Sunday, February 26, 2017

The Whole World Is (Not) Watching

As the Conservative Political Action Conference comes to a close and radical leftists across the country rage over the wholesale rejection of their collapsing health law and election failures, you might think the world sees the United States as a nation in chaos. The media seems determined to give that very impression. But is the world viewing us, and President Trump, that way?

It’s only anecdotal, but my experiences speaking to people from other countries made one thing clear to me: The rest of the world is not watching.

On a recent trip to Ireland to see how the rest of the world viewed our political drama, I was surprised to find the rest of the world isn’t as interested as you might think.

Yes, they are much more aware of the happenings in our country than we are in theirs. But the U.S. is almost taken for granted, certainly more than even European media would have you believe.

In Dublin, I spoke with people from France, England and Italy, as well as the Irish, about their views of our country. The notion they are repulsed by the “buffoon” we elected is simply not so, despite what the media would have you to believe. The opinion of the U.S. is not as simple as that.

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