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Obama Sent Weapons to Muslim Terrorists in Benghazi

One of the few interesting items in the New York Times' whitewash of Hillary and Obama's illegal Libyan war is the confirmation of weapons shipments.
Obama ultimately took her side, according to the administration officials who described the debate. After he signed a secret document called a presidential finding, approving a covert operation, a list of approved weaponry was drawn up. The shipments arranged by the United States and other Western countries generally arrived through the port of Benghazi and airports in eastern Libya, a Libyan rebel commander said.
“Humvees, counterbattery radar, TOW missiles was the highest end we talked about,” one State Department official recalled. “We were definitely giving them lethal assistance. We’d crossed that line.”
The story blames the problem on Qatar aiding Jihadists and Obama's unwillingness to defy the terror oil state. But the claim that we had to arm terrorists to fight Qatar's arming of terrorists doesn't hold up too well. Furthermore we already know that US forces were told to turn a blind eye to Qatar's weapons shipments. We could have blocked them instead. 

How Did It Get This Bad?

My father has been around a long time, and watched every Presidential campaign since Eisenhower.  Even he, a jaded political junkie, acknowledges that America’s campaigning tactics have gone off the rails.  No examples need be cited.  We all see it.  We all feel it.
How did it get this bad?  It comes down to two moments in recent history.
The Monica Lewinsky scandal was a turning point in American politics.  While philandering politicians were nothing new, what caught Americans by surprise were the lurid details, and the fact that these activities occurred in the Oval Office.  Yet those elements in and of themselves weren’t the catalysts.
The turning point came when some Americans made excuses for Clinton.  “Oh, it’s just sex,” they said.  That was the moment when Americans no longer cared about character, no longer cared about the dignity of the Office of the President, and no longer cared about the President holding himself to a higher standard.  Clinton was given a pass for behavior that was irresponsible, showed poor judgment, and was disgraceful for the leader of the free world. 

Donald Trump isn’t funny anymore, and we all have to stop him

In the beginning, it was very entertaining. His descent down the golden escalator. His ability to fill stadiums. Taking children for helicopter rides. Having his private plane tip its wing to the crowd. Telling a kid that he is Batman. Smacking around the other candidates. “I’m really rich.” “We will have so much winning if I get elected that you may get bored with winning.” “I went to the Wharton School of Business. I’m, like, a really smart person.” “This report was not designed for a man of Mr. Trump’s massive wealth. … As of this date, Mr. Trump’s net worth is in excess of TEN BILLION DOLLARS.”
The presidential campaign of Donald J. Trump was funny. Now that he has won New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada, it isn’t funny anymore. Now that he has won the endorsement of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, any remaining trace of humor is gone. All that remains is terrifying. 

Hillary Clinton's Dead-End Campaign

Hillary Clinton may yet win the Democratic nomination—if she is not indicted. After all, it is hard for a New England spread-the-wealth socialist like rival Bernie Sanders to appeal to working-class southern whites, minorities, or the wealthy Democratic establishment. It is still likely that the Democratic Party will find a way to aid an ailing and scandal-plagued Mrs. Clinton, rather than turn over its future to a 74-year-old scold, who for most of his voting life was not a Democrat and whose redistributionist agendas and Woodstock fables about the 1960s make Obama seem centrist in comparison.
All that said, Mrs. Clinton’s campaign rhetoric is coming up empty—largely because it is at odds with the way she has lived her life and conducted her various careers over the last two decades. Voters, even younger ones, are now sorely aware of those flagrant contradictions.
The so-called Republican war on women was successful Democratic demagoguery in 2008 and 2012. That paranoid mythmaking worked with urban, unmarried young women. They were terrified of old white-guy Republican bogeymen, who would make them pay for their birth control and take away abortion on demand, were indifferent to new expansive definitions of sexual harassment, and seemed hung up on what were seen as roadblocks—religion, marriage, and family—to a young, college-educated woman’s self-expression. Yet Hillary has now lost that long-enshrined wedge issue after only 24 hours of Donald Trump’s withering counter-fire—in stark contrast to past years of failed Republican counter-strategies. 

Education Matters 4

Instead of teaching far too many university professors punish students who violate their specific speech code.  This is blatant propaganda on their part and is definitely not teaching.  Don't know how wide spread this specific problem is but the liberal/left leanings amount college and university professors is decidedly liberal.  Here is the evidence.  Quote: "Historical giving patterns reveal a strong bias toward liberal candidates, especially at the nation’s most elite colleges. In 2012, Campus Reform reported that 96 percent of Ivy League donations went to the Obama campaign. So far this cycle, over 95 percent of Ivy League affiliates have donated to Democrat candidates."  Ask yourself whether or not students are getting a well balanced education.  Not!!!  Leftist/socialist indoctrination reigns.  Things will go from bad to worse as long as this disparity of thought prevails.

This illustrates the total backwards thinking of the deplorable and progressive laden federal Department of Education.

How's this for fair and balanced?  Invite liberals even one under criminal investigation to speak on campus but not anyone considered conservative or Republican.  Colleges and universities are so open minded these days...don't  you think?  NOT!  They are instead liberal bastions of leftist propaganda.    

How much worse can it get?   Progressivism/liberalism and its moral relativism base (no real standards) is ruining common sense and societal morality. 

The Department of Education has no, no, no business spending our money on its idiotic programs.    It should be abolished along with its Common Core mess.

Some schools have atheistic tyrants in their classrooms.

Other schools suffer from mob rule.

Conservatives on college campuses are being unfairly targeted by liberals.  Here is a short piece on eight such students who have been victimized.    And what about this?  Professors will fail students  or remove them from class if they use words THEY want banned.  Talk about leftist PC oppression.  This idiocy must stop and the offending professors fired.  Quote: "Multiple professors at Washington State University have explicitly told students their grades will suffer if they use terms such as “illegal alien,” “male,” and “female,” or if they fail to “defer” to non-white students.  According to the syllabus for Selena Lester Breikss’ “Women & Popular Culture” class, students risk a failing grade if they use any common descriptors that Breikss considers “oppressive and hateful language.” The punishment for repeatedly using the banned words, Breikss warns, includes “but [is] not limited to removal from the class without attendance or participation points, failure of the assignment, and— in extreme cases— failure for the semester.”

This piece by a college professor discusses an activity that helps people to distinguish between socialism and free market system.  Quote: "The activity involves allowing students to choose between a free-market grading system and a socialist grading system. It is their choice. We will use the grading system they choose."

Although this bit of deliberately misleading instruction is apparently no longer in effect, it does expose the fact that the education establishment has moved so far to the left that it is willing to try to teach theory as fact when it fits their narrative.  Here is what this middle school was trying to pull before a parent caught their propaganda message.  Here's what the assignment said.  Quote "Next time someone tries to tell you that evolution is just a theory, as a way of dismissing it, as if it’s just something someone guessed at, remember that they’re using the non-scientific meaning of the word. If that person is a teacher, or minister, or some other figure of authority, they should know better. In fact, they probably do, and are trying to mislead you."  How's that for education...who is misleading who?

Federal government Department of Education over-reach highlighted in this Senate hearing.  This Senator is put out with the gross over-reach and lets the bureaucrat before him know he is mad as H!!!.

This piece illustrates just how bad our public schools and universities are.  Leftists and progressives who dominate our culture want to indoctrinate our children in Islam while firing, lambasting, or criminalizing anything Christian.

This is possible due to the progressive policies that permitted racism to fill many public schools with rules that protect blacks at the expense of other races.  Quote: "In fact, I'm amazed that Christian husbands want their wives to work in the belly of the beast to indoctrinate children and at the same time be put in the kinds of circumstances as Long Island high school teacher Lynne Albuquerque. Albuquerque, a science teacher, who alleges that a black student threatened to rape her. However, it was the school's response to those allegations that got a lawsuit filed against them. The New York Daily News reports: The student and the school officials are black."

This should disturb you, too.  Quote: "A weird thing happens every now and then where you realize that most liberals live in their own, hermetically-sealed bubble, unaware that not everyone agrees with them on every issue. This is particularly prevalent on college campuses in an age where political correctness has given birth to “safe spaces” and “trigger warnings.” When these tender liberals are finally confronted with an opposing argument, it hits them like a violent slap in the face." 

George Burns

Education Matters 3

Having read the previous two items now read this. It takes a different approach in assessing Common Core but ends up in the same place that causes so much resistance, federal government control of education.

Wow!!! I really mean it.  Wow!  This ultra liberal state has at least partially come to its senses.  Massachusetts has dropped the use of Common Core. 

This is one of  many dozens of articles I have read discussing Islam being taught in our government run public schools.  Where is the outcry from the progressive left, the Democrats, the atheists,  the ACLU, etc., etc.???   I guess they don't consider Islam an issue of separation of church and state.  That only applies to Christian religion which provides the foundational underpinnings of this nation and which secular humanist progressives, who think they are much smarter than the founders ever were, wish to wipe from the face of the earth because they cannot accept, much less, acknowledge the existence of a higher power than themselves. The hypocrisy and self righteousness of the progressive left is palpable. 

Think about the idiocy of this woman's teaching philosophy.  It is simply sexually biased and nonsensical as with most of the large quantity of progressive teachers.  No wonder so many kids are confused rather than just being kids.  Quote: "War is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength.  And inequality is equality – at least in the mind of Karen Keller, the Bainbridge Island Review, and their enablers.  Reported recently was that Keller, a kindergarten "teacher" at Captain Johnston Blakely Elementary in Bainbridge Island, Wash., was refusing to let the boys in her class play with Legos during free play time."  

Surely what this superintendent will solve the problem of black student suspensions.  Why don't these people deal with the real problems instead of excusing/coddling/enabling bad behavior.

We have the mainstream media, academic institutions and public schools to thank for this stupidity on the part of students.  These are future voters if not already.  Their ignorance of facts spell our future disaster.

Walter Williams says that the pressure for as many as possible students need to go to college.  You will be interested in at least one of his reasons. 

This is the kind of action more parents/communities must engage in to get back control of the education our children receive and remove the stranglehold the liberal/progressive left now has on it.

Try to figure out this Common Core math problem.  Quote:  "As Western Journalism has previously reported, even those formally trained in mathematics find the process being taught in many U.S. schools to be convoluted and unnecessary. Frustration over these new standards obviously resonated with many who saw the social media image."

Having read the previous two items now read this. It takes a different approach in assessing Common Core but ends up in the same place that causes so much resistance, federal government control of education.

I think this assessment of the leadership of far too many of our nation's Colleges and Universities is right on target.   Who are running our nation's colleges and universities?  Idiot, ill informed students or idiot, cowardly administrators?  Progressivism policies have spawned a generation of ill educated, uncivilized, disrespectful, ungrateful, self-centered immature "almost" adults.   

This is something all parents with college bound students should do.

If you don't think many of our public schools are failing to teach students critical skills this piece will dispel that thought.  It highlights the low skill levels and absence of basic knowledge of high school graduates.   And far to many schools include Islam indoctrination while absolutely forbidding even the mention of Christianity or Judaism.

Education Matters 2

Quote: "Allow me to start you off with 6 minutes of righteous ranting against “Generation Snowflake:” today’s University students who hide out in safe spaces, melt down in the face of dissenting opinions, and basically are incapable of functioning as adults in the world today."

Quote: "Here are two harsh realities about American education.  K-12 schools are mired in mediocrity.  Second, the Education Establishment and the high-level people who should be improving the schools seem indifferent to academic improvement. My sense is that the only people crusading for genuine reform are traditional intellectuals.  Alas, these are outsiders with little power.  Meanwhile, Bill Gates, the federal government, and scores of "progressive" front groups pump billions into backing bad ideas. The media and cultural institutions that should be involved in education look the other way.  The fix is in – that's the irresistible impression."

The damage progressivism/political correctness has done to public schools continues apace.  Here is just one of many, many examples.   It has also seriously infected colleges and universities.  Can you believe this? Quote: "School Official says 3x4=11 is Correct in Common Core!"    Another stupid example.  Read on.

To get a bead on where American colleges and universities are going click on this link.  It is The College Fix website.  You can but you do not need to read all the articles.  You will find out how low many of these institutions have sunk by simply reading the headlines on the Fix's home page.  What you will learn from this brief excursion is that the political left/progressives are succeeding in destroying our country.

No wonder the status of US colleges and universities are in decline.  With professors like this what do you expect?    This item confirms the disastrous direction our colleges and universities are going.  Former president of Harvard University says so.

Some university professors are quitting their teaching jobs due to the unhealthy climate that requires abiding political correctness rather than open dialogue and learning.

This is unbelievable.  Students at Yale think they know more than their professors.  This is what liberal/progressivism's destructive civil and educational destructive tactics have wrought. 

This black American university professor is so very right.  It would be nice if leftist could understand his simple logic.  But logic is not their long suit, pursuit of an agenda trumps all else whether no matter how bad it is.

This item addresses the most divisive political issue at state and local levels.  Quote: "What should we do about the education of children from low income families?" 

If you are not concerned about Common Core I suggest you read this item.  It may well change your mind.  Quote: "This is yet more evidence for the reason to remove your kids from the public indoctrination centers called public school and demand that your representatives abolish the federal Department of Education. A Chinese immigrant mother of three testified before the Colorado State Board of Education that what is being passed off as Common Core is actually the same Communist indoctrination that she experienced as a child in Communist China." 

If you think the purveyors of Common Core are in it for the kids, you don't know them.  This large publishing house has this to say.  "“I hate kids,” she said, laughing. “I’m in it to sell books. Don’t even kid yourself for a heartbeat. It’s all about the money. What are you, crazy? It’s all about the money. You don’t think that the educational publishing companies are in it for education, do you? No, they’re in it for the money.”

Way to go young lady.  She lets the school board know how she feels about Common Core.

This item about Common Core should make you sick because that is what it is doing to many of our children.  Quote: "It is not new news that Common Core is messing with our students’ homework and frustrating parents nationwide, but evidence is suggesting that the new “standards” are triggering major anxiety issues with our kids as well.  School psychologists in the state of New York responded to a survey released by the state School Boards Association and the state Association of School Psychologists. The results showed about three quarters of the respondents from nearly 700 school districts in New York report that state assessments are garnering more anxiety than local ones."   

Try to figure out this Common Core math problem.  Quote:  "As Western Journalism has previously reported, even those formally trained in mathematics find the process being taught in many U.S. schools to be convoluted and unnecessary. Frustration over these new standards obviously resonated with many who saw the social media image."

Education Matters 1

There are a lot of items here.  Please scan the headers to locate ones of interest to you.  I promise you these are factual...I do not make up anything shared with you.  While the below items mostly cover negative issues not all educational institutions fit the profile discussed.  But unfortunately far too many do.  The mainstream media does not report much on the state of serious problems that in fact plague so many of our government controlled public schools and dysfunction that resides in so many of our colleges and universities.  So, I have chosen to share with you some of the items I have run across.

This item is right on and sets the stage for the ones that follow.  It is a very good synopsis of the plight of modern education...which in many cases is mindlessness wasting of student's minds.  Please read.   Quote: "In short, the people in charge of education take a wrecking ball to K-12 and the next generation. There are scores of examples of systematic razing.  It's hard to say that any particular one is the worst, because all are interconnected and reinforce each other."  And, "Almost every few days, there are articles on the internet about why schools are bad and how they can be improved.  The bizarre part (for me) is that the writers typically assume that the Education Establishment actually wants to do a good job but, inexplicably, can't quite figure out how.  With this premise, nothing makes sense.  Could so-called experts be so incompetent?  I don't think so.  If you start with the assumption that they are deliberately razing content and kids, then everything makes sense."

Professor Mike Adams takes on and squashes a sanctimonious group of fellow university professors espousing their commitment to educational diversity and inclusion.  Quote: "I received your recent email on educational inclusiveness and diversity with great interest. I have written three books, spoken on 88 university campuses, and written approximately 1000 columns on the subject in the last 13 years. This was the first time I’ve ever been contacted by your organization. Therefore, I assumed you were writing about something important and that you had something meaningful and intelligent to say. Unfortunately, after reading your short correspondence, I realize that I was mistaken on both counts. That’s a harsh assessment so please allow me to explain:"

This item examines the subject of why black teachers are leaving their positions. Quote: "These higher quit rates appear to stem from poor working conditions, such as a “lack of autonomy” and little “input into school decisions.” In other words, the suffocating system created by teachers’ unions and politicians and bureaucrats and ivory tower educational theorists isn’t much fun to teach within."  And, it is sad indeed when good teachers quit because of the one size fits all Washington bureaucracy's inane regulations and coercive tactics. 

Quote: "The list is too long to quickly catalog. Here are just a few. Christmas is now Winter Recess and Easter is Spring Break. Many schools have banned any Halloween activities entirely. Competitive sports are banned in many primary schools in favor of team efforts where “everyone” wins. Dodge ball is disappearing from playgrounds. Children are suspended for nibbling a pop tart into a gun shape. Man caused climate change is presented as fact. Social Studies texts list any and all wrongs committed by the United States, but portray Islam in favorable terms. Students can gain access to birth control without parental notification. White privilege is now presented in a way to make white students feel guilty about their race. Again, the list of how liberal/progressive policies are used to indoctrinate public school students is terrifyingly long and growing."

Think the US literacy rate is good?  Failing education and a collapsing culture are killing literacy.  Check this out. Quote: "Thomas Jefferson said, “Educate and inform the whole mass of the people…They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty.”   I look about and see America on the downslide with our liberties being the first things to go over the proverbial cliff.  Wise advice abounds but if only 13% of our voting-age citizens can read, evaluate, and act upon complex explanations and suggestions, it is no wonder that we are losing both our liberties and our country." 

Quote:  "A recent report found that American public schools were wasting millions to train their teachers about… WHITE PRIVILEGE. A San Francisco based education consulting company by the name of Pacific Educational Group (PEG) has been working with over 100 different local school districts in an effort to train teachers through white guilt. The company has made its money through convincing school districts that our system of education is biased against minority students and that it unfairly benefits white students. However, the company tells its customers that not all is lost because they offer a training course that will help the local districts “fix” the problem.  Sadly, the message that PEG sells is one rife with racism, excuse-making, blame-casting and radically ‘progressive’ philosophies. As an example, at their national conferences over the last few years, their core speakers have been a veritable “Who’s Who” of radical liberal supporters, of the infamous, terrorist Bill Ayers."

This item confirms what many of us have been saying.  No wonder Bernie has so much support from university students.  Indoctrination at American colleges and universities has been ongoing for a long time.

Quote: "While it is rightly so that most Americans are focused on the presidential election at this moment, the real battle ground to fight for America's future is in the classrooms. If we want to make America great again, we need to pay attention to what's being taught to our youth, how they are being taught and push back against the progressive indoctrination."

What does this tell you?   91% of Harvard professors are leftists/progressives.  This proves that that they care little for honesty, decency, truth, justice, rule of law, sound economics, civil discourse, fair play, equality for all and they must agree that our country needs to be destroyed.  Leftist/progressive propaganda has been the nature of instruction in colleges and universities for many years now.  How they can think what they think is good and wholesome is beyond me.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Hillary Camp Freaking Out As This Video Goes Viral... ‘No Way To Stop It Now’

 Friends, our country is on the threshold of an election that will either propel us into darkness or one that will right the ship. Americans will get it right with the right information. Our founding fathers quoted this in the federalist papers. When correct information is brought to light then there is great unity in our great county. The Holy Bible states that when evil men hide the truth there is much calamity in the land and there are many rulers. But when men bring truth there is much unity. People please pray and ask The Lord who He wants to lead our land and not another fad or first in our nation. Our children and grand children deserve the best not a first sub-par person that comes along and sells us lies and deception. This is not about a woman but about our childrens and grand childrens, morning In America can be a reality when we pray for wisdom, Pray.
Former First Lady Hillary Clinton is the current darling of the liberal media and the frontrunner for Democratic nomination for the 2016 presidential election. However, a new video could destroy her political career, giving her a term in a jail cell rather than the Oval Office. American Freedom Fighters has discovered that Hillary has made billions off the American taxpayers in illegal schemes and backroom deals. Despite spending millions on media damage control and a legal team, Clinton can’t stop Americans from seeing this video and discovering the truth about her antics. In this video, it is revealed that Hillary Clinton used the White House as a way to funnel money to powerful friends while her husband was president. Anyone who crossed Hillary died under mysterious circumstances. Hillary has managed to keep her past quiet with fear and threats, but a brave few are willing to speak out. From the Whitewater Scandal to Benghazi to Emailgate, Hillary’s time in national politics has been spent in constant scandal. The media refuses to discuss the dirty deeds of their favorite candidate, while she has escaped legal consequences due to a large legal team and constant intimidation of anyone who speaks out. This viral video finally gives Americans the information that they need to make an informed decision about Hillary Clinton and may even land her in court with felony charges. This time, there is nothing she can do. READ MORE:
Former First Lady Hillary Clinton is the current darling of the liberal media and the frontrunner for Democratic nomination for the 2016 presidential election. However, a new video could destroy her political career, giving her a term in a jail cell rather than the Oval Office. American Freedom Fighters has discovered that Hillary has made billions off the American taxpayers in illegal schemes and backroom deals. Despite spending millions on media damage control and a legal team, Clinton can’t stop Americans from seeing this video and discovering the truth about her antics. In this video, it is revealed that Hillary Clinton used the White House as a way to funnel money to powerful friends while her husband was president. Anyone who crossed Hillary died under mysterious circumstances. Hillary has managed to keep her past quiet with fear and threats, but a brave few are willing to speak out. From the Whitewater Scandal to Benghazi to Emailgate, Hillary’s time in national politics has been spent in constant scandal. The media refuses to discuss the dirty deeds of their favorite candidate, while she has escaped legal consequences due to a large legal team and constant intimidation of anyone who speaks out. This viral video finally gives Americans the information that they need to make an informed decision about Hillary Clinton and may even land her in court with felony charges. This time, there is nothing she can do. READ MORE:

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A Few Facts on Election Year Nominations and Confirmations to the Supreme Court

Given the “facts” that have been bandied about in the media since Justice Antonin Scalia’s death concerning presidential election year nominations and confirmations to the Supreme Court, I asked Anthony Gruzdis, our crack research assistant for the Center for Constitutional Studies, to do an exhaustive study of the subject, and here, in summary, are the most relevant facts.
It turns out that most election year resignations and deaths were in the pre-modern (pre-1900) era—many in the era before today’s two major parties were established. And the pre-1900 picture is further complicated by several multiple nominations and confirmations of the same person, both before and after the election, so it’s not until the modern era that we get a picture that is more clearly relevant and instructive for the current situation.
Looking at the history of the matter since 1900, then, until last week only four vacancies have occurred during an election year, two in 1916, one in 1932, and one in 1956. (Three more occurred during the previous year, in 1911, 1939, and 1987; the nominees in each case were confirmed, respectively, in February, early January, and early February of the election year that followed.) The first three were filled when the president’s party also controlled the Senate, so that’s not the situation we have now. And when Justice Sherman Minton resigned for health reasons on October 15, 1956, President Eisenhower made a recess appointment that same day of William J. Brennan, Jr., nominating him for the seat on January 14, 1957, for which Brennan was confirmed by voice vote on March 19, 1957. In 1956 the Senate was closely divided with 48 Democrats, 47 Republicans, and 1 Independent. In 1957 it was also closely divided with 49 Democrats and 47 Republicans, although in both cases the Southern Democrats often voted with the Republicans. 

Latest Hillary emails show her private support for trade deals she publicly opposed

While everyone’s focus was on the voting in Nevada and South Carolina, the next batch of Hillary Clinton’s bathroom server emails hit the open market with some revelations that would likely be shocking and offensive if they weren’t so typical of all the missives that came before. There was the usual collection of classified ones, natch, but by this point it just seems to be assumed that such a significant portion of her communications never should have left the government firewall that it’s almost becoming a non-story. There were a couple of other subjects, however, which caught the attention of the International Business Times. The first didn’t really strike me as a huge deal, relating to her team’s dealings with the New York Times.
In response to an inquiry made by the Times, Clinton aides discussed to what degree to cooperate with the newspaper, concerned that a story about a U.S. plan to retrieve Americans could lead to its failure.
“We understand that a plane is on the way from malta to pick up the americans,” David Kirkpatrick, then the Cairo bureau chief of the New York Times, wrote in an email Feb. 29, 2012. “We are restraining ourselves from publishing on the web at this time because of some of the sensitivities, but we are also under some pressure from our editors to be the first to report this news. I understand you are under many constraints but any help is appreciated.”
That story is vaguely interesting in terms of getting a peek inside the workings of the State Department and how they handle the press when national security is on the line, but I’m not seeing anything which even approaches a foot fault here. The Gray Lady was sitting on a leak which involved the sensitive transport of Americans out of Malta. That clearly didn’t need to be made public until the travelers were safely away and the Times seemed to understand that. By the same token, they didn’t want to get scooped so Clinton’s team had to handle them with a gentle touch. 

Trumpism Corrupts

The February 13 debate in South Carolina provided a clarifying moment for this year's GOP presidential race. Donald Trump claimed that the administration of George W. Bush had engaged in a massive conspiracy to mislead the world about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. "They lied," Trump thundered. "They said there were weapons of mass destruction, there were none. And they knew there were none." This was not a one-off flub. The line of questioning began with moderator John Dickerson pointing out that in a 2008 interview Trump had suggested that President Bush should have been impeached "for the war, for the war, he lied, he got us into the war with lies."
Donald Trump is neither conservative nor especially Republican. He is given to fits of pique. He has neither a coherent political philosophy nor intellectual curiosity, which makes him unreliable as a champion of anything other than his own interests. We knew this before the debate.
What was clarified at the debate was not the nature of Trump but of Trumpism.
For the last eight months, the sophisticated view of Trump and Trumpism has gone something like this: Donald Trump may be a huckster, but he has done a service to the Republican party by bringing new, nontraditional voters into the tent. He has shown his fellow candidates that they can flatly reject the demands of political correctness and need not drop into turtle-guard whenever the New York Times takes a shot at them. And while Trump the man is not presidential material, Trumpism — that is, the collection of populist and nationalist concerns that have become wrapped up in the man's campaign — is potentially very helpful. Over the last 16 years, the Republican party has been largely ineffectual, both in power and in opposition. It has been hostage to a donor class that is almost completely at odds with Republican voters. 

Hillary Clinton’s Email Scandal Is Much Worse Than You Think.

The scandal surrounding Hillary Clinton’s private email server is exploding.
It has been confirmed that as many as 30 aides received classified intelligence – while not having the proper security clearances.
The devastating news broke on the heels of the FBI confirming, for the first time in public, there is a criminal investigation into this matter.
Fox News reports:
“At least a dozen email accounts handled the “top secret” intelligence that was found on Hillary Clinton’s server and recently deemed too damaging for national security to release, a U.S. government official close to the review told Fox News. 
The official said the accounts include not only Clinton’s but those of top aides – including Cheryl Mills, Huma Abedin, Jake Sullivan and Philippe Reines – as well as State Department Under Secretary for Management Patrick F. Kennedy and others.  There is no public evidence they were authorized to receive the intelligence some of which was beyond Top Secret.
A second source not authorized to speak on the record said the number of accounts involved could be as high as 30 and reflects how the intelligence was broadly shared, replied to, and copied to individuals using the unsecured server.
“My contacts with former colleagues and current active duty personnel involved in sensitive programs reveal a universal feeling that the HRC issue is more serious than the general public realizes,” Dan Maguire, a former strategic  planner with Africom, and with 46 years combined service, told Fox.  “Most opine they would already be behind bars if they had apparently compromised sensitive information as reported.”
Hillary Clinton compromised our most sensitive intelligence operations so she could hide her emails from the public.
Not since Richard Nixon ran for president has such paranoia been heard of in American politics. 

Hating the Establishment Is Not the Same as Supporting Liberty

Many friends of mine — people who have worked for the progress of liberty for years — are mightily encouraged by the popularity of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders. My friends point out that they are both radicals of a sort, people who represent a threat to the established political order. We too are against the establishment, so their rise suggests rising discontent with the status quo. That’s a step in the right direction, they say.
As far as it goes, I see the point, and I sympathize. In fact, on these pages, I’ve drawn parallels between the Tea Party and the Occupy movement: both oppose the status quo in ways partisans of liberty can appreciate.
But there’s a problem. The state power we oppose is not identical to the establishment we reject. You can overthrow the establishment and still be left with a gigantic machinery of legalized exploitation. All the agencies, laws, regulations, and powers are still in place. And now you have a problem: someone else is in charge of the state itself. You might call it a new establishment. It could be even more wicked than the one you swept away.
Indeed, it usually is. Maybe always. 

What was the end-result of the Smoot-Hawley Tariff Act?

As other countries placed tariffs on American exports in retaliation, these tariffs actually led to the reduction of American exports and thus jobs:
U.S. imports from Europe declined from a 1929 high of $1334 million to just $390 million in 1932, while U.S. exports to Europe fell from $2341 million in 1929 to $784 million in 1932. Overall, world trade declined by 66% between 1929 and 1934. [US Dept of State]
With the reduction of American exports came also the destruction of American jobs, as unemployment levels which were 6.3% (June 1930) jumped to 11.6% a few months later (November 1930). As farmers were unable to pay back their loans to banks, their loan defaults led to increasing bank crashes, particularly in the West and Mid-West.

Waking Up to the Reality of Fascism

Donald Trump is on a roll, breaking new ground in uses for state power.
Closing the internet? Sure. “We have to see Bill Gates and a lot of different people… We have to talk to them about, maybe in certain areas, closing that Internet up in some ways.”
Registering Muslims? Lots of people thought he misspoke. But he later clarified: “There should be a lot of systems, beyond databases. We should have a lot of systems.”
Why not just bar all Muslims at the border? Indeed, and to the massive cheers of his supporters, Trump has called for the “total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States.”
Internment camps? Trump cites the FDR precedent: Italians, Germans, and Japanese “couldn’t go five miles from their homes. They weren’t allowed to use radios, flashlights. I mean, you know, take a look at what FDR did many years ago and he’s one of the most highly respected presidents.”
Rounding up millions of people? He'll create a "deportation force" to hunt down and remove 11 million illegal immigrants.
Killing wives and children? That too. “When you get these terrorists, you have to take out their families.” 

Friday, February 19, 2016

More Random Items

Lies like this really bother me and should bother you, too.  But, Obama continues to roll them out with a straight face.  Having a president willing to purposefully mislead the public to make himself look good is nothing less than a fraud.  And that his most definitely is.  Anyone paying any attention knows he has told us little of anything truthful since he took office.  Telling lies is what he does best.  He actually made this statement on the Ellen Show. Quote: "Since I came into office, we reduced the deficit by two-thirds, but if you ask the average person, they're sure that spending has shot up. And the reason is because there are a bunch of folks who say that we're wildly overspending, even though we aren't."  What are the facts?  The linked article provides some such as these: "... in FY 2007, the last year President Bush and Republicans had 100% control of Congress, federal spending including both wars was $2.7 trillion.  The budget President Obama just submitted is $4.1 trillion.  That is up over 50% despite record-low interest rates and his continually bragging that he has ended the wars. Median family income around the country is actually down or flat, so I do not understand how the president could pretend that they aren't overspending and taxing.  The deficit was down to $161 billion in FY 2007, including the spending on the wars and because of President Bush's across-the-board tax cuts in the summer of 2003.  In FY 2003, federal income tax receipts had decreased to around $900 billion prior to the tax cuts, due to a recession and a collapsed stock market.  By FY 2007, due to the stimulus of the tax cuts, the economy rebounded, economic growth was substantial, unemployment was way down (not because of a lower labor participation rate), and income tax receipts had climbed to over $1.5 trillion.  The tax rate cuts did not cause receipts to go down, as Democrats and CBO had projected; they actually skyrocketed by over 60%.  The tax cuts obviously did not cause the deficit.  The projected deficit for FY 2016 is projected to be over $500 billion.  Think how high it would be if the Federal Reserve weren't keeping the interest rates artificially low."  Click here some actual numbers  for more.  If you still are not convinced check out this link.  Obama has overseen a doubling of the national debt since he took office.  That is more than all prior presidents in US history combined and he still has the egotistical audacity to lie to us with a straight face saying, "...there are a bunch of folks who say that we're wildly overspending, even though we aren't".  Not only is that a bold faced lie, he is a national disgrace.

When it comes to Hillary you are obligated to suspend disbelief.  This piece does a really good job of revealing how unbelievably hypocritical and dishonest she is.  It does so by using her own words. Quote: "In a September 2007 congressional inquiry about the ongoing surge in Iraq, then Senator Hillary Clinton all but called Gen. David Petraeus a liar. After Petraeus gave a cautiously optimistic—and prescient—appraisal of the growing quiet in Iraq, Clinton curtly dismissed him with the literary term “suspension of disbelief,” which describes the creation of a fantasy world. Clinton sarcastically rebutted Petraeus’s quite accurate data with the curt dismissal, “I think that the reports that you provide to us really require the willing suspension of disbelief.” But Iraq was no make-believe place. Petraeus went on to quiet Iraq and it stayed that way until President Obama, with eyes on the 2012 election, yanked all peacekeepers out in December 2011—with the full support of Hillary Clinton.  In ironic fashion, Hillary’s own vocabulary best describes her conduct. A “willing suspension of disbelief” most aptly sums up Hillary Clinton’s disastrous 2016 primary campaign, which so far seems more disastrous than her 2008 disastrous campaign."

This former Obama Intelligence Chief says Hillary should drop out of the race for the Presidency.  Her behavior/actions disqualify her.  Quote: "”I think Hillary Clinton, for the good of the country, should step down and let this FBI investigation play out,” Flynn said.  Flynn, who headed the DIA from July 2012 to August 2014, said what worried him most were documents transferred from the Special Access Program to Hillary’s home server. The SAP designation contains some of the nation’s most highly secret documents."  And, "Flynn said those documents “had to be moved off electronically or removed out of the secure site physically, then it had to be put onto an unclassified email system.  “Someone who does this is completely irresponsible, but totally unaccountable and shows a streak of arrogance to the American public that is unworthy of anyone thinking they can run for president of the United States.”

Read the really bad news for Hillary in this recently released the Intelligence Inspector General's letter to Congress.  Hillary's desperate attempt to change the focus from her to an interagency dispute is laughable on its face.  And her charges that the Obama appointed Inspector General is nothing but a Republican stooge is but another desperate attempt to defame those who do not worship the ground she walks on.  Those who love the Clinton's must hate all the unethical, even evidence of illegal activities that just keeps on coming and proves what despicable people they both really are.   There is no doubt that the Clinton's, especially Hillary, have violated federal laws.  If our country still believes in the rule of law she will soon be indicted, but an overtly partisan president and attorney general make for a possible pass at justice.  People have gone to jail for much less than what she has done.  

This is the way democracy works in the Democrat party.  This item offers proof that it's political processes are not democratic when time comes to select its party's presidential candidates.  They have a mechanism in place that assures "their" chosen candidate wins regardless of Democrat party members primary/caucus votes cast.  That is also the way they will run the country.  Obama is Exhibit A.  Hillary is Exhibit B. 

Some items shared with you over time deal with revisionist history or news reporting that seeks to purposely misinform in order to influence people to believe that something is true but in reality it is not true.  This item goes along with that thought process.  Here is a taste of what is included.  "The sheer number of poorly faked news stories gives rise to the legitimate question, how many fake stories were done well? Why would any news organization feel that it is necessary to use false coverage to report actual news? It makes no sense to falsify something in order to tell the truth, so something else must be in play. The participants and producers are clearly aware of what they are doing when they use props or green screens, and since they are doing it without informing the viewing public it wouldn’t be unfair to call it a conspiracy. The more often these events are uncovered the less trust anyone feels in the institutions and representatives that commit these frauds on an unsuspecting population. Whether it is for altruistic or evil ends is irrelevant, the duplicity is it’s own crime and since it is done in secret, involving multiple parties we are left with little room to consider it as anything other than a conspiracy. That isn’t a theory, it’s a fact." 
An excellent must read.  Quote: "How else can one describe a group [the progressive/Democratic left] who could read a report that shows that 450 out of 452 (or 99.6% of) suicide terror attacks in 2015 were perpetrated by Muslims and carried out in the name of Allah, only to insist that Muslims are not uniquely linked to global terrorism?"  This item was lifted from the prior link.  Read the title and tell me with a straight face that the political left embraces logic, and more importantly the truth. 

For those who don't know Charles Murray he was the prime mover behind the changes to welfare programs during Clinton's presidency and Republican control of Congress which significantly reduced the size and costs of entitlement programs.  But no longer.  Obama has caused welfare programs to balloon.  Quote: "As recently as 1960, the creed was our national consensus. Running that year for the Democratic nomination, candidates like John F. Kennedy, Lyndon B. Johnson and Hubert Humphrey genuinely embraced the creed, differing from Republicans only in how its elements should be realized. Today, the creed has lost its authority and its substance. What happened? Many of the dynamics of the reversal can be found in developments across the whole of American society: in the emergence of a new upper class and a new lower class, and in the plight of the working class caught in between.  In my 2012 book “Coming Apart,” I discussed these new classes at length. The new upper class consists of the people who shape the country’s economy, politics and culture. The new lower class consists of people who have dropped out of some of the most basic institutions of American civic culture, especially work and marriage. Both of these new classes have repudiated the American creed in practice, whatever lip service they may still pay to it. Trumpism is the voice of a beleaguered working class telling us that it too is falling away.  Historically, one of the most widely acknowledged aspects of American exceptionalism was our lack of class consciousness. Even Marx and Engels recognized it. This was egalitarianism American style. Yes, America had rich people and poor people, but that didn’t mean that the rich were better than anyone else."

Here is the real story behind the shenanigans being perpetrated by the federal government against ranchers in Western states.  You will be appalled at the brutal and illegal behavior of federal agents against private citizens. Quote: "Writing in “Up Front,” editor C.J. Hadley reveals: “The agencies have blocked the family’s stock waters and access roads to their high country grazing land, canceled their legal grazing permits, and seem determined to destroy ranch and family so that they can add that private land to the 187,000-acre Malheur National Wildlife Refuge. Besides being locked up [in federal prison] in California, the Hammonds had to pay $400,000 by Dec. 31, 2015, for destroying federal land and were forced to give first option on their ranch to the BLM—the agency working to destroy them.”   Just so you know the head of the BLM is a long time Senator Harry Reid minion and is no doubt doing Reid's bid to destroy these families.

George Burns

Random Items

This note shares with you items collected over time that either were not worthy of mainstream media coverage or, if covered, got short changed or recast to conform with PC rules.  Sometimes the media gets things mostly right but often with a twist or two deemed appropriate to mislead public perception/understanding.  That is not to say all of these items are totally right but at least they provide some balance to reporting.  The point is we need to consider the source of news to gage its authenticity.  We must search multiple sources to get at least close to what is factual.  So, what follows is an attempt to offer some balance to mainstream media reporting to help us consider what is real and what is not. And what is true and what is not.

Before anyone makes decisions regarding political candidates an exploration of their past is essential and will reveal exactly who they are, what they believe and what they will likely do.  The mainstream media's operating procedure is to ignore the past history of Democrat candidates (otherwise we would have known Obama is a racist and socialist, if not Marxist) and although we already know Hillary's history the media is doing its best to obscure, revise or hide it.  Yet they dig like maniacs to collect any iota of dirt on any candidate whether real or not on opponents of their progressive agenda and their favored candidates. This piece provides insight all readers with Democrat leanings need to consider.  Two Quotes: "Most Americans believe that we won the fight against Communism when the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991 and Khrushchev’s famous boast that they would bury us proved to be empty. Not so. Communism is a monster of two guises. There is Marxist-Leninism and there is Gramsciism from Antonio Gramsci, an Italian communist thinker who broke with Marx and Lenin in the 1920s. The former preaches the violent overthrow of capitalism; the latter preaches the subtle subversion of capitalism and its ultimate transformation into tyrannical “mega-statism” over time."  And,  "Obama and Clinton learned their lessons from one of Gramsci’s top disciples, Saul Alinsky, the famous author of Rules for Radicals published in 1972. Alinsky’s screed is a revolutionary lesson in how to organize masses of men and women to hate the system of capitalist freedom, to take it down and replace it with a regimented collectivist system that centralizes government and levels down the productive classes to equality with the less productive classes."

This item extends the previous one.  Three brief quotes: "The Democrat Party is being led by an obscure Communist named Antonio Gramsci. The full implications of a socialistic worldview cannot be ascertained in a country dominated to some extent by capitalism. Socialists, like their kissing cousins the Communists, are thieves. They live off the capital of others. When the capital runs out, they are left with Cuba and North Korea."  And, "Gramsci’s methods are alive and well in the Democrat Party and much of Congress. Are "Bernie" Bernard Sanders and Hillary simply “useful idiots” or are they loyal followers of Gramsci and his innovative ideas? While a great deal of attention has been given to Saul Alinsky, who was more of a tactician, the more impacting ideologue who has influenced modern-day economic and social theory is Gramsci."  And, "Gramsci’s strategy is taught in every major university in the United States and most likely neither the professors nor the students know it. It is the worldview of nearly every Democrat candidate." 
This assessment, which I mostly agree with, provides an good assessment of how the minds of progressives seem to work.  Quote: "Like a cult, progressives dismiss reality when in conflicts with their worldview. Anyone who is not operating under a faith based belief system knows that progressive policies won’t work, can’t work. We’re pushing $20 trillion in debt, yet progressives want to spend more. How can spending more than you make ever result in a positive outcome? Socialism hasn’t ever raised the standard of living for the masses, anywhere, any when. We have countless examples of this, the latest being the collapse of Western Europe’s economy and the dramatic slowing of our own under Obama’s policies. Yet progressives don’t heed those warnings. More recently, Western Europe demonstrates the danger to host societies of allowing the immigration of those who won’t assimilate, yet progressive ignore this, too. It conflicts with their ideology, an ideology based on faith, just like a cult." 

How is it possible that so many Americans don't see that there is a stark difference between Socialism and Capitalism?  The progressive left for well over 100 years has debased the country, its history, its culture, its education system, its morals, its religious foundations so that now far too many have accepted the lies, disregard laws, think debauchery is normal, have no moral underpinnings and more. That represents a huge progressive victory.  We are now where we are and that is exactly where they want us to be.  They are on the verge of setting up their utopian socialistic society with the progressive elites in charge....repeating history that fails every time.  Progressive victories have made it possible for them to gleefully offer us two Democrat candidates, a committed socialist and a compulsive irresponsible liar and likely felon, running for the highest office in the land.  If you think that bodes well for you, your family and our country then God bless you.  You and your children and grand children will suffer the consequences.  If you think that is wrong you will need to become an activist for freedom, justice, liberty, honesty, righteousness, respect for others because time is short to avert the disaster that looms before us.  Please do your part.  Inaction is acceptance of the fate progressive have long sought.  And what is that?  A system the puts them in total charge of our lives, liberty and happiness from cradle to grave. This item may help further understanding of the difference between what Progressives want and what individuals who stand on their own two feet want.  Hopefully it will cause you to join in the fight against the evil forces of the socialistic left.  

This is matter which should concern all of us.  Quote: "The American people aren't stupid and know full well that the rich are dominating politics. But it's interesting that more people are concerned about media bias than money in politics. Bias threatens liberty more than money. Just look at Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton, the two biggest spenders of the campaign and both are in trouble. Bush is likely to be out of the race after the South Carolina primary after having spent north of $100 million - far more than any other GOP candidate. What does that say about the "influence" of big money on politics?  More to the point, media bias is insidious and subtly alters people's perceptions of candidates and issues - almost always in favor of liberals. Given a choice, I would much rather have a level media playing field than candidates like Jeb Bush spending money like a drunken sailor. In the end, all the money in the world can't hide a candidate's defects."

Given the above items this follow-up item should cause you to think.  Quote: "Socialist Bernie Sanders wants to take American backwards to the pre-Colonial times of the Pilgrims circa 1620, where Socialism failed miserably.  Likewise, Democrats want to take America to its 21st-century progressive equivalent, the big-government nanny state.  In fact, the Democrats' former reverential, almost cult-like treatment of Barack Obama – a dubious figure obviously anti-American, ultra-constitutional, and pro-Islamic – is reflective of the same blind devotion the purveyors of sharia law, the imams, expect of their followers.  Although the method is different, the result is identical: the iron-fisted suppression of the individual's rights and freedoms in favor of the all-powerful State.

This takes a look at President Wilson and both his progressivism and disdain for the Constitution.  The author concludes with this statement concerning the battle between Hillary and Bernie over who is the most progressive.  Quote: "It is clear that today's progressives have the same constitutional contempt as their predecessors. I hope they do not share the racial vision. Black voters ought to demand, at a minimum, that progressives disavow their ugly racist past. They should re-label themselves to something other than progressives, maybe compassionate totalitarians.  Both a history lesson and a good example of the exercise of proper presidential responsibilities."
With the passing of Justice Scalia the rhetoric of nominating his replacement has taken front and center during the ongoing presidential campaign.  Democrats are demanding Senate Republicans support an Obama nominee.  Republicans claim that it has long been custom for a president in his final year to defer to his successor.  Senator McConnell has announced that the Senate will not consider any nominee until the next president is in office. That is a Constitutional right the Senate holds and has, indeed, been frequently observed for some 80 years. The Democrats are, however, fighting mad at senate Republican declarations that they will not consider any Obama nominee.  Consider Democrat blatant hypocrisy.  This is ultra liberal Democrat Senator Schumer on the subject when President Bush was in office.   Here is more on the issue.  The truth is that Democrat claims of refusing to entertain an Obama nomination is irresponsible demagoguery on the part of Republican senators is nothing more an attempt to deflect away from their own past hypocrisy and tactics when the situation was reversed.  Then Senator Obama backed a call to filibuster a Bush nominee when he was president.  Talk about calling the kettle black.  One more item.  This item highlights the absolute hypocrisy of the Democrats based on their obstructive tactics conducted during the Reagan and W. Bush administrations.  How they can stand before the public with their faux high fluting moral hypocrisy is beyond me.  Hypocrisy on top of hypocrisy.  Yet Democrats have a way of shielding it with their indignant, self righteous, lying fa├žade.  They display absolutely no humility whatever.  The hypocrisy simply drips from these miscreants.  Schumer has the audacity to tell Republicans not to use his past statement against his current vociferous protests.  Anyone who has tracked his political career knows that he is deep into intrigue and backroom deals. In other words a dirty politician.  And don't even get me started on Obama.

Liberals/Progressives/Democrats who do not honor the US Constitution are gleeful at the death of Conservative Constitutionalist Supreme Court Justice Scalia.  Take note of this disrespectful leftist action.  It is an indication of the sad state of affairs in our country when the leading presidential candidates of the left are an avowed socialist and the other a compulsive liar under investigation by the FBI for multiple felonies.  If the left thinks either of these candidates have any moral fiber or any respect for the Constitution, much less the nation's laws, leftists of all stripes have lost their souls to progressive ideology which covets power and control over all else.  Our Constitution was constructed to defeat such ideology.   Obama did not like Scalia - will not attend or render remarks at his funeral.  Decorum is not his strong suit given his highly visible presence at funerals of dubious personages.

I truly wish that more Americans understood the truth Dr. Carson exposes than the revisionist lies propounded by progressives and race baiters.

Honest people will recognize the disgraceful actions routinely committed by leftist politicians, judges and activists.  History is nothing to them except what they want it to be.  This piece articulates the true facts regarding at least one aspect of American history and culture. The left for its nefarious reasons abhors but cannot deny its truth.  Quote: "The study of American history will show that the atheists, ACLU, Americans United for Separation of Church and State, and the Freedom From Religion Foundation don’t have a constitutional or historical leg to stand on when they file suits against religious displays, sectarian prayers, monuments, or anything else religious as it relates to government.  They get away with their legal theatrics because (1) the general population is ignorant on the subject and (2) the courts rule in terms of precedent and not history."

This is a factual depiction of the service Justice Scalia provided the country.

With the furor over who should replace Justice Scalia running rampant, this item is an attempt to put in place a rational view of what will likely happen regardless of who is president or who controls the Senate.  A very, very interesting assessment.   Quote: "The Supreme Court of old is gone, if not for good then at least for now. It will be a long time before we have another court such as the Warren Court (1953-1969), when Earl Warren served alongside such luminaries as William J. Brennan, Jr., William O. Douglas, Hugo Black, Felix Frankfurter and Thurgood Marshall. The Warren Court handed down rulings that were instrumental in shoring up critical legal safeguards against government abuse and discrimination. Without the Warren Court, there would be no Miranda warnings, no desegregation of the schools and no civil rights protections for indigents. [Y]et more than any single ruling, what Warren and his colleagues did best was embody what the Supreme Court should always be—an institution established to intervene and protect the people against the government and its agents when they overstep their bounds. That is no longer the case. We can no longer depend on the federal courts to protect us against the government. They are the government."

This is the truth and nothing but the truth and if the problem is not fixed it matters not who is president or which party is in power.