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Things To Consider 3

No kidding. This Democrat says his party has moved far to the left.   They are now so far left they have entered Communist territory.

The dangers to the Republic wrought by hypocritical Democrat behavior causing public rifts between the President and Intelligence agencies.  It is acknowledged that Trump has played a role in bringing this trouble about.  But the Democrat behavior is the primary cause and should stop and stop now.  The last paragraph is dead on.  They care more about power than the good of the country.

Sorry to say but this is the way leftist/progressives think.  It is disgusting, irrational, irresponsible and totally wrong.  They have such high regard for themselves and their irrational leftist political philosophy that they willingly and out loud declare that someone in power who disagrees with them should be assassinated.   Incredibly liberals/progressives/Democrats in our country have called for the same thing.  Consider this and then tell me the mainstream media is unbiased. 

This topic has been covered in previous items but this piece deserves a read.  The left does not understand their improper use of terms like fascist or Nazi when addressing conservatives, libertarians or many Republicans.  Quote: "Promiscuously hurling the F-word at people for no other reason than labeling them as irredeemably deplorable has two unfortunate consequences.  First, it inhibits people from comprehending an important, albeit horrible, political movement of the mid-20th century.  Let us remember Santayana’s observation that historical ignorance has serious consequences.   Second, and more important, it is deleterious to civil discourse.  You cannot have a civil conversation – which should be an essential feature of popular government – with those who make such historically and politically erroneous claims.  It’s time for the Left to take that page out of its playbook."

It is a travesty that people who do things like this gain traction in conducting their irreligious antics.  They have a right to their opinion but when they are on the march against godliness everyone loses.

This is a very interesting analysis.

This Democrat tells his fellow Democrats the truth.  They screwed up their chance at an election and are busily screwing up their very future.  Read his comments here.

Interesting.  The leader of Hungary is inviting into his country anyone who wishes to flee from the flood of refugees.

The transgender bathroom debacle is about to be reversed.  Good riddance.  This was just one of Obama's really, really bad ideas.

This is a warning to the wise.  The political left is on a path that could well prove to be very destructive to peace and tranquility.  Help quell the tide.

Here's what Scot Baio former star on Happy Days has to say about what is so troubling to today's liberals.  He is on to something.   Here is more regarding the unhinging of the political left.

This is a disturbing trend enabled by the loose sexual morals pushed by the amorality of leftist free sex policies.

This is the kind of behavior Obama and the political left supports.  Disgusting from a former president specifically and the political left generally.    This too.

Disgraceful judicial activism by left wing judges.  The judicial branch of government has forged its own path to destruction of Constitutional rule and the three branches of government.  It has decided to take over control of the country using unconstitutional rulings to install a socialistic form of government.   There are exceptions however.  Some judges still believe in what the constitution says.  God bless them.

Consider this opinion of how Trump will/can deal with the opposition building against his immigration/refugee plans.

Rational thought dictates these measure as nothing short of common sense.  Quote: "Phil Haney, a former Homeland Security screening officer who developed a database to red-flag terrorist refugees only to have it erased by Obama’s DHS hierarchy, said Trump needs to “drain the swamp” of a refugee program that has become fraught with corruption.  But Haney, co-author of the whistleblower book “See Something Say Nothing,” said draining the water is just the beginning of the task facing Trump.  “Your work really begins after the water is drained. You have to see what is actually there buried in the muck and mire,” he said. “And if Trump has experts who are qualified to go in and conduct a forensic analysis, they’re going to find all kinds of nasty stuff down there and it will set in motion a whole sequence of events that will allow law enforcement and immigration officials to honestly evaluate the status of our current immigration policies and they’re going to find that there are a lot of problems with it.”

We have all heard the political left and mainstream media assure us that there is no voter fraud in our elections.  That is a Republican myth, they say.  Well there is ample evidence that that assertion is more of the left's fake news.  President Trump has apparently asked for an investigation into the subject of voter fraud something many believe is fact.  The preliminary evidence seems to support the need to investigate and if fraud is in fact taking place remedies put in place to prevent or at least limit future such actions.

This is a portrait of a socialist who cannot see, think straight and have a warped view of reality.  That is a common affliction of those on the political left.  Quote: "On 2016’s doozy of a campaign trail, Bernie Sanders focused his attention less on societal values and virtues whether, for instance, we as a whole people act virtuously or otherwise and much more on the size and scope of government programs and regulations. But the question of whether Americans act compassionately is distinct, and one Sen. Sanders gets wrong. Americans as private moral individuals are rife with the virtue of compassion. And this is not in spite of our wealth and relative freedom, as some might suggest, but because of it."

An interesting point of view.

Should the government run the public school system?  This item offers an interesting perspective on that question.  Quote: "Since schooling fails both parts of the public good definition, the free rider problem does not exist, and we do not need the government to operate schools. If government is not necessary for the operation of schools, we should not promote policies towards that end. Government’s current monopoly on schooling leads to a lower quality product, at an exorbitant cost. Instead, we should recognize the problems with the existing government monopoly on schooling and promote access to private school choice for all children, regardless of their income."

Silly me.  I thought that members of the Democrat party and progressives were the most tolerant people on earth. At least that is what they tell us.  In addition to the massive amount of vitriolic hatred coming from this tolerant quarter since Hillary's loss, this little item explains their view of us white folks. Because of the ambiguity of the language used it is hard tot know exactly who or exactly what white group they intend to shut down but is seems to be a real important objective for them.   This is terrible, terrible behavior of people who have clearly lost their way as they continue to wrap themselves into knots dealing with their identity politics nonsense.  If this man gets the Democratic party's leadership role, they are committing suicide as a political party.    It would be an official declaration that they support Muslimization of America.

And they claim to be the smartest people in the country and should always hold political power because only they know what is best for the rest of us.  At least one reason their thinking is seriously flawed is if they follow through with putting Representative Keith Ellison at the head of the Democratic National Committee.  Read this item to get a feel for why such an appointment would be the death knell of the party.  But then they are smarter than everyone else, aren't they?

Let's hope this assessment is what will in fact come to pass.  Quote: "What does all this mean? A unity among those who have been divided, prosperity for those who have lived in poverty, opportunity where there has been little, and law and order instead of chaos. Add to that the establishment of justice, a more perfect union and domestic tranquility, thanks to leadership that will build and promote our common defense, consider our general welfare and fight to secure the blessings of liberty. This will happen while we stand firmly on clear, Constitutional principles.  The transforming of the American economy and a focus on future generations and prosperity to those generations means leaving a country that is far better off than the way we found it. I believe this future is right around the corner, as long as politics do not once again take our country hostage."   It really does depend on whether the Democrat stop their obstructionist behavior. 

Far too many leftist/Democrats/liberals are unhinged, even school teachers.  Get a load of this teacher's completely inappropriate behavior in her classroom.

An interesting analysis but not so sure the last sentence is completely true.
Consider these refutations of nonsensical liberal arguments.  Do you agree or disagree?

George Burns

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