Friday, January 6, 2017

Unite, Even Forgive, but Never Forget

In the wake of Donald Trump's election as our next President, much has been made of the GOP's need to unite.  I agree with this sentiment.  However, I humbly suggest to those Republicans, including Trump who led the successful campaign to retake our country, that while we must unite and even forgive our wayward rank-and-file GOP brethren who chose not to support our efforts, we must never forget those who engaged in outright acts of treachery that jeopardized our cause and our nation's future.
First, I must make clear I am not referring to every Republican who made a personal decision not to support Trump.  I am sure that there are registered voters in every election cycle who quietly choose, for personal reasons, not to support their party's nominee.  As American voters, we must all act according to the dictates of our consciences.
Rather, I am referring to those Republicans who had such a vested interest (emotional, financial, or otherwise) in maintaining the status quo, maintaining the same stale policies that had long served their personal and business interests at the expense of the Republican electorate and their country, that they poured significant time and energy into derailing the GOP nominee and thwarting the will of the Republican voters who supported him.
We must not forget Jamie Weinstein, a "conservative" editor at who advocated a "negotiated Republican surrender" to Hillary Clinton.  Weinstein went so far as to publicly urge his fellow Republicans to vote Democrat.

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