Thursday, February 9, 2017

The Madness of The Mainstream Media, Hollywod, Academia and Their Students, Politicians 1

This is the type behavior historically exhibited by people of the political left:  progressives, liberals, Democrats and socialists.  Yet, their claim is that they are superior to and more tolerant than those on the political right.  That is an oxymoron if ever there was one.  There is a lot here so be selective.

This is an example of how eager the mainstream media is to report anything they see or hear that is not good for Trump.  They stub their toe every time.

Disgusting.  The mainstream media was caught reporting 36 lies as news in just one weeks time.  And we are asked to believe what they say.  Their credibility is already at an all time low.  They are working to drive it even lower.   

The media's constant stream of false/erroneous reporting regarding anything Trump says or does should  be embarrassing but they keep on doing it to stoke the flames of dissent.  Unprofessional, unethical and deliberate efforts to thwart the President.  They must be called to task for their seditious behavior.

Would you not agree that this totally unethical act by Obama borders the line if not crossing it of being illegal?   Sending the UN this amount of money to waste is insane at best.   Congress did not authorize its use for that purpose.

I don't think this comedian would recognize a fascist if hit in the face by one.  She needs to read up on Mussolini who was indeed a fascist.   The left in its ignorance has a tendency to misuse their frequent disparaging "ism" words tossed about against those who do not adhere to their socialism tendencies.  Communism, fascism, Nazism are socialistic cousins.  In reality most times those invectives inadvertently describe themselves because they do not understand the economic principles embodied in conservative/libertarian thought.  Maybe she should take a look at this link.     Our government has long dabbled in crony capitalism which is a variant of fascism - a government partnership with selected businesses who benefit from government favors in some form usually favorable legislation and/or lucrative government sponsored business. The businesses fill supporting candidate campaign coffers and sometimes provide special favors which are usually illegal.  Both Democrats and Republicans play that game.  Obama was really good at it - he regulated the life blood out of businesses, especially small businesses - that is he increased government control of businesses by force of regulations, mostly for benefit of government interests in controlling free enterprise and supporting the bottom line of big industries/businesses.  Time will tell if Trump has such tendencies - to date he has encouraged free enterprise and job growth, with tax incentives, and pledges to remove excessive government controls imposed by regulations.  

Check this out.  The mainstream media ignores the true nature of black on white crime simply because it does not fit their precious fake narrative that it is only whites who are racist.  Truth means nothing to them.  A consequence is that a real problem exists because they ignore and even promote it.  Their reporting should be to inform and in a sense to be a call for action in warranted cases.  This is one such case.

The leftist media just cannot help themselves.  They proceed to produce fake news, always promoting the leftist worldview.

The mainstream media continues its fake news and biased reporting.  Seems to me instead of advancing their cause (whatever that is) they are shooting themselves in the foot.

This is an interesting take on how the left uses social justice tactics to defame those they do not like.  Quote: "In Stalin’s show trials, the victims were accused of mysterious crimes like conspiracy and sabotage, even though it was never clear with whom the accused were conspiring or what it was they were sabotaging. Stalin’s henchmen would use pressure to get some of the victims to confess, which was then used as “proof” that the rest of the accused were not just guilty, but guilty of obstructing the revolution’s search for truth. An innocent man trying to defend himself was left to swing at ghosts and shadows.  The modern day Stalinists use the same tactic, in which they accuse enemies of fostering a hostile environment or promoting objectionable material."

Hillary and her pal's on the political left are going off the deep end.  She, and daughter Chelsea) praised the behavior of professional rabble rousers violence conducted at airports around the country.  It is a good thing she is not our president.

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