Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Federal Government Spending: 1900 To The Present

In my previous article, I discussed how the deficits in the federal budget substantially increased after President Nixon abandoned the gold standard in 1971. This opened the door to a new paradigm where Congress could spend as much as it desired. Give a man an inch and he’ll take a mile. Perhaps it should be said, give Congress an open checkbook and it’ll spend hundreds of billions more than it collects. In this article, we will take an look at the problem of spending by those we have elected to represent us in Washington. Are they doing a good job representing us?
Pass the Credit Please
When your teenager comes asking for money for a date, it is unlikely that most parents would simply hand over their wallet and say, “Help yourself.” Yet, that is precisely what we do with Congress. When Congress reaches its credit limit, members simply vote to raise the debt ceiling. This has occurred at least 90 times in the twentieth century. “Please give us more credit so we can carry on the business of the country,” they muse.

What Will A $15 Minimum Wage Do To California? Take A Look At Greece

Higher wages do not usually drive companies out of business. They help them attract talented employees and thrive, unless higher wages are part of a bunch of government mandates that raise business costs without raising productivity.
That was the case for Greece before the crisis, and may end up being the case in California which reached a $15 minimum wage deal today.
Greece’s minimum wage zoomed from slightly below 600 euros in 2000 to close to 900 euros by 2011, according to Eurostat. That’s a 50% hike, exceeding the minimum wage hikes of Greece’s closest peers, Spain and Portugal, according to the same source.
Labor unions demanded these wage hikes, protesting in the streets and on picket lines. And politicians turned them into law.
That’s how labor compensation turned into an entitlement.
Unable to pay the higher wages, some Greek corporations downsized their operations or closed their doors altogether. Others moved to neighboring Balkan countries, where the minimum wage in Bulgaria is one-fourth of those of Greece.
A third group of Greek corporations — those with pricing power– hiked prices, shifting the burden to consumers.

Clinton Email Scandal: How A Biased Press Tried To Ignore It

Media Bias: The Washington Post led its Monday paper with a story titled “How Clinton’s Email Scandal Took Root.” What it revealed was that, left to the mainstream press, the story might never have hit the ground.
No one reading the Post’s 5,000-word account can come away thinking that the Clinton email scandal is unimportant.
The FBI now has 147 agents chasing down leads. A key person involved in the scandal has been granted immunity. Hillary Clinton — who has already been caught in several lies — might be questioned by federal agents. There are fairly obvious violations of the law, even if it’s just those governing record-keeping. And there were, and continue to be, concerns that national security secrets were compromised, or at least casually disregarded.
The story details, for example, the many high-level security concerns that officials had about her use of a private BlackBerry to do her emailing, to say nothing of her homebrew email server.
Clinton got a warning from a State Department security official in March 2009 that “any unclassified BlackBerry is highly vulnerable in any setting to remotely and covertly monitoring conversations, retrieving emails, and exploiting calendars.”

Fidel Castro lashes out at Obama after Cuba visit

Fidel Castro rebuked President Obama in a lengthy diatribe Monday just days after the president's historic visit to Cuba.
The former Cuban revolutionary leader published a letter in state-controlled media titled “Brother Obama,” in which he recalled the U.S.’s past efforts to overthrow his government. “We do not need the empire to give us anything,” Castro wrote. 
It was the elder Castro’s first response to Obama’s two-and-a-half-day visit last week, during which the president said he came to the country to bury the final vestige of the Cold War in the Western Hemisphere. 
Obama met with Cuban leader Raúl Castro, Fidel’s younger brother, but did not meet with the revolutionary leader, who is reportedly in poor health. Fidel Castro handed over power in 2008. 
The president’s visit was designed to cement his push to normalize relations with Cuba after five decades of isolation. The U.S. government is trying to establish closer trade and travel ties with Cuba while persuading the country’s leaders to enact political reforms and improve human rights.
At the same time, Obama sought to convince Cubans that the U.S. isn’t interested in reprising past efforts to overthrow the Castro regime. 

U.S. Debt Is Heading Toward $20 Trillion: Where It's Been, Where It's Going, And Why

The fact that the U.S. national debt has surpassed $19 trillion raises a number of important concerns. What are the consequences of amassing such a large public debt? How will it affect the future of our children and grandchildren? Will the government increase our tax burden? Is this just a house of cards waiting to collapse? These are only a few of the questions on the minds of Americans as we face the largest debt in our nation’s 240-year history.
In this article, we will look at the factors that opened Pandora ’s Box and created the environment for Congress to overspend. As I write this, a couple of axioms come to mind. To paraphrase, “If we fail to learn from the past, we are destined to repeat our mistakes.” Also, “The longer one lives, the greater their perspective.” It is my sincere hope that these words will help broaden our perspective and, with a splash of history, shine a light on the road ahead before it is too late. Keep reading as we recap where we have been, look at where we are now, and discuss where we are heading.

Friday, March 25, 2016

Hillary Clinton

Things are heating up.  The National Security community's long standing disdain for Hillary and her persistent incompetence and dissembling regarding national security is boiling over.  Quote: "The intensity of anger among intelligence community figures became clear when Gen. Michael T. Flynn, former defense intelligence agency director under Obama, told TheDCNF in a Feb. 2 interview that “someone who does this is completely irresponsible, but totally unaccountable and shows a streak of arrogance to the American public that is unworthy of anyone thinking they can run for President of the United States.”  “This is unbelievable,” Flynn added. “I don’t think anybody should be talking about her being potentially the next President of the United States.”  http://eaglerising.com/31545/national-security-leaders-in-uprising-against-hillary-clinton-over-private-email-server/

The FBI is nearing filing charges against Hillary.  The question is what will Obama allow Loretta Lynch to do.  Predictions are that all H*## will break loose in the FBI if they fail to file an indictment.  The charges are believed to be massive. http://eaglerising.com/31694/shock-report-the-fbi-seems-sure-that-hillary-clinton-broke-the-law/

If this is good politics, I'll eat my hat.  First, a few facts depicting the percentage of sources of US energy.  Coal = 39%, Natural gas = 27%, Nuclear = 19%, Hydropower = 6%, Other renewables = 7%.   Now consider what Hillary has said in public.  Quote: At the 13 March 2016  "... town hall meeting on CNN had yet another nugget for us. In order to establish her bona fides with the Democratic base, Secretary Clinton made sure to let everyone know that she was going to be replacing all of that nasty, dirty, fossil fuel energy which supplies more than two thirds of the juice on our grid with renewable resources. But that’s just standard fare for liberals and not enough to make you a true warrior of the Left. To really put the icing on the cake, the Democratic frontrunner decided to get a rise out of the highly supportive crowd with a promise to largely wipe out an industry which provides tens of thousands of jobs."   Ask yourself if this woman is sane.  She has no plan to replace this lost energy except for highly taxpayer subsidized green energy companies which provide highly expensive and inefficient sources. So in effect we taxpayers pay twice for our energy supplies.  So her plan is to kill the majority of our energy supply and put tens of thousands out of work, increase our jobless rolls and welfare consumers; and, that is a good thing???  It might be to demented leftist but not average Americans.  Wait until the poor people and middle class families already struggling do not have electricity and heat because they cannot afford the bills.  Her great idea will not sound so good then.   http://hotair.com/archives/2016/03/14/video-clinton-promises-to-put-a-lot-of-coal-miners-out-of-business/    But, leftist billionaire Tom Steyer (mentioned above) who made his money on coal is now cashing in on green energy scams and all the while laughing at the rest of us while counting his ill gotten gains.

The facts regarding illegal activities connecting Hillary as Secretary of State and her family foundation keep falling out the woodwork.  Quote: "Judicial Watch’s FOIA lawsuit has become particularly noteworthy because it has been reported that the Clinton Foundation, now known as the Bill, Hillary, & Chelsea Clinton Foundation, accepted millions of dollars from at least seven foreign governments while Mrs. Clinton served as Secretary of State.  The Clinton Foundation has acknowledged that a $500,000 donation it received from the government of Algeria while Mrs. Clinton served as Secretary of State violated a 2008 ethics agreement between the foundation and the Obama administration.  Some of the foreign governments that have made donations to the Clinton Foundation include Algeria, Kuwait, Qatar, and Oman, have questionable human rights records."   http://www.judicialwatch.org/press-room/press-releases/judicial-watch-new-clinton-documents-raise-questions-on-benghazi-clinton-foundation/?

This is an assessment of the FBI granting immunity to the IT guy that set up Hillary's illegal private email system. Quote: "The FBI has reportedly recovered many if not most of the emails from the server. If these were truly innocuous accounts of yoga routines and wedding plans, it is likely that the FBI’s interest in Pagliano would have waned.  Instead, his grant of immunity seems to coincide with the presumed recovery of these files, which suggest that they were not innocuous, and that he might well be able to shed light on how and why they were deleted.  If that is the case, it is only a matter of time before Loretta Lynch might be compelled to seat a grand jury, regardless of the political consequences." http://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2016/03/what_paglianos_immunity_deal_in_the_clinton_email_scandal_reveals.html

The Clinton saga has put the Director of the FBI in a tough position. Quote: "Obama allies see Clinton as the best chance they have to solidify his legacy. With her in the White House, they will have a president who will further his foreign policy doctrine and protect his signature domestic legislation – Obamacare. She is right in line with Obama on illegal immigration, and she has gone to great lengths on the campaign trail to present her presidency as Obama Term #3. Obama himself allegedly told Democratic donors last week that it was time for the party to rally around Clinton, to the expense of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders."    http://www.fixthisnation.com/conservative-breaking-news/hillarys-emails-will-justice-reign-over-politics/

This illustrates how unhinged from reality Hillary really is.  She thinks our southern border is sealed/secure.  https://pjmedia.com/trending/2016/03/20/hillary-clinton-proclaims-our-border-is-secure/

Quote: "I knew that Hillary Clinton was a brazen, unflinching, and immoral liar. But I didn’t know that she was willing to commit to such a bold-faced lie in such a high pressure, and internationally broadcast television appearance.
During the most recent Democrat debate on CNN with Fusion’s Jorge Ramos, Hillary Clinton said that Patricia Smith, the mother of one of the Benghazi victims, was absolutely wrong to say that Clinton had misled her about the attack on Benghazi."    http://eaglerising.com/31355/hillary-clinton-brazenly-calls-mother-of-benghazi-victim-a-liar/

I guess she does not know the facts.  More people die from prescription drugs than from guns.  Yet,  "Hillary Wants to Sue Gun Industry Into Oblivion, But Give Vaccine Manufactures “Absolute Immunity.”  Logic is not part of her arsenal but she well understands where the money comes from to support her.  http://patriotpowerednews.com/hillary-wants-to-sue-gun-industry-into-oblivion-but-give-vaccine-manufactures-absolute-immunity/ 

Former Democrat presidential candidate has announced that he will not vote for Hillary Clinton.  At least one prominent Democrat, Jim Webb, has a conscience and ethics missing from so many others.   http://www.politico.com/story/2016/03/jim-webb-no-hillary-clinton-220255

Can you believe this?  The woman is a total disgrace.  If her history is a guide to future behavior she always will be a disgrace.   http://hotair.com/archives/2016/03/15/clinton-we-didnt-lose-a-single-person-in-libya/?

Speaking of Hillary.  It looks like the State Department has been playing games with various investigations for  her benefit.  More records have been discovered but will take months and months to process.  In other words this new discovery of a treasure trove will not be made public before the upcoming election.  Quote: "But the latest disclosure of unsearched records will still have an impact on groups like Citizens United, which first filed its public records request in 2014 and could be waiting until after the presidential election before it receives all its documents.  In light of the new discovery, the court pushed back the State Department’s production deadline until next August. Citizens United said it would not be surprised by additional delays.  “The public has a right to inspect records that are in the possession of their government,” Bossie said. “These delay tactics by the Obama Administration look like nothing more than an assist to former Secretary Clinton.”  “This latest declaration is more of the constant ‘drip, drip, drip’ that [D.C. District Court] Judge Sullivan spoke of last week,” he added. “Unfortunately, when dealing with the State Department, it’s not a matter if this will happen again, it’s a matter of when.”   http://freebeacon.com/issues/release-of-clinton-documents-delayed-after-state-department-discovers-thousands-of-unsearched-records/

Quote: "Samuel Johnson’s aphorism that patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel doesn’t apply to Hillary Clinton in her email scandal, because nobody -- not even her diehard supporters -- would believe her if she said that she set up the private email server in the interests of the United States. Rather, the last refuge of this scoundrel is to blame everybody else she dealt with at the State Department, in the process impugning not only her own close aides, but career diplomats and other nonpolitical professionals who deserve better."    http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2016/03/the_last_refuge_of_the_scoundrel_hillary.html

Hillary is all in for Planned Parenthood.  Then again Planned Parenthood is all in for Hillary.  Two dishonest, unethical peas in a pod.  This is an unethical tit for tat arrangement if ever there was one.  http://www.lifenews.com/2016/03/04/hillary-clinton-writes-thousands-in-checks-to-planned-parenthood-using-campaign-funds/

George Burns

Dysfunctional Government 2

Don't think progressive government education policies which have been in charge of American education for the past 100 years have been slowly but surely strangling our public education system?  Read this and tell me if you agree the progressives ideas are good.  Quote: "The results build off a global survey conducted in 2012 by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. To better compare the skills of younger and older adults and the unemployed, researchers did additional surveys in 2014. The countries that scored the highest on the problem-solving with technology criteria were Japan, Finland, Sweden and Norway. Poland scored second to last, just above the U.S.  One stark revelation is that about four-fifths of unemployed Americans cannot figure out a rudimentary problem in which they have to spot an error when data is transferred from a two-column spreadsheet to a bar graph. And Americans are far less adept at dealing with numbers than the average of their global peers."    http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2016/03/the_mathematics_of_ending_the_endless_war_on_poverty.html 

Because the liberals/leftists deal in emotions rather than logic they garner support from a wide range of uninformed voters.  But, one would think that over time the realities that well intended feel good policies persistently fail would enter their consciousness.  That reality would set in.  For example: "Most conservatives give liberals the benefit of the doubt about their intentions. We believe that liberals really do want what they think is best for everyone. The problem is that liberals tend to decide issus emotionally rather than logically. That anyone else might have rational reasons for agreeing with them never crosses their made up liberal minds. This is why so many of their great ideas don’t work out quite the way they were intended. The current state of race relations is a good example of this."  And, "As bad as the unintended consequences of liberal anti-poverty polices have been, it is the inadvertent worsening race relations that is the most serious unintended consequence of liberal programs."     http://eaglerising.com/31338/when-good-intentions-go-bad-the-problem-with-liberal-policies-and-the-law-of-unintended-consequences/
This is a lesson that liberals need to learn.  Things can improve if you follow the Constitution and stop enacting insane irresponsible leftist policies. Quote: "Five years ago liberals in Madison, Wisconsin threw a massive temper tantrum as they railed against Governor Scott Walker (R-WI) and the people of Wisconsin for daring to attempt to solve Wisconsin’s financial problems. The state’s Democrat lawmakers tried to run away from their responsibilities (literally), while the state’s liberal agitators skipped out on work, stormed the state capital and acted like thugs and hooligans in an attempt to intimidate conservative lawmakers. Democrat leaders gnashed their teeth and cried foul about the reforms being pushed by Scott Walker led conservatives. Liberals argued that the reforms would cripple the state, wreak havoc upon their education system, and send Wisconsin hurtling into the past.  Five years later, what’s been happening in Wisconsin?  Nothing but good things, folks.  According to a recent report unveiled by the Madison, Wisconsin based think tank the MacIver Institute the reforms have saved the state of Wisconsin more than $5 BILLION!"   http://eaglerising.com/31082/5-years-later-conservative-reforms-have-saved-wisconsin-5-billion/ 
Political party elites and their co-conspirators are in charge of the country.  They stage elections to give the citizenry the illusion that they are the ones in charge.  Quote: "What Trump's popularity with the people has done is unite everyone in Washington against him with the goal of keeping him out of the White House. This whole anti Trump movement is based on the fact that he is not part of the establishment. What this action shows us is we the people of the United States are no longer in charge of selecting a person we want to become President and must choose a candidate Washington approves of.  This action in itself should show us all that we no longer live in a free country where the constitution is the rule of law under an elected government, but under a socialist dictatorship where government officials are appointed. The American people are shown this almost on a daily basis."   http://eaglerising.com/31189/proof-that-the-establishment-is-killing-our-republic/

The President displays once again his contempt for the rule of law, our Constitution and protecting the interests of the American people.  Quote: "Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu at a press conference on Tuesday.  Babeu, flanked by Border Patrol agents and union leaders, said high-traffic smuggling routes are not appropriately staffed and laid into the administration for failed leadership.  The sheriff denounced the politicization of immigration enforcement at a news conference at PCSO's Florence headquarters.
National Border Patrol Labor Council President Brandon Judd picked up on that theme, saying the agency is at a crossroads. “We are either going to be a specialized law enforcement agency dedicated to enforcing our nation’s immigration laws or a political arm of the administration."   http://www.azfamily.com/story/31416401/sheriff-babeu-obama-has-handcuffed-border-patrol    

This is but one more example of irresponsible political behavior...it is nothing but an attempt to win the favor of Latino voters.  It is disgusting.   http://eaglerising.com/31033/screwed-up-democrat-priorities-helping-illegals-ignoring-their-own/

This is a dangerous trend.  The feds require schools to report on views kids have which do not conform with government approval.   This in not tame.  History tells us other step of oppression follow once this is standard.  http://www.infowars.com/fbi-instructs-high-schools-to-inform-on-anti-government-students/
Good common sense government pays dividends for citizens.  You probably remember the cries of Democrats of the sure the disaster would follow.  Facts and history suggest otherwise.   http://www.forbes.com/sites/patrickgleason/2016/02/28/act10/#16b6235b50f9 

The federal government Department of Education thinks it is equal to parents.  That parents should partner with them.  This should scare the "you know what" out of you.  Quote: "The federal government is making it clear to parents through a recently released declaration that it is best suited to “help” children and families.  The draft policy document was released in December by the United States Department of Education and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, outlining their primary role in the development of the nation’s children. “It is the position of the Departments that all early childhood programs and schools recognize families as equal partnersin improving children’s development, learning and wellness across all settings, and over the course of their children’s developmental and educational experiences,” the declaration issued by the federal agencies reads.  Legal experts stress that the federal government is explicitly assuming a primary role in raising America’s children at every state of their development by redefining the family and how it is nurtured."  I remind you, per the Constitution, the Federal Government has absolutely NO ROLE in our children's education nor involvement with individual families in any way.   The arrogance of that department is astounding.  http://www.onenewsnow.com/education/2016/03/05/feds-to-parents-we-are-your-equals

This is something that does not need to happen.  For instance consider a customer walks into a business that does not carry the brand the customer wants but the business refers the customer to a business that does.  The right thing to do is for the customer to go to the recommended establishment.  Does that customer sue the business for not having what he wants?  But, that is not the LBGT way.  They want to punish businesses for not providing the product(s) they want regardless of reason.  Common sense says they should go to the place that provides the desired product/service and avoid all the hullaballu.   https://firstliberty.org/newsroom/another-bakery-faces-attack-as-sweet-cakes-story-gains-national-attention/

Dysfunctional Government 1

For the 19th year in a row the GAO cannot make heads or tails of the government's financial accounting.  Quote: "For the 19th year in a row, the General Accounting Officehas flunked (link is external)the federal government's accounting methods, while warning the feds are putting the nation on a fast track to financial oblivion:  GAO audited financial statements for sustainability for the first time ever, but Congress’ finance watchdog “could not render an opinion” due to “significant uncertainties about achieving projected reductions in Medicare cost growth and a material weakness in internal controls over financial reporting.”   http://responseaction.com/Article/federal-government-flunks-financial-audit-again?

Past items have detailed the multitude of examples that government has grown so large and dysfunctional that there is ample evidence that it is the cause of so many of the problems we face.  The fact is that, "This is the fault of the political elites who control the Democrat Party and the establishment elites of the Republican Party. The Democrats are totally controlled by the extreme left. Their policies will ruin the country. The Republican establishment has “gone along to get along,” and has not been willing to honor their promises to their constituents. Hence, we have a dysfunctional government that is unwilling to work together to save the country from certain disaster."     http://eaglerising.com/31133/the-government-is-dysfunctional-and-our-society-is-deteriorating-the-political-elite-is-to-blame/

Finally, a federal court judge has ruled that the IRS willfully seeks out citizens for punishment for their political views.  The article lays it out there for all to see and it is not pretty for the IRS.  Quote: "The court wrote in some detail about IRS selective and intrusive demands for information from the aggrieved groups.  “In 2010, the IRS began to pay unusual attention to 501(c) applications from groups with certain political affiliations,” Kethledge wrote. “As found by the inspector general, the IRS ‘developed and used inappropriate criteria to identify applications from organizations with ‘Tea Party’ in their names. … As to the policy positions, the IRS gave heightened scrutiny to organizations concerned with ‘government spending, government debt or taxes,’ lobbying to ‘make America a better place to live or ‘criticiz[ing] how the country is being run.'” The court found the IRS kept this inappropriate criteria in place for more than 18 months and that when applications were wrongly flagged they were passed on to a team of specialists where applicants “experienced significant delays and requests for unnecessary information,” according to the IRS’ own inspector general."     http://www.wnd.com/2016/03/tea-party-beats-irs-in-federal-court/

In California US citizenship is not a requirement to vote.  But if the law is followed they will be punished for their blatant violation of American citizenship rights.  Quote: "According to the law in California, which gives Illegal aliens the right to vote along with the Federal law that prohibits them from participating in national elections, we must conclude that all votes cast in California for President of the United States be considered null and void. What this means is the state of California's votes, both in the upcoming primaries and the general election, have to be disqualified."     http://eaglerising.com/31596/california-allows-non-citizens-to-vote-which-is-illegal-so-every-california-vote-should-be-disqualified/

The Muslims are openly telling us what their strategy is. I have seem a goodly number of these declarations from different high level Muslim leaders across different corners of the ever expanding Islamic empire.  But, idiot government leadership (among others) has either plugged their ears and closed their eyes or bought into Islam's strategy in the name of Political Correctness and inclusiveness - just love one another all will end well, you know get along to get along....don't dare rock the boat.  Facts/truth matter not to the charlatans who are willfully allowing the western world be overrun by Muslims.  Study Sharia Law...you will find that Islam in not just a religion.  It is a legal system (sharia), religious system, and a governmental system, all in one...examine countries where Muslims dominate and you will see our future if the current onslaught is not stopped.  So tell me where are those separation of state and religion yokels now?  Hiding in the shadows afraid if they open their mouth something really, realty bad will happen to them.  Cowards all.    http://patriotupdate.com/top-muslim-imam-admits-agenda-conquer-europe-involves-breeding/ 

Not only is the government dysfunctional it has a long history of conducting illegal activities.  This piece serves to illustrate.  http://eaglerising.com/31588/new-evidence-that-the-government-ordered-the-murder-of-oregon-protester-lavoy-finicum/

Government spends so much money on stupid stuff that it is always in need of more.  To that end government at local, state and federal levels have turned enforcement agencies into tax collectors.  This California piece serves to illustrate the problems at local level.   http://townhall.com/columnists/debrajsaunders/2016/03/20/the-brute-force-of-government-spending-on-autopilot-n2135956/page/full

Want to know the truth about immigration statistics?  Check out this relatively short piece.  You will not like what you learn. https://jonrappoport.wordpress.com/2016/03/16/sharyl-attkisson-reports-shocking-us-immigration-stats/

We have covered the dysfunctional EPA many times.  Consider this item.  They now claim rocks are pollutants.  As the lead to the item says, "you can't make this stuff up."   http://beforeitsnews.com/opinion-conservative/2016/03/you-cant-make-this-stuff-up-epa-says-rocks-are-pollutants-threatens-millions-in-fines-3111367.html   And now consider this...  http://freebeacon.com/issues/epa-spends-295507-to-track-energy-and-water-use-of-office-workers/?

This item points out dysfunction with the immigration policy of two presidential candidates.  It is pandering at its worst and an invitation for more immigrants to come and enjoy the fruits of American taxpayer labor.  http://www.cnsnews.com/news/article/susan-jones/clinton-sanders-promise-not-deport-children-or-most-other-illegal-aliens?

Since when did the DOJ get the right to make laws?  Their job is to enforce law.  It is interesting they choose to take on the legitimacy of the First Amendment. It this were ever to happen the government could arrest anyone who made a statement or participated in an action that challenged the government.  Up is down down is up with this illegitimate administration.   http://www.cnsnews.com/news/article/melanie-hunter/ag-lynch-doj-has-discussed-whether-pursue-legal-action-against-climate

Creating Chaos

This continues discussion regarding unethical and potentially illegal activities of the radical left to disrupt Republican primaries, their convention in Cleveland and the subsequent race for the White House.  This is not what our nation deserves.   Quote: "Republicans and conservatives must force themselves to recognize that the violence perpetrated at the Trump rally and the threats against the Cruz campaign in Miami were just the probing movements of the coming summer’s hardcore Leftist revolution that intends through violence and intimidation to hijack the American political process, thwart the will of the American people and take to the next level the oppressive anti-constitutional policies that Barack Obama is using to fundamentally transform America.
The only way to stop this revolution is for Republicans and conservatives to stand together strongly and immediately for law and order and to campaign on maintaining it in the face of the provocations we can be certain are coming."     http://www.conservativehq.com/node/22632   Now consider this info regarding George Soros.  Another person thinks he is an evil man.   http://www.libertynewsonline.com/articles/article_301_38391.php   Sad to say but the Hillary campaign is in on the act too. 

If you think the political right is behind the Trump related violence You are Wrong.  As covered in a previous note it is the extreme left that is causing all the chaos.  Quote: "We’re on the verge of full brownshirt tactics from the left, which ironically loves to call the object of their hatred Nazi-like and Hitlerian. Last night’s Trump rally in normally polite and sedate Salt Lake City saw rampant lawlessness on the part of Trump opponents. Gateway Pundit has assembled a variety of video posted to Twitter by various networks."    http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2016/03/antitrump_demonstrators_tore_down_secret_service_checkpoints_attempting_to_shut_down_rally.html    And, http://www.bloomberg.com/politics/articles/2016-03-20/trump-protesters-dog-campaign-from-city-to-city-in-arizona   And, http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2016/03/19/a-tale-of-two-cities-protesters-fail-to-disrupt-donald-trump-in-tucson-after-earlier-phoenix-chaos/  Tell me if this is the type of thuggish behavior you want your leaders on the left to countenance?  So far I haven't' heard them attempt to set controls on the chaos.  I have heard them blame Trump.  http://liberty247.net/see-another-protestor-attempt-to-storm-trump-stage/   See what this Sheriff has to say about these misfits.   http://www.libertynewsonline.com/articles/article_301_38402.php 

More about the leftist disruptions of peaceful political activity.  Please read this one.  You may not like it but will find it impossible to refute.  Quote: "Yet despite those and other not-so-well-hidden attempts to practice street activism, Obama does seem somewhat uneasy.  Recently, at a DNC event in Austin, Texas, Barack expressed apprehension when hepointed out that “Change doesn’t happen overnight…we never get 100 percent of change.”  Apart from the personal satisfaction this subversive enjoys from the extensive damage he’s already done to America, if ever there were a reason to drag into the middle of the Oval Office the infamous chalkboard young Barry used when marshaling the Chicago multitudes, fear that “Hope and Change” will be toppled by someone like Trump would be that reason.  Unconvinced? Let’s remember that prior to the failed Arab Spring it was Obama that helped to organize the Arab street. So, as the “largest civil disobedience action of the century” looms on the American street, there is little doubt that deep in the bowels of the White House Barack Obama is organizing Democratsto usher in the Democracy Spring." http://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2016/03/behind_the_antitrump_disruptors_the_fine_hands_of_ainsky_and_obama.html  Speaking of the notorious George Soros, Check this out.   http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2016/03/20/soros-board-member-chairs-firm-running-online-balloting-for-tuesdays-utah-caucuses/

Whether you want to believe it or not this is without question a product/consequence of leftist organized and funded agitators.  http://www.theblaze.com/stories/2016/03/21/at-trump-rally-black-police-officer-says-he-witnessed-the-most-hateful-evil-people-ive-ever-seen-but-hes-not-talking-about-trump-supporters/

Creating chaos, Dysfunctional government and Hillary Clinton

Think about this.  This is the group of people who either support an avowed socialist or probable felon for president.  And, they think Trump is dangerous?  If their logic were not so ludicrous it would be funny.  Then again the political left to which they belong has long sought to overturn our Republic and replace it with a progressive/socialist utopia.  In Trump what they see is an uncontrollable entity who is a threat to their utopian dream. The entrenched Republicans see him as a danger to their control of the Republican establishment. So, they both intend to pull out all stops to make sure he does not become president. I am not a Trump supporter.  But, I'm sorry to say that both groups are misguided, unethical and self serving faux public servants.  There is nothing to say but this is an example of the rank hypocrisy found on both the political left and within Republican establishment..   http://twitchy.com/2016/03/18/this-video-exposes-the-hypocrisy-behind-liberal-political-correctness/  

Anyone, and I do mean, anyone who believes Obama has been a good president domestically and abroad, you are totally wrong.  The Queen of England refuses to meet with him when he goes to London.   http://patriotupdate.com/uh-oh-queen-of-england-refuses-to-meet-with-the-president-on-his-trip-to-london/

This is a logical follow-on to the previous item.  It's focus is, however, on the excessive controls progressive bureaucrats place on the American public.  Quote: "Washington is out of control. Legislators, judges and unelected bureaucrats want to control our lives, livelihoods and living standards, with no accountability even for major errors, calculated deception, or deliberate, often illegal assaults on our liberties and on citizens who resist the advancing Leviathan.  These themes animate Republican and conservative politics because they are happening – regularly.  The Competitive Enterprise Institute is renowned for its annual Ten Thousand Commandments reports on federal rules. A scary but mesmerizing new analysis now maps how the Washington bureaucracy lawlessly imposes agendas that all too frequently contravene or disregard what We the People support, what is best for the nation, and even what Congress has enacted or refused to encode in legislation."      http://townhall.com/columnists/pauldriessen/2016/03/19/washingtons-despotic-lawlessness-n2135973/page/full

Save this item for a time when you have time to read and consider its content.  It is that important and deals with a topic far too few know about, much less understand. http://americanpolicy.org/2013/10/15/sustainable-development-the-evil-facing-america/? 

Obamacare Was Supposed to Lower Health Care Costs, But Has It?

Has Obamacare Reduced Costs?
Those family cost savings, of course, have not materialized.
In year six, even with lower than anticipated enrollment in the health insurance exchanges and the refusal of 21 states to participate in the law’s Medicaid expansion, the health care cost curve is still on an upwardly mobile trajectory.
It is fueled by sharp increases in both public and private health care spending.
Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services data show that total per capitahealth insurance spending will rise from $7,786 in 2016 to $11,681 in 2024. Looking at the future of employer-based health insurance costs, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) projects that job-based premiums are poised to increase by almost 60 percent between now and 2025.
Obamacare’s cheerleaders have allowed their exuberance to outrun their supply lines. Medicare trustee Charles Blahous best summarized the problem:
“Given how the ACA’s advocates touted the law as ‘bending the cost curve down and reducing the deficit’ while occasionally in the same sentence crediting it with expanding coverage to ‘more than 94 percent of Americans’, many Americans could be forgiven for not understanding that those two goals were in conflict.”
Obamacare cannot deliver the impossible (even if it were good public policy­— and it isn’t).