Sunday, January 29, 2017

Holocaust Survivor: Leftists Calling Trump “Hitler” Are “Crazy”

“He’s a Nazi!” is the cry. It’s now an all-too-common accusation, hurled at anyone threatening leftist power — and Donald Trump is no exception. But to this a Holocaust survivor takes exception, calling this smear of the president “crazy.”

Anita Dittman’s story of life as a Jewish girl in Nazi Germany, her conversion to Christianity, and time in one of Adolf Hitler’s camps has been told in schools and in her memoir, Trapped in Hitler’s Hell. And while she’s likely far too civil to give hell even to those applying the “Hitler” label recklessly, she did have the following to say about liberals thus characterizing Trump. Writes

“When they say he is another Hitler, they are crazy,” Dittman told WND in a phone interview. “If he was another Hitler, he’d be shooting people that riot, and they wouldn’t have the freedom to riot. If anybody was against things in Nazi times, they would ship them off to the ovens, as we called the camps. There was no freedom.”

The obvious insanity of likening Trump to Hitler was also illuminated by Victor Davis Hanson, a highly respected historian and senior fellow at the Hoover Institution. As he told the Blaze, “Hitler’s central ethos was hatred and scapegoating of the Jews, whose logical trajectory was the Holocaust. Trump is in contrast a strong Israel supporter; his daughter is a Jewish convert, three of his grandchildren [are] Jewish. Trump went to the inner city and sought to reach out to minorities.”

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