Friday, February 3, 2017

What Is It That The Left Does Not Understand? Or, What Is It They Are Up To? 1

Since Trump's inaugural as President the political left and mainstream media has provided a full frontal assault on his actions, many of which undo unethical and illegal actions taken by Obama before leaving office.  One of the items they are hyperventilating about is his actions to slow down accepting Muslim refugees from suspect countries and who have suspect character.  He logically wants to undertake a more robust vetting process.  What I don't understand is what the left does not understand about this perfectly legitimate action.  Its intent is simply to protect American citizens.  Do they not know what is going on in Europe?  Do they think nice Muslims have conducted the terrorists acts on our soil?  Are they welcoming of all refugees with blind folds on?  Do they not care what they themselves do or say?    Below are items dealing with this vital national security issue.

Why is this???  When Bill Clinton says it, it is right.  When Trump says it, it is wrong.  Could it be that the political left are total hypocrites?  Are their motives suspect?

Furthermore...It was the Obama administration who identified and established the list of Muslim countries now the source of vitriolic complaints about Trump's actions to "temporarily" halt entry of refugees from those countries into our country.  Can anyone understand what the left is so hyped up about???  Could it be that anything Trump says or does is to be opposed no matter the plain facts?  Are we to believe that whatever Obama and Democrats did was always the right thing to do?  But not so when Trump or Republicans do the same?   Do they think we have no memory of what they have done or think we are totally stupid?  Obama years were filled with terrible mayhem in the Middle East and north Africa with Hillary in the middle of it for four years. The consequence is the refugee problem plaguing so many people and nations.  That is not something to be proud of.  Yet, the left's attitude is unbelievably hypocritical.  They now seek to shift their sins to the political right.  What George Bush did in Iraq was wrong but was endorsed by a majority of the political left, including Hillary.  The Obama administration carried on the war against terrorism over the next eight years.  Now Trump who objected throughout is considered a unfeeling tyrant for his position on the consequential flood of refugees and his approach as president intent on protecting the interests of America.   Could it be that the disruptive effects of illegal immigration and refugee efforts are part of a bigger leftist plan?  Ponder that as you read the below items.

This item extends the previous items and highlights Democrat party membership, leftist mainstream media, college and university academics, fascistic talking heads and likewise industrialists making vile claims and promoting radical actions without the decency to recognize that the past five administrations, both parties, have done the same or similar things to what Trump has done. But now it is different and somehow evil. They are PURPOSELY riling up public hatred for Trump for their own devious, dishonest, deceitful purposes.  Trump was not suppose to win.  The White House belonged to Hillary, no matter her extensive ethical and moral shortcomings.  What counts was her socialistic beliefs, making them socialistic bedfellows. So their collective mission now has nothing to do with supporting the interests of the nation's citizens or sustaining our republic.  It is about restoring the conditions designed to bring about their objective of turning our country into a socialist utopia, the Constitution be da##ed.... History proves over and over that as being a totally flawed vision. They worked tirelessly to get Hillary elected. But failed.  Their collective quest?  Total leftist power and control.  Why else the increased vitriolic language, the constant protests, the needless violence, the wrath of fake news output, the constant train of fake claims of Trump misconduct and the obvious disrespect of anyone who opposes their objectives?  That reality should be pretty obvious to most people by now.   They lost the election and in the process control of their senses. Obama had laid the foundation.  Total power and control was within their grasp.  But Hillary lost. Their aimless and destructive flailing's are the consequence.

It is established that over 90% of journalists identify with the political left. It is also established that well over 85% of their reporting during the presidential campaign was negative against Trump.  That negative reporting continues and seemingly at an increased pace.  It is established that over 90% of academics identify with the political left and that colleges and universities are bastions of leftist propaganda. Public schools are a mirror image.  So, why do you think Trump and the political right is under constant attack by these and other institutions?   I need not remind you that Hillary was endorsed by the Communist Party of the USA.  They even chose to not run a candidate against her because her campaign platform met with their approval.  Did your nightly news report that fact?.  I also do not need to remind you that the so called violence at Trump rallies was widely reported by the media and almost always attributed to Trump followers.  But it is also established by released documentation that the violence was a coordinated effort orchestrated by the Democrat National Committee with paid by Democrat operatives overseeing rabble rousers coordinating the dirty work.  It is also documented that Hillary was aware of this fact.  Did you learn that from your nightly news?  That rabble rousing continues with the same funding sources at work.  No effort has been made by leftist elites to publically rebuke the chaos.  I should not have to remind you that the first half of the last century was a era where leftist/socialist/communist unrest persisted until finally leftist tyrants arose and murdered over 100 million of their own citizens.  Wars followed killing millions more.  The left consistently tells us the political right is the source of all things bad, including violence.  Members of the political right have indeed committed terrible acts, but they pale in comparison to the performances emanating from the left.  Ask yourself if you really think the political right is the cause of or the reason behind all the current mayhem.  There is no question in my mind that a fair and honest assessment will place that responsibility mostly if not entirely at the feet of the political left, including progressives, liberals, Democrats and socialists.

Thoughts from a well informed person.  Quote: "Try to imagine the absurdity of political leadership in the US and Europe during the 21st century. Western governments inflicted so much death and destruction that they created millions of Muslim refugees in order to accept as immigrants peoples who might harbor thoughts of revenge.  Are we to conclude that there is no such thing in the US and Europe as a liberal/progressive/left, only Soros-funded protesters for hire, as in the orchestrated Maiden protests in Kiev and today in Macedonia and Hungary? Correct or not, this is the conclusion of many.  Illegitimate protests discredit all protests. Could we be witnessing the ruling oligarchy using its pawns to discredit in advance valid protests at the time when they move to reassert their control?"

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