Saturday, January 14, 2017

Interesting Stuff 2

    Wouldn't logic work better than this?    Quote: "Liberals like to pretend they are the superior party when it comes to minorities. After all, the larger percentage of minorities are more likely to vote for Democrats over Republicans (of course there is an entire history that shows Democrats simply provide minimal benefits to keep poor minorities voting for them, but that is an entirely different story all together).  Due to this, Democrats tend to say minorities, including black people, are racially profiled against when a state requires voter identification (such as a state ID). Yet is it really racist to require someone to have the same kind of identification as they would need to buy alcohol, tobacco or even cough medication? Perhaps the real racism is Democrats believing minorities are simply unable to obtain an ID." 

     To wrap up the topic this piece reveals the true colors of many progressives/Democrats/liberals regardless of their status and position in life.  They are disconnected from reality and seem not to understand why they lost the election for president and more at state and local levels.  Republicans control the presidency, both houses of congress the majority of state governerships and respective legislatures.  After the November elections "In total, Republicans control nearly 1,000 more legislative seats than they did when Obama took office. The Republican share of state legislative seats has grown from just under 44 percent in 2009 to 56 percent after Tuesday’s election.  After the latest losses, Democrats will hold just 42 percent of legislative seats in the nation."    Believing their several conspiracy theories about why and how they lost makes them look like pathetic losers.   They lost because the majority of Americans do not like the direction the political left has been taking our country.

After 8 years of abject failure the arrogance of the political left is shining through.  Instead of self reflection for those years of failure they are seeking to indict the Republicans, namely Trump, who already has done more for the country than Obama and he has not yet been sworn in.  So sad to see their irrational and misguided behavior.

This liberal CEO demonstrates the height of arrogance and intolerance of anyone who does not agree with their progressive agenda.

Many items in these notes have referenced George Soros, hard core leftist billionaire with a flare for inappropriate meddling in the business of all sorts of countries, including ours.  He is a friend of Hillary Clinton and infused massive support for and contributed funding of her presidential campaign.  He is a big supporter of the concept of installing a one world government with the UN presumably his choice of who should be in charge.  Apparently the nation of Hungary has had enough of his shenanigans.  See what they want to do...we should follow suit.
Obama has no sense of the truth or any self awareness.  He needs to put a mirror to his face.  He will see who is the source of his many troubles.   Get this!!!  Obama awarded himself the prestigious "Department of Defense Medal for Distinguished Public Service."   His ego knows no bounds.  What a pathetic and embarrassing man he is. 

This assessment of the Russian hacking matter gives rise to legitimate questions as to the efficacy of the intelligence community.  Still do not think we have been told the truth , the whole truth and nothing but the truth?   

On his way out of office many consider Obama's behavior and actions to be that of a sociopathic man bent on making life hard for his successor and without regard for the welfare of the country. He launched a selfish personal vendetta against those who did not vote for his chosen Democrat successor.  Even many Democrats are unhappy with his unethical/unseemly actions.  Seemingly he has become unhinged at the good Trump has already done and is not even in office yet.   These are the words of a delusional man.   Anyone who agrees with this Obama administration position regarding ISIS is a part of the many of the real world problems the political left owns.  

This item suggests that Obama has been our worse president ever.  See if you agree with the assessment.    Please note that this particular action is especially unsavory.  Could it be treason?   Aiding and abetting a sworn enemy of the United States multiple times seems to fit the definition.

Chicago admits failure to solve their crime/murder problem.  The Chief of Police has appealed to Trump for assistance.    They must have known no help would be forthcoming from Obama or Lynch. 

Senator Sessions nomination to be Attorney General illustrates rank Democrat hypocrisy.

Quote: "Race is a big topic. You hear about it every day, and regardless of your personal feelings, there is no denying that racial tension is a serious issue in America right now. It leads to an inescapable question: Just how racist is the U.S.? In this session, we’ll compare the country to the rest of the developed world in a number of statistics to see just how bad it really is."    Inciting poor race relations will definitely be part of Obama's failed presidential legacy.

This is classic.  I worry about Putin and his actions but in this case he is absolutely correct.

A good quote.  Relevant for todays world.

Irresponsibility must be his middle name.

Walter Williams has an excellent message for all of us.  Manners matter.

These facts strongly suggest that Planned Parenthood is a worse organization than previously thought.  Understanding what it is all about makes it even worse.

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