Monday, January 2, 2017

How the Obama administration helped create ISIS and draw Russia into Syria

Staring new evidence reveals a major to-do-list item for the incoming Trump administration: a formal inquiry, with subpoena power, on the process by which the US handled the “Syrian rebels” who turned into ISIS.  In a landmark New Years Day post on Conservative Treehouse, Sundance lays out the pieces of a puzzle indicating that Obama administration blundering (or was it intentional?) fostered and supported the creation of ISIS, and unintentionally created the opening for Russia to operate in Syria and thereby attain the long-sought Mediterranean naval base, and also an air base in the Middle East.
The cast of characters is led by John Kerry, whose leaked audio recording of a meeting last fall near the UN, is the single biggest piece of smoking gun evidence. But along the way, we meet NeverTrumps like Adam Kinzinger, John McCain, and very provocatively, the NeverTrump designated spoiler, Evan McMullin, long before he was put forward as a Trump-preventer.
 I won’t even begin to lay out the complicated case that Sundance has assembled. Far better for you to read the entire post (it’s long), and try to listen to the audio recording. They are a bit rough and hard to follow, so I am copying a transcript (with comments) that has been prepared of the key moments in the audio recording by Sheila Coombs of Knowterrorists, an “antiwar” site:

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