Saturday, January 14, 2017

Food For Though 2

It is a fact that the racial divide worsened during Obama's time in office.  This piece helps us understand why.  Quote: "The end of Obama presidency, along with Martin Luther King Day day, provide an opportunity to analyze race relations after eight years of the first (half) black president. From one perspective, it hasn’t been successful. That racial tension has increased since 2008 is undeniable. One poll finds that 55% of Americans believe race relations have deteriorated under Obama, while only 8% feel they have improved. The New York Times writes that 60% of Americans (including the majority of blacks and whites) feel that race relations are generally bad, much higher than 2008. Riots have recently rocked communities like Ferguson, Milwaukee, and Charlotte. For conservatives, this shows the failure of the Obama Administration."  and, "All Marxists promote revolution. That violence and riots have grow worse under Obama is in no way a repudiation of anything he has done, for the far left. In fact, for Marxists, it is quite the opposite. It is progress." 

As Ronald Reagan would say, "There he goes again."    Words from the racist in chief.   This next item is a very accurate portrayal of what Obama really said in his farewell speech.     Good riddance!!!.   More on Obama's nonsensical going away speech.

I am not a psychologist but it seems to me that a bunch of out of balance mentally ill leftists are making totally irresponsible and ridiculous claims such as these.  Foolish and completely false narratives are debasing those who level them against others.  The left has truly lost any sense of coherence, decency, responsibility or accountability as it mourns the loss of its quest to turn our country into a socialistic utopian tragedy.  Think of the total collapse of Venezuela a "paradise" the left lauded for years. 

This is a highly relevant examination of a historical event that applies to misbehavior on the part of Obama as he escapes the responsibilities of his office and leaves a mess for his successor.  Quote: "At a time when Vladimir Putin- in response to the friendly overtures of Donald Trump- has expressed a desire for friendly relations with the US, the Democrats are begging for war.  At this stage, it is critical that we understand the litany of lies, and the tradition of propaganda that is today being used by the Obama administration to justify a new war. We must say no. We must say it now, and we must say it loud."   Remember when the Nobel Prize committee really screwed up by giving Obama the Nobel Peace prize. They fell for his rhetoric before he took his oath of office and conducted military style operations for the rest of his term, seemingly ending his tenure by trying to foment a war with Russia.

This is another assessment strongly suggesting that history will not smile on Obama's legacy.   Most military members are happy to see Obama go.  I agree with them.

Is the tide turning from the liberal/progressive/Democrat frontal assault on Christianity???  Lets hope so.  

As this piece notes sometimes good intentions can turn out to be really bad.  This is an example.

By skipping the Trump inauguration these Democrats and calling for others to join them in disrupting the ceremonies say think they are sending a message to American citizens that they are protesting in their behalf, come join them.  These people are egotistical blowhards who think they are standing on firm ground.  Truth is they are an embarrassment to themselves, their political party and are behaving like spoiled children.

Consider this assessment of the common objectives of radical Islam and liberal progressives.  

Here is John Kerry proving in his own words that he is the fool most of us knew him to be.

Interesting healthcare proposal.  I mostly agree with just a few ground rules that assure a level playing field for both insurance providers and consumers.   Open and fair competition will lead to effective and efficient proper and fair solutions.  

This is a routine condition with the political left and mainstream media.  They either forget (or ignore) their own history when leveling charges against conservatives or Republicans.  This is an example.

Terrible, terrible, terrible behavior by a sitting Democrat Senator.  His comments rendered during a Senate hearing on Senator Sessions nomination for Attorney General was rank with untrue accusations.  Quote: "Said Operation Rescue, “Today during the confirmation hearing of Sen. Jeff Sessions for attorney general, Democrat Sen. Dick Blumenthal made completely false and slanderous statement against Operation Rescue and its president, Troy Newman."   This type behavior by supposedly sophisticated leaders has become far too common from leftist politicians as well as media types and academics.  

Al Sharpton is a mindless rabble rouser just like his hero Barrack Obama.  He is already pining for the return to the unethical, irresponsible and illegal behavior of his hero.   Consider his declaration to fight Trump at every turn.  His history of causing trouble/riots/chaos is a long one.  Doing what he plans should land him in jail.

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