Sunday, February 26, 2017


Unfortunately, many of today’s militant leftists attending the town hall meetings are not interested in debating or even discussing the issues. They are angry that change is coming to the country. They want socialized medicine, big government, regulations and open borders to continue.

Since the election of Barack Obama as President in 2008, the Democrats have lost 42 U.S. house seats, 11 U.S. Senate seats, 900 state legislative seats and 10 state governorships. They have lost control of the Congress, state legislatures and now the presidency, so even though they don’t like it, they must realize that a massive transformation is coming to the country. It is time to “Make America Great Again!”

Instead of creating disturbances at town hall meetings, liberals should follow the Tea Party playbook and organize for the 2018 mid-term elections. Regrettably, they are acting like spoiled children, expressing their anger by cursing and making threatening comments and only hurting their own cause.

As liberals are exposed in all their fury, more Americans will come to realize that the voters made the right decision in electing Donald Trump as our nation’s 45th President.

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