Friday, February 17, 2017

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I find it interesting that Democrats have suddenly found ethics.  This morning on the ABC's Good Morning America a short piece dealt with the cause of holding up Trump's cabinet picks.  The Democrats are concerned with the ethics of some of his picks.  Can you believe it?  This is a mainstream media and Democrat cabal who worshiped at the feet of Obama arguably one of the most if not the most unethical president in our history.  They fought tooth and nail to elect Hillary Clinton who many have said was the most corrupt presidential candidate in our history.  To claim concerns now with ethics is the height of hypocrisy.  Not only that their unethical tactics continue with huge private funding.  This is truly disgusting and definitely un-American.   Based on the past eight years it is fair to say that the current crop of Democrat party elites are among the most unethical politicians in our nation's history.  If you still doubt this truth, read this next item which lays out the unethical plans being laid by radical leftist/progressives/liberals/Democrats to do everything possible to destroy Trump's efforts in behalf of all Americans and to lift the carnage left by Obama and that cabal off our backs.   As noted in a number of prior emails the people of the political left are the ones who promote anarchy and adhere to socialist/communist ideology.  That unfortunately is in large measure today's Democrat party.  I need not remind you that the American Communist Party endorsed Hillary Clinton for president because she embodied their hopes and plans for a future America.

You just have to wonder about those on the left and their hateful words/behavior and total lack of respect for anyone who disagrees with them.  George Soros stoking the flames certainly does not help.

Hopefully this is just the beginning of rebuilding our country and putting the 94 million eligible workers out of work back to work and removing huge numbers of now dependent on the government for their livelihood. 

Quote: "Of all the tragedies of Barack Obama’s administration, perhaps none is as heartbreaking as Syria. This five-year-old conflict has been perpetuated by the United States at a tremendous cost in human lives, mostly Syrian, but also Kurdish, Turkish and Iraqi. Over 400,000 civilians have died in the struggle between the Syrian government and the “rebel forces” — whose composition is of very questionable legitimacy.  The original uprising, which began in 2011 as part of the “Arab Spring” movement that saw revolutionary protests in Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt, Yemen, Sudan, Iraq, Bahrain and Libya has since been expanded and funded beyond all scope of the original movement, which was merely aimed at protesting actions (and lack thereof) of the Assad government.  Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad cracked down on Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated political prisoners who had been released after his father Hafez passed away in 2000. Ironically, it was Bashar’s brother Bassel who had been his father’s chosen heir to power, but Bassel’s unexpected death in a car accident in 1994 meant that Bashar — who had studied to become an eye doctor in London — would ultimately take the reins over the country instead.  In the beginning of the Arab Spring movement, the United States stood by longtime dictators such as Hosni Mubarak in Egypt and Muammar Gaddafi in Libya rather than take the side of “the people” who wanted to overthrow them. However, as time went on, it became clear that in many cases, the dictators who were fighting masses of citizens in many of these countries were true despots who had abused their countrymen and plundered their nations’ resources."

This item suggests big global changes could be afoot. Quote: "The world was shocked by Brexit. Then it was stunned by Trump. Across the west, political change is happening dramatically and quickly. At the root of it all are conservative populist candidates. Just how much will they change the foreseeable future? Let’s look at the trends of this movement and the motivations behind it."

This is a good thing.   Below items illustrate that there is a political, social and sane reaction to sinister elite globalist plans.

Think those women's protest were uncoordinated events sponsored by concerned women?  Think again.  Behind the scenes socialist manipulators of agitation across the globe including money bags billionaire George Soros are pulling the strings to destabilize societies in the name of one world government.  Their well known goal is to create enough chaos to cause the people to clamor for global elitists to take charge and install a socialist world paradise with something like the UN in charge.  Soros was the funder of disruptions led by paid agitators at Trump rallies during the campaign, the protests that erupted during the inauguration and according to this item at least some of the global women's protests that followed the day after.

Past notes expressed the opinions of a number of writers that the Hollywood crowd needs to temper their enthusiasm for riling up their fans when much of what they is patently wrong or wildly misguided.  This is another observation that affirms this idea.
This tells you that far too many liberals are unfortunately like this woman.  They say they are the sane/coherent/tolerant ones but then demonstrate they are the opposite.  And then there are those like this woman.   And this Democrat Congressman and those who joined him in boycotting the inauguration are even worse.  Innuendo is no excuse.  If he and others have information we don't why has he not revealed it?   My guess.  He is lying/being deceptive to cover his unethical you know what.  More in the next item.   I am not kidding this is what leftists are allowing to happen right under our noses.   Their permissiveness of violence and lawlessness as well as destroying of civil discourse, attacks on individual liberty, religious principles and morality leads to chaos.   Those are permitted acts under Rules for Radicals which both Obama and Hillary follow as do many, many others with a progressive/liberal/socialistic bent.  Don't believe me?  Consider the obvious decay during the Obama years and the elevated violence and vitriolic language coming from the left against Trump, Republicans, Conservatives and Christians.  These are comments from candidates for the chairmanship of the DNC.  Tell me if you think anything they have to offer is worth listening to.  The Democrats are in serious disarray. 

More commentary on the motivations of liberals like Congressman John Lewis.    This is a view I agree with.

This is the behavior permitted, even promoted, by the so called tolerant political left/progressives/liberals/Democrats.   I am sorry but
that is not anything I can believe in.  Their long term motives are disastrous for peace loving peoples across the globe.  Now tell me this is good wholesome progressive/liberal behavior.   I am sorry but the civil behavior of far too many on the left is in rapid decline.

The more we learn about Planned Parenthood the less there is to like, much less respect.  This is a criminal enterprise and not one penny more of tax payer's money provided. 

Paul Craig Roberts has it right.  It was the working class who won the election. Quote: "The US presidential election is historic because the American people were able to defeat the oligarchs.  Hillary Clinton, an agent for the Oligarchy, was defeated despite the vicious media campaign against Donald Trump.  This shows that the media and the political establishments of the political parties no longer have credibility with the American people."
This regards some of the lessons learned from past elections.  Quote: "One of the bits of data to come from voters after the election came from the high number of Democrats who voted for Barack Obama and voted against Hillary Clinton. Now characterized as bigots and racists by BuzzFeed-reading regressive leftists, these voters actually did vote for Obama. But they told pollsters they thought Hillary Clinton was more interested in putting men in the daughters' bathrooms than putting people back to work.  From mourning the loss of Fidel Castro to attacking Christians, the American left is not only intent on displaying its bigotry and hatred for the United States, but seems hellbent on reminding voters they were right to vote for Trump."

As this item notes disgusting things are going on in the left leaning media.  In response to a New York Times pundit's public remarks suggesting that for political purposes Trump will allow terrorism to happen in our country, the author of this piece opines "To be clear, Trump has made his position on Islamic terrorism very clear — that he sees it as one of America’s greatest foreign threats — which makes Krugman’s assertion wildly inappropriate."

Hopefully this situation will eventually right itself. Quote: "WND reported at the time of the election Americans likely avoided an extreme leftward lurch that the U.S. Supreme Court probably would have taken under a President Hillary Clinton with a Democrat majority in the U.S. Senate.  The fear for many Americans was that Democrats in the White House and Senate soon would install judges in the Supreme Court who would curb Second Amendment rights, or say whether Christians will have the freedom to proclaim the divinity of Jesus Christ, even though it may offend Muslims, or recite Scripture that condemns homosexual behavior.  Or even whether Christians will be forced to pay for abortions conducted at any point in a pregnancy."    It will be a tough go, though.

The sad state of the political left is exemplified by their praise of Fidel Castro upon his death.  As usual truth is nowhere to be found.  Quote:  "The Democratic Party is licking its wounds after the 2016 elections. But they will never win again if their membership consists of those who praise dictators, who make excuses for oppression, murder and tyranny, or who proclaim that collectivism will solve all our ills. The rest of us will fight to make sure they are never anywhere near the levers of power in this country" too many people do not understand this reality.  Many of them are blinded by their politics.

Fake news is real.  Seems that most of it originates at left leaning news outlets.   Another example of fake news...this involves our federal government and a complicit mainstream media.

I often wonder if Obama is proud of this item which will loom large as part of his legacy.  Race relations seriously eroded under his tenure as a consequence of his racist activism as president.  This is but one of many examples of his presidential failures.    Does it make sense to you that people of the left can speak this way about blacks but if a conservative did so all h#ll would break out.   

This strongly suggests that former president Obama cared more for illegals than he did American citizens.  He robbed Medicare accounts funded by American workers and used them to fund illegals needs.   His legacy will no doubt end up being deemed un-American in nature. 

This was clearly not former president Obama's view and unfortunately likely remains the view of the political left.  But it is a lesson necessary to acknowledge and appropriately act upon.  Quote: "Racism is bad. If you don’t hate racism, you’re dumb. Wanting to more carefully select and assimilate those moving here from oppressive cultures is smart and compassionate. As an American I will not share moral equivalency with other cultures that promote some of the most barbaric, heartless practices towards mankind. I will not share it with other cultures that tolerate throwing acid on little girls going to school. We are not “equal” in our worldview. It isn’t just a matter of “tolerance.” We do not hold humans and freedom in the same light, so no…that culture is not equal to mine, as an American." 

George Burns

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