

Rep. Jim Jordan on Thursday revealed that former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe lied not once, but four separate times about leaking information to the press.

Jordan, who sits on the House Oversight and Government Reform and Judiciary committees appeared with Rep. Mark Meadows on Fox News' "The Ingraham Angle" Thursday night to discuss Attorney General Jeff Sessions' decision not to appoint a second special counsel to look into how the FBI and Justice Department handled the Clinton email probe and Russia investigation.

The attorney general has instead appointed a federal prosecutor to evaluate those and other issues, including the Clinton Foundation and Uranium One.Meadows and Jordan also accused the DOJ of stonewalling Republicans in Congress on their document requests.

Sessions fired McCabe earlier this month on the FBI's Office of Professional Responsibility's recommendation after the Justice Department's inspector general determined that McCabe had not been truthful during his review of the Clinton email investigation.

Jordan told host Laura Ingraham that McCabe lied four times to various officials about leaking information to the media.

"He lied to James Comey, he lied to the Office of Professional Responsibility, and he lied twice under oath to the inspector general," the congressman said.

Jordan pointed out that McCabe is just one of many FBI officials involved in the Clinton and Russia probes who have been fired or demoted.

PRO-TRUMP AUTHOR of Book on Deep State Detained By FBI, Interrogated for Hours, Subpoenaed to Testify in Mueller Special Counsel

Dr. Malloch, an author, intellectual, political consultant, and Infowars contributor was detained by the FBI shortly after his plane arrived at Logan Field on Tuesday.

According to conservative Jerome Corsi Malloch was reportedly detained for "Making false statements."He was in the US to give a talk and to come home for Easter.

Dr. Corsi reported on Thursday that Mueller and his minions were behind Malloch's detainment.

Dr. Corsi went on a tweetstorm and pounded Mueller and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.

Before he was released he was subpoenaed to speak with Special Counsel Robert Mueller next month.

Mueller has nothing on President Donald Trump and now he is using threats, harrassment and abuse to attack Trump insiders and supporters.

They said I was being detained to answer questions regarding the Department of Justice Special Counsel probe and showed me their identification.

Citizenship & Census: Immigration Unfairly Gives Cities Political Power

What could happen if Americans in other states start asking why California should get more members of Congress and electoral votes by defying the nation's immigration laws?

As between states, non-citizen immigrant populations are unevenly dispersed within states.

In Fifty States, Not Six I calculated that, owing to the presence of his non-citizen neighbors, a resident of New York City had 15 percent more voting power than did a New York State resident from outside the city.

California's non-citizen residents give California voters about 11 percent more voting power than Americans in states with smaller immigrant populations have.

Slave states wanted slaves to be counted fully, even though slaves of course could not vote; these states argued that the votes of slave owners represented the interests of slaves.

In addition to the simple issue of fairness, such a move could resolve a serious political problem plaguing many of our states.

Glenn Reynolds has proposed various constitutionally difficult ways of establishing a less unequal political balance within these states, short of secession.

Files FOIA Lawsuits Against State Department and USAID for Records about Funding and Political Activities of George Soros' Open Society Foundations in Romania and Colombia

Judicial Watch now has four FOIA lawsuits relating to the Obama administration's funding for Soros' Open Society Foundations operations.

Judicial Watch announced today that it filed Freedom of Information Act lawsuits against the U.S. Department of State and the U.S. Agency for International Development for records relating to their funding of the political activities of the Soros Open Society Foundations of Romania in recent years.

"It is time for Americans to be allowed to see State Department documentation regarding the public funding of Soros' Open Society Foundations," said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton.

Judicial Watch now has four FOIA lawsuits relating to the Obama administration's funding for Soros' operations.

Judicial Watch is pursuing information about Soros' activities in Macedonia and Albania, as well.

In February 2017, Judicial Watch reported that the U.S. government has quietly spent millions of taxpayer dollars to destabilize the democratically elected, center-right government in Macedonia in collusion with George Soros.

In a March 2017, letter to Secretary of State Rex W. Tillerson, six U.S. Senators, Inhofe, Tillis, Cruz, Perdue and Cassidy (R-LA called on the secretary to investigate the relations between USAID and the Soros Foundations and how U.S. tax dollars are being used by the State Department and the USAID to support left-of-center political groups who seek to impose left-leaning policies in countries such as Macedonia and Albania.