Friday, July 31, 2020

Who Is Black Lives Matter?

A 2017 report from Black Lives Matter describes its founders, Alicia Garza, Patrisse Khan-Cullors, and Opal Tometi, as "Three radical Black organizers." The women espouse Marxism and openly push radical identity politics.

The BLM website is operated under an umbrella group known as the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation, chaired by Cullors, who said she and Garza are "Trained organizers" and "Trained Marxists" during a 2015 interview with the Real News Network, noting: "We actually do have an ideological frame. We are super versed on, sort of, ideological theories, and I think what we really try to do is build a movement that could be utilized by many, many black folk."

"We call for an end to the systemic racism that allows this culture of corruption to go unchecked and our lives to be taken," Black Lives Matter said.

Beyond their Black Lives Matter work, Cullors calls herself the "Self-described wife of Harriet Tubman" and works on radical Los Angeles jail reform, while Tometi also spent years as executive director of the leftist Black Alliance for Just Immigration.

Black Lives Matter appears to make up the majority of the donation work that Thousand Currents does, with the 2019 public audit statement for the latter group showing just over $6.4 million in total financial assets, including holding more than $3.3 million in assets for Black Lives Matter as of the end of last June.

The Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation has pulled in huge amounts of cash since Floyd's death, telling the Associated Press that it had received more than 1.1 million individual donations as of mid-June, with each donor giving an average of $33 per donation - meaning the group brought in more than $33 million in less than a month.

Distinguishing Black Lives Matter the group from the growing sentiment in favor of racial justice driving the phrase's popularity is a necessary first step in repeating that history.

With the Epstein Documents Unsealed, The FBI Is Dragged Back into the Limelight...And It's Not Good

The Jeffrey Epstein-Ghislaine Maxwell documents were unsealed.

We have emails allegedly sent between Epstein and Maxwell, where the former coaches her in how to deny the allegations lobbed against him.

Yes, Bill Clinton is named in these documents as someone who was on Epstein's island with Maxwell, and two young girls.

Enough to indict Epstein before his suicide, another event engulfed in controversy.

One victim even contacted the FBI to see if they could turn over the items seized from Epstein's property to assist in her civil case.

Last year, Epstein was indicted for trafficking underage girls.

Maxwell is being held in the same federal detention center as Epstein.

Seattle Moves to Abolish Entire Police Force

Non-profit programs and "Community-led activities" will replace policing.

Why? Well, according to the resolution, the Seattle Police Department perpetuates racism and violence.

Social workers cannot bring law and order, only police officers can do that.

The Emerald City is sprinting further down the path of total anarchy.

Recently, Police Chief Carmen Best revealed a van impounded during last weekend's riots that contained a variety of weapons including bombs.

The 'woke' council is gladly handing the city over to Marxist terrorists because 'orange manbad.' They're mad that the federal government can and should deploy federal agents in cities that are crime-ridden hell holes-all of them run by Democrats.

Out should happen if Seattle and other places continue to dabble in this idiocy of defunding the police, which we all know means total abolishment.

What Are We Allowed to Believe About China?

In his Yorba Linda speech outlining the change in approach to China, Pompeo said what you know is true though are not allowed to believe - that opening trade to China has been a disaster, not just for America, but for the rest of the world.

Are you allowed to believe that China played a role in the mask-mandate debate roiling America? Until this spring it seemed to be fairly commonly accepted science that cloth face masks did little or nothing to prevent the spread of viruses, going so far that in early June the World Health Organization's technical lead on COVID-19 suggested masks are useless because asymptomatic spread of the virus is rare.

Are you allowed to believe China is involved in promoting the violence and unrest in America's cities? Last week the State Department ordered China's consulate in Houston closed, which occasioned a quick bonfire of documents in the courtyard of that building so large that the local fire department was called to the scene.

Is China promoting Antifa and Black Lives Matter? Wouldn't it be in the interest of that regime to foment unrest in our streets to balance its own internal issues? The world has been made aware, in technicolor, of Chinese abuse of the Uyghurs - from photographs of bound prisoners being loaded onto trains to NBA coaches admitting their training camps in western China were essentially concentration camps for Chinese minorities.

Are you allowed to believe China is meddling in the 2020 election?

Are you allowed to believe that China exercises significant influence over America's major media? Chinese investors and companies, all with ties to the Chinese Communist Party, hold relatively significant stock positions in all six of the media companies that control 90 percent of the television channels and film entertainment producers in America.

What are you allowed to believe about China and what they're doing? Nothing? Anything? Are you allowed to believe the Chinese are not standing idly by waiting to see if Trump gets reelected and finishes his project of draining our supply chain out of that country?

The Biden-Sanders Manifesto

The establishment swung behind Mr. Biden and the primaries were over.

On health care, Mr. Biden bought Mr. Sanders's "Medicare for All" scheme-though on an installment plan.

Commercial banking would be similarly threatened by new publicly backed post-office banks along with the Federal Reserve, which Mr. Biden wants to grant permanent authority to lend to businesses.

A President Biden would implement a version of the Sanders Green New Deal, only in 15 years instead of 10.

Since Mr. Biden believes "Substance use disorders are diseases, not crimes" and "No one should be in prison solely because they use drugs," American neighborhoods may soon resemble the streets of San Francisco.

After picking up Mr. Sanders's positions, Mr. Biden has absorbed Ms. Warren's rhetoric.

The final pillar of the Biden program is racial justice.

What's Really Going on in Portland, Explained

What's really going on? Should federal forces withdraw? Why hasn't Portland law enforcement been able to get this situation under control? Is it correct to characterize the violence we have seen occurring in Portland as a "Myth," as House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler did this week? Lora Ries, a senior research fellow for homeland security at The Heritage Foundation, joins The Daily Signal Podcast to discuss.

President Donald Trump suggested in a tweet that America may want to consider postponing the election in November due to COVID-19.Trump told reporters that federal law enforcement was not on the cusp of leaving Portland.

The Department of Homeland Security has an agency within it called the Federal Protective Service and the function of the Federal Protective Service is to protect federal buildings and federal property throughout the country.

We have a federal courthouse in Portland and the Federal Protective Service has been there since the building was erected, I believe, over 20 years ago.

Ries: Yesterday, the Department of Homeland Security acting secretary, Chad Wolf, announced a tentative agreement with the governor of Oregon that state police will go into Portland and regain control of the streets and the surrounding areas around the federal courthouse.

Ries: There are federal laws and federal crimes against attacking federal officers attacking federal property, damaging federal property.

Jerry Nadler's comment is indicative of politicians on the left, at all levels, whether it's in Portland or in Oregon or at federal government, ignoring what is really going on and trying to portray the federal police as the ones provoking the situation and that's exactly backward.

Susan Rice: 20 Things You Probably Didn't Know about Her

In April 1994, Susan Rice was a rising star on the U.S. National Security Council who worked under Richard Clarke.

Nearly 20 years after the Rwandan genocide, Rice would again be in an official position shaping U.S. policy on Africa, and again faced criticism she had softened the U.S. response to mass killings in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Kagame's support of violent rebel forces.

Seven: On February 28, 2008, Rice insisted "There had been no contact" between Obama adviser Austan Goolsbee and representatives of the Canadian government.

Eight: On March 6, 2008, in an attempt to defend Barack Obama, Rice said of Obama and Hillary Clinton, "They're both not ready to have that 3 a.m. phone call." She later appeared to downplay the usefulness of official duties in government.

Sixteen: Much of the criticism of Rice in 2012 came as Barack Obama was considering making Rice the next secretary of state; instead, Obama selected John Kerry and later moved Rice to the position of national security adviser.

Environmental groups grumbled somewhat about the prospect of Rice as secretary of state, noting that "According to financial disclosure reports, about a third of Rice's personal net worth is tied up in oil producers, pipeline operators, and related energy industries north of the 49th parallel - including companies with poor environmental and safety records on both U.S. and Canadian soil."

Twenty: In June 2014, defending the Obama administration's deal to secure the release of former Taliban captive Bowe Bergdahl, Rice contended Bergdahl served the United States with "Honor and distinction." Bergdahl was court-martialed for deserting his post, pleaded guilty to charges of desertion and misbehavior before the enemy, and was dishonorably discharged, reduced in rank, and fined $1,000 per month from his pay for ten months, with no prison time.

Let's Talk About Contemporary Slavery

Slavery may seem a distant problem, but a 2018 U.S. Department of State report ranks the United States alongside Mexico and the Philippines as the three worst countries in the world for human trafficking, one form of slavery.

"If you are trafficked in the United States, 85 percent of victims that are trafficked here are from here," said Brook Bello, founder of anti-trafficking organization More Too Life in Florida.

In Phoenix, Arizona, one of the top jurisdictions for trafficking in the United States, an estimated 40% of sex trafficking victims in 2015 were Native American.

"Defunding is likely to have the impact of further reducing the availability of personnel to address human trafficking and similar activities." More provocatively, Jaco Booyens, a vocal activist in the fight against child sex trafficking and fellow at Liberty University, recently argued at Newsweek that "Defunding the police would directly benefit pedophiles and sex traffickers who prey upon innocent Americans."

Black people who are convicted of sex trafficking minors are on average sentenced for 39 months longer than white people, according to a database created by Bouche.

Only eighteen states have adopted a human trafficking affirmative defense statute, which requires a court to determine if a survivor's criminal act is a direct result of his or her trafficking.

Let's talk about contemporary slavery vis-a-vis human trafficking in the United States.

There Is No Substitute for Proactive Policing

American policing has tried this idea before, and the results were disastrous for communities and police agencies alike.

For most calls related to serious crimes, the perpetrator is no longer at the location when the police arrive; the best that an officer can do is gather evidence from the scene and interview victims or witnesses.

A significant body of research over the past 40 years has demonstrated that reactive policing is mostly ineffective at preventing crime and violence.

Research is equally clear that police can be successful at crime management when they use the proactive tactics associated with community policing to reduce crime and make citizens feel safer.

Residents of poor urban communities affected by crime and disorder are often the strongest supporters of community policing.

As budget cuts begin to affect police personnel, departments may have to pull officers from proactive activities and place them in response cars to manage the demand for emergency calls.

Policymakers should pay heed to the lessons of an amply documented history: community-based proactive policing works.

New Chinese Spy Hubs Identified Including "Gem of Operation," San Francisco, New York City Consulates

According to Axios, the now-closed Houston consulate was merely the tip of the ice berg when it comes to the magnitude with which Chinese espionage hubs are operating in the U.S. The report suggested that other diplomatic locations in the U.S. are of greater importance to China's government, and that they're being used for more than simple espionage.

The report implied that another consulate in New York is also being used for nefarious purposes.

The Trump administration's action to close the San Francisco consulate "Indicates the Trump administration is likely making an example of the Houston consulate in a bid to achieve its goal of a reduction in Chinese espionage activities without taking an even harsher measure, such as closing the San Francisco or New York consulates," Axios reported.

Axios outlined how China uses its consulates to track and direct Chinese students who are enrolled on American campuses, and also suggested that the country's reported interment of Uighur Muslims in China is being aided by the consulates in the U.S. "Leaked classified Chinese government documents have revealed that Chinese embassies and consulates are complicit in the ongoing cultural and demographic genocide against Uighurs," Axios reported.

With regard to espionage the consulates are reportedly used to keep close tabs on Chinese students who are studying in the U.S. China has previously been accused of using American universities to place Chinese nationals on campuses nationwide with the assistance of dozens of Chinese government-funded Confucius Institutes at schools.

"The Chinese embassy and consulates keep close tabs on Chinese students in the U.S., occasionally sending them political directives and quietly organizing demonstrations," the Axios report reads.

A separate Axios report from April estimated that approximately 369,000 Chinese nationals are currently studying in the U.S. Sen. Tom Cotton wants to limit what those students are able to study.