Friday, February 24, 2017

Things To Consider 2

Would you consider China as a nation we should all model ourselves after?  Some on our American political leftist think so.  Quote: "It’s rather sickening to watch self-described liberals embrace China as a responsible power. The headline on the cover of this week’s Economist, which I now read solely to find out what is not the case, is “China: the global grown-up.” The Washington Post purports to explain “Why China will be able to sell itself as the last liberal great power.” These articles, besides being wrong, have the distinction of following the line set by Beijing itself: “China may lead globalization movement,” says propaganda outlet CCTV."  and,  "Reading the gushing coverage of this dictator’s turgid and clichéd speech, I can’t help but think of the last time America’s liberal elite went gaga over China. “One-party autocracy certainly has its drawbacks,” Tom Friedman wrote in 2009. “But when it is led by a reasonably enlightened group of people, as China is today, it can also have great advantages.” Chief among those advantages, according to Friedman, is the Chinese Politburo’s ability to “just impose the politically difficult but critically important policies needed to move a society forward in the 21st century.” Spoken like a true apparatchik. Six months later, on Meet the Press, Friedman confessed his fantasy: “What if we could just be China for a day?”   If you do not believe that American leftist are not in league with communist thinking you are not paying attention to their words or deeds.  I am reminded of how much the political left/progressives were in love with Stalin's Russia, Hitler's Germany and Mussolini's Italy's before the horrors of their reigns were exposed.

This is a assessment of socialism well worth reading. Quote: "For it is not the copper-riveted old-time believers in Marxian theory that we in America have to fear. Those old-timers, although calling themselves democratic, still give lip-service to the Marxian doctrine of progress through increasing class division. They do not seem to me really to believe in it any longer; in the present state of class relations in this country such a belief would require feats of mental gymnastics for which even Marx did not prepare them. But their formal adherence to this and the rest of the Marxian mystique isolates them in America. Their fairy tale is not plausible enough to be dangerous. It is the bureaucratic socializers—if I may devise that label for the champions of a lawyer-manager-politician-intellectual revolution—who constitute a real and subtle threat to America’s democracy. It is their dream that is moving into focus as that of Lenin grows dim.  The assumption common to these two dreams is that society can be made more free and equal, and incidentally more orderly and prosperous, by a state apparatus which takes charge of the economy, and runs it according to a plan. And this assumption, though alluringly plausible, does not happen to be true. A state apparatus which plans and runs the business of a country must have the authority of a business executive. And that is the authority to tell all those active in the business where to go and what to do, and if they are insubordinate put them out. It must be an authoritarian state apparatus. It may not want to be, but the economy will go haywire if it is not."

This is a very, very interesting piece.  It's focus is on the vast number of parasites that populate our society.  You will be surprised at who some of them are.

The recklessness of the Democrats is astounding.  If this scandal gets exposed and is proven true they are in deep, deep trouble.

The left's irrational "feelings" instead of facts regarding the vetting of refugees gives rise to false truths.  These are some of them.  Quote: "The sober and logical reasons for President Donald Trump’s executive order on refugees and visitors are rising above the noise after an evening of hysterical over-reactions and emotional meltdowns on the nation’s TV networks.  Advocates of sane, secure immigration policy have long noted that it’s almost impossible to have a reasonable discussion of the refugee and immigration issues, because it’s been sentimentalized and politicized beyond the realm of rational thought.  This weekend brings them another superb example of media-magnified shrieking about fascism, bleating about “white nationalists,” howling about “religious persecution,” falsely invocations of the Constitution, and theatrical sobbing on behalf of the Statue of Liberty.  For readers who want to wallow in the emotion, examples can be found in this handy dossier of hysteria compiled by the Washington Post. But clear-eyed adults prefer to examine plain facts about Trump’s executive order."   

This Chinese billionaire offers America some needed insights.  Quote: "Like Trump, Ma also accused multinational corporations of profiting from globalization. “The American multinational companies made millions and millions of dollars from globalization,” Ma said. “The past 30 years, IBM, Cisco, Microsoft, they’ve made tens of millions — the profits they’ve made are much more than [those of] the four [largest] Chinese banks put together… But where did the money go?”  For many companies, the profits wound up overseas in offshore tax havens, or even in places like Nevada where protected onshore havens are managed by the infamous Rothschild family.  Ma stated that too much money in the U.S. is not distributed widely enough, and this is a cause of economic anxiety. He said that too much wealth flows to places like Silicon Valley and Wall Street, into the pockets of people who are far, far richer than the average American.  Instead, Ma said, the U.S. should be helping people in places like the Midwest and helping more Americans get better schooling. “You’re supposed to spend money on your own people. Not everybody can pass [up] Harvard, like me.”  Ma said he believes in global trade, but that it “should be inclusive,” with the profits not simply being funneled to the wealthy few. “The world needs new leadership, but the new leadership is about working together,” Ma stated. “As a business person, I want the world to share the prosperity together.”

In follow-up to the previous item, this summarizes the current day political left which is little more than socialism at best or communism at worse.  Quote: "On several occasions I have asked in my columns the rhetorical question: What became of the left? Today I answer my question.  The answer is that the European and American left, which traditionally stood for the working class and peace (bread and peace) no longer exists. The cause championed by those who pretend to be the “left” of today is identity politics.  The “left” no longer champions the working class, which the “left” dismisses as “Trump deplorables,” consisting of “racist, misogynist, homophobic, gun nuts.” Instead,the “left” champions alleged victimized and marginalized groups—blacks, homosexuals, women and the transgendered. Tranny bathrooms, a cause unlikely to mobilize many Americans, are more important to the “left” than the working class.  All white-skinned peoples except leftists, including apparently victimized women, are racist by definition.  Racism and victimization are the explanations of everything, all of history, all institutions, even the US Constitution. This program of the left cuts the left off from the working class, who have been abandoned by both political parties, and has terminated the left’s connection to the people."  And, "Thus, jobs offshoring permitted the productivity gains to be monopolized by corporate owners and executives.  Instead of responding to Trump’s support of the working class and his actions in their behalf during the first week of his presidency—Trump’s termination of TPP and his demand to auto manufacturers to bring manufacturing back to America—the “left” has rallied around a victim group—illegal immigrants. The “left” even elevates non-US citizens above the US working class.
Trump was elected by the working class. If the left is defined historically as the champion of the working class, then Donald Trump is their champion and the “left” is their enemy."

Consider this.  If increased terrorist acts are in our future Obama owns total responsibility for them.  Quote: "The Department of Homeland Security stopped more than 22,000 “high-risk” travelers from entering the United States in 2015, but officials remain uncertain about how effective these security screening methods are, opening the possibility that risky individuals such as terrorists are still being approved for entry into America, according to a new government report highlighting these flaws."

Food for thought.  Quote: "Those who have been leading us down the garden path of liberty and conspiracy have failed to both recognize and educate the disorganized masses on the actual methodology of the multilateral transmutation of the international monetary system. Reducing the power and influence of the Federal Reserve fits exactly into the mandates of the multilateral.  The same can be said of the political platform of Donald Trump. The “Make America Great Again” pledge and mantra is the condensed talking point which is based on the depreciation of the dollar. This multilateral depreciation will reduce the cost of US manufactured goods and increase exports. This means higher GDP, reduced debt-to-GDP ratio, and more jobs for Americans.  The multilateral mandates are being sold to Americans through alternative media and establishment opposition. The analysis presented here on POM has been attacked and/or ignored by so many sites which promise the truth. Yet, readers and followers of those sites and  personalities have been left more confused and less informed about everything that is taking place internationally.  Long-time readers of POM have been provided a front row seat on the transition from a unipolar USD dominated world to a multilateral SDR denominated world. The fact that so much of the information presented here is trending accurately is a testament to the validity of the analysis.  Who would have thought that the Bank for International Settlements and the Tea Party, Ron Paul, and the Alex Jones network would all want the same thing? Truth is definitely stranger than fiction, and conspiracy theory is not the conspiracy we thought it was at all. – JC  Interested readers may also gain additional insight into the strategies and workings of the international banking interests by reading the post The Bretton Woods Origin of the Cold War.    We need to look beyond the obvious.  Truth may be lurking in places other than where we are told it is. 

This piece illustrates that left leaning people seem to have lost the ability to think properly.  Consider the US tax policies proposed by Trump and the illogical defense of current tax policy supported by the left.  Quote: "The top rate proposed by the new administration (33%) is substantially lower than the maximum rate under President Obama (43.8%). Furthermore, a standard deduction of $12,000 means, on average, the middle class will get an additional $12k worth of tax-exempt income. Economic growth comes from CONSUMER spending. Increase the net disposable income and that will jump-start the economy. Of course, the Democrats will oppose this because they never saw a dollar they did not want to get their hands on. They tend to forget their history; the FIRST tax cut after World War II was implemented by John F. Kennedy."

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