Thursday, February 9, 2017

The Madness of The Mainstream Media, Hollywod, Academia and Their Students, Politicians 3

Unbelievable that an elected official would stoop so low as to make this observation.    Leftist thinking is way too often uncivilized.  Yet as Michelle Obama opined they claim to own the high ground???

Planned Parenthood engaged in false advertising for years and when caught wiped the lie from their adverting.   Not only have they engaged in unethical medical practices they lied about them too.

This is an example of simple leftist political party hypocrisy.  Watch the last two Democrat presidents agree with what Trump is doing.    The left is noting in not hypocritical to the max.

Do you think the left even cares what goes on in this school.  Do they ever wonder whether they even understand how foolish and irresponsible they are?

This is what ultra liberal California calls law and order.  Wonder if anyone with pay the price for destroyed property resulting in the childish, irresponsible liberal misbehavior.

For some reason the Democrat party keeps Nancy Pelosi around.  She continues to do and say stupid things.   The charge proved to be false.  Typical personal slander that is part of the left's destructive tactics.

Once again Whoopi Goldberg proves she is a hard core left wing ignoramus.

Fake news madness is running rampant.

Foolishness by members of the foolishness political party.

George Burns

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