Monday, February 13, 2017

Things To Ponder

This item is instructive.  This item provides a description by a former progressive of why he abandoned progressivism.

This is an exceptional piece that nails the falsehoods/deceptions that underpin the lefts' drive to import as many immigrants as possible (legal or not) into our country.  Quote: "People like the former President and his fellow travelers are intent about ending Western White Christian culture in America, because they are Radical Leftist- Socialists - more correctly Internationalist Communists. Their goal is to see Communism spread throughout the world, to end capitalism, ostensibly, as the diatribe goes, so that the masses will finally rid themselves of their chains and live in a Utopian world. Stopping them, is the same thing that has been stopping them since the 1920's - the United States.  American Leftists, consisting of mis-guided youths, an amalgam of social justice freaks, hardcore Commies and anti-White Black-Power groups, will do anything to destroy the Judeo-Christian foundations of our democratic federal republic. While they protest in support of Palestinians and unabated Muslim immigration into the U.S., their goal is not salvation for the 'victimized' or for helpless refugees. Their goal is collapsing America's borders and weakening America's Western Culture and republican political fabric. When Barack Obama told a group of Christian religious leaders at a prayer breakfast that they needed to get off of their high horse - he meant it literally. He was talking about submission."

This item casts a very big cloud over the Obama years and his most unusual dealings with Iran in particular.

If you still do not believe the Clintons we neck deep in selling US uranium rights to Russia read this.

This seems like a pretty good assessment of what has ticked off the Democrat part.   Seems their egomaniacal view of themselves and their right to political controls have blinded them to the truth that most people see.  We do not want any more of their self-righteous declarations of who we are, who we should be, what to think or believe.  We have had enough of their arrogant oppressive dictates.  They need to take a very hard look at what they have become and clean up their act before taking another run at political leadership which the Obama years proved is far away from what most of us expect or more accurately respect.

Democrat party antics doing far more harm than good.  They need to grow up and behave as adults.  Quote: "Democrats are "sabotaging" America's national security and the party is about to topple over a cliff, New York Times bestselling author David Horowitz told Newsmax TV.  During an appearance on "Newsmax Prime," Horowitz told host J.D. Hayworth that left-leaning America is doing more harm than good when it comes to keeping people safe."    He used to be one of them so he knows of what he speaks. 

This is a worthwhile read.  It deals in reality far too many refuse to even consider.

Let this be a lesson for the pseudo intellectuals on the left who double as apologists for Islam.  Quote: "But as every Muslim and Christian knows, Egypt's "anti-defamation of religions" law – which has been responsible for the arrest and punishment of many Copts accused of mocking Islam on social media – is in reality an anti-defamation of Islam law.  Things held sacred by Christians are free game – including, apparently, for "moderate" governmental officials.  After all, Islam – beginning with its prophet and all throughout its scriptures – is built on defaming non-Muslims and their religions, Judaism and Christianity in particular.  So how can repeating what Islam holds to be true ever be deemed blasphemous by Muslims – sensitivities of infidels be damned?"

Many icons of the left are behaving very badly.   Their leadership is leading far too many away from reality.

This is the kind of reeducation Democrat's minds need.

If you still think the Democrat party is the only place for blacks to place their loyalty you need to read/view these racists people lambasting a black Republican senator.  The truth is that Democrats are the worst enemies that blacks have.  Anyone who studies the history of Democrats and their treatment of blacks over the last 100 years know that statement to be true.  This is an example of unconscionable behavior.  The more I see and read of the disgusting behavior that has taken over those on the political left the more I dislike them.  Yet they stand tall and repeatedly tell us they are the gracious and tolerant ones and are always proper and correct in what they do and say.  Far, far, far from it.  Anyone who does not bow down to their self proclaimed superiority is somehow unfit.  The black they trashed in the link is just one of millions of their victims.   The victim fights back.  Good for him.

Want some truth dealing with our leftist led education system?  Read this.  Quote: "American schooling from kindergarten to post-doc has entered a phase of epic failure under the watch of several generations of federal policy “experts.” It suffers from several other illnesses than the ones I’ve already mentioned, namely the tragic over-centralization of school districts into giant schools; and the odious racketeering in loans that drives college education. Betsy DeVos has a lot of damage to undo engineered by her exquisitely qualified predecessors."

This is likely one of the reasons the Democrats are so concerned with Trump and his actions thus far.  He told Jason Chaffetz is Chairman of the House Oversight Committee to do his job in an aggressive manner.  So much corruption reigns that he will be a busy guy and apparently with Trump's full backing.  And speculation is that Hillary is not off the hook.    Many actions to date are related to his drain the swamp pledge.  That has professional politicians and lobbyists worried.

Do you have any idea why we have military assets covering 70 % of the globe?

This might well turn out to be a good thing.  This court has a bad history of losing its rulings at the Supreme Court.   More.  Congress is working a bill to significantly cut this court's power and size.

When illegal immigrants come to the US they know where to go to be sure to maximize their take of taxpayer funded programs.

George Burns

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