Thursday, February 9, 2017

The Madness of The Mainstream Media, Hollywod, Academia and Their Students, Politicians 2

This woman is off her rocker.  She should retire before she does more damage than she already has.

Would you consider this a display of leftist tolerance and decent behavior?    Be sure to note that George Soros supports this type of "tolerance" with his money.  He is a radical provocateur of the worst order.  

The NY Time does its usual misinforming.  Socialist government controls by bureaucratic regulations is good. Trump better not mess it up.

These are examples of the nitwits filling the left's riot patrols.   Products of our dysfunctional public and university education systems.  A bunch on know nothings mindlessly doing what their socialistic handlers tell them to do.   Some of these so called journalists seem never able to get their facts right or knowingly lie.

If you don't think CNN is a rogue news operation devoid of any decency and respect for those who do not agree with their oppressive and divisive socialistic behavior  Their constant flow of fake news makes their complaint about more inclusive press secretary brief lame at best and self serving at worse..

Is seems like CNN has gone or will soon be total fake news.

This is just one reason conservatives support Trump's temporary ban on Muslim refugees.  Liberals/Democrats   seem not to consider this type behavior to be a problem.

How stupid and uncaring can this elected representative be?

This piece suggests the media is losing to Trump but they are still trying to destroy anything he says or does.  

Former president Obama has revealed his true self and joined with anarchists calling for violence in the streets.  This lawyer has had enough of this guy.  He is suing him.  Read why.  

People on the left are actively pursuing language intended to incite violence.  If you think the left is tolerant, peace loving and ethical you are wrong.  Consider what they are in fact doing.

How about this for doing the right thing - aiding and abetting unlawful destruction of property?   And the mainstream media falls right into line condoning the chaos because it fits the left's narrative.  Trump's message and actions are bad - we must protest.  They do so because the protestor's message and actions are noble and just. 

Hollywood types are inciting violence for their political socialistic world view.  Their ignorance of truth and reality is stunning.

This rag in total disconnect from reality.  It is a mere left wing propaganda machine.  Disgusting.

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