Friday, August 18, 2017

Steve Bannon is leaving the White House

Controversial White House chief strategist Steve Bannon’s final day working in the West Wing is Friday. White House press secretary Sarah Sanders issued a statement to the press pool describing the move as a mutual decision between Bannon and White House chief of staff John Kelly earlier in the day.
“White House chief of staff John Kelly and Steve Bannon have mutually agreed today would be Steve’s last day. We are grateful for his service and wish him the best,” Sanders said.
The official word from the White House came after a slew of reports about Bannon’s departure. According to a New York Times report published shortly before Sanders’ statement, President Trump “told senior aides that he has decided to remove” Bannon. ABC News and other outlets reported that Bannon had already resigned.
Both the White House and Bannon failed to immediately respond to multiple requests for comment from Yahoo News.
Prior to the Times report, the conservative journalist Matt Drudge, who enjoys a close relationship with the White House, declared on Twitter that Bannon’s time in the West Wing was coming to an end. 

Ku Klux Klan Act of 1871

The Ku Klux Klan Act of 1871 (ch. 22, 17 Stat. 13 [codified as amended at 18 U.S.C.A. § 241, 42 U.S.C.A. §§ 1983, 1985(3), and 1988]), also called the Civil Rights Act of 1871 or the Force Act of 1871, was one of several important Civil Rights Acts passed by Congress during Reconstruction, the period following the Civil War when the victorious northern states attempted to create a new political order in the South. The act was intended to protect African Americans from violence perpetrated by the Ku Klux Klan (KKK), a white supremacist group.
In March 1871, President ulysses s. grant requested from Congress legislation that would address the problem of KKK violence, which had grown steadily since the group's formation in 1866. Congress responded on April 20, 1871, with the passage of the Ku Klux Klan Act, originally introduced as a bill "to enforce the provisions of the Fourteenth Amendment and for other purposes." Section 1 of the act covered enforcement of the Fourteenth Amendment and was later codified, in part, at 42 U.S.C.A. § 1983. Section 2 of the act, codified at 42 U.S.C.A. § 1985(3), provided civil and criminal penalties intended to deal with conspiratorial violence of the kind practiced by the Klan. Both sections of the act were intended to give federal protection to Fourteenth Amendment rights that were regularly being violated by private individuals as opposed to the state.
In addition, the Ku Klux Klan Act gave the president power to suspend the writ of Habeas Corpus in order to fight the KKK. President Grant used this power only once, in October 1871, in ten South Carolina counties experiencing high levels of Klan Terrorism. The act also banned KKK and other conspiracy members from serving on juries. 

Charlottesville Police Come Forward: We Were Told to “STAND DOWN” to Ignite Race War

A Charlottesville police officer has come forward to express his outrage at being told to “stand down” by the city mayor during violent clashes between protesters. 

The officer also claims the protests, which pitched “white supremacists” against members of Antifa, were “set up” to allow for the groups to ignite into exactly what happened.

We [Charlotesville police] were ordered to bring the rival groups together. As soon as they were in contact with each other, we were told to stand down. It was outrageous. We weren’t allowed to arrest anyone without asking the mayor first. We weren’t even allowed to stop the driver as he sped away.
The event was being set up as far back as at least May and it went like clockwork.”

At no point is the car that plowed into the crowd of protesters perused by police – there is not a police car in sight leading into the area, or out.

Newsworthy items 4

These are the people the political left support.  Ask yourself if this makes even a little bit of sense.    There can be no question that the political left is aligned with evil.  This item helps make the point.   Quote: "For the past decade or so, and on a broader scale the past half century, those on the left have dominated political discourse, not necessarily by having superior ideology, but by drowning out any semblance of intelligent discussion by playing the emotional game and shouting louder than any disagreement ever could."   And, "We’ve seen this with abortion, climate change, transgender issues, race relations, and virtually every subject that has ever been the center of political discussion. The strategy even extends to their nomenclature: Namely, calling themselves “progressives”. Let’s take a look at some of the lengthy strides the “Progressives” have made in the name of advancing society."

This is what is happening in France.  It is what happens everywhere Muslims establish a stronghold.  They do not integrate with the local population.  Rather they segregate and when strong enough numbers are present they start forcing themselves and their political/religious agenda on the locals.

This lady is 100% correct.    No matter how hard the left plays their murderous game they cannot escape the truth Alveda King exposes.

This is a really good piece shared by Charles.  Here is what he says.  Quote: "Shortly after release of the movie Bonnie and Clyde I asked my grandmother (who lived in the western states since the late 1800’s) about how the public was depicted as supporting the pair.  That question launched her into an immediate recall of how the banks, in that era, were considered to be villains for repossessing so much farm and ranch land after the depression.  During your and my childhoods banking reforms were finally enacted by the government.  Per the current events reported on below governments around the globe — not to mention the good ol USA — are raiding the henhouse along with the foxes.  Along with my grandmother I DON’T trust the banking system."

The continuing rants by this disgusting woman suggests she truly is evil to her very core.    If anyone qualifies as being a racist she does.

A fellow FBI agent outs his feelings regarding former FBI Director Comey.  It is not good.  Quote: "Comey’s cowardice and lack of integrity is further exemplified in his surreptitious disclosure of confidential information through an intermediary to the New York Times.  Comey has created a disgraceful legacy."   So, tell me why Trump is being investigated and not him, Obama, Hillary, Lynch and Holder to name just a few real criminals?

This may make some people uncomfortable.  The truth usually does.  Regardless of whether you like Rush or not, he tells the truth.  This piece points out the total hypocrisy and dishonesty of the Political left.  Truth is not on the side of the political left no matter how hard they try to convince us otherwise.  This quote is the documented truth. "I’m telling you that Barack Obama invited Black Lives Matter to the White House and honored them after Ferguson and after Baltimore. You’re not supposed to mention that, but there were two sides to this thing."  And, so is this,  "This is about violence between two hate groups with no association with Donald Trump or the Republican Party, but the media is doing everything it can to associate the Nazis and the skinheads and the white supremacists with not just Trump, but the Republican Party. That’s why the Republican Party, everybody in it ran to the microphones and condemned it. They did everything, ’cause they know that if they don’t go out and say that, the Drive-Bys and everybody else on the left are gonna do everything they can to associate this with the Republican Party. When the fact remains that on the line of ideological trace, both of these groups are extreme leftists. The Nazis were not on the right of anything, and white supremacists are not on the right of anything. All of these groups are to the left of center. But the Republican Party knows that they had to come out and condemn this or else, which takes me back to Trump’s statement. Now, somebody besides Trump had input in this statement, and you have to ask yourself: Was there nobody in the White House comms office who knew that the statement that Trump made was going to cause this? Is there nobody who knew this? Somebody in that comms office had to know that a statement like this was going to provide fodder for exactly what is happening now. (interruption) What do you mean, what would I have done different? Name the names! If you’re gonna go out, instead of condemning all sides or both sides, say it!"

Remember who invited people like this into our was Obama and fanatical political leftists.  People as noted in this and previous notes who seemingly by their acceptance of Muslim radicals into our country want them to help destroy our country.   I must say they are doing a really good job.

The more we learn about the unethical DNC the more we understand how Anti-American and immoral it is.  To save face they blame Trump for the bad deeds they do such as claim it was Trump who colluded with the Russians and providing them cover to launch an investigation to prove their lie. All the while the guilt lies squarely on their dirty shoulders.

George Burns

Newsworthy items 3

Obama knew about Russian hacking way back in 2014.  So, tell me why Trump is under investigation and Obama not.  Please someone explain this dilemma.  Trump was not even in the race then but Obama was president and did absolutely nothing.  Was he a spineless coward or did he purposefully hide the fact for later use against a Republican presidential candidate.  The latter is in fact what played out whether intended or not.   This along with other more miscues mark Obama as a real target for impeachment were he still in office.  He should still face the consequence of his many unethical and illegal actions.

The left is filled with people with hate in their hearts and a an apparent desire to destroy the country.  Have they even given the first thought as to what they would replace it with?  I think not, as least not the paid goons who are hired to raise havoc and most of the non--violent true believers that Democrats are the salt of the earth and Republicans, conservatives and Christians are the devil's very own band of bandits.  Truth is meaningless to political leftists.  Their goal is to dishonestly and unethically mislead and project their misdeeds on to those they hate.  And truth is meaningless to the informed but unsavory Socialists Democrats who have big plans for what they want to do to those they hate.  Of their big plans their hapless minions know little to nothing.!!!    

This piece by Tucker Carlson  is something everyone should read and heed what is says for he speaks the truth and nothing but the truth.
The political left and mainstream media are far too dishonest to even acknowledge they deserve everything President Trump has said about them.  Quote: "However, any honest liberal would be forced to admit that the violence promoted by Antifa and Black Lives Matter has no place in a modern republic. Both groups of protesters descended on Charlottesville armed with bricks and bats looking for a fight. Political violence is never justifiable. Antifa, short for Anti-Fascists, have risen to prominence on the Left after the election of Trump. The far-left movement maintains that Trump is attempting to usher fascism into America and must be resisted by force. Antifa is best known for their violent protests against free speech, lighting vehicles on fire, and violently suppressing right-wing gatherings, according to the National Review."  And,   Worse yet far too many on the liberal left are too stupid to even recognize that it is their behavior that is a prime example of historically established Nazi and Faschist behavior.  Don't believe me?  Check out the antics of the Nazi's and Fascists of the 30's.  That is exactly what the leftists of  today are doing.

This is the gift the long time delivery of foolish, irresponsible and destructive policies progressives, liberals, socialists and Democrats have given to our country.  See if you think their gift is a good one. Quote: "The 19-year-old is waving a knife and makes “matter-of-fact” statements that white people better watch out because there are “way more black people than white people in this motherf**king country, world, and existence.”  His vulgar commentary did not help his cause. He said, “Ya’ll n***as want to burn candles? B*tch, we’ll burn neighborhoods down. We’ll go all the way to wherever ya’ll motherf**kin’ live and light that whole sh*t up!”

I have shared this information before but this piece does a good job of laying out who is responsible for the North Korea problem now facing the world.  The fault belongs to two former presidents: Carter and Clinton.  And for eight long years Obama did nothing.

This is for certain a leftist recruiting effort for left leaning goons to participate in protests.   History tells us that their is little doubt that socialist billionaire and Obama and Hillary pal George Soros provides the funding.

This item explores the vast emptiness of the Democrat party.  Unfortunately a large block of the Republican party is not far behind.

When the far left wing Southern Poverty Law Center say this about a left winger, people should listen.  It offers proof that left wing radicals were the real responsible ones for the violence that ensued in Charlottesville.  If you did not know this already the right wing group had a permit to protest.  The left wings group who came armed with bats and other harmful things did not.  Their intent was to cause violence by their violent behavior.  The left wing media can report what they will but until they say this they continue to lie, manipulate, propagandize and deceive which is their game.

Everyone, especially the political left, needs to pay attention to the point of this posting.  It exposes the left's rank hypocrisy.   Leftist need to pay attention to facts instead of listing to their hateful rants against anyone who does not agree with them... The fact is that over the past 40 years racism in America has been in decline, no thank to leftist racial agitators.  Quote: "Racism has reared its ugly head again with the tragic events that happened in Charlottesville, Virginia this past weekend. The left continues to spout endlessly of unfairness and inequality across the country. Are you ready for a surprise? They’re right. Sort of. Racism and discrimination do still exist in the U.S., and it is a problem that is worthy of our attention. Yet, if we add a little historical context and analysis, we can see that the country has been heading in an impressively positive direction for 40 years. Racism is undeniably in decline, and the final steps to finally, fully move past this problem as a country are easier than you might think."   It is the political left whose divisive and hateful politics that keeps racism alive.   This item points to a big part of the problem led by the leftist mainstream media.  They hide widespread leftist violence while doing their best to exploit or blame the right for deeds they actually do.  Unethical tactics.  It has been socialistic/communistic Atifa violence that has been mostly occurring across the country.  But the mainstream media does not want you to know that.  

This tells you what you need to know about the hard leftist governor of Virginia.  While the left demands Trump single out white supremacists for their part of the Charlottesville riots, the Virginia governor refuses to condemn Antifa and its part.  He is a socialist and supports hateful agitators who go after people who do not agree with leftist demands that we obey their dictates.   It will interest you to note that he is a close associate of Hillary's.  Two corrupt peas in a pod.

This is a portrait of the thinking that characterizes the political left.  It is pure nonsense from start to finish.

Is Antifa as bad as they say it is?  You bet.   Will the political left ever admit the truth about Antifa?   Never. 

Media and the Political Left need to listen up.  You are the problem.  These black leaders support Trump.  The political left is irrational and after Trump's political head. They will use anything they can to get their way. Legal, illegal, unethical, lie or whatever.  These black leaders see through your evil plans and want you to stop your out of control hateful nonsense.

Anyone who believes this fake Indian, socialist and Democrat can lead her party to the promised land need to reconsider that thought.

Democrat politicians and the fake news mainstream media have so far underestimated the genius of President Trump.  This piece explains.

This liberal attorney gives Special Prosecuter Mueller a piece of his mind.  All but calls him unethical.  Quote: "In reality, it is RIDICULOUS to have 2 different Grand Juries for a single investigation. He did NOT need the DC one to issue Subpoenas. The Virginia one has that power too. What it means is that they will both not be receiving the full scale of evidence for the case."

It is government that destroys jobs.  This item explains.

Newsworthy items 2

Want to read a news item the mainstream media will never publish?  Quote: "The mainstream media revealed their extreme bias by attacking President Trump while ignoring the blatant racists in the Charlottesville mayor’s office. Leading purveyor of fake news, CNN, hounded President Trump over the weekend claiming that the “moral authority” of the presidency was lost after Trump failed to disavow white nationalists by name. However, the outright racist deputy mayor of Charlottesville, Wes Bellamy, was given a free pass for a series of profanity laden tweets decrying white people. The “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, Virginia ended in tragedy after a white nationalist protester drove his car through a crowd of counter-protesters, killing a 33-year-old woman and injuring 19 others. Trump condemned both the protesters and anti-protesters at the “Unite the Right” rally, saying, “We condemn in the strongest possible terms this egregious display of hatred, bigotry, and violence on many sides, on many sides.” Progressives immediately criticized Trump, claiming that he was making a false equivalency by comparing neo-Nazis and white supremacists–who held the rally–with the Black Lives Matter and Antifa counter-protesters."   The duplicitous lying and rank dishonesty of the mainstream media must be rejected by everyone.  They are a big, big part of the problem this nation faces.
More hypocrisy in spades from the political left.  No pun intended.   Quote: Nine people were killed and at least 30 others were wounded in shootings across Chicago between Friday night and Monday morning.  The weekend’s latest fatal shooting happened about 12:10 a.m. Monday in the Chicago Lawn neighborhood on the Southwest Side. A 26-year-old man was standing next to a car in the 3000-block of West 60th Street when a tan vehicle drove by westbound and someone inside fired shots, according to Chicago police. The man suffered multiple gunshot wounds and was pronounced dead at the scene. The Cook County Medical Examiner’s Office has not provided information on the fatality."   Where is their attention?  They always place blame, right or wrong, on the political right when facts prove most times it is leftist thugs who are to blame.   As noted hypocrisy and baseless lies in spades is the hallmark of the political left.  Deaths from black on black crime does not register on their radar. Only white people can be evil...but so many on the political left are white and according to their own foolish claims they must be evil racists too.  Nothing the left says or does ever makes any sense at all.

CNN which is notorious for it incessant lying, fake news and vicious attacks on Trump, Republicans, conservatives and Christians is a poor excuse for a news organization.  They are not the only guilty media outlet to demonstrate their ignorance by calling anyone fascists who does not agree their irrational point of view. The fact is they have bought wholesale the progressive's rewrite of history and changed meanings of words.  What, in their ignorance, they don't seem to understand is that progressives, liberals and Democrats are the Fascists. Over the past fifty years or so the left has redefined Fascists and Nazi to mean right wing.  History tells a different story. Both Nazi and Fascist are historically and factually left wing/socialist hate groups. Therefore the leftist assault on our country is nothing short of socialistic treason.  Their intent is to overturn a legitimately elected president and destroy the very fabric of our country.  They are in fact evil. Their objectives are evil.  Quote: "The stupid rhetoric has got to stop. I have been warning our model is forecasting tremendous civil unrest fostered by the economic downturn. The New York demonstrators keep accusing Trump of Fascism and racism outside Trump Tower demanding all business leaders resign from working at all with the White House as if this will do something good for the country or New York.  They are continuing to attribute the action of White Supremacists to Trump further dividing the nation. They  clearly do not even remotely understand what Fascism actually is and this ban on Muslims from six countries is not racism since Muslim is a religion not a race. Trump has not argued against any race in this country and Mexicans are not a separate race either. It does not matter. You cannot engage in any reasonable discourse. CNN, which is becoming the greatest threat to civilization spreading discontent internationally, will never recant or show an honest debate of the entire subject."   And, "Fascism is an authoritarian nationalism, that is characterized by dictatorial power, forced suppression of opposition, and control of industry and commerce. I do not understand how anyone can claim Trump is a fascist. CNN, of course, keeps trying so desperately to create civil unrest. They have come out and said with a headline “Alt-right? Don’t be afraid to call them fascists.” We simply have to stop these stupid labels. That is the first thing we have to do to try to restore some civility. In London, we have the Telegraph coming out really against CNN with the headline: “Fascism is not Conservatism, and conservatives must make that clear.”  I really question what is going on at CNN. It is not the reliable news source, it is becoming a hateful and vindictive network that is trying to create civil unrest. If Trump were truly a Fascist, he should send in troops and shut down CNN. That would be a good fascist move."    The fact is if the leftist socialists in our country knew anything about history they would recognize that it is their behavior that is rank fascism and it looks exactly like the fascism of the 1930s.  A mix of fascism, Nazism, Communism, Socialism, Progressivism, American liberalism all encompass what is today's Democrat party.  The mainstream media is their propaganda arm.  And, crony capitalists and academics have joined with them to turn our country into a fascist/socialist utopia with them in charge.  And, history also tells us that will not turn out well for those who engage in riots, media types who hawk their lies, and the crony capitalist, academics and politicians who engage in warfare against the President and our country and untold numbers of innocent Americans.  WWII fought this evil, Venezuela fell victim to it and American fascists but mostly innocent people will pay a very heavy price for their evil.  No thanks are offered up to the likes of Obama, Hillary, Lynch, Comey, Mueller, McCain, Holder, Gore, Kerry, Lindsay Graham, Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, Maxine Waters, Pelosi, Schumer, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Kathy Griffin, Michael Moore and other Hollywood elitists, and a whole bunch of others, not to mention Soros, Zuckerberg, Gates, Stayer and other elitists billionaire control freaks.  The chaos now ravaging our country is a product of their dirty handiwork.  They do not care about you or me.  No matter what the say they only care about themselves, their power and control over others. That is the history of fascism, socialism, communism and progressivism.  They are ugly.

This overly egotistical elected official is wrong almost if not every time with the things she says or does.  In this case she shows her ignorance and willingness to go with the progressive left's unwise flow.  She is part of the problem and definitely NOT part of the solution.  She has no core values and is always with the crowd yelling the loudest.  Right or wrong never enters her mind.  What seems to be popular today is what is popular with her.  She once again rebels at history for the benefit of progressive lies.  She should disappear and leave true history and innocent people alone.   Her antics have repeatedly been bad for our country.  And she is not even smart enough to realize that at least 62% of the people are more intelligent than she is.  

Far too many spineless, weasels, dishonest crony capitalist CEOs are joining hands with the revolutionary leftists to undermine the stability of our nation's government.  All because they are rank cowards and want to engage in crony capitalistic practices with their socialistic government partners.  That is exactly what took place in Mussolini's fascist regime.  Quote: "Liberal business executives are leaping like lemmings from President Donald Trump’s manufacturing advisory council. Good riddance.  These silly string-spined CEOs have sided with social justice agitators, Beltway media enablers, and Democratic resistance knuckleheads who believe Trump was wrong to condemn violence and hatred on all sides of the political spectrum. Never mind that of the four people arrested after the violent outbreak in Charlottesville, Virginia, this weekend, two were identified with the white nationalist movement and the other two were left-wing “Antifa” counterprotesters. One of those radical leftists is the man identified as having reportedly punched a female reporter for the D.C.-based newspaper The Hill. But since that doesn’t fit the national media narrative of journalists allegedly being victimized by right-wing incitements to violence, mum’s the word from corporate media executives and the rest of the preening CEOs.   The political left has decided Trump did not say exactly what they wanted him to say....which is to ignore the evils of Black Lives Matter and Antifa and only speak to the their calls to lambaste the white supremacists.  The CEOs joined hands with the totally dishonesty up and down with patently false leftist ideology.
While the political left and its faithful propaganda arm, the mainstream media, burn up the airwaves with baseless anti-Trump rhetoric they are diverting attention away from REAL CRIMINAL activities rampant in the Obama administration.  Check out this piece and ask yourself whether or not Democrats and mainstream media types are complicit in actively trying to cover up their own criminal behavior by focusing all their attention on destroying Trump.  Quote: "It’s known that Obama officials asked for participants in various intelligence documents to be “unmasked” in the hopes of finding the names of Trump campaign members who might have been connected with foreign governments or officials. Unfortunately for the former president, disclosing the names of US citizens identified through NSA surveillance is a federal crime, and that could come back to haunt him in the years to come. “There is an active investigation going on all across Capitol Hill. We have done our job as the CIA. We have provided information and responses to inquiries from multiple committees, Senate and House side. We will continue to do that to make sure they can perform their oversight functions properly,” the director stated."

Talking about the faithfulness of the mainstream media to the Democrat party and their national and global socialistic agenda, this piece exposes just what is going on.   Quote: "In Durham, North Carolina, the seat of Duke University, a gang of largely white males destroyed public property by pulling down a statue of a Confederate soldier. Perhaps they took their cue from the neo-Nazis installed in Ukraine by Obama and Hillary following the US-engineered coup that overthrew the elected democratic government. The first thing the new Obama-installed neo-Nazi regime did was to pull down all the Soviet war memorials of the liberation of Ukraine from Nazi Germany. The neo-Nazis who pulled down the war memorials were the descendants of the Ukrainians who fought for Nazi Germany. These neo-Nazis comprise the government of the “democracy” that Obama and Hillary brought to the Ukraine and is the government that the US government and its European vassals support."  And, speaking of the Civil War,  "Oppositon to the war in the North was high. Lincoln had to arrest and imprison 300 northern newspaper owners and editors and exile a US Congressman. Slavery was an inherited institution, not a Southern construct. Slavery would have gradually disappeared as immigrants into the South begin forming a work force and the over-cultivated plantation lands begin losing their fertility. Slavery existed as long as it did because new immigrants, instead of becoming a local work force, moved west, occupied Indian land and became independent farmers. Of course, the abolitionist created all the hatred of the South that they possibly could. Indeed, during my entire life, lived almost exclusively outside the South, I have observed the liberals foment racial hatred of blacks toward whites, and I have watched feminists foment gender hatred of women toward men. Hatred is the great cause of the liberals. It is what defines them. The stupid liberals have sowed social enmity between races and genders. The destruction of America will be the result." 

Newsworthy items 1

You will always get wise and thoughtful insights from Walter Williams.  Here is an example.  Quote: "Confederate generals were fighting for independence from the Union just as George Washington and other generals fought for independence from Great Britain. Those who’d label Gen. Robert E. Lee as a traitor might also label George Washington as a traitor. I’m sure Great Britain’s King George III would have agreed."

Maybe this will help those who do not believe the Democrat party over the past 50 plus years morphed into a full fledged socialist party including all the associated destructive trimmings.  Quote: "The Democratic Party has morphed over time from being a party that was pro-labor; anti-greed; and, via the New Deal, a supporter of demand-side Keynesian economics to being the party that is against "The System" and anti-capitalist.  Instead of upholding national goals and national identity, it has taken the side of tribalism, where identity politics is the end-all and be-all.
The epicenter of this shift from being progressive or liberal to being neo-Marxist, neo-fascist, and subversive of too many established social, political, and economic norms began in the 1960s.  Conceptual and practical shifts, especially in the philosophy of education, merged with other developments both in the anti-Vietnam War movement and in the burgeoning drug culture."  And, "Thus, we can see over the 50 years, from the mid-sixties to the present, that we are facing an attack on our cultural, political, social, legal, and economic identity.  The attack has been embraced not merely by demonstrators or by an immature counter-culture.  Rather, it has been embraced substantially by one of our two political parties.  Dark and difficult days lie ahead as we struggle to maintain the viability of the institutions we need and love."

The fall of Rome and the ongoing decline of America have astonishing parallels.  Read this piece and you will see the parallels for yourself.  Quote: "The similarities between both the American empire and the Roman empire are uncanny. Almost all of the same issues that resulted in the destruction and decay of the Roman empire are present in the modern American Empire. This is not something that can just be reversed. The moral decay, the greed, the corruption took many decades to infest our systems and institutions, it would take equally as long or longer to reverse this trend. There simply is to many forces at work that seek the ultimate destruction of the greatest nation the world has ever seen. What we see on the news, in our jobs, on our TV's, in our institutions and in the streets is just the tip of a larger iceberg that spells out certain destruction."   And, 

This outlines the intent of the UN and global elitists.  Quote: " In a borderless world, why would anyone have any loyalty to anyone or anything outside their tribe? How could there even be a state? In theory, the custodial state solves this by having corporations police the people, but as we see with the high tech firms, tribalism begins to rot them out from the inside. The cost of propping up cash furnaces like Twitter eventually becomes too much to bear, even for the true believers. Large scale social institutions can only exist in a world of large scale social trust. The cucks can mew about identity politics, but tribalism is the inevitable politics of multiculturalism. In fact, in a multi-ethnic, multicultural world, there can only be identity politics. Everyone is forced to root for their own team exclusively. The only way to prevent identity politics is to prevent multiculturalism and that can only happen in a world where each people has their own nation and well-defined and enforced borders. The alternative is the no state solution where it is every tribe for themselves, or else this happens."   This provides a good overview of the intentions of the UN and global elitist worldwide.  The elites want to tell us where to live along with a long laundry list of other things they demand for us lowly people and they do not care that we might disagree with them and their grandiose plans for them.  The rest of us are mere toss away after thoughts.  Read this and you will see what I mean.  Quote: "In a borderless world, why would anyone have any loyalty to anyone or anything outside their tribe? How could there even be a state? In theory, the custodial state solves this by having corporations police the people, but as we see with the high tech firms, tribalism begins to rot them out from the inside. The cost of propping up cash furnaces like Twitter eventually becomes too much to bear, even for the true believers. Large scale social institutions can only exist in a world of large scale social trust. The cucks can mew about identity politics, but tribalism is the inevitable politics of multiculturalism. In fact, in a multi-ethnic, multicultural world, there can only be identity politics. Everyone is forced to root for their own team exclusively. The only way to prevent identity politics is to prevent multiculturalism and that can only happen in a world where each people has their own nation and well-defined and enforced borders. The alternative is the no state solution where it is every tribe for themselves, or else this happens."   Here is just one example of what will happen when the UN and the global elite get what they want.  It describes what the two words "this happens" from the quote means.   You can already see that type of attitude and behavior exhibited by our very own leftist/Democrats/progressives.  The point has been reached where they no longer care that we understand their intentions.  We as their targets for destruction can hear all the vitriol and hate coming from and being demonstrated by leftists in every corner of our country.  They no longer hide their intentions because they are confident that they now have the upper hand and will pound the rest of us into submission under their hateful, ugly, immoral, unethical and very heavy feet.

The guilty are the leftist and they should be ashamed of their egregious and treasonous activities.  Anyone who thinks they are doing good must rethink that thought. Quote: "We have to come back to the question, why is the liberal/progressive/left comfortable with being aligned with the warmonger neoconservatives and the military/security complex against President Donald Trump who intended, until he was blocked, to reduce the extremely dangerous to all of mankind tensions between the US and Russia created over 24 years by the Clinton, George W. Bush, and Obama regimes? If you are really against violence, why oppose the only president we have had since Reagan who wants to reduce the risk of nuclear conflict?  I have asked this question a number of times. I have never had an answer from the liberal/progressive/left.  Are we to conclude that they are unaware, lost as they are in their hatred of white, heterosexual males, that they don’t care, that they want Trump destroyed even it Pence, the replacement, leads us into unwinnable war with Russia and China?  Why do the environmental and wildlife preservation organizations jump on the anti-Trump bandwaggon. Are they unaware of the consequences to all life of nuclear war?  What explains the total unreality in which Americans exist? We are supposed to be the leaders of the world. How can we lead when we are so utterly, hopelessly blind and stupid and consumed by hate?"

This item rightfully suggests that "Functional Illiterates are Trying to Erase History."The ignorance and disregard for history knows no bounds for generations taught to feel rather think in our government run indoctrination centers known as public schools. The left wing media reinforces their ignorance with misinformation, fake news and government sanctioned propaganda. Snowflakes across the land melt at anything they are instructed to find offensive. Everything and everyone who doesn’t agree with their half baked views are declared racists. Pointing out that leftist Antifa thugs, without permits to protest, initiated the violence in Charlottesville is racist. The uproar against Trump’s truthful assessment of the situation by CNN, MSNBC and Fox proves there isn’t a wit of difference among these corporate media outlets. True colors are revealed. The ongoing coup attempt against Trump continues unabated."

The political left praised Obama despite all his many bad decisions, illegal actions, destruction of jobs, bad economy, increased poverty, growth of welfare and food stamps usage, giant upsurge of illegal immigrants and more. Yet Trump has turned the economy around, jobs are up, food stamp usage down, illegal immigration is down and more but he is hated by the political left.  Can anyone explain that to me????   Despite all the vitriolic hatred and obstruction directed towards him by a whole range of indecent people across all Democrat and many Republican quarters he is getting things done.  Those opposing him are simply insane or at least completely out of their minds.  What do these people not understand? 

The Democrats love for Atifa will lead to sure destruction of their party and our country.  Destroying the Democrats is not their goal but destroying our country is.  Nonetheless both are accountable.

This item was shared by Charles.  Here's what he says about the link.  Quote: "Here’s an article about how Winston Salem is dealing with its monument;  well written and reflecting thoughtful inputs from black citizens there."
My comments: Don't you wish the stalwarts of the political left would be just as reasoned as the good people of Winston Salem?   Not possible.  Their hate is unbounded.

This piece rightfully sums up the foolishness of people going insane all across the nation, including a whole host of irresponsible politicians and media pundits. It is a total rebuke of their behavior.  Quote: "May I remind said members of the press, politicians and others that their speech is often found offensive by someone, and that if they advocate for and promote this rank lawlessness and blatantly unconstitutional behavior they will have nobody but themselves to blame when, not if, the nation erupts into violence on a level not seen in America since the 1860s and their homes, businesses and entire cities are sacked by persons who are aggrieved by their mere speechI have never in my life believed — until today — that we would see such an event in this nation again.  Today I fully expect it to happen and when this outcome occurs it will lay at the feet of the press and lawmakers. There has only been one person thus far — President Trump — with the balls to make the statement in public that violence in response to speech is never acceptable.  For this you excoriate him.  He’s right, you’re wrong, and your course of action is begging for the literal destruction of our society."

Confederate monuments testify to the Union's unfinished victory

President Trump was back on Twitter today, writing that it’s “sad” to see so many Confederate statues and monuments removed from prominent public spaces and cast into the historical dustbin. “The beauty that is being taken out of our cities, towns and parks will be greatly missed,” the president lamented.
His tweets — coming on the heels of his insistence that “many sides” were to blame for the violence in Charlottesville — are pouring kerosene on a controversy that’s centuries in the making. Trump’s incendiary comments on the bloody clashes in Charlottesville, and for that matter even his election, were possible only because the North’s victory in the Civil War was incomplete, and the achievements of the 1960s-era civil rights movement remain circumscribed.
Both the Civil War and the civil rights movement are justifiably seen as progressive breakthroughs. They were revolutions resulting in the end of slavery and, later, the abolition of Jim Crow across the United States. But the very existence of the Confederate statues that Trump is now defending, and the white-supremacist-fueled violence in Charlottesville last weekend, also underscore what wasn’t achieved in those earlier victories, and the and limits of these revolutions.
It is remarkable that scores of monuments and statues to the Confederacy, the losing side in the Civil War, were even erected in the first place. Consider that these symbols of a regime founded to defend slavery occupy hallowed public grounds — city parks, town squares, statehouses and courthouses. 

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Moderate Republicans to bail out Obamacare exchanges?

In the wake of the failure to repeal the problem known as Obamacare, a group of "moderate" Democrats and Republicans, who call themselves the "Problem Solvers Caucus," are attempting to push the bailout of Obamacare exchange insurers across the finish line.
Former Trump campaign economic adviser Stephen Moore, writing at, calls out Republicans for their participation in throwing "a multi-billion dollar life line to the Obamacare insurance exchanges."  He adds:
If Republicans are partners to this fiscal crime, they are as culpable as the Democrats who passed this turkey in the first place and they certainly don't deserve to be the governing party.
Moore contends that the "Obamacare lobby is salivating" over the idea that omission of the "bailout funds" from the health care law was an "innocent mistake" and that insurer payment funds were "intended to be automatic entitlement payments that would not have to be appropriated by Congress."
The Obamacare behemoth has a voracious appetite for taxpayer dollars, says Moore:

Mueller Raids Manafort's Home – Because He Has Nothing

When Robert Mueller took the gig with the Department of Justice to lead the silent coup against the Trump administration, things looked great. 100% or close to it of the media was reporting different levels and incidents of “Russian collusion.”
Attorney general Jeff Sessions, a close Trump confidant, had recused himself. The deputy AG, Rod Rosenstein, quickly buckled under media pressure to name a special counsel where no crime had been found and only an FBI counterintelligence investigation was taking place. No criminal investigation of the President, said the FBI director. Mueller had the chance to overturn an epic election mistake by uninformed American deplorables and be the darling of the swamp for a generation. How could he say no?
That was then, this is now.
All the king’s horses and all the king’s men have not found Russian collusion with Trump. Even Mueller likely knows it, because he is now investigating everything but Russian collusion. You do not expand an investigation’s scope because you have found a deep vein of criminality tied to prima facie Russian collusion -- if you did, you would be going deep into that vein.
Every week, more evidence comes out that the Democratic party computers were not hacked -- something vital to the concept of the Russians stealing those emails and giving to them to WikiLeaks. The fundamental requirement that the Russians stole Democratic emails might have been overturned if the FBI looked at the servers -- which they chose not to do. Who among us would be able to tell the FBI that we do not choose to give them our servers for an investigation? Which is what the DNC did, asserting that their own forensic group would make a finding.

Pathetic Democrats

Republicans in Congress look pretty pathetic to many Americans, but even more pathetic is the Democratic Party, which is nothing these days but an anti-Trump circus.   This is a direct consequence of victimology run wild, geographic myopia, and the utter sterility of modern leftism. 
Consider the "leaders" of the Democratic Party in the last election cycle.  Hillary Clinton, who has done nothing of consequence her entire life, won the nomination based on the fact that she was an insider and an old, angry woman.  Moreover, Hillary has clearly committed a number of crimes related to her private email server and deleted files.
Nancy Pelosi, the Democrat floor leader in the House of Representatives, routinely makes egregious mistakes like referring to President Trump as President Bush.  Debbie Wasserman Schultz, once head of the DNC, now faces legal problems because she hired foreign nationals who also were criminals to handle her computer security.
Lois Lerner at the IRS was an equally obnoxious and stupid woman who included in her communication with subordinates the sort of nasty and bigoted comments about conservatives that would have led to serious criminal investigations if Washington were an honest place with objective people.  Loretta Lynch was just as hapless, just as bigoted, and just as silly as Lerner.  Both were examples of Democrats promoting leftist women far beyond their ability and their ethics to posts of power.
If the Democrat obsession with female victimology was not enough, the Pathetic Democrats seem unable to look beyond those narrow strips of America of the Beltway and the Los Angeles and San Francisco regions of California.  While there are some areas of America that are genuinely "purple" in the red-blue division, even in these areas, there are popular Republican governors (Susana Martinez, for example), Republican legislatures (Minnesota, for example), and states that defied leftist expectations and voted for Trump (Michigan and Pennsylvania, for example.)

US Government & Press Lie Constantly, with Total Impunity

The lies are usually about the most important policies and actions of the United States government regarding international relations — foreign policy matters, such as wars, treaties, and economic sanctions. In the past, they were lies about matters such as that North Vietnam had attacked the USS Maddox in the Gulf of Tonkin Incident, and that Chile’s President Salvador Allende opposed democracy, and that Iraq’s President Saddam Hussein was «six months away from developing a [nuclear] weapon», and that Russian President Vladimir Putin’s «conquest of land» regarding Crimea had happened, and is the basic reason for the economic sanctions the US has placed against Russia. 
(6) On January 6, 2017, an assessment of the United States intelligence community entitled, «Assessing Russian Activities and Intentions in Recent US Elections» stated, «Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered an influence campaign in 2016 aimed at the United States presidential election». The assessment warns that «Moscow will apply lessons learned from its Putin-ordered campaign aimed at the US Presidential election to future influence efforts worldwide, including against US allies and their election processes».
In other words: because of this alleged hacking of the 2016 US Presidential election, the sanctions that were originally (and entirely falsely) based upon «conquest of land» regarding Crimea, are now being greatly increased.

News Worth Reading 3

The arrogance of the LBGT crowd is a thing to behold.  This ultra rich dude has spent a bunch of money over a 30 year period supporting  LBGT causes.  The enemy of their rights to engage in their lifestyle choices is according to him the religious rights of Christians.  Notwithstanding that the Constitution makes no mention of LBGT rights it most certainly does mention religious rights.  However, that is meaningless to him and his fellow LBGT advocates.  He goal is to strip Christians of their rights and give what ever they think they should be and turn them over to LBGTs. He does not understand the concept of equal rights for all.  He believes LBGT people deserve special rights because of their chosen sexual proclivities.  This is a sickness of large proportions.  Quote: "Tim Gill, a Democrat with deep pockets, has been fighting for members of the LGBTQ for decades. He recently revealed a disturbing plan to “punish the wicked” Christians in the South who still oppose the LGBTQ community, according to Rollingstone."  And, "Gill’s efforts to remove RFRA laws would result in Christian business owners being forced to provide services to LGBTQ members or suffer severe lawsuits and fines. Such was the case with two bakery owners in Oregon who were fined $135 thousand for refusing to bake a cake for a same-sex wedding, as revealed in an article by The Christian Post. The advancement of LGBTQ rights creates a complex issue for Christians. On the one hand, discrimination and hatred towards another person are unacceptable, and we’re meant to treat others with love and kindness. On the other, engaging in activities related to gay rights, such as hosting a same-sex wedding, could be seen as support for a lifestyle considered morally wrong by the Christian faith. It results in a struggle between rights of LGBTQ individuals and the religious freedom rights of Christians. And with each passing bit of legislation, it would seem that Christians are slowly losing their right to religious freedom."    It was the Christian foundation that built this country and sustained it for 250 years.  Nowhere in our history is there evidence that LBGTs were a collective force in developing or sustaining our nation's virtues, morals or culture.  That does not mean that LBGTs as individuals made no contribution.  Of course they did.  But they did so as individuals not because they were LBGTs.  Christians are Constitutionally protected individuals, too, and deserve the right to hold dear to their beliefs just as much as LBGTs have a right to their sexual proclivities. To seek to destroy Christians and their businesses along with their right to life liberty, happiness and property by forcing them to abandon their deeply held beliefs and yield to LBGT sexual preferences is dead wrong on any level I can imagine. It is a matter of justice, equal rights and respect for everyone.  No one has the right to force anyone to violate their principles.  But that seems to be what LBGTs believe.  Their sexual rights trump the rights and strongly held convictions of others. That is unjust on its face.

This piece suggests that sex change surgeries makes things worse for transgender people.  Quote: "The various liberal resources are shockingly equivocal as to what gender identity actually is. Gender identity is an “innermost knowing,” an issue of hormone imbalance, the result of a male brain in a female body, or a ‘transsexual’ brain, maybe an inherited characteristic, and many other possibilities, depending on whom you ask. According to some, gender is an inborn and permanent state; for others, a fluid awareness that might change by the day. How is it possible that a condition so insusceptible of consistent definition could be universally declared fatal without medical treatment?  Further, if transgenderism requires medical treatment, how can it form the basis of anyone’s identity? Trans people and their allies have, of course, insisted with great indignation that their condition is not an illness, but it is hard to see how this conclusion is to be avoided, if it’s insisted that it must be treated or else will be fatal. Illnesses that require treatment do not constitute anyone’s identity. Being HIV-positive requires medical treatment. I do not identify as HIV-positive as though it made me an entirely new kind of person. It is a condition I need to treat in order to live and be healthy. How is being trans any different?"  And, "The LGBT movement has built a civilization around the validation of being “who you are” despite all efforts of judgment or persecution. Trans individuals often tell me they are now their “true gender.” Advocates like Zack Ford and others routinely demand that extreme social bigotry prevents the trans individual from living a full and happy life. But in the center of this storm of indignation and boasting of perseverance is the steady and quiet realization that these people are extremely insecure.
We cannot forget the real tragedy in all of this. People suffering from genuine mental anguish are being promised that with enough surgery, camouflage, social acceptance, legal protection, educational campaigns, and so on, they will finally feel whole as a person. Worse, they are told that the only reason they continue to suffer is due to the intolerance and hatred of those around them. The current method of addressing this concern is only making matters worse. Treatment needs to address the core problem."

There is interesting content in this stream but my eye caught the thoughts of emblematic which is the 2nd item. It offers interesting insights.  The piece ends with this observation: "Having a negative foundation myth means the tree of life for Westerners is poisoned. People don’t realise it but the bounds of allowable thought and the orientation of ideas are all downstream from the myth of the society. As long as our understanding of who we are is determined by this negative foundation myth the only direction is down."

This item provides insight to the ineptitude of our nation's Congress.  They just issued a veto proof demand to impose serious sanctions on Russia for a fake Democrat claim that Russia messed with our elections.  The behavior of this body is one of childish irresponsibility.  Now our country will pay the price for their irresponsible behavior and denying the president the right to do his job.  This item explains.   Let your elected official know how you feel.

These retired senior military officers know of what they speak.  Obama's foolish transgender policy would devastate military unit cohesion. It would forever be a sure source of unit conflict when tight cohesion and sense of duty and trust in fellow warriors is of paramount importance. The socialist social engineer and politically correct Obama would never understand that vital ingredient so important to the military.   I should modify my previous comment.  He knew full well what his policy would do.  It was part of his clearly purposeful intent to destroy the cohesion of our military.  He brought it down to a size not seen since before WWII.   And,   I don't know what the right size is but for sure neither did Obama.

The State Department continues its slow roll of a Judge's order to release documents detailing what Obama and Hillary did just after the Benghazi disaster.  It is likely that Obama loyalists still in the State Department are at the heart of the obstruction.   Who ever it is should be fired.

This ridiculously stupid comment was rendered by an elected official who has five times been selected as one of the most corrupt people in the House of Representatives.  She is a DC laughing stock.   Not only is she helplessly corrupt she is an intellectual dullard.

This is a way Trump can move Obamacare down the road to repeal and replace.  Our corrupt lawmakers cut a deal with corrupt Obama not available to abused citizens required to purchase Obamacare or pay a fine increasing each and every year.  Read this to see how truly dirty the deal gifted by Obama to our American "royalty" known as Congress.    Not available to citizens paying the taxes funding subsidies for Congress and their staff.  That shows how concerned Obama and members of congress are for the health and welfare of the American people.  Very little for either.  

This provides a startling contrast between feminist of the past and the current crop that populates our country.  Quote: "The findings of modern science and research suggest that our feminist foremothers were startlingly insightful. Data now provides evidence that abortion hurts women and kills magnificent human beings. Medical science illustrates the breathtaking humanity of the preborn child. And longitudinal studies have proven that abortion has devastating effects on women, ranging from an exponentially greater likelihood of tragedies such as substance abuse and suicide, to jarring medical risks like preterm birth in subsequent pregnancies. Today’s data, like yesterday’s feminist foremothers, suggest that women would be better served by having their problems addressed, not by violently and permanently removing their child from the equation.  When it comes to defending preborn lives and standing up for the rights of women, pro-life advocates have every advantage, including history, data, and the original feminists America knows and loves."

This item examines the history of immigration and the consequences that came from the 1965 immigration law. Quote: The 1965 changes unwittingly ushered in a new era of mass immigration. The current level of immigration is actually higher than the graph below indicates because illegal immigration is much higher now than ever before, with a conservative estimate of 300,000 new permanent illegal immigrants each year. The result is an influx of more than 1 million people a year, with no natural end in sight."  And, "Despite the protestations of the 1965 act's sponsors, the sources of immigration have changed radically. This is partly due to the fact that there are fewer people in Europe are seeking to leave, now that most countries there are modern and industrialized. The ending of the national origins quotas opened the doors to mass entry of people from Asia and Latin America (regions where people are far more likely to want to emigrate), and the law's emphasis on family reunification ensured that those through the door first would be able to bring in their relatives, freezing out potential immigrants from Europe and from other developing nations."  And, "Although the percentage of high school dropouts among immigrants has fallen somewhat, the gap between natives and the foreign born has grown significantly, with immigrants more than twice as likely as native-born Americans not to have completed high school. This contributes to a growing pool of blue-collar workers competing for a shrinking number of well-paying jobs."

Talk about corruption read this.  Quote: 'From day one this cabal has been out to get Trump, and they have given the task of framing up Trump to Mueller. An honest man would not have accepted the job of chief witch-hunter, which is what Mueller’s job is.
The breathless hype of a nonexistent “Russian collusion” has been the lead news story for months despite the fact that no one, not the CIA, not the NSA, not the FBI, not the Director of National Intelligence, can find a scrap of evidence. In desperation, three of the seventeen US intelligence agencies picked a small handful of employees thought to lack integrity and produced an unverified report, absent of any evidence, that the hand-picked handful thought that there might have been a collusion. On the basis of what evidence they do not say. That nothing more substantial than this led to a special prosecutor shows how totally corrupt justice in America is."

Here is a question for Obama and his fellow irrational and irresponsible apologists supporting illegals and refugees.  Do things like this make you feel proud of what you have done to our country?  This is just one of hundreds maybe even thousands of example.  of massive failures.  And will for ever be a large part of Obama's terrible legacy.   And consider this. It will make you mad.   And the corrupt liberals want to impeach Trump???  Give me a break Obama was a veritable crime machine but the word impeachment never crossed the lips of anyone in office.   Will liberals ever acknowledge the message this Muslim sends?  No kidding.  What he says is exactly what the Muslims intend to do.

Another loyalist named who allegedly unmasked the names of  hundreds of Americans Obama illegally had intelligent agencies spy on.  Quote: "Former United Nations Ambassador Samantha Power is believed to have made "hundreds" of unmasking requests to identify individuals named in classified intelligence community reports related to Trump and his presidential transition team, according to multiple sources who said the behavior is unprecedented for an official in her position.  Power was first identified by the Washington Free Beacon last month as a central figure in a congressional investigation into efforts by senior Obama administration officials to obtain classified intelligence information in what many allege was an effort to undermine President Donald Trump and his incoming national security team. Power is believed to be the anonymous official responsible for "hundreds of unmasking requests during the final year of the Obama administration," according to current and former U.S. officials who spoke to the Free Beacon about the ongoing investigation."

While I don't hate her I could never be friendly with this woman who rabidly supports the killing of babies and selling their body parts. This is what she tells her fellow Democrats.   So, in her mind if you don't believe the murder of babies is okay or a noble thing to do you cannot be a Democrat.  If the shoe fits....

George Burns