Saturday, February 18, 2017

Day Without Illegals Becomes a Political Dud

The Thursday turnout in most cities was few hundred protestors, despite some employers shutting their workplaces. But organizers did get a turnout of several thousand people in North Carolina and Chicago. NBC described the national turnout as merely “thousands,” despite an estimated population of roughly 11 million illegals.
In recognition of the low numbers, the response from pro-mass immigration politicians and activists was muted. Douglas Rivlin, Director of Communication for Democratic Illinois Rep. Luis Gutierrez, tweeted nothing about the marches. Neither did the National Immigration Forum. Linda Sarsour, Muslim organizer of the Women’s March, simply tweeted “solidarity.”
Although the event was a political dud, the organizers will likely use it as a basis for larger, future protests.
The organizers claimed they represent roughly 31 million immigrants and roughly 11 million illegal aliens. If the organizers turned out 30,000 protestors, that represented 0.27 percent of the illegal population, and 0.097 percent of the immigrant population, most of which was at work in in school during the scattered protests. Even though employers shut their workplaces, many of the missing illegals were likely hard at work in their low-wage second or third jobs.
While there are panoramic photos of the two largest demonstrations in Chicago and Charlotte, N.C., photographs from the small demonstrations tend to be ground level and also close up. which allows the photographers to hide the small scale of a group from viewers.

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