Thursday, January 5, 2017

Things Not So Good 2

This extends the previous item by bringing it into the modern era, namely the last eight years.  Quote: "As the leader of the Democrat party for the last eight years, it should come as no shock that many of the far-left policies that Barack Obama and the Democrats have championed have been little more than old recycled Marxist or Socialist ideas rebranded. Socialism is one of those concepts that looks good on paper, and replays nice in sound bites while campaigning, but it has never worked anywhere in history.  In reality (somewhere Obama and liberals don’t visit often), socialism and it’s class warfare or its income redistribution ideas always eventually succumbed to the most basic tenets of human nature. Furthermore, the ruling class usually tend to exempt themselves from having to participate in the same “sacrifices for the greater good” that everyone else in society must endure (think Obamacare), so why do liberal politicians keep getting elected?"

This is a troublesome history at best.  Unfortunately it is well documented and is undeniable to those who value truth.

Have you noticed what the results of this study reveals?  I have.  Quote: "Liberals claim to be very open-minded — but a shocking new scientific study has proven the opposite. Turns out, the left is only tolerant to opinions that align with theirs — and are unwilling to listen to anyone else.  A poll by the nonpartisan Public Religion Research Institute revealed 24 percent of Democrats will silence people on social media because of their political postings, compared to just nine percent of both Republicans and independents who did the same, The Hill reported."

This is indicative of the behavior of the "oh so tolerant" left.   Hate to keep beating this drum but you cannot deny the truth when exposed.
Ivanka Trump was recently welcomed to the reality of the Republican/conservative's world.  The behavior of leftists towards her in the face of her father's election will hopefully open her eyes to the unpleasantness of Democrat/progressive reality.  Quote: "This week Ivanka Trump got a little taste of what it feels like to be a Republican in America today, even though she’s a Democrat. Dan Colen and other liberal artists demanded she remove their artwork from the wall of her New York city apartment after she posted them on Instagram. And, the latest news, as reported by WND, is that the daughter of President-elect Trump was verbally accosted by a left-wing nut and fellow passenger on board a Jet Blue flight while her children looked on.  Ivanka better get use to this type of behavior from the left – particularly while her dad is in office. Her father is the next Republican president, and that’s all that matters to liberals. It’s guilt by association – they hate her because they hate him, and he hasn’t even been sworn-in yet."

Hillary faces a long road ahead.  Her campaign donors are demanding an accounting of how their funds were used.  Could end up exposing more than she would want.  Remember the FBI investigation of the whole Clinton Foundation and her pay to play activities while serving as Secretary of State are still ongoing.

This good man makes a pledge to help Trump restore pride in our country, restore a sound economy and make our homeland a safer place for the benefit of "all" Americans.

The left very much wishes to make elections based solely on the popular vote.  Sounds good but our country is a republic and not a democracy.  If it were a democracy population heavy leftist domains such as New York and California would rule the country in perpetuity.  Do you think that is the right solution?   This item provides more on this topic.  Quote: "Without those two states, Trump had a popular majority of three million votes.  Clinton won a popular majority in only 13 states and D.C., while Trump had a majority in 23 states.  It is a fair argument that the role of the Electoral College, which at its origin did not receive any severe censure and indeed received general approbation, should be reexamined.  It is no longer true that a small number of persons, selected now by party leaders in their states, have the information and discernment necessary to make the best choice of the president.  But an objective and desirable analysis of this constitutional problem is not to be confused with using the E.C. as a weapon to deny the validity of Trump's election.  Evaluating the effectiveness of the Electoral College is legitimate, but the current Democratic critique sounds more liked political football than a serious intellectual  effort.  Political criticisms must be expressed, but don't alter the scoreboard or move the goalposts while the game is being played."

Here is another sad assessment of what the real Obama legacy will be.  Quote: "Obama's supporters who elected him twice bought into his tawdry untruths about freedom.  Obama is not a man who cherishes freedom.  Not one bit.  For eight years he has prostituted himself across the world, apologizing for America's "sins,' over-regulating us to the point of madness, and restricting more and more of the freedom we once took for granted.  He is chasing what he has assumed would be his illustrious legacy.  That it will not be.  Obama's legacy will be one of failure on every front:  domestic, economic, foreign policy, race and culture."    Now he continues his unsavory behavior by trying his best to make Trump's job harder by making more messes needing to be fixed. 

Progressivism is increasingly radical and if not curbed could eventually lead to the death of all of us.  While this is not a life or death issue it is truly an idiotic decision by leftist leaders at George Washington University.  US history is no longer a requirement for history majors.  Turning historians into ignoramuses about US history is nothing more than a leftist attack on our country, its culture, its contributions to mankind and yes even its past mistake.  Removing US history from the curriculum is unconscionable.

The intolerance of views of some pro-life supporters has dire consequences for some people who object to abortions.  Quote: "Hof said what happened to the high school teacher is already happening on college campuses in the United States and Canada, with instructors and visiting speakers being silenced lest they “trigger” students into emotional distress. “In their graduating year of high school, all students should be open to these issues,”Hof said."

In Britain pro-Muslim sentiments trump pro-Christian sentiments even though Muslims are persecuting Christians in their own countries.  The most likely reason is that government officials fear Muslim reprisals such as bombings, rapes, killings, etc. which deter any criticism of Muslims.  They know Christians do not embrace such behavior and slight them instead of Muslims.  The world is turning upside down.

All I have to say is they are so very, very misguided.  Quote: "Of all the political mud and invective hurled at President-Elect Donald Trump and his recent cabinet appointees, one of the worst accusations has been the one labeling them casual racists. And yet, this baseless charge doesn’t seem like it will soon be going away, despite new attempts by some Democratic Party leaders and pundits to steer narratives away from this utter fiction."

This is a bit  of history that progressives/liberals and black apologists regardless of race have suppressed and do not want us to know.  It does not match the left's current day narrative.  Quote: "It is widely believed that slavery in 19th-century America was the exclusive province of whites. However, as historian Larry Kroger reveals in Black Slaveowners, free black people in the United States owned slaves, fought for their right to do so and had little sympathy for abolition."  

Misbehavior is no solution to our Republic's problems.

Radical Muslim assassinates the Russian Ambassador to Turkey.  This is the kind of thing that can start wars.

Socialist Billionaire and Democrat backer George Soros continues to pull off his dirty tricks.

George Burns

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