Sunday, February 12, 2017

Barack’s Back—ThisTime Forcing Himself On Us!

Like the recurring nightmare that haunts your dreams, Barack Obama is back.
And ready or not, civil society must prepare for an era of ‘The Protest’ even worse than the ones already taking place to delegitimize the Donald Trump presidency.
Protagonist in a story that unfortunately never ends, the seriously election-embittered Obama literally forces himself upon the Western World—in or out of office.
In other words, the same community organizer ex-president, who once invoked the phrase “bringing a knife to a gun fight” during his 2008 presidential campaign against Senator John McCain, has come catapulting back from the State of Sulk.
The American electorate is NOT ALLOWED to have a non-progressive left president in the White house, big Election Day victory not withstanding. Thousands of shivs heading toward a back near you any day now are about to prove it.
Obama is coming out of exile—with a vengeance—said to be supported by a stealth army of some 30,000 foot soldiers, and that’s not even counting the thousands of White House and Government insiders waiting to join his army.
Protests to date will pale by comparison to Obama’s new Protest Era called “Getting Even!”
Bit players Meryl Streep, Rosie O’Donnell, Michael Moore et al were merely holding down the fort until the community organizer’s inevitable return. 

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