Monday, July 24, 2017

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President Trump could pardon himself and his family. The Constitution says in Article 2 Clause 1 - the President shall have power to grant reprieves or pardon for grievances against the US. There are no limitations on the text except for cases of impeachment. Regardless of how the move may look politically, the question isn’t a political one.
Orrin Hatch was sent out today to attack Mike Lee. If you have been following Orrin Hatch, Paul Ryan, and Mitch McConnell’s line of thinking, conservatives like Lee are Obamacare Republicans, which is completely false. The political hack are out, the elite establishment Republicans want to get Mike Lee. Both Republicans and Democrats are lying about healthcare. Republicans have lied that they are going to repeal Obamacare. The Democrats have lied that Republicans actually mean to repeal Obamacare. The Republicans have lost the debate over healthcare because they have not engaged in the debate. 62% of American people now support the idea that the federal government must provide healthcare. This is a fight over ideas. If we lose the fight over first principles to progressives and their ideology, we will not recover our nation. It is not a battle between Republican and Democrat, but about Americanism vs. Progressivism. 

The Last Chance Of Freedom 

Ted Kennedy's Soviet Gambit

Picking his way through the Soviet archives that Boris Yeltsin had just thrown open, in 1991 Tim Sebastian, a reporter for the London Times, came across an arresting memorandum. Composed in 1983 by Victor Chebrikov, the top man at the KGB, the memorandum was addressed to Yuri Andropov, the top man in the entire USSR. The subject: Sen. Edward Kennedy.
“On 9-10 May of this year,” the May 14 memorandum explained, “Sen. Edward Kennedy’s close friend and trusted confidant [John] Tunney was in Moscow.” (Tunney was Kennedy’s law school roommate and a former Democratic senator from California.) “The senator charged Tunney to convey the following message, through confidential contacts, to the General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, Y. Andropov.”
Kennedy’s message was simple. He proposed an unabashed quid pro quo. Kennedy would lend Andropov a hand in dealing with President Reagan. In return, the Soviet leader would lend the Democratic Party a hand in challenging Reagan in the 1984 presidential election. “The only real potential threats to Reagan are problems of war and peace and Soviet-American relations,” the memorandum stated. “These issues, according to the senator, will without a doubt become the most important of the election campaign.”
Kennedy made Andropov a couple of specific offers. 

FBI relies on discredited dossier in Russia investigation

The FBI is routinely asking witnesses in its Russia investigation about the accusations in a dossier against Donald Trump, further expanding the reach of a discredited opposition research paper sourced from the Kremlin and financed and distributed by Democrats.
A source close to the investigation described the dossier as a checklist agents tick off as they go over numerous unverified charges denounced as fabrications by President Trump and his aides.
The source called it strange that a gossip-filled series of memos is guiding the way the bureau is conducting the investigation.
The memos were used not only to try to surreptitiously influence the November election, but congressional Democrats also used them to attack the president.
The FBI is using the checklist approach even though former Director James B. Comey referred to the memos from ex-British spy Christopher Steele as “some salacious and unverified material” when he testified in June on his firing by Mr. Trump.
He was describing the time on Jan. 6 that he provided the dossier, a loosely sourced bundle of charges, at a closed briefing for the president-elect. Leaks from the meeting became news media’s rationale to detail a document that reporters could not confirm. That month, BuzzFeed posted all 35 pages online. 

Friday, July 21, 2017


Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller III is yet again expanding the scope of his off-the-rails investigation into the Left’s wacky Russian electoral collusion conspiracy theory by examining financial transactions even vaguely related to Russia involving President Trump’s businesses and those of his associates, Bloomberg News reports.
Honest observers recognize that with the election of Donald Trump, the longtime Russophiles of the morally flexible Left flipped on their traditional friends in Moscow faster than you can say Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact or Operation Barbarossa. Ignoring its own history of rampant seditious collaboration with Russia, the Left has now managed to convince many that any past or present connection a Republican has or had to Russia, however trivial, is somehow now retroactively evidence of treason against the United States.

Left’s witch-hunt from growing and the goalposts from being shifted

There is still no evidence that Trump covered up a crime, or even that there was an underlying crime to be concealed but that hasn’t stopped the Left’s witch-hunt from growing and the goalposts from being shifted.

Crossing National Public Radio (NPR) Off My List for Health Care Coverage

But the treacly smooth, re-assuring voices! The civility! The diversity! The safety! And at this point, readers are probably snorting, saying “What, you still listen to NPR?” And in fact, I don’t have a radio, so I don’t. Worse, I’m about to look at the written word, not the spoken. But you know what I mean: The branding! The branding!
Anyhow, you may have friends who still listen to NPR, so perhaps the points in this quick post will help you in their conversations with them. But put down your coffee before you read Ron Elving’s article at NPR: “Trump’s Big Repealing Deal: 8 Takeaways On The Senate’s Health Care Meltdown Moment.” I didn’t, and I regret it! I’ll pull out five six quotes, in order from the article, by topic area:
1) Health Care Did Not Cause Democrats to Lose Control of Senate
[NPR:] People are always anxious about their health, their care and its cost, but when they actually get sick, lose their coverage or find their premiums rising, they get scared and angry.[1] Politically, it is often enough just to make them fear those things might happen.
Democrats found that out eight years ago, before they even got their bill across the finish line. The issue eventually flipped control of Congress 

So is Donald Trump’s entire career now under criminal investigation?

Who investigates the investigators?
Bloomberg reports that special counsel Robert Mueller expanded his investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election to include “examining a broad range of transactions involving [Donald] Trump’s businesses as well as his associates.” The transactions not only involve “associates” but, in some cases, date back a decade. The deals include Russians buying apartments in Trump-owned buildings and the sale of pricey Florida real estate to a rich Russian in 2008.
Why not also subpoena disgruntled former USFL players angry at the Donald’s role in the league’s demise to testify?
Mueller’s initial purpose, examining allegations of the Trump campaign’s collusion with the Russian government to influence the 2016 presidential election, now yields to a wider probe into the president’s business practices dating back a decade.
In a glass-half-empty interpretation, a special counsel unbound by external constraints who takes too much stock in the word “special” and not enough counsel certainly means more headaches for the president. The glass-half-full take interprets the broadening investigation as a tacit admission that Mueller found no evidence of collusion.
One with a plate overflowing with herring does not embark on a fishing expedition. 

Paul Krugman Explains Obamacare

On July 10, the failing New York Times ran “Three Legs Good, No Legs Bad” by Paul Krugman who asserted that the reason “Republicans can’t come up with a non-disastrous alternative to Obamacare [is] because you can’t change any major element of the Affordable Care Act without destroying the whole thing.”
Krugman then informs us that ObamaCare is a “three-legged stool.” The first leg requires “that insurers offer the same plans, at the same prices, to everyone, regardless of medical history,” which “deals with the problem of pre-existing conditions.” The second leg is the individual mandate, which requires (some) Americans to buy health insurance. And the third leg of Krugman’s stool is subsidies for those who can’t afford to comply with the mandate; i.e. expanded Medicaid and tax credits to buy private health insurance. “The key point is that all three legs of this stool are necessary. Take away any one of them, and the program can’t work.”
But if ObamaCare really is a three-legged stool, then that’s a major design flaw. Why wasn’t ObamaCare designed to be a four-legged chair? Many animals are quadrupeds, and can still get around if they lose one leg. Redundancies and backups are built into everything nowadays. Jetliners are designed to be able to fly on one engine. So was the stool deliberate, or are the architects of ObamaCare just doofuses who shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near public policy?

Democrats blame Trump for Obamacare's failure

Obama and the Democrats passed Obamacare on a straight party vote without any Republican input or votes using a parliamentary trick by Harry Reid.  Among other lies, Obama promised that premiums would be reduced and everyone would keep his doctor.  The basis of Obamacare was to force young healthy Americans to purchase expensive health insurance for coverage they did not need and to have taxpayers pay insurance companies to subsidize premiums for low-income Americans. 
The health insurance issues could have been, and still can be, resolved by specific laws dealing with specific issues.  For example, allow insurance to be sold across state lines, allow consumers to choose coverage, increase the amounts in health savings accounts (HSAs), allow for payment of premiums using HSAs, allow deductibility of all health costs and premiums from gross income, enact tort reform to limit punitive damage awards and non-economic losses, use VA hospitals to treat uninsured and those with pre-existing conditions, and others.
Instead of honestly dealing with the specific problems, Obama revamped the entire health insurance system and brought it under federal control to supposedly provide health insurance to about 12 million uninsured, when the vast majority of Americans, probably over 300 million, had health insurance.  The real purpose was to extend federal control over a large portion of the economy and create more voters dependent on the Democratic Party.

Another bizarre turn in Wasserman Schultz's latest hacking scandal

Revelations from an email hack cost her the chairmanship of the Democratic Party, and now that another hacking scandal may be threatening her job in Congress, Rep. Debbie Wasserman, D-Fla., Schultz apparently and abruptly has decided to finally stop stonewalling investigators.
“It’s about time,” said law professor Tim Canova, who told WND he “was glad to read a recent report Wasserman Schultz may finally be cooperating with the Capitol Hill police on the House hacking investigation.”
Canova, who teaches law at Nova Southeastern University in Florida’s Broward County and is challenging Wasserman Schultz in next year’s Democratic primary, was reacting to word that she has abruptly decided let investigators examine what may be a key piece of evidence in a huge Democratic hacking scandal largely ignored by the establishment media.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Newsworthy Items 5

This is something liberals have long ignored and refuse to acknowledge because it conflicts with their irrational narrative.   Along the same lines American academia is a serious violator of equal rights and freedom of expression.  The next link provides a case where a white student is forbidden to speak publically.  She says, "If you offer any sort of alternative viewpoint, which I do have, and you’re kind of the enemy,” said MacKenzie, whose statement was transcribed in part by HotAir. “I don’t agree with the behavior that has been shown on the campus and unlike what Anne Fischel [a previous speaker] has said, I think it’s important to focus on the way this was handled.”  “This behavior has actually been encouraged and because of this I feel like people are becoming more violent and the campus is becoming more of an unsafe place,” she continued. “I have been to several meetings to speak. I’ve been told several times that I’m not allowed to speak because I’m white.”   This has been played out many times over.  Liberalism/progressivism is nothing but a form of repression of free thought and free expression.  To them our Constitutional rights guaranteed all of us by the Constitution are no longer valid.  To liberals and progressives the Constitution is passe'.  Only the positions they hold dear at any point in time are valid.  Although at as times, situations or circumstances warrant a given position may not apply or needs to be applied differently for some obtuse reason.  But they will be sure to let us know when and how WE must adjust OUR thinking and speaking to conform to their politically correct speech guidelines.   One thing, though, can be relied upon.  Because logic and consistency are not inherent in their thinking the emotions and feelings they hold at any given point in time dictate what their position will be.

This is about all grown up leftist radicals living with mommy and daddy.   Quote: "A new report confirms exactly what we already believed to be true: most left wing activists in Berlin still live with their parents. Actually, 92% of them to be exact! Here’s another kicker, even though those 92 percenters are between the ages of 18-years-old and 29-years-old, one in three of them is unemployed. I’m sure they have blamed that on Trump….somehow.  According to the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (BfV)."    As asked in this piece, wonder what the numbers are in our country?   Even if the numbers are only half as large the future of our country is in deep, deep trouble.  These are people carrying around liberal baggage and little or no job skills but are great agitators whenever and wherever.  Chaos an destruction is their game.  Not good for anyone.

This city council's liberal bias is showing.  Despite their claims to the contrary it proves that far too many leftists are far too intolerant.     And this city and state long run by a Democrat machine suffers from far too much corruption.  This item provides the sordid details.

These liberal leftists prove that they are most ill informed.  They call Trump and the political right fascists yet in their ignorance they applaud this fascist speech.  Quote: "Anti-fascists claim, obviously, that they oppose "fascism." Just as obviously, I needed to put the word in quotes because the vast majority of them don't have a clue what it is. They hear someone who's proud of their country, immediately associate that person with Hitler, and scream the word as if it's some sort of talisman designed to ward off Nazis."    This singer songwriter made a big mistake with his song bashing Trump.  Entertainers are prone to think they are important because of their fan base.  That breeds arrogance and consequently too many fall victim to thinking what they think is important and they need to share their "profound" thoughts with others.  Here is an example.

This piece serves as a good summary of the contents of this note.  It briefly assesses the perversity and defiance of common sense          of the liberal/progressive/Democrat social, cultural and political agenda.  Quote: "What we cryptically call “the left” is at war with all that America once most cherished – liberty, genuine Christian faith and morality, equality under the law, personal responsibility, limited government and unlimited opportunity. And the primary battle in that war is the left’s ongoing frontal assault on common sense. For common sense is truly the gateway to the rest of our blessings, including our safety, prosperity, happiness and sanity itself – and to our future as a free people." 

George Burns

Newsworthy Items 4

Democrat Representative Maxine Waters has been placed on the most corrupt politician list five times.  Most recently in 2017.   Both Republicans and Democrats routinely make the list but Maxine is a big time winner of this dubious award.  More on Maxine's not so nice history.   Not only is she unethical she frequently makes comments which reveal that her intelligence quotient is apparently a bit lacking.

This is a disturbing thing to ponder.  But, it is an eerie recurring theme with this notorious family.    And,  And,    And yet more shady deals.    Wonder where the mainstream media is on strange occurrences such as these??? 

The global political left and its complicit mainstream media ignore facts to promote their false agenda.  It is turning into criminal behavior.  Quote: ""The children born in Italy are Italians and it is the duty of a civilized country to welcome them," Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni said earlier this week. The proposed bill is also passionately supported by his predecessor Matteo Renzi.  Gentiloni has brushed aside attempts by critics to link the issue of citizen rights to that of national security, saying "the way to reduce risk is not through exclusion but dialogue and inclusion".  But with unemployment towering at 11 percent -- well above the average in the eurozone -- and soaring to 37 percent among young people, the age-old narrative of foreigners stealing locals' jobs has reared its head. That fear has not been eased by new figures this week showing 4.5 million Italians are living in absolute poverty.  According to Il Messaggero, those polled in Thursday's survey said it would be better to postpone the debate on citizenship rights until after the general election in spring next year.  Italy in 2016 bestowed the highest number of citizenships in Europe at 205,000, up from just 63,000 in 2012. Adopting "ius soli" would bring Italy into line with the majority of its European neighbours -- from Belgium and Britain to France and Portugal -- where the law already applies in various forms."    The immigration crisis is slowly but surely destroying the cultures of European nations along with the rule of law and civil discourse.  The obvious culture clash is ignored while nations fall into chaos.  A false narrative does not a good solution make.

Now tell me this is the proper use of our justice system.  Being a politically created victim is far more important than obeying established law.   And, the corruption of the law is further elaborated upon in this item.

This leftist feminist displays behavior that makes it clear that much of feminist thinking is sick at its core.  Anyone who can say these kind of things about their own sons demonstrates how so much of leftist thinking is not only repulsive it is totally in the pits. 

It is unconscionable the hypocrisy of the political left.  They claim to be for women's rights yet they support the most repressive parts of Islam that treat women as slaves and sex objects.  So illogical they are that Democrats will not permit us to enact laws to protect Muslim females  in our country.

Ethics, decency, morality, facts, history and more are quickly disappearing from the scene thanks to incessant and irresponsible progressive/liberal cultural activism that is undermining the very fundamentals that long underpinned our society.  Here is an example.   Another good example. Bill Nye, the so called science guy, has been nominated for an Emmy for an episode of his Netflix show.  Don't know about his other shows but this one is immoral show and  deserves to cancelled forthwith.  But the liberal left holds him in high regard because he has turned himself into a liberal propagandist seeking to mold young minds into loyal liberal robots.  Truth is that the specific episode cited is something most normal folks would consider bordering on sexual abuse, if not actual abuse of his position.  Quote: "Rachel Bloom performed the rap that was written to explain the sexual spectrum. It praises drag queens, transgender sex, gay sex, and anything else that is not considered “normal.”  And,  "The fact that the episode featuring this awful song was nominated for an Emmy is very revealing. Hollywood does not care about the quality of writing. “Bill Nye Saves the World” was nominated because it parrots back liberal talking points. The show is supposed to reveal the science behind important political topics, but it is completely devoid of educational value. A video nominated for an Emmy pushed the unscientific claim that there is an unlimited number of genders."

Newsworthy Items 3

Where are the media and Democrat politicians calling for investigations into these actual acts of collusion?  Nowhere!  Because truth, decency and serving the public interest is not what are important to them. Democrats operate under a different set of rules than the rest of us.  Mostly, though, their goal is to acquire total (tyrannical) power and control over the nation and its citizens.  They mean to destroy anyone who gets in their way.  Hence, radical leftists in their ranks and even ranking Democrats call for Trump's impeachment, exile or assassination. They proudly hang an effigy of Trump's severed head as a symbol of their defiance of his presidency.  They don't even think their attempt at accomplishing a coup is an act of treason.  They just know they are in the right.  Corrupt Hillary should be president.

Adding fuel to the collusion fire is this piece which details the total contempt Democrats have for our system of elections.  A Russian lawyer, here because Attorney General Loretta Lynch let her in even though her visa had expired, who has worked with Democrats for years contacted Trump, Jr. and lied about the purpose of a meeting to lure him into a dirty trap they are now using to try to destroy a sitting president.   Unconscionable behavior.  Quote: "While critics have accused her of being a high-level Russian agent trying to help the Trump administration, there is no indication she ever wanted to help the Trump campaign, and there are indications she actually opposed Trump’s election. Veselnitskaya appears to have attended an anti-Trump rally on January 21, according to pictures posted on her Facebook page. Protesters held signs saying “Impeach Trump” and portraying him as close to Russian President Vladimir Putin.  Just three days before her meeting with Trump Jr., Veselnitskaya twice tweeted an article headlined “NY Attorney General: Trump University Is a Straight Up Fraud Case,” according to a Twitter account appearing to belong to her. Another time, she tweeted out a story on Clinton vowing to win the Democratic nomination despite losing a primary race to opponent Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT).  And both she and Trump Jr. have said nothing came of the meeting. According to emails released by Trump Jr., he believed she would have incriminating information on Hillary Clinton. However, Veselnitskaya told NBC News this week that she was there as part of a lobbying campaign to reverse the Magnitsky Act."   A short synopsis of the sordid affair.

Being hypocritical is something that Democrats are really good at.  They are up in arms about any Republican connection with Russia but to them those rules only apply to Republicans.  Apparently, it is okay if they deal with Russians.    The next link reinforces the notion of persistent and out of control Democrat hypocrisy.  Nancy Pelosi, the senior Democrat in the House of Representatives, has demanded Trump, Jr. resign and be striped of his security clearance over an anti-Trump antic perpetrated by Democrat operatives.  Last time I checked actual Democrat violators of US security laws include people like Hillary Clinton and James Comey and a host of their respective associates with whom they collaborated to illegally share actual classified information.  Nancy conveniently overlooked asking for the lifting of their security clearances.  Although he was wrong to do so Trump, Jr.fell into a trap set to promote Democrat interests but he did not violate any actual US security laws.  Pelosi should be ashamed of herself for so prominently displaying her rank hypocrisy and ignorance of US security laws.   Evidence of Clinton clan corruption continues to be exposed, including multiple national security violations.   Democrats and the media ignore these irresponsible actions of fellow liberals/Democrats in pursuit of their destruction of Trump based solely on fake news.

Hillary's troubles continue to mount.  While serving as Secretary of State she violated multiple laws multiple times to enrich the Clinton Foundation and her family.  Emails continue to emerge that make the case. Quote: "More than eight months after Hillary Clinton’s election loss, her use of a private email server and other conduct during her tenure as U.S. secretary of state continue to haunt her." And, "Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton argued the newly released documents substantiate accusations that Clinton and her team engaged in criminality."    The saga of the many odd instances of deaths surrounding Clinton family associates or enemies continues to grow.  It seems to happens far too often to be dismissed as mere coincidences.  Three, I think is just the past year or so.

Newsworthy Items 2

Democrats are big into accusing Trump of collusion with the Russians.  Nearly a year into the drill a lot of hot air has been dispensed but no actual evidence has been produced.  Innuendo, yes.  Facts, no.  Any tidbits no matter how trivial are grasped and breathlessly reported upon until facts cause them to fade away. Nonetheless the corrupt leftist mainstream media persist in producing and reporting fake news.  Democrat politicians and liberal activists call for Trump's impeachment for no cause whatever. No cause needed.  He is not their president.  Now lets turn to "actual" collusion.  That is actual extensive collusion by members of the Democrat party.  Here are just some examples.   

    A.   This link summarises five times of known Democrats and Russians colluding in the election process.  No fakes.  Actual historical facts.  This establishes the fact that the Democrat party has a pattern of behavior that includes collusion to win elections.
    B.   More about Ted Kennedy's nefarious activities. Quote: "In 1984, Ted Kennedy was desperate to stop Ronald Reagan, so he asked the Soviets for help! Thankfully, it didn’t work (via The Daily Signal)."

    C.   More about Bill Clinton's colluding with a Russia presidential candidate to mess in each others elections. Quote: "Let’s start here, with the 1996 leak of a document detailing a meeting between Bill Clinton and Boris Yeltsin. Sean Guillory, writing at, states:  “According to a White House memo leaked to the Washington Times in March 1996, Clinton and Yeltsin had agreed to support each other in their respective reelection bids.”

    D.   During Obama's first term in office Hillary, Bill and other Democrat operatives worked a deal through Canada with the Russians that enriched both the Clinton Foundation and Clinton family by releasing 20% of protected US uranium reserves and selling them to the Russians.  The uranium ultimately ended up in Iran.    More.    Hillary repeatedly ignored the agreement she signed to not associate in any way with the Clinton Foundation while Secretary of State.  Obama knowingly let it happen.

    E.   Hillary's presidential campaign actively colluded with Ukrainian officials to benefit her election chances.

    F.   Obama did not want his collusion with the Russians to be exposed.  But, this former high level Obama official has lifted the veil on his contemptible behavior.  

    G.   Obama's dirty hands spent a bundle of US taxpayer money trying to defeat the re-election of prime minister Netanyahu of Israel.  That is colluding in an election, isn't it?  Do fellow Democrats and the mainstream media think that is okay?   Seems so!  Arrogantly playing the three monkey act, they didn't see or hear anything Obama said or did that was wrong.    Hypocrites.

    H.   The mainstream media colluded with Obama throughout his eight years in office. In short they let him get away with multiple corrupt acts, setting a terrible journalist precedent that is now coming to roost on their very own corrupt shoulders.   

Enough with the patently hypocritical and unethical Democrat party and unethical leftist mainstream media fake outrage and "holier than thou" posturing over Trump's non-existent collusion with Russia.  Before leveling charges against Trump or anyone else clean up your own filthy messes first.  Filthy messes like media colluding with Hillary/Democrats throughout her presidential campaign, including helping her cheat during presidential debates.

Newsworthy Items 1

Lou Dobbs issues this warning to all Americans especially those who are radical left wing Democrats, deep state operatives, the mainstream media and other irresponsible liberal agitators.  Quote: "Unless they want an popular authoritarianism, the Left needs to understand that President Trump won and has the right to pursue his agenda."  Never at any point during the corrupt Obama years did the mainstream media hit him with anything approaching the obvious hatred they have for Trump.  They never challenged anything he did or said.  Anything said was akin to hero worship.  As has been observed by many well positioned analysts, the media and power brokers in the Democrat party are out to destroy a legitimately elected president because their chosen candidate lost.

That Washington D.C. is a cesspool of corruption is a well established fact.  It includes both major political parties, mainstream media and vulture lobbyists working hard for crony capitalists and special interest groups.  The interests of the public and the nation are seemingly far distant in their rear view mirrors.  This former senator knows the problem inside out and offers a suggestion to fix it.  Washington insiders oppose the idea because it would mean they would lose their prestige, extravagant perks and  power.

Jesse Lee Peterson, a great black American, speaks the truth and doesn't care whose feelings might get hurt.  Quote: "We all know that black “leaders” exploit the people – I’ve talked about Maxine Waters (“Auntie Maxine“), John Lewis, Barack Obama, the Congressional Black Caucus, NAACP (no different from the KKK), Black Lives Matter (worse than the KKK), Louis Farrakhan (modern-day Hitler) and false preachers, including T.D. Jakes and Michael Eric Dyson (not called by God but by their mama). But let’s not forget about “white” politicians and others who also take advantage of foolish black and “minority” people who don’t know better. Because blacks are brainwashed to believe in “racism” (which doesn’t even exist, and never has), they support phony “anti-racist” efforts. They blindly support Democrats who never had their best interests at heart. Around 95 percent of blacks supported Barack Obama, the worst president in American history; the same supported the second-most corrupt president, Bill Clinton, impeached for lies and obstruction of justice."    God bless Jesse Lee Peterson, a just and righteous man.  Here is another black man smart enough to see the truth about liberal policies that have long kept blacks down in the dumps and continue to do so.

Don't know what will happen with this lawsuit filed against Obama and others, but it will be interesting to watch.  Quote: "A federal class action lawsuit has been filed against former President Barack Obama, and others involved in a spate of murders. Obama may finally pay for his hand in the race riots that caused the murder of five Dallas police officers. Also named in the suit is former US Attorney General, Eric Holder, as well as the founders of Black Lives Matter, the Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, and Al Sharpton (via The Daily Caller). The total damages sought in the suit equal more than two billion dollars. Obama, along with the other defendants, is accused of having violated the Civil Rights of law enforcement officers."

Another example of the lawlessness that characterized the Obama administration.  Quote: "Obama ran the least transparent administration in American history, according to a new Associated Press analysis.  During former President Obama’s final year in office the White House spent a whopping $36.2 million fighting off Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests to cover up his administration’s crimes. (via AP)  For the last two years the Obama administration set the record for “lost” files. They were forced to tell citizens and journalists that they could not find federal records more than any other administration since FOIA became law.  President Obama received non-stop praise from the mainstream media despite running one of the most corrupt administrations in American history. If President Trump did half of what Obama did he would have been impeached by now."    This is real news.  But the twiddle de - twiddle dum  liberal mainstream journalist crowd will not touch it because it reveals the truth of massive liberal Democrat corruption, with a corrupt mainstream media in full support.

President Trump is Finally Making the Right Moves Abroad

President Trump is finally doing what he promised to do on the campaign trail. He is working with Putin’s Russia to solve the catastrophic Syrian civil war, striking a cease fire agreement and working together over pursuing separate goals. But there is one big story that surfaced on Wednesday that could prove monumental in the Middle East.

I have written about the CIA’s role in the creation of ISIS and America’s creation of terrorist groups across the Middle East, a disgusting tactic sowing even more chaos throughout the region. In turn, Russia has armed the Taliban against American troops in Afghanistan. Such a mess, but things could finally be turning around in Syria at least.

President Trump appears to be taking more control of major foreign policy decisions as opposed to simply leaving it all to the generals perpetrating their military industrial complex through constant and neverending war. 

Finally, a college cracks down on the left’s snowflake fascists

At least one US college is willing to take serious steps to punish left-wing students who shut down conservative speakers.
Claremont McKenna College this week announced disciplinary measures, including lengthy suspensions, against seven students who were part of a mob that blocked an audience from hearing a pro-police speech by Heather Mac Donald last April.
The crowd, spurred on by Black Lives Matter, forced Mac Donald to give her speech via livestream, even as protesters tried to drown her out. It was an outrageous infringement of Mac Donald’s right to free speech — and the right of other students to hear her. It was also another despicable example of what passes for acceptable political protest on far too many campuses. 

Health Ranger offers to take over nationwide water quality testing from the EPA, saving taxpayers millions

In this era of widespread government waste, scientific fraud and dangerous cover-ups that poison the population, I’ve got a simple solution: End the EPA era of waste, fraud and abuse by letting accredited, private labs volunteer to take over water quality testing across the nation.
As you’ll see in the video below, as the founder and director of CWC Labs, I am now offering to take over nationwide water quality testing — up to 5,000 samples per year — for the grand total of just $1 per year. This would cover heavy metals and toxic elements such as lead, cadmium, mercury, arsenic, copper, nickel and others, and all results would be publicly posted to achieve full transparency.
This isn’t a stunt, either: It’s a serious offer from a serious lab. We are internationally accredited via ISO 17025, and we’ve already tested and published heavy metals results for over 600 municipal water samples from across America. You can view those results at the Natural Science Journal, our in-house science journal, or read my book Food Forensics where I’ve published heavy metals test results for over 800 foods, spices, dietary supplements and pet products. 

Federal Court Hearing Thursday, July 20, in Hillary Clinton Email FOIA Lawsuit – Update on Deleted Clinton and Weiner Laptop Emails

Judicial Watch today announced a court hearing will be held on Thursday, July 20 2017, regarding a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit seeking former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s emails that were sent or received during her tenure from February 2009 to January 31, 2013 (Judicial Watch, Inc. v. U.S. Department of State (No. 1:15-cv-00687)). The case is before Judge James E. Boasberg.
The hearing will focus on the State Department’s progress on processing the 100,000 emails Clinton failed to disclose when she served as Secretary of State, some of which were emails sent by Clinton aide Huma Abedin that were found on the laptop of her estranged husband Anthony Weiner. Clinton attempted to delete 33,000 emails from her non-government server.
The State Department was ordered to produce documents to Judicial Watch, and has been processing only 500 pages per month of emails uncovered by the FBI in its investigation into Clinton’s non-government email system. The State Department has produced 17 batches of documents so far. At the current pace, the Clinton emails and other records won’t be fully available for possible release until at least 2020. 

Student loan debt has grown 250% in the last 10 years

Over the past decade, student loan debt has skyrocketed, increasing by more than 250 percent across the U.S., according to a new report by consumer spending site ValuePenguin. That adds up to more than $1.4 trillion in collective debt.
The site reports, "between 2004 and 2014, the U.S. saw an almost 90 percent increase in the number of student loan borrowers, in addition to a nearly 80 percent uptick in average balance size." The average amount of debt per borrower nationwide now is $26,700, but in some places graduates owe much more.
ValuePenguin ranked each state according to the average amount of debt per graduate using data from The Institute for College Access & Success.
These are the 15 states where the average amount of student debt is the highest.

Don't Allow Maxine Waters' Impeachment Crap to Stick

A press conference in which despicable human being Maxine Waters announced the democrats’ plan to impeach Trump for criminal activities. There is not a shred of evidence supporting Waters’ accusations. Watching Maxine Waters stand at the podium lying through her teeth about all of Trump’s supposed crimes was disgusting. Waters and her democrat minions are horrible enemies of the American people and must never be voted back into power again.
Trump has been totally awesome; fulfilling campaign promises and moving the ball forward towards making America great again. In only six months, Trump has dramatically chipped away much of Obama’s mountain of regulatory overreaches; created jobs opted us out of an anti-American climate deal  and restored power back to states and We the People.
Democrats/Leftists are out of their minds with rage, desperate to stop Trump’s swift and steady dismantling of Obama’s legacy of government tyranny.
This is why the democrats and fake news media tag team continue the relentless promotion of their absurd lie that Trump used Russia to steal the election. 1. It is impossible for Russia to tamper with our vote counting. 2. Fake news media either under-reported Hillary’s multiple crimes and breaches of national security or told us they were no big deal. Fake news media thought it had successfully protected Hillary and duped voters, confident she would win in a landslide. 

CA GOP Swamp Sells Out to Dems on Corrupt Cap and Trade

As the California Legislature voted Monday to extend the corrupt Cap and Trade taxing and regulatory program by 10 years, eight turncoat Republican legislators voted with the Democrats. They received support from the California Chamber of Commerce, the California Manufacturing and Technology Association, along with several other big biz groups. But they didn’t just reach across the aisle and vote with compadres—Republicans provided cover for three Assembly Democrats in targeted seats who couldn’t or wouldn’t vote for the cap and trade extension.
That’s how phony this deal is. Think about this: there are three Democrats who are in targeted Assembly seats, so they didn’t think voting in favor of extending cap and trade would sit well with their constituents.  They didn’t have any real system of ideas and ideals that forms the basis of economic or political theory and policy. They are just counting votes.
Democrats don’t care about reducing pollution, or asthmatic children in Los Angleles, or the dorrupt scheme of cap and trade: they care about money and control. And Republicans don’t care about it either apparently. 

Where Do Pro-Social Institutions Come From?

Where do ‘good’ or pro-social institutions come from? Why does the capacity for collective action and cooperative behaviour vary so much across the world today? How do some populations transcend tribalism to form a civil society? How have some societies gone beyond personal relations and customary rules to impersonal exchange and anonymous institutions? In short, how do you “get to Denmark”? I first take a look at what the “cultural evolution” literature has to say about it. I then turn to the intersection of economics and differential psychology.
Cultural Evolution
There’s been a revival of cultural explanations in economics. And by coincidence, there’s a coalition of biologists, anthropologists, and behavioural economists operating somewhat outside the mainstream of their professions under the umbrella of “cultural evolution. Most of them appear convinced that “neither psychology nor economics is currently theoretically well-equipped to explain the origins of institutions” [Henrich 2015]. In response they offer a unified theory of gene-culture co-evolution or dual inheritance theory which models ‘culture’ as a non-genetic Darwinian process. From “Culture & social behaviour”: 

Three Cheers for the Republicans Who Let McConnellCare Sink!

Kudos to Sens. Rand Paul (R-Ky.), Jerry Moran (R-Ks.), and Mike Lee (R-Utah) for putting an end to the proposed “Better Care Reconciliation Act,” a.k.a. McConnellCare. And kudos to Sen. Susan Collins (R-Me.) for opposing it too, even though she did so for the wrong reasons.
Now the GOP can get on with other issues like tax reform and go back to the drawing board on health care reform. (Editor’s note: As this article was being edited, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell announced the Senate would vote on Obamacare repeal – straight repeal, not replacement – next week.)
As usual, we have conservative commentators accusing these senators of being purists. Jim Geraghty thinks these Republican senators opposed McConnellCare because it left in place some of Obamacare’s tax hikes, ones that could have been removed in tax reform later in the year. “But no,” Geraghty writes, “these guys have to torpedo this particular bill, and its effort at improvement, in the name of some theoretical much better version that has yet to be written.” 

CBO just pulls numbers out of a hat

How else can you explain them thinking that premiums would go down with Obamacare if the government mandates and taxes were excessive and everyone was required to buy insurance but will double if people can buy at a lower cost and if they are not forced to buy?  If the young were allowed low-cost options, they might just choose to buy insurance.
When the government subsidizes anything and forces consumption, the price is always higher than if the market is free and not subsidized.  Think of the cost of higher education.
Something we can count on is that the media will just repeat these numbers with almost no questions, despite how far off CBO predictions have been in the past.  After all, their agenda is exactly the same as the Democrats' agenda, and facts haven't mattered for a long time.
I thought Democrats were for freedom of choice.

Rep. Meadows: If We Don’t Repeal ObamaCare, Voters Should Clean House

For seven years the Republican Party has promised to repeal Obamacare. For seven years it campaigned for our votes and our support with that promise. And yet, even though it controls Congress and the White House, Obamacare is still the law of the land.
As it now stands, the Senate does not have the votes to rid the nation of the scourge to our health care system known as Obamacare.
The question is, why?
Are the liberal Republicans who control the Senate liars, backstabbers or just incompetent?
“Many conservatives are justifiably frustrated with the obstinance of their more liberal colleagues, but both wings of the Republican Party must continue working toward their longstanding promise of repealing and replacing Obamacare,” Heritage Action said in a statement.
Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC) delivered a stern warning to his fellow Republicans Tuesday on my nationally syndicated talk show.
“If we do not repeal the Affordable Care Act after campaigning on it for seven years, the American people will find someone else to represent them — and they should,” Meadows told me. 

Collusion? What About Chinagate and Ted Kennedy's Outreach to the USSR?

During President Bill Clinton's 1996 campaign for re-election, several individuals allegedly worked on behalf of the Chinese government to influence the presidential election in favor of Clinton.
"Chinagate" began when the Los Angeles Times reported, a couple months before the '96 election, the following:
"The Democratic National Committee has returned a $250,000 contribution from a recently established subsidiary of a South Korean electronics company because it violated a ban on donations from foreign nationals in U.S. elections, a party spokesman said Friday. ...
"David Eichenbaum, DNC communications director ... said that the DNC fund-raiser who was responsible for the contribution was under the impression, erroneously as it turned out, that it fulfilled the legal qualifications. He said it was unclear whether the fund-raiser was misled or there had been a misunderstanding." 

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Gangs of Congress: The turf war continues, nobody wins

The failure of the Republicans to repeal the orchestrated disaster that is Obamacare proves once again and for all to see that what goes on in Congress, today more than ever before, is just one big turf war.  Just to be clear, a turf war is a bitter struggle between criminals or gangs over the right to operate within a particular area – any dispute in which one party seeks to obtain increased rights or influence.
We can now dispense with the notion that either party has any concern for its constituents.  Neither does.  They are engaged in a war of wills for their own power.  Every member of Congress knows that Obamacare is a blight upon the American economy and its people.  The Democrats are determined to let it do further damage and leave more people without access to actual care by being rigidly obstructionist.  The Republicans are like a herd of cats in their fear of the vicious leftist media.
The Democratic Party has been a well organized criminal enterprise for at least a hundred years.  Beginning with Tammany Hall (1786), which was gang-like in structure, it was the Democratic Party denizens who invented backroom deals, paying for votes, and all the other strategies and tactics we have come to know too well.  To this day, the DNC relies on corruption to play out its grand plan, to destroy its opposition.  It hires thugs to foment violence at rallies and instructs these political mercenaries in the use of particularly nasty tactics.

About Those Trump Supporters

For years, millions of Americans have been held hostage by the leftist liberal and media platforms. Living in the shadows of society as they watched their incomes flat line, and factories and professions shut down. They have been mocked for their faiths and ridiculed for their beliefs, constantly being told that’s what’s good for the goose isn’t good for the gander. Pushed so hard, they collectively screamed: “We are mad as hell, and we aren’t going to take it anymore.”
So, on that fateful November 8th, Americans didn’t necessarily vote for a president, as much as they voted for the man who rescued them from captivity. The media, the polls, or whatever metric these political “savants” use will never understand the loyalty Trump supporters have to their rescuer. How could they? They don’t realize that they have been the hostage takers.
We’ve seen decades of Americans being told how to think, what they can say, and what they should or shouldn’t value. Noncompliance, for many, meant loss of jobs along with copious amounts of ridicule. They have had to endure watching celebrities railing against Second Amendment rights, while the celebs themselves are protected by the Second Amendment. Seeing those who espouse hatred of capitalism, while getting rich from their hatred, reveals hypocrisy on levels never seen. Promised a bill of goods, they quickly learned those goods were a third of their value if not absolutely worthless. 

Democrats Will Soon Regret That Republicans Failed To Repeal ObamaCare

There were lots of celebrations on the left side of the aisle after the Senate GOP bill to repeal and replace ObamaCare died. The good times will be short lived, because one way or another ObamaCare is going away, and it's not at all clear that Democrats will gain additional leverage over what comes next by waiting for its collapse.
It was amusing to hear Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer say, after the Senate bill failed, that Republicans should "work with Democrats on a bill that lowers premiums, provides long-term stability to the markets and improves our health care system."
Lower premiums, stabilize insurance markets, improve health care? Wasn't that what ObamaCare was supposed to do in the first place?
While Schumer and company were busy calling Republicans mass murderers, here's what was actually happening with ObamaCare.
  • The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services reports that the number of insurers applying to participate in ObamaCare exchanges next year plunged by 38% compared with last year, and is half what it was in 2016. 

Drain The Swamp 2.0

After viewing this latest debacle with health care and now probably looking at a tax debate that will likely cut corporate taxes while not doing anything for the middle class, we on the Right significantly need to start to understand the difference between strategy and tactics. The future of our country requires it.
And that will mean we have to look within ourselves as conservatives. Sometimes we think so purely about our beliefs that we confuse strategy and tactics. A simple definition of the difference between the two would be that strategy is how we view our philosophy overall and tactics are those things we need to do that sometimes don’t jibe with our beliefs.
A great version of this is our belief in free markets and the belief that the ‘market will take care of things over the long run’. For many things that is true but we our kidding ourselves if we think that works 100% of the time and that the transition is painless. If so-called ‘free trade’ hasn’t taught us that yet then we will never learn. Anyone who has had a parent or grandparent who was ripped off by an unscrupulous financial advisor or a crooked businessperson knows that rules and regulations do have a role that the free market can’t provide. 

Manufacturing Hate for 'Made in America'

It's "Made In America" week in Washington, D.C. You'd think this would be cause for bipartisan celebration. Who could be against highlighting the ingenuity, self-reliance and success of our nation's homegrown entrepreneurs and manufacturers?
Enter Bill Kristol.
The entrenched Beltway pundit ridiculed a festive kickoff event on Monday at the White House, where President Donald Trump hosted companies from all 50 states to showcased their American-made products.
"Maybe it's just me," killjoy Kristol tweeted, "but I find something off-putting about turning the White House into an exhibition hall for American tchotchkes." (That's the Yiddish word for useless trinkets). 

Liberal Heads Explode Over Dinner Chat. Sad!

So, the latest fake journalist joint head explosion was caused by the revelation that, during one of the dinners at last week’s G20 meeting, President Trump left his seat and sat down next to Vladimir Putin for a discussion.  The media, keeping with their agreed-to narrative, is uniformly describing this as a “private” discussion “with no other Americans present”, since the President did not have his own interpreter with him, relying instead on Putin’s interpreter to handle both sides of the discussion.  Characterizing the dinner chat in this way is the height of absurdity given that it took place in a room with at least 200 people present, at a dinner table where half a dozen others were constantly within earshot, and dozens of others passed closely by while the national leaders were talking.  CNN even found some ex-Obama swamp creature to call it a “breach of national security protocol.”  Good lord. 

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

The sickening effect of Obamacare taxes

In many ways was a massive trillion-dollar tax increase masquerading as a health reform plan called Obamacare.
Certainly, the extremely negative economic effects of these tax hikes have been underreported by the media. Republicans are right to fight for their total repeal, but the left has retaliated that the Republican plan is a tax cut for the wealthy. That’s the line from Warren Buffett, who says rich people will benefit.
But Obamacare’s taxes hurt nearly everyone with new tolls on business investment, drug and vaccine production, payrolls, medical devices, hiring and union health insurance plans. (See list).
Wait. We want more of all of these things, don’t we? Every one of the taxes was counterproductive. Take the tax on health insurers. The whole objective of Obamacare was to increase the number of and affordability of health plans. So why tax them and make them more expensive — less “affordable?”

The Tyranny of Pseudo-Science

The hysterical reaction of the left to Scott Pruitt's plan to create two competing teams of scientists to study from opposite positions the left's pet myth, man-made global warming, shows just how anti-science the left has become.  The left is a single, stupid collective mind that is utterly incapable of truly independent and free thought.  The left is very much like the Inner Party in Orwell's classic, 1984, where party members believe things that are obviously not true and in which dissent is – quite literally – unthinkable.
All totalitarianism purports to rest upon "science," and all totalitarian science slavishly follows what the state and the party of statism desire.  Institutions are inevitably infiltrated by leftists and used to rubber-stamp whatever the state wants.  Ben Stein in his documentary Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed showed how any academicians who question Darwin's increasingly silly theory of evolution by natural selection are hounded, denied tenure, and even fired for questioning authority and deviating from orthodoxy. The drones turned out by academia who willingly put on blinders and indifferently accept as scientific dogma whatever the left wishes are not scientists, whatever credentials institutions may give them.  They are simply cadres or hacks who reject scientific inquiry and embrace political correctness by blessing it as "science."

It’s Time to Clean Up Our Elections

Despite the massive media attention given to the claim that Russia attempted to influence last year’s election, the greatest threat to American democracy is vote fraud at home.
Counties across the country have more people registered to vote than they have residents eligible to do so.  Some jurisdictions have on their rolls voters who’ve reached their 200th birthday and beyond.  Thousands of non-citizens have been found to be registered to vote and across the nation that number may well reach into the millions.
No wonder President Donald Trump established the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity, on which I serve.  Liberals and conservatives may argue over which government roles are essential, but everyone should agree that protecting Americans’ right to choose their leaders is the most important one.

Abedin Emails Show Clinton Donors Receiving Special Treatment

Our understanding of the Obama administration and Hillary Clinton’s State Department continues to expand as more of her illicit server’s emails are revealed.
This week we released 448 pages of documents from the U.S. Department of State revealing new incidents of Huma Abedin, deputy chief of staff to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, providing special State Department treatment to major donors to the Clinton Foundation and political campaigns.
The heavily redacted documents from Abedin’s non-government account include an email from Hillary Clinton’s brother, Tony Rodham, to Abedin revealing that he acted as a go-between for a Clinton Foundation donor, Richard Park. And they reveal Clinton Foundation executive Doug Band instructing Abedin to “show love” to Clinton donor Andrew Liveris.
The documents included six Clinton email exchanges not previously turned over to the State Department, bringing the known total to date to at least 439 emails that were not part of the 55,000 pages of emails that Clinton turned over to the State Department, and further contradicting a statement by Clinton that, “as far as she knew,” all of her government emails had been turned over to the State Department.
The documents are in response to a court order from a May 5, 2015, lawsuit filed against the State Department (Judicial Watch, Inc. v. U.S. Department of State (No. 1:15-cv-00684)) for: “All emails of official State Department business received or sent by former Deputy Chief of Staff Huma Abedin from January 1, 2009 through February 1, 2013 using a non-‘’ email address.” 

Mysterious Deaths May Be Linked to the Clinton Foundation

A former Haitian government official is found dead ahead of his expected testimony on the Clinton Foundation’s corruption and malpractice.
One America’s Marty Golingan has more on how his suspected suicide and the death of a GOP operative may be tied to Hillary Clinton. 

Trump says time to 'let ObamaCare fail' after health bill stalls

President Trump said Tuesday he's prepared to “let ObamaCare fail” after the collapse of Senate Republicans' latest health care bill, indicating he's willing to move on to tax reform and other issues – and deal with an Affordable Care Act fix down the road.
“I think we're probably in that position where we'll just let ObamaCare fail,” Trump told reporters at the White House. “We're not going to own it. I'm not going to own it. I can tell you the Republicans are not going to own it. We'll let ObamaCare fail, and then the Democrats are going to come to us."
He spoke after two more Republican senators came out late Monday against the Senate bill, effectively killing its chances in its current form. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., plans to call a vote on a bill to repeal ObamaCare now and replace it later, but on Tuesday afternoon left the door open to working with Democrats if that fails. 

To Remove ObamaCare We Must First Remove The UniParty “Big Club”…

Politicians do not write laws. Paul Ryan, Nancy Pelosi, Mitch McConnell and Chuck Schumer do not sit in their offices writing out scripts of laws and legislation; no politician does. Politicians are the faces who sell legislation that unseen hands create. The Big Club represents the hands that actually create legislation; lobbyist hands.

As such, it makes no sense to argue about the salespeople Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, Nancy Pelosi, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz or Elizabeth Warren when none are creating the legislative constructs they are selling.  How’s that bill to ‘confiscate El Chappo funds to build the wall’ coming?
Indeed, it makes much more sense to focus the attention on the unseen hands that are never discussed – These are the roots of the issues, the politicians are merely the expendable and interchangeable sales force.