Friday, February 3, 2017

What Is It That The Left Does Not Understand? Or, What Is It They Are Up To? 2

The balance of this note centers on the left's unbelievable and totally irrational behavior regarding Trump's actions to "temporarily" protect our country from the entry of un-vetted refugees from suspect countries. Amidst all the hype generated by the mainstream media against Trump for his immigration policies they fail to recognize that at least 57% of Americans disagree with agree with him.   More.  The public supports Trump by wider margins than Hillary's margin over him in the Presidential election.  But Trump blew her away in the electoral college.  Now Democrats apparently don't like the results of popular voting anymore since the majority of the public supports Trump's refugee position.  Why then all the vitriolic shenanigans???

Quote: "As for the furious backlash against Trump, Corcoran said it’s a matter of conflicting world views. “There are many people in these VOLAGs who just don’t have the fear of what we do, either of the terrorism or of turning over our culture to something that is evil,” she said. “They’re scared to death of global warming but not scared about Islam creeping into our culture and taking over.” To the contrary, refugee backers expressed horror and dismay at the thought of slowing down the influx of Third Worlders, who in many cases are plucked from hotbeds of jihadism in Syria, Somalia, Iraq and Afghanistan and placed into dozens of U.S. cities without any input or consent of the taxpaying residents of those cities. Some of the refugees have made good citizens while others have committed criminal acts or carried out terrorist attacks."    more,

What is it that American Liberals/progressives/Democrats DO NOT understand???  Even prominent Muslims see the problem.

Want to know who is really responsible for all the chaos now confronting Trump and his actions taken to protect Americans.  To locate the blame we need to look back at previous administrations, Bush's included, but specifically the expansion of violence in the Middle East directly at the behest of both Obama and Hillary.  This item documents the facts.

Leftist/progressive hypocrisy on full display.   I   Apparently to them if Trump does the same thing Obama did, it is illegal but not when Obama did it.  They are completely unhinged.  More.

These are seven inconvenient facts (at least for liberals/progressives/Democrats to read and understand) regarding Trump's immigration policy.    The political left has no respect for any so called expert unless they agree with their position on any subject, including immigration, otherwise they are not a recognized expert.  An example.

The mainstream media report unsubstantiated or made up fake news to incite hate and trouble.  They do not care that they do so.  They are hateful to anyone who disagrees with them generally and specifically hate Trump so they do what they do.   They are truly the opposition forces working against anything Trump does because he is making them look really bad because they ignored all the troubles Obama ignored or created while in office.  Not only did they ignore the negative effects of his actions they cheered him on.   Now explain how the left reconciles their vitriolic opposition to Trump simply wanting to tighten up on the vetting process???   To emphasize their unmitigated bias for anyone not a member of their club consider what their guy did.  Why do they now care but not when their guy did his dirty deeds???  See the first three paragraphs of this note.

Can anyone tell me what is wrong with this?  Does anyone notice the abject hypocrisy of the political left.  Their guy (Obama) doing something is good.  They guy they did not support (Trumps) doing the same thing is bad.  No ethics at all on their side of the aisle.   Truly pathetic.   Obama's behavior seemingly gives them license to copy his decrepit behavior.

It is time for the left to leave behind their childish tantrums, start acting like adults, admit their treatment of Trump is wrong and start healing the divide their unethical and irresponsible behavior has wrought.

George Burns

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