Friday, February 17, 2017

Presidential press conferences will never be the same again.

Donald Trump, giving press conferences as president, is like a cross between Fidel Castro’s long-windedness and machismo and Christopher Walken’s theatrical presence — and nobody else in the room can compete with that.
This was on display Thursday, when after a week’s worth of his administration being buffeted by a hurricane of negative media coverage — some of it deserved, some much less so — the president turned himself loose in the East Room.
An hour and 15 minutes later, he walked out of what could be described as a smoldering ruin.
Trump touted his administration’s achievements and advertised major reforms on the way in health care and tax policy, hinted that he’ll have a new immigration/travel order next week to moot the judicial assault on his constitutional power by the Ninth Circuit, announced a new Labor Secretary nominee to replace Andy Puzder — Alex Acosta, who is (we learned) not related to CNN White House reporter Jim Acosta — and absolutely took the mainstream media to task for their snarling behavior since his inauguration. It was a freewheeling, wide-open, raucous barroom brawl of a presser, with Trump taking on every questioner with swagger and New York moxie — Ari Fleischer called it a “friendly hostility” — while pushing back against narrative after narrative. 

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