Friday, February 17, 2017

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This world class scientist has concluded that God exists.  He notes that the universe is far too orderly to have happened in a hap-hazard way.  Be sure to watch the video.

Atheists and the political left must be proud of this consequence of their policies and actions.

The nefarious antics of this socialist billionaire agitator here and abroad need to be investigated and if appropriate he should be arrested and prosecuted.  This item opines.

These nine charts sum up Obama's legacy.   This item describes another piece of Obama's terrible legacy.    I agree with this assessment.  It will be a consequential part of Obama's legacy.

Want to read some amazing  truths regarding how much Obama expanded the US welfare state?  If so, check out this item.  Not only is that bad to learn.  Check out how carefully and properly beneficiaries of the nation's largess courtesy of tax payers spend "our" tax dollars. 

This is something Obama knew during his tenure but CHOSE not to do anything about it. This should have qualified as impeachable negligence.

This item has been a long time coming.  Thanks to President Trump.  This injustice to the First Amendment was the handiwork of then Senator Lyndon Johnson who did not want churches complaining about and preaching against government corruption, immoral or unsavory behavior.  This returns to churches to ability to resume being a government watchdog as preachers were during the years prior to and following the American Revolution.  They played a major role leading up to and during the Revolution. 

This is a glimpse inside the thinking and associations of the front runner for leadership of the Democrat party.

Democrats are literally conducting a war against American citizens.  Quote: "Try to imagine the absurdity of political leadership in the US and Europe during the 21st century. Western governments inflicted so much death and destruction that they created millions of Muslim refugees in order to accept as immigrants peoples who might harbor thoughts of revenge.  Are we to conclude that there is no such thing in the US and Europe as a liberal/progressive/left, only Soros-funded protesters for hire, as in the orchestrated Maiden protests in Kiev and today in Macedonia and Hungary? Correct or not, this is the conclusion of many.  Illegitimate protests discredit all protests. Could we be witnessing the ruling oligarchy using its pawns to discredit in advance valid protests at the time when they move to reassert their control?"
These journalist are real reprobates and have no business showing their faces in public or voicing their sick rhetoric.

Both of Obama's Attorney Generals were poor performers for American justice and both are expressing inappropriately biased works towards our new president.  Like Obama they are poor examples for us to follow.  Her integrity was definitely lacking during her term.  Her comment regarding the reasons for Trump firing her temporary replacement as a good reminder she was unworthy of the job herself.  She served as Obama political hack rather than the nation's highest law official.   Quote: "Yates was creating a crisis.
As an appointee from a previous administration, she was countermanding an order – that was not deemed to be illegal – by the duly elected President from the opposite party.  Some critics accused her of staging a coup. And by praising her decision, Lynch gave air cover for other Obama bureaucrats and appointees to wage war against the Trump administration."  Some would call that sedition.

Let's hope the bottom line of this item is true.  Quote: "It is no longer easy being a meddlesome multi-billionaire who overthrows governments with the snap of a finger. Soros has not only alienated the President of Russia and the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom but now the President of the United States. Soros is also enemy number one among the leaders of China. With such an array of enemies, it is doubtful Soros will have any more political successes like Ukraine or Georgia. With all of his billions, Mr. Soros now only commands a paper doll army." 

I don't know about you but this radical nonsense allowed by the permissive left has got to stop.  They are fostering anarchy.

An excellent contrast between the two women's marches by someone who attended both.

About those fake tears Senator Schumer shed over Trump's policy of vetting "certain" refugees from "certain" countries.  BTW Countries the Obama administration had previously targeted.   Fake tears were his tactic to affect the emotions of liberals not to express concern over the obvious efforts to protect Americans.

The wisdom of  Paul Craig Roberts. Quote: "On January 23, 2017, I asked, “Are Americans Racists?” I pointed out examples where racist explanations prevail over empirical fact. I did not write that there is no racism in America. I said that racism is not the be-all and end-all explanation of American history and institutions. The point I made is that racist explanations are often inadequate and both work against racial harmony and blind us to more general and more serious problems.  Perhaps the worst of America’s failed institutions is the criminal justice system. The US has the largest prison population in the world, not only as a percentage of the population but also in absolute numbers. “Freedom and democracy” America has an absolute larger number of incarcerated citizens than “authoritarian” China, a country with four times the US population."

I hope Trump heeds this advice.

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