Thursday, January 5, 2017

Obama's Disastrous Legacy

Obama is proud of himself.  He and his devoted followers believe he has left America in better shape than when he found it.
To avoid the accusation of bias and (fake) "fake news," let's use the mainstream news media and government websites, in almost every case, to prove that Obama and his core followers are misjudging their own country and the world.
Foreign Affairs
1. His Benghazi policy was deadly for four Americans.
These deaths happened in September 2012, before his re-election, so the DNC had to adopt a false narrative about a video because terrorist groups were supposedly in retreat.
Politico: Final Benghazi report details administration failures
2. Obama withdrew the troops from Iraq prematurely.
We should have kept a military base there for as long as we have in Germany, Japan, and Korea.  But Obama believes the standard leftist lie that America around the globe causes problems, not solves them.
CBS News: Leon Panetta Criticizes Obama for Iraq Withdrawal

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