Sunday, February 5, 2017

Democrats Find a Use for Violence

Conservatives are torn these days.  We wake up happy and excited to read the headlines and see what great new thing Trump has done.  Then we're hit with images of thugs in black masks beating up Trump supporters.  It is very disturbing.
Democrats are scared stiff that Trump's sensible, practical polices will make our country safer, boost our economy, and deliver jobs to blacks and millennials.  That's why they are running around in pink hats and black masks, beating dissenters up literally or verbally. 
Democrats are rejecting the heart of our democracy: the peaceful transfer of power via the ballot box. 
Democrat leaders says Trump has no right to enact the conservative policies we voted for, that our election victory is illegitimate.  They have embraced violence and violent rhetoric.  In Congress, senators boycotted committee meetings, forcing an emergency rule to move nominations forward.  Progressives are training government employees in passive resistance.  That will create another confrontation.  There is talk of impeachment before Trump is in office two weeks.
This is not the 1960s.  This is not a mass movement protesting an unpopular war or supporting civil rights legislation.  We have Obama's community agitation, not Martin Luther King's nonviolent resistance. 

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