Saturday, January 14, 2017

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Good job Mr. Trump!  This incredibly stupid move by Congressional Republicans was immediately condemned by Trump.  They reconvened and quickly undid their ridiculous action.  A stark contrast to the total absence of ethics associated with Obama's tenure.   

This is a harsh but truthful assessment of Obama.   Now contrast that with the lies he told in his going away speech on 10 Jan 2017.

This is a logical follow up to the previous item.  It deals with the sorry condition the whole of the political left has fallen into.  Quote: "In politics, the word “gaslighting” is increasingly used to describe the left’s efforts to push a false view of reality and to convince mainstream Americans that their common-sense views are somehow extreme. For example, on a recent edition of Varney & Co., Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) said the Obama administration’s portrayal of Israel as our enemy and Iran as nothing to worry about could be described as “gaslighting.” Bill Whittle’s popular video Gaslighting exposed the left’s use of the gaslighting tactic to spread false information about issues such as Benghazi and Obamacare.  Note that gaslighting is a far more insidious tactic than political spin. Spin merely attempts to shift the interpretation of a real situation by presenting it in a different light. Gaslighting presents a completely false alternative to reality and is intended to erode the confidence of the target in his or her own perception." 

And would you agree this comports with the "gaslighting" described in the previous item?  The political left is a mere shadow image of its former self.  It is now a petulant, petty, irresponsible group with dubious ethics and is disrespectful, even spiteful, of anyone who does not agree with its failed and often irrational policies.  This is so sad to see.

Liberal Hollywood and media are so enamored with themselves and their own opinions that they cannot see reality beyond their own noses.  Hopefully self reflection will lead them to reject their obvious and very real hypocrisy.

     This item is by someone I find hard to like.  But, this time he authors a piece that lays out the unadulterated truth.   And to put an exclamation point on it, read this bit of Meryl Streep hypocrisy.  and,   And she thinks she can lecture Americans about morality?????  It gets even worse for her.  One item I read on this suggested her speech was proof positive she did not deserve the award she was given her by her fellow liberals.    Eleven items follow. 

     Past items have occasionally shared insights into the moral decay which populates Hollywood.  This is a sad commentary on the lives of many children who suffer the consequences of the hedonistic Hollywood lifestyle.   
     This item reveals that leftist elites really are out of touch with the average citizen.    And this amplifies the notion of their lack of respect for anyone who differs with their cultural and political views. Even though they self righteously claim they are tolerant and responsible it is really they who are the intolerant and irresponsible among us.  Think of what Republicans, Libertarians, Conservatives and Christians put up with for the past eight years.  These liberal socialistic Democrats cannot even let the newly elected president start work before they try to destroy any of his efforts.  Bad, bad, bad.    

     An interesting assessment.  Quote: "During this past presidential election season, pundits and pollsters were tempted to draw a demographic picture of an average Donald Trump supporter and put them in a box that would be easy to categorize. The adjectives “poor,” “white,” “old,” “uneducated,” “rural” and “racist” tended to come up again and again.  Unfortunately for the pollsters and pundits, the spectrum of people who actually voted for Trump ended up being much broader and more diverse than they had anticipated. And in the end, there were also a healthy number of defectors from the Democratic Party who decided in this election cycle to support Trump."    
     The Washington Post is among those in the mainstream media who have lost their moral compass.   This item provides examples illustrating the truth of a mainstream media gone off the rails. 
     More about the progressive movement which tends to be hypocritical on so many fronts.  This is an example.
     These are observations made by a very smart and excellent investigative journalist.

     This item extends the fake news theme.  It reviews the author's list of the top ten science fake news items of 2016.

     Obama and his acolytes on the political left do not care for election results unless they win.  This item explains.
     Quote: "In possession of government power, liberals pompously invoke established customs. But once out of power, they immediately start breaking them. No sooner had they lost the White House than they returned to the primitive and infantile stance of 1960s-style radicals. Liberalism is willfulness writ large. Its relationship to law and custom is determined not by fixed principle but by whatever liberals want at any given moment. Insofar as law and custom are useful to retaining power, liberals demand that others follow them. But the moment law and custom become an impediment to regaining power, they give themselves permission to violate them. The “ends” suddenly justify the means, and anyone who questions their bad behavior fails to see the “higher” good at stake."

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