Friday, January 27, 2017

This is no time to sit on your hands 3

Obama during his presidency and following has been praising his successes while in office.  The claims seem dubious at best.  But what he can claim as successes are his vast expansion of citizens dependent on government and growth of the welfare state .  This item explains.    This provides a slight twist to the entitlement mentality that consumes so many thanks to misguided welfare state policies.

Five leftist companies conservative should either avoid or boycott.    They are the usual suspects, socialist/progressive collaborators. 

If you want to see how low the integrity of Democrats has sunk, this piece serves as a good example.

If this is in fact the case not one more dollar of taxpayer money should ever be given to Planned Parenthood.  This charge of child sex trafficking is horrific.  They are already charged with selling baby parts and sending botched abortion patients to the hospital as well as causing patient deaths.  Despite their protestation of their goodness far too much evidence suggests otherwise.    More bad news for the corrupt Planned Parenthood enterprise.  They are liars, in addition to violators of the law.    If you still think it is a good organization this revelation by a former high level employee.  Quote: "Former Planned Parenthood director Abby Johnson’s book, “The Walls Are Talking: Former Abortion Clinic Workers Tell Their Stories,” contains the testimony of one former clinic worker who saw firsthand how willing her Planned Parenthood facility was to protect a woman’s pimp, even when it was clear the woman was being physically abused." and "Almost without fail, when we saw Diane she would be infected with one STD or another. We knew that she had a pimp. Typically she would have bruises all over her body, sometimes a black eye or a split lip or a gash in her arm. Many of us assumed that these wounds were inflicted by her pimp, or perhaps the culprit was one of her customers. But we never asked…  The clinic’s unofficial position on prostitution was identical to its stance concerning abortion. A woman had the right to choose what she did with her body. Period. End of story. We were trained to think that prostitution or stripping was as valid a choice for a woman as being a nurse or a lawyer. We were there to treat their recurrent STDs, abort their babies, and send them on their way. Never were we to “judge” their lifestyles.”

There has been a bunch of hype emanating from the political left and the mainstream media regarding our intelligence agencies and the CIA telling us the terrible things Russia has done to disrupt our last election is sickening.  They say Trump is a fool for not taking them seriously.  Their holier than thou condescension is an attempt to hide the unsavory things our CIA has been up to ever since the end of WWII.  And, this piece points out to the current CIA director his abject hypocrisy recently displayed with his attack on Trump for saying our CIA is in need of a serious house cleaning.  Rightfully so in my opinion.     Doing this kind of thing is a good reason the CIA needs a good housecleaning.  Famed longtime reporter Bob Woodward says that what the "so called" intelligence paper including all kinds of fake news regarding Trump should never have seen the light of day.

One of the largest problems history will reveal about Obama's reign will be that his own disrespect for the laws of our country influenced a serious erosion of law and order from top to bottom from federal government institutions to misfits across society.  Two key actors enabling Obama's own disrespect for the law were his appointed Attorney Generals, Holder and Lynch, neither of which seemed to hold the nation's laws in high regard. 

Perpetrated by fake media hype this piece helps illustrate just how off the reservation so many of the left have traveled.  Quote: "So completely captured by the bamboozle, once-reputable news outlets eagerly publish fake news if they think it will hurt Trump.  The same news organizations have, for ten years, refused to publish anything, even the obvious truth,  that might reflect poorly on Obama.  That is how the bamboozle works."

This item claims that the mainstream media is losing its grip on its ability to produce and control its fake news machine.

This study seriously undermines the political left elitists unabashed support for the LBGT, especially gays, lifestyles as being just as healthy as heterosexuals. Quote: "A recent (and first of its kind) study verifies again what many Christians have long warned about the homosexual lifestyle.  Published in August of 2016 by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the study – "Sexual Identity, Sex of Sexual Contacts, and Health Related Behaviors Among Students in Grades 9-12" – looked at a wide variety of risky behaviors among U.S. high school students."

An elected official and a media type conjure up a crazy conspiracy theory.   People like these two actually believe they are serious thinkers.

George Burns

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