Sunday, February 12, 2017

Radical left resorts to intimidation

The weekend began with another big win in the minds of progressives, Democrats, and various other affiliates of the Alt-left, pouncing on Betsy DeVos, the new secretary of education, as she attempted to pay a visit to a public school in Washington.
A clearly shaken DeVos endured shouts and taunts while being blocked from the entrance. That today’s Democrats don’t see the irony of standing in school doorways and preventing the lawful entry of others, says a lot.
They are morally lost. They’ve become the physical incarnation of the thugs and bogeymen they purport lie within the souls of conservatives.
So conservatives must not take power, or even speak freely.
It is everywhere.
Last week at UC Berkeley, hoping to attend a talk by conservative activist Milo Yiannopoulos, a young woman in a “Make America Great Again” hat was maced and others were beaten by “protesters” who also managed to spray paint the words “Kill Trump” on a building, throw fireworks, smash windows, and set a few fires.
All of this was caught on video and in pictures and liberal groups were more than happy to celebrate it.

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