Sunday, January 22, 2017

Trump’s Lies Pale Before Those Of Obama According To Some Analysts

There are some misguided fools in this country who will look you straight in the face and tell you that Donald Trump is a liar …. a chronic liar ….. but when the tacks are finally all posted to the bulletin board of reality I have to remind everyone who has the common sense to form a real thought rather than to parrot talking points that there is plenty of reason to be concerned about the same ( or a similar claim) about the now departed CEO of America …. Obama.
Here is one such source for anyone who has the ability to read beyond the 4th Grade level — (HERE).
Yes, I left a link —- it is that bluish purple thing that looks like the word, “Here” in parenthesis about half a paragraph ago.  If you are going to learn anything from reading this blog you are going to have to have the common intelligence to actually read the links I leave and to take the time to think about what I am saying before your preconceived notions become activated and you harden your hearts and close your locked-in-thinking minds — and this is especially true if you happen to be among that pitifully mentally inadequate group I often refer to as “Radical Left Wing Liberals” or “Quasi-Socialists.”
I know that all politicians lie from time to time but it is my opinion that “The One” who just vacated the office of President probably holds some kind of record for fudging on almost everything except perhaps for his promise to “Fundamentally Transform America” which I think he accomplished fairly well. 

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