Thursday, January 5, 2017

Things Not So Good 1

This extends the previous item by bringing it into the modern era, namely the last eight years.  Quote: "As the leader of the Democrat party for the last eight years, it should come as no shock that many of the far-left policies that Barack Obama and the Democrats have championed have been little more than old recycled Marxist or Socialist ideas rebranded. Socialism is one of those concepts that looks good on paper, and replays nice in sound bites while campaigning, but it has never worked anywhere in history.  In reality (somewhere Obama and liberals don’t visit often), socialism and it’s class warfare or its income redistribution ideas always eventually succumbed to the most basic tenets of human nature. Furthermore, the ruling class usually tend to exempt themselves from having to participate in the same “sacrifices for the greater good” that everyone else in society must endure (think Obamacare), so why do liberal politicians keep getting elected?"

This is a troublesome history at best.  Unfortunately it is well documented and is undeniable to those who value truth.

This is another example of just how unethical, un-American and simply disgusting Obama and John Kerry are.  The number two Democrat in the US House of Representatives agrees this action is dangerous and fool hearty and says so in no uncertain terms.   Here is another assessment of this dangerous and fool hearty as well as unsavory maneuver.    Here is another accounting of Obama's hateful treatment of Israel and support of Palestinian terrorists.

Egotistical Obama and his pathetically loyal acolytes such as Valarie Jarett are world class liars willing to spout anything seeking to justify/mislead the public regarding their massive failures.   They are attempting to rewrite history before they lose all their persuasive power.   This extends the discussion and is so very true.  

This is an important read.  It deals with the rise of censorship being imposed by global elitist power brokers.

Hillary and Clinton Foundation hypocrisy big time.

Obama and Michelle have a problem with facts, indeed reality.  They suffer from delusions of grandeur regarding their stint in the White House.  Most everything they have said and done throughout their tenure are not anything close to their unbelievable delusional feelings.    If he thinks he did so well, why then, during elections across the US throughout his term in office,  did Democrats lose 1,030 seats in government, most of which went to Republicans?

This man is an unhinged egomaniac who is a danger to our nation.  Without verifiable proof of what he claims he intends to retaliate against Russia for their supposed influencing our presidential election.    If not a fact, this borders on high crimes and misdemeanors. 

My comment on this item.  They need to look in the mirror to see who are the real deplorables.   The head of this list is Obama himself.  Consider his latest attack on Christendom.  If you don't think he is pro-Islam in all things this should convince you.

People like this who do things like they did to young boys children belong in the list of deplorables, too.   That they committed suicide shows they knew what they were doing was wrong but did it anyway.

This is an exceptional analysis of what the American public is being told on a routine basis by elites in the mainstream media.  Quote: "With the advent of television and the monopolization of print markets it seems to me we lost the ability to forensically analyze the news; we have become passive consumers and got what we deserved -- propaganda, largely megaphoning the increasingly leftward tilt of the Democratic Party and various “nonprofit” organizations who promote scare stories about food, health, and the weather and challenge wars  only when a Republican is in office. To be sure, there are some fine people (operating largely online) who take the time to read the accounts with a critical eye. Among the best are James Taranto of the Wall Street Journal, bloggers Don Surber, Glenn Reynolds, Sheryl Attkisson, and Tom Maguire. If you read them daily you may reacquire this lost, but important art." 

The political left has lost its way.  Key elitists of the left are now breeding anarchy because Hillary did not win the presidency.  This after lambasting Trump for being un-American for not saying he would support the election results if he lost.  True colors of the hearts and minds of many on the political left have emerged and is not a pretty sight.    This extends that notion.

It is truly pathetic how media power brokers display their blatant dishonesty and rank hypocrisy.  Disgraced Dan Rather serves as an example.

If this does not disgust you regarding the left's coddling of perpetrators of black on white crime I do not know what will.

This is a tragic consequence of the left's incessant focus on racism, hawking white privilege notions (whatever that means) and not attempting to curb such behavior but rather seemingly supporting racist actions among blacks against whites.  This is an example of the consequences of such behavior.

This expert says that political correctness plays right into the hands of terrorists.  Quote: "According to Dr. James Mitchell, one of the terror experts who interrogated 9/11 architect Khalid Sheikh Mohammad, Islamic attacks like the one in Berlin Monday are made possible by liberals who are too weak-willing to take the necessary steps to protect their citizens. In an interview on Fox News’s “Kelly File,” Mitchell said things would only turn around for the West when political leaders stopped treating Islam with kid gloves."

If you think all Muslim refugees appreciate the opportunity given them to be free of goings on in their home countries, you need to consider this item.    Thugs like these have no regard for the religion of others or cultural and historical norms of the host country.    

This is a not so good legacy being left behind by both Obama and Hillary.  Involved in getting arms in the hands of ISIS.

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