Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Data Reveals Alarming Statistics on Vaccine Deaths versus COVID Deaths

In a recent study conducted in England, data revealed that 8 times as many people have died due to the Covid Vaccines in 6 months than people who have died of Covid-19 in 18 months, according to a summary article published by Regenbogenseele.

Data Reveals Alarming Statistics on Vaccine Deaths versus COVID Deaths

According to the September 2021 article, the study was said to "Officially confirm that the number of people to have died due to the Covid vaccines has surpassed the number of people who have died of Covid-19, and we believe the data was released by accident," the article concluded.

After submitting many freedom of information requests to the Public Health England (PHE) and being told this information was not available, it appears that this data was accidentally released, according to The Expose. 

CCP Dissident Claims China Released COVID At Military World Games In October 2019

In a shocking revelation that raises serious challenges for the official narrative about COVID's origins inside China, new claims from an exiled CCP whistleblower allege that Chinese agents released COVID at an international sporting event in Wuhan in October 2019.

CCP insider Wei Jingsheng claims that Chinese agents deliberately spread COVID during the World Military Games in October 2019.

The World Military Games, like the Olympic Games for military athletes, were held in Wuhan from October 19-27, 2019.

We now know cases of COVID may have been spreading in the US at that time - and certainly before Christmas 2019.

Per, David Asher, a former COVID investigator for the State Department, says in the documentary that the Games were "Suspicious."

The late fall, complaints about COVID had already begun popping up on social media in China, where they were immediately censored by the CCP, Wei adds.

While there's no hard evidence that China used COVID as a bioweapon, there's plenty to suggest that the lab in Wuhan was working on viruses that looked an awful lot like COVID-19. 

Where Did All of These Haitians Come From and Why Are They at the Border Now?

The recent surge in illegal immigrants, whose nationality has mainly been from Haiti, in Del Rio, Texas has brought the border crisis back into the national spotlight, but it has many people asking how did these Haitians get to Del Rio and why now?

For starters, a majority of the Haitians who illegally crossed into the United States to seek asylum did not come directly from Haiti.

Due to Haiti's long-standing problems and natural disasters, many Haitians have left the country and settled in other countries in Central and South America, particularly Chile and Brazil.

Most Haitians who live in Haiti speak Haitian Creole or French.

The evidence the majority of Haitians not coming directly from Haiti is due to discarded identification documents having been found on the Mexican side of the Rio Grande.

While most of the illegal crossings have been stopped with the influx of Texas State troopers and National Guardsmen in Del Rio, it appears the Haitians who are still in Mexico have found other spots along the southwest border to cross.

SCOOP: 1,000+ Haitian migrants illegally crossed the border in Arizona Tuesday, per two senior fed law enforcement officials. 

Latest Durham Indictment May Make Russiagate the Most Corrupt Scandal in U.S. History

Special Counsel John Durham's latest indictment may move this scandal to the undisputed champ of all time.

The indictment goes into exacting detail to explain that Sussman used his cyber security contacts to use "Un-public" government data culled from favorable government contacts and "To mine this internet data to establish 'an inference' and 'narrative' that would tie then-presidential candidate Donald Trump to Russia."

In other words, Durham alleges that a tech executive used by the Democrats, and who hoped to work in cyber security for the Clinton White House, used his insider knowledge to conjure up phony internet links between candidate/president Trump and Alfa Bank, based in Russia.

The man known in the indictment as Tech Executive 1 used this proprietary information from his companies and his connections and contracts with a U.S. university to use those workers to phony up the connections between Trump and the Russian bank.

The indictment illustrates how Tech Executive 1 used government connections, his companies, contracts with a U.S. university, Perkins Coie, Sussman, and other political players to Get Trump.

University researchers were put into the service of the Hillary Clinton campaign to provide fake "Russia! Russia! Russia!" information on Donald Trump.

The indictment further alleges that researchers were tasked to mine this internet data to establish "An inference" and "Narrative" that would tie then-presidential candidate Donald Trump to Russia, and which the executive believed would please certain "VIPs." The indictment also alleges that Sussmann, his law firm, and the technology executive coordinated with representatives and agents of the Clinton Campaign in these efforts. 

Mayo-trained doctor warns of COVID-19 'mutations'

'These boosters are the wrong protection for the wrong virus'

 A Mayo Clinic-trained medical expert says the so-called "Vaccines" against COVID-19 aren't really effective because they are made to address the virus as it previously was, not as it is now.

It's because the coronavirus mutates, according to Dr. Ryan Cole, a pathologist who has dealt with thousands of COVID cases in recent months.

Cole explained that the inconsistencies and randomness come because the vaccine really isn't a vaccine; it's more of a "Therapy."

100%. 0%. A true vaccine would "Allow one to be immune," he said.

What would be good to implement are the "Drugs that shall not be named," Cole explained, as "Prevention protocols."

With the existing programs to withheld treatments for COVID, and push "Vaccines," Cole explained, both the vaccinated and unvaccinated get sick.

The viral mutations prevent any developed vaccine from being fully effective, because it was made to address a previous rendition of the bug. 

New study shows Remdesivir reduces hospitalization in COVID-19 patients by 87%

The drug is currently approved for the treatment of COVID, but only in a hospital setting and for those patients who are already extremely ill.

Gilead's COVID-19 drug Remdesivir reduced serious illness and death by nearly 90% in a new study conducted by the company.

According to trial data, the participants received the drug intravenously on three consecutive days, outside a hospital setting.

The drug is currenty approved for the treatment of COVID, but only in a hospital setting and for those patients who are already extremely ill.

Gilead hopes this new data will persuade regulators to make their drug more widely available.

This drug can also be useful in preventing further hospitalizations from the Delta variant, paired with antibody treatments.

Both types of mitigation are in such high demand that the Biden Administration has rationed the drug as well as antibody treatments.

The drug company said it shared the new data with the FDA and the World Health Organization. 

Daszak Admits Fauci Funded Chinese Coronavirus Research at Conference Featuring Hunter Biden-Linked Pandemic Group.

Speaking at the 2017 Consortium of Universities for Global Health conference on a panel alongside Anthony Fauci, EcoHealth Alliance President Peter Daszak admitted his controversial "Work on coronaviruses in China" was carried out with "Funding through" Fauci's National Institutes of Health agency.

The National Pulse has previously uncovered footage of Daszak describing the viruses he manipulated as part of his "Longtime" collaboration with the Chinese Communist Party-run lab as "Killers."

"Working with the USAID EPT PREDICT Program and funding through NIAID to work on coronaviruses in China, we were able to test out this idea of predicting what the next emerging diseases might be. So we've all heard of SARS. We know that SARS is carried by civets. Well, actually, the host of SARS-like viruses, the viruses that the SARS coronavirus emerged from are bats."

"Even the international grants, the bulk of those funds go through U.S. organizations like ours before we send any abroad," Daszak answers in response to a question about federal funding posed by Cornell Medicine's Oliver Fein, who asserts "The worst virus that we presently have is the Trump administration."

Another panel at the event - "The Global Virome Project: A First Step Toward Ending the Pandemic Era" - featured Daszak and the Chief Scientific Officer of Metabiota, a pandemic tracking and response firm whose lead financial backer was a Hunter Biden-led investment group.

Both Daszak and Fauci have repeatedly lied about the type of research occurring at the Chinese Communist Party-run lab, as a host of Fauci's emails obtained via the Freedom of Information Act reveal the facility was carrying out "Gain-of-function" research and deleted articles reveal the lab worked with live bats despite Daszak stating otherwise.

Daszak, who failed to disclose his extensive ties to the Wuhan lab and the Chinese Communist Party, was recused from the Lancet medical journal's COVID-19 commission yet still appears on mainstream news networks.