Monday, September 13, 2021

The Texas Pro-Life Law

"Private citizens in Texas can proceed with civil claims against those engaged in abortion and the killing of unborn human beings with a heartbeat, and the Left is angry about that. Do you need to know anything else?".

Texas's heartbeat law is "a great development for the rule of law [and] for our nation's morality and ethics," Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton explains in the Weekly Update.

As Fitton notes, the Left's "Apoplectic" reaction to the law is perhaps of little surprise to those who have actively engaged in the fight to protect the unborn.

The law allows private citizens to bring civil actions over violations of the law which prohibits abortions after a fetal heartbeat is detected.

The law is being virulently opposed by the abortion advocacy groups and the Left, which as Fitton says, "Don't like the idea of women being unable to kill human beings with a heartbeat." As Fitton states, "You won't get an honest analysis of it [the law] from the media." The media's coverage of the law, Fitton notes , has led to confusion over the content of the law, which as Fitton reminds viewers, introduces only "a civil liability" for the accused, and is not enforced under criminal law.

Judicial Watch's recent revelations of federally funded programs such as the "Fetal organ chop shop,"which Fitton has described as "a catalog of horrors," makes the protection of the unborn of paramount importance in the national public policy debate.

Judicial Watch's work to uncover a federally funded "One-stop human fetal tissue shop" at the University of Pittsburgh has exposed the links of a fetal tissue supply chain which procures tissue from elective abortions, 'subdivides' the human remains, and distributes and ships the harvested tissue. 

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