Monday, September 13, 2021

Biden's Vaccine Mandates: It's about Power

The Biden administration on Thursday announced sweeping new mandates.

Some supporters of vaccine mandates continue to claim that the continued spread of covid-19 ought to be blamed on the unvaccinated.

As with the old "Flatten the curve" claims, this raises the question of why only covid patients are the target of federal mandates and public shaming.

It has become abundantly clear that the federal government-and especially the executive branch-regards legal and constitutional limits on federal power as mere inconveniences to be ignored.

Just as the Trump administration invented a new federal power to regulate evictions at rental properties-with little political opposition-the Biden administration's vaccine dictates for all private employers of a certain size are remarkable in their scope and unprecedented nature.

The exercise of so much direct federal power over 330 million Americans ought to be alarming.

Rather, the vaccine mandates represent merely the latest example of how the ruling class and much of the public supports a utilitarian technocratic state unrestrained by old classical liberal limitations on state power. 

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