Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Why Trump Should Not Fund an Oroville Dam Fix

“And yet, the federal government – not to mention the states – has invested shockingly little on such (flood repair) projects in recent years, spending about as much on flood recovery as prevention. Trump has vowed to spend $1 trillion on infrastructure, but it’s unclear if levees and dams will be included. Even in California, the center of “the resistance” (to Trump), we need help and cooperation from the federal government. It’s not about petty politics or about Trump’s twisted vision of loyalty, assuming he even honors it. It’s about saving lives.” –Erika D. Smith, editorial writer.
– “There the Threat of Oroville Dam – Then There’s Trump,” Sacramento Bee, Feb. 12, 2017.
“Secondly, California passed a $7.545 billion Proposition 1 Water Bond in 2015 that includes $395,000,000 for “flood management”.  These funds are to be coordinated with $800 million allocated for flood control projects under Proposition 84 (2006) and $4.09 billion in general obligation bonds to repair flood control structures under Proposition 1E (2006).  Of the Proposition 1 monies, $295 million would be dedicated to levee failure and flood projects mainly in the Sacramento Delta. This is to say nothing about the $597 million in Federal Stimulus funds appropriated to California for infrastructure projects in addition to $4.6 billion spent on Army Corps flood projects mainly in California under the Obama Administration from 2008 to 2016” – Wayne Lusvardi 

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