Sunday, February 26, 2017

Chicago Honors Terrorist After Dishonoring Trump

Chicago aldermen honored FALN (Armed Forces of National Liberation) terrorist Oscar Lopez-Rivera by naming a section of roadway after him. If only Leopold and Loeb, Al Capone, and John Wayne Gacy cloaked their crimes in a cause, then they, too, might now enjoy Second City street-sign salutes.

“He was a suspect of FALN bombings starting in July of 1976, when he and his friend Carlos Torres rented a room in an abandoned building,” retired FBI agent Donald Wofford tells The American Spectator. “When a source of the Chicago PD burglarized it, he found dynamite.”

Aside from turning his rental into a bomb factory, Lopez-Rivera tried to stick up an armored car, attempted to escape from prison, and, curiously, robbed a Carter-Mondale political office. Showing that no bad deed goes unrewarded, President Jimmy Carter’s Democratic successors both attempted to free the Puerto Rican terrorist before his 55-year sentence expired. Bill Clinton’s attempt in the ’90s, like Lopez’s in the ’80s, failed. The convict refused to agree to conditions, including renouncing past terrorism, that his comrades readily embraced. Seventeen years later, Barack Obama, attaching no such hassling stipulations, commuted Lopez-Rivera’s sentence before leaving office.

The FALN, which Lopez-Rivera helped found, set off more than 100 bombs in the ’70s and ’80s and killed a half dozen people. “They put down a whole series of bombs,” Wofford notes of the Chicago branch that Lopez-Rivera helped oversee. “By the grace of God, no one was killed.”

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