Sunday, September 12, 2021

There Is No ‘Delta Variant’ – No Clinical Test Can Diagnose You With ‘Delta’ and the Entire Narrative Is a Media-Fabricated Scam

No matter what the media tries to get you to think, the fact remains that there is no such thing as a "Delta variant," at least not as far as the currently available "Tests" are concerned.

Besides the fact that PCR tests are completely fraudulent to begin with, hospitals are now refusing to show patients who supposedly test "Positive" for the latest Delta variant their actual test results, which means there is no way to prove that anyone actually has it.

There certainly is not a test for something that does not exist because how could there be? If anything, what they are calling the Delta variant or even "Covid" in general is just vaccine damage and/or 5G poisoning under a different name.

Sheep Shirt 1 "Lab scientists say the process of validating the tests for approval is too costly and time-consuming." A musician from San Francisco by the name of Sam Reider who is "Fully vaccinated" learned this the hard way back in early summer when the California Department of Public Health notified him that he tested positive for Chinese Germs.

Learn more about RevenueStripe... A New Jersey man named Ryan Forrest, also "Fully vaccinated," says he experienced much the same thing after testing positive following his attendance at a wedding.

Many others have had similar experiences after supposedly testing positive for Delta.

"Are vaccinated patients being denied information from tests performed on their bodies because 'medical experts' don't want them to know they have the same type of COVID they were vaccinated against?" asks McMurray. 

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