Sunday, January 22, 2017

President Trump Unveils Plans to Undo Much of Obama's Damage

After quoting the Bible in a call for national unity, acknowledging God the Creator, blasting the establishment, and vowing to put “America First” in his inaugural address, President Donald Trump is reportedly ready to unleash a torrent of executive orders and actions. At the top of the agenda, administration officials say, is reversing some of the damage inflicted by former President Barack Obama with his infamous “pen and phone.” Among the first targets are Obama's illegal “climate” schemes and his radical power grab purporting to regulate virtually all waters across the United States. Also in the cross-hairs are pseudo-“free trade” regimes such as the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). ObamaCare is also on the chopping block. And the border will be brought back under control, the White House said. How much of Obama's largely unconstitutional “legacy” will be undone, and how quickly, remains to be seen.

Immediately following his inauguration, Trump got straight to work on his first official acts as president. Among other duties, he signed a law passed by Congress to grant retired General James Mattis a waiver to legally serve as Trump's secretary of defense, required by law because the Marine was still in military service less than seven years ago. Trump also signed documents making his cabinet picks official, joking that he assumed Secretary of State nominee Rex Tillerson had been confirmed today. And finally, Trump signed a document proclaiming a new “National Day of Patriotism.” The document was not yet available on the White House website by press time. Trump, smiling as he signed away, was surrounded by family, congressional leaders from both parties, and others, as attendees joked about who should get which pen that Trump used in his first official acts.

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